When the news get too depressing these are the books to read.

Now, where can one find happiness? Always a good place to start is: anywhere a good, sound couple of laughs wash away the alternative, of course. And each of the Tricky Headlines eBooks holds hundreds and hundreds of laughs for the having. Here you can enjoy the hilarious, definitely not politically correct (PC) quips, comments, and invariably irreverent observations of/by S D Rodrian on today's news headlines collected in this ever continuing series of books intended most especially of all for the latest eReaders out there (each & every available tablet, computer, and iPhone you can buy).

In a world of serious, sad, and even quite tragic circumstances (a world in which about the greatest need is & always will remain the need for laughter), humor always is the point of departure here... ever the abiding goal of these forthright takes on today's so very truly tricky headlines.

S D Rodrian

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Latter-Day-Musings / S D Rodrian
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Tricky Headlines 6 / S D Rodrian
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There is no better book to understand both the follies
and the folly of Donald Trump.

Tricky Headlines 5 / S D Rodrian
Happy Schadenfreudes to You Democrats & Republicans!
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Tricky Headlines 3 / S D Rodrian
The World Is Funnier Than It Lets On
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Tricky Headlines 4 / S D Rodrian
Sinful Pleasures of the Anti-Politically Correct
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Tricky Headlines 1 / S D Rodrian
A profound treatise upon the human condition.
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Tricky Headlines 2 / S D Rodrian
An Amusing Stare Into The Tragedies of Man.
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Continuing this flippant series of hilarious eBooks exploiting the apparent inability of the writers & editors of today's "Tricky Headlines" to compose clear, unambiguous copy--Puzzlement, amazement, outrage, and the humor of their folly, silliness, ambiguity, injustice, intent to deceive, along with all the rest of it. Intended for an adult audience (think of these items as comics without the graphics). Every collection suitable to be the ideal reading companion for any seated occasion.
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What Did Humans Evolve From?

Let's not jump the gun: According to some predictions, human may one day evolve from one of the species of morons now thrashing the planet. [Although, frankly, I don't see how such a thing is even possible, myself.]


A Brief History of Chimps in Space

Yuri Gagarin was shot into space in a bullet without a cannon firing it. Now chimps are sent into space to see if they can grow bean pods in their space motel before a meteoroid brows it up. End of story.


Is it Hemp or Marijuana?

If you're tied up in the basement & can't move it's hemp. If you're sprawled out on the sofa & can't move it's marijuana.


How Did Ancient People Keep Their Food From Rotting?

ANSWER: They ate it before it would rot. [I'm still doing that myself.]


10 questions about visiting the beach during the pandemic, answered

1) what do I do if I see a shark?

ANSWER, for everybody who goes to the beach during this pandemic: If you're lucky enough to spot a shark: Swim out to it and try to jump on its back. You will get the ride of your life.


Trump Lambasts ‘60 Minutes’ After Episode About His COVID-19 Conspiracy Mongering

You know, I'm sure that if Donald Trump would just have his head examined they would finally find there that 'missing server' he claims was spirited to the Ukraine.

William Barr’s Perversion of Justice

The mark of the back of the Hand of God lies across the face of today's America, and it will not be erased until all the unethical and immoral leaders she has chosen for herself are all gone & long forgotten.

2,000 Former Justice Officials Demand William Barr Resign Over Michael Flynn Case

I left the Justice Department after it made a disastrous mistake. It just happened again.

Ex-F.B.I. Official Is Said to Undercut Justice Dept. Effort to Drop Flynn Case

Court asks retired judge to oppose Justice Dept. effort to drop Michael Flynn case, examine whether ex-Trump adviser committed perjury


Mitch McConnell: ‘Classless’ Obama ‘Should’ve Kept His Mouth Shut’ About Trump

Guess Obama must have spoken some truth or something like that to get McConnell this upset with him.

McConnell Says He Was ‘Wrong’ To Claim Obama Didn’t Leave A Pandemic Playbook


Sean Hannity: Obama Just Activated ‘Deep State Operatives’ Against Trump

What a crackpot! [Hell, I'm going right now to FOX to see if I can score my own show--about Whoopee Cushions curing Coronavirus.]


The earliest known humans in Europe may have been found in a Bulgarian cave

Told rescuers there was just nobody around to rescue them until they came, of course.


Which came first: The rotten polls or the raving?

ANSWER: The raving. (Why do ya think Trump's polls are so rotten!) Just exactly as the chicken came before the egg: Eggs got no legs.


Accidental poisonings rose after Trump suggested injecting disinfectant could thwart coronavirus

Does anybody know of ANYTHING positive happening after any Trump suggestion? [Google it! Google it!]


Trump order to paint border wall black could cost hundreds of millions of dollars

Ah! It must be so wonderful to be able to just tell 'your people' to build you a sand castle instead of having to shovel one up yourself!


Trump says U.S. leads world in coronavirus testing, but numbers tell a different story

In Trump's defense: Whatever Trump says the exact opposite is the truth.

We’re All Casualties of Trump’s War on Science

Science is Truth. So this war was both inevitable and unavoidable.

‘60 Minutes’ cites ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ for coronavirus misinformation

The Strange Origins Of Trump’s Hydroxychloroquine Obsession

Trump is badly botching the virus. New polls show Americans know it.


Woman Who Illegally Entered Yellowstone Suffers Burns Near Old Faithful

People who do a stupid thing seldom confine themselves to doing just one stupid thing.


Dems Unveil Giant New Coronavirus Relief Bill

Repubs claim their bird won't fly with a bill that big.


The world is ending. Could this affect Trump’s reelection chances?

I don't know: Trump is a strange bird. I think he might be able to survive on an asteroid somewhere out there (in the space between his ears).

Will the courts thwart Trump’s overreach?


In the midst of a pandemic, Trump is obsessing over Michael Flynn

When ya don't know how to drive a car ya plays with your little choo-choo train.


Jared Kushner clarifies after saying he’s ‘not sure’ he can commit to date for presidential election

My, my, what will the people do if Trump and his Mafia stage a coup against the land of the free & the home of the brave? [Wonder now, not when.]


Virus test hailed by Trump dogged by accuracy questions

In Trump's defense: Anything hailed by Trump is by definition ALWAYS a bust.

5 takeaways from coronavirus whistleblower Rick Bright’s testimony


Analysis: The GOP is increasingly siding with Trump over Fauci

Duh! Who has the most medical expertise!?


I think Trump has far greater medical knowlege than Fauci, who only studied medicine in the one school. While Trump, on the other hand, didn't study medicine in ONE school... like Fauci. [So there!]

Who needs science when we have Trump’s tremendous instincts?

Whoopi Goldberg Asks Chris Christie Who He’s Willing To Sacrifice To Reopen Economy -- The ex-governor told "The View" Friday that “lives are going to be lost inevitably in this, no matter what we do.”

Well, let's pray they're your family's lives then. [Why not the lives of Chris Christie's family? Is there a good reason why not?]

Whoopi Goldberg Asks Chris Christie Who He’s Willing To Sacrifice To Reopen Economy

Well, hopefully, if there is a God then every leader who orders their economies open even at the cost of a single life will lose his/her first born to the virus. [Don't worry: There's no God. This is just a joke on The Old Testament.]

Trump is gambling the health of the nation for his reelection

Ew, what's a couple of hundred thousand dead Americans if Trump can avoid going to prison for a few days? Criminals running from the cops put other people's lives at risk all the time.

Trump says critics want to keep country closed through election to hurt him politically

Sez the saps his critics save that way is irrelevant and that the point is himself and only himself, after all.


Anderson Cooper: Donald Trump’s Latest Coronavirus Ploy Is 1 Of His Most Offensive Yet

When Trump begins claiming that there is no proof whatsoever anyone in the United States, NO ONE, has EVER died of Covid-19 (as Trump is surely bound to start doing sooner or later)... I wonder just how many people outside his 'base' will think that Trump has finally spoken the truth for the first time ever in his entire life? It will be a VERY interesting thing to watch. [I'm sure Trump's base will believe him, of course, as they usually do--even the family members of those who die. But let's see how many others do.]

Trump will lie about the death toll. Kamala Harris wants to stop him.


What voters and Pelosi know that Trump does not

The country we all live in is The United States of America.

A sweeping setback for Trump’s foreign business dealings


A screaming toddler, no privacy and gratitude: 30 days in the world’s longest lockdown

A toddler screaming for 30 days!? Why didn't somebody throw him a tit?


Fired Parkland Deputy Who Hid Behind Car During Shooting To Be Reinstated -- Former Broward Sheriff Sgt. Brian Miller will receive full back pay because his firing violated his due process rights.

He will be paid in chickens.


Democrats scrutinize State Department plan to overhaul Social Security -- Last week, White House spokesman Hogan Gidley said President Trump would not support any plan that cuts into retirement benefits.

--before the election, of course. And, naturally, we ought to believe what Trump is saying instead of what Trump and the Republicans have been doing forever & ever & ever... right?


NASA unveils new rules on behavior in space and on the lunar surface

39) no riding of horses on the moon, as it would raise too much dust

82) no farting in space, where ya can't hear it coming


GRIM MILESTONE: 300,000 People Have Now Died From COVID-19 Globally

One third of them Americans! Congratulations Mister Trump. [Does anyone have to wonder whether by the time November comes around the stat will be the other way around and a third of the total Covid-19 deaths will NOT be Americans?]


If Trump had been in charge during World War II, this column would be in German

How right that is! The proper (and probably only) use of Trump is to try to convince your worst enemy to hire him: The damage he's done to this country is incalculable; and will forever remain so to every poor unfortunate human accountant of this sad history.


Dutch dog, three cats infected with coronavirus

"I don't know these cats," the dog claims: "I never met these cats. I never had sex with these cats. I must've picked up the virus a long time ago--before I ever even met ANY of these cats."


50 years ago, explorer Thor Heyerdahl’s Atlantic crossing hit a snag

"And if it hadn't been for that snag our raft killed," goes Thor's diary, "the whole crew would have probably starved to death."


Africa’s biggest collection of ancient human footprints has been found

"We were following this trail of footprints," said the scientists: "And suddenly we knew--there they were right under our feet all this time!"


I’m A Tarot Card Reader. Here’s What People Want Most From Me During The Pandemic.

Two hamburgers and a Coke? I knew that.


The True Story of Catherine the Great

One really big-time ho.


Some nursing homes taking coronavirus stimulus checks from patients. Can they do that?

"Like taking candy from a baby."


Trump’s New COVID-19 Czar Holds $10 Million In Vaccine Company Stock Options -- Elizabeth Warren slammed the "huge conflict of interest," and demanded Moncef Slaoui "divest immediately."

Apparently Elizabeth Warren just doesn't seem to understand that the real money in the government racket is insider trading. What a sucker, right! [She could really learn a lot from the Trumps.]

Moderna vaccine shows promising early results

However, if Moderna's 'vaccine' were somehow to be in cahoots via Moncef Slaoui with the Trump administration wouldn't it make sense to believe that this so-called 'magical' vaccine is really only a hoax designed solely to make those who take it believe they can now go out & hob-nob with all the mobs in the world without fear of getting sick... just like Trump is demanding Americans do no matter how many lives it cost them...? [Sometimes 'appearances' do matter, you know.]


Watching backyard birds might be the only thing keeping me sane

Ah! Remember back in the day when doing that was a sure sign of having lost your mind! How the world has changed.


‘Express burials’ raise fears that Nicaragua is hiding a coronavirus tragedy

Everybody seems to be trying to imitate Trump these days.


Faced with a Trumpian barrage of attacks, Joe Biden looks the other way

In Joe Biden's defense: Maybe cook's called lunch's on!


If Democrats want to beat Trump, they should take money from everyone — even Louis C.K.

Yes. Of course: Trump's vileness is now the new normal. Congratulations Donald Trump. Let the orgies & debaucheries roll on!


Rabbits In The U.S. Are Facing A Deadly New Virus Outbreak Of Their Own

Rabbits say not to worry: They're fucking up their traditional response to all such threats even as we speak.


‘Art Of The Deal’ Co-Author Spells Out Why Coronavirus Deaths ‘Don’t Matter’ To Trump -- Donald Trump’s former ghostwriter declared Friday that the president really doesn’t care about the deaths resulting from the coronavirus pandemic because he has “no conscience” and is solely motivated by the need to dominate. “The deaths, I know this is extreme, the deaths don’t matter to him,” Schwartz concluded, in reference to the nationwide 88,000 death toll from the pandemic. “If it’s this decision between saving himself and saving others, it is no contest.”

Now should you be worried about a coup by the Trump Mafia?

CNN reporter slams Trump with number of Americans dead from coronavirus


Trump Fires State Department Inspector General in Latest Broadside Against Watchdogs

Ya don't blame a dog for barking. This is foremost the fault of Congress for giving Trump the right to fire the cops investigating his crimes: What Congress should have done & should do NOW is to frame the Inspectors General laws so that they work for the Courts [or the Congress] and not for the president so a criminal like Trump can't fire them for trying to keep them honest.

Trump Administration Ousts Yet Another Inspector General


Trump’s continually strange comments on possibly ‘overrated’ coronavirus testing - Two days later, President Trump offered a very different view of testing, repeatedly suggesting that it’s “overrated” and that doing too much testing can needlessly drive up the infection numbers. “When you test, you have a case,” Trump said: “When you test, you find something is wrong with people. If we didn’t do any testing, we would have very few cases.”

ALSO: "If we were to simply stop treating people made sick by it we'd find nobody was ever made sick by this virus. And if we just stopped counting those who die from this virus nobody would ever die of it!" [Ah! At last I'm beginning to understand the 'magic cure' being touted by the Trump Family Mafia! Aren't we lucky to have them in complete charge of our fate at this moment! Thank you, Senate Republicans.]

Eric Trump claims coronavirus is Democratic hoax, will ‘magically’ vanish after 2020 election

By early this month, Trump said during an event with Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) that doing so much testing “makes us look bad.” -- “So the media likes to say we have the most cases, but we do, by far, the most testing,” Trump said. “If we did very little testing, we wouldn’t have the most cases. So, in a way, by doing all of this testing, we make ourselves look bad.”

Sure. Let the suckers out there take their chances. It's what suckers were born to do in Trump's World, after all. [Trump and his Mafia pals are all tested & re-tested daily themselves every one though--most especially of all Trump and all those closest to the big bleeding heart.]

How Many Covid Deaths? Don’t Ask President Trump

Drug promoted by Trump as coronavirus ‘game changer’ increasingly linked to deaths

The voters aren’t buying Trump’s snake oil

Trump just said the corrupt part out loud


Fox News Is Not On Board With Trump Supposedly Taking Hydroxychloroquine

Because the know Trump better than anybody else out there, Fox News sez it wants to WITNESS [live] some (none-White House hired) "doctor" administer to Trump a doze independently verified to actually be Hydroxychloroquine.

Pelosi Concerned ‘Morbidly Obese’ Trump Taking Unapproved Drug For Coronavirus

Somebody please tell the good woman that all such concerns about Trump are utterly groundless: "The gods protect the stupid."


For most of Afghanistan war, U.S. ‘never really fought to win,’ Trump says

Yeah, it's certainly not what Trump, Ted Cruz & everybody else in the Yellow-Bellied Draft Dodgers & Stateside Chickens Club would have fought it: They would have carpet-bombed the whole country until there wasn't a cockroach left alive there: That would have been victory!


Biden says he would revoke permit for Keystone pipeline -- President Trump authorized the project after it was blocked by President Obama. If completed, the pipeline would help carry some 830,000 barrels of crude oil a day from Canada to Texas.

Well, we all know if there's one thing Texas needs is more oil crude. It's not as if the pipeline is risking the lives & health of millions of Americans along its route just so a few billionaires can throw a few extra unneeded billions atop their already sky-high piles of cash! [Right?]


Mike Pompeo Asked Trump To Fire Inspector General

Sez the damn cop started chasing him right after his stick-up but that thankfully Trump called his precinct captain and ordered him to fire the cop right in the middle of the chase starting out: Now THAT's pull, baby! [Would that every criminal had such connections!]

Fired Inspector General Was Probing Pompeo Over Saudi Arms Deal, Mistreating Staffer: Reports

Trump Says He Doesn’t Want Mike Pompeo To ‘Wash Dishes’ Instead Of Working -- Trump said it's fine for a “Secret Service person or somebody” to do household chores for Pompeo — if his wife can't.

Sez that Fat Pompy or, for that matter, "Nobody else in my Mafia" makes enough off their government salary to both pay Trump his kickback AND also hire their own personal dishwashers: "Ya knows how much dem dishwashers are going for dize days!"

Fired Inspector General Was Probing Pompeo Over Saudi Arms Deal, Mistreating Staffer: Reports

Pompeo Confirms He Was Questioned By IG’s Office Before Firing, Denies Retaliation

Mike Pompeo offers another defense in his IG controversy — then immediately undercuts it

Trump’s latest firing is a blatant attempt to shield Pompeo from accountability

Trump’s purge of inspectors general is a crisis. Alarm bells should be going off everywhere.

Inspector general shows Trump administration is doing a terrible job


Fed Chair Says Economy Might Not Fully Recover Until End Of 2021

And Trump's been looking to put a hit on that damn Fed Chair for some time now... only it would cost "real money" sez Trump. So he'll just have to wait until Trump can find a much cheaper hitman out there.


Trump is using the coronavirus as a cover to abuse his authority

In Trump's defense: He's never really needed an excuse to abuse anything, now has he?

Trump’s economy is a disaster


Trump Warns Farmers That Gun Control Will Leave Their Potatoes Defenseless

Ok, I get what 'potatoes' is an euphemism for here.


Trump Threatens ‘Funding’ To States Expanding Mail-In Voting During The Pandemic

Anything to keep government from helping anybody.

Experts: Trump's Threats to WHO Could Undercut Global Health

But isn't Trump constantly saying that the coronavirus hasn't killed enough people? [Yes: Every time somebody claims it's killed too many it's like a slap in his face.] So it makes sense then that Trump would want the WHO's fight against the virus shut down.

Trump’s rage at a Fox News anchor contains a key tell

Could there be a 'reasonable' explanation for Trump's callous disregard for the lives of Americans during his pandemic? ["Damn Americans dying by the tens of thousands just to make poor Trump look bad. Damn them! Damn them all to Hell!"] Oh... there might be.

The WHO has been more effective at fighting the coronavirus than Trump has. No wonder he hates it.

Donald Trump is a certifiable lunatic. And I don't care what anybody says.

Trump’s flimsy attack on vaccine official warning about hydroxychloroquine

Trump’s continually strange comments on possibly ‘overrated’ coronavirus testing


Pastor Who Claimed To Cure Coronavirus With Faith Dies Of Coronavirus

Guess there is a God after all!


I Love My White Boyfriend But There’s One Thing He Can Never Understand

Why black people talk to themselves even when they're standing right there in front of you talking to you--I know, right!


Do Humans Have a ‘Mating Season’?

Yes: Right after the kids go to bed.


White House Press Secretary Goofs Up, Broadcasts Trump’s Banking Details -- Trump vowed during his campaign that he would donate his salary each year. Critics have accused him of collecting far more from customers of his private businesses who spend large amounts to curry favor with Trump and to win favorable federal treatment or contracts. U.S. taxpayers have also been stuck with the price tag for Trump’s frequent trips to his private golf resorts that serve to publicize those operations. As of February, Trump’s golf trips cost the public $133.8 million, the equivalent of 334 years of his salary, according to an analysis by HuffPost.

Actually collecting $133.8 million from the suckers while convincing them you're giving them peanuts is what separates a flim-flam man from a stickup robber. [from the best-selling The Art of The Steal by U. Nohoo]


AP FACT CHECK: Trump Trashing Virus Science He Doesn't Like -- When President Donald Trump doesn't like the message, he shoots the messenger.

It The Wiz's Witch all over again!


Trump Gripes That Fox News Is 'Doing Nothing' To Get Him Reelected

Trump is like a toddler who can't help reveal to everyone he lies to that he is lying. How a guy with no brains like Trump got to be president of the United States is something straight out of the Peter Sellers film Being There (and shows us the very scary perils of great wealth).

[Still... I wonder if Fox News is at all embarrassed by Trump's revealing to everyone they're not really a news outlet but just another propaganda for-profit.]


Hydroxychloroquine, Hawked By Trump, Linked To Higher Risk Of Death, Study Finds

What a surprise.

Drug Promoted by Trump May Harm Coronavirus Patients, Study Shows

Explain to me how if someone was harmed by Trump's officially authoritative advice, that person cannot someday sue Trump or his estate to recover damages--or at the least try to: As president of the United States there should at least be a presumption that Trump must have the information that what he's doing is most certainly dangerous & harmful. [And probably lying about his taking the drug just compounds the crime.]


2.4 million filed jobless claims last week; GOP seeks to cut back benefits

Yeah! Workers don't treasure their money like billionaires: If they get their hands on more money they're just gonna spend it.

Billionaires’ Net Worth Rises During Pandemic As Millions Go Unemployed: Report

Crumbs for the Hungry but Windfalls for the Rich


‘We’re not going to close the country’ if there’s a second wave, Trump says

And then, dancing back into the White House, he changed the chorus of Let It Snow! to: "Let'em die! Let'em die! Let'em die!" [It's nice to see a man so happily about something amid such tragedy.]

Social distancing a week earlier could have saved 36,000 American lives, study says


2 Missouri Hairstylists Potentially Exposed Over 100 Clients To Coronavirus

Duh! Aren't they in the business of hair-raising?


Two years after summit with Trump, Kim vows to boost North Korea’s nuclear deterrent

Good for him! The risk of nuclear war now is awful, so anything Kim can do to deter it (especially increasing North Korea's nukes) is to be greatly appreciated.


Trump Doubles Down On Fact-Free Fraud Theory About Mail-In Voting

Trump Spreads Baseless Conspiracy Theory Accusing MSNBC Host Of Murder

Ah, it must be great to be a total crackpot like Trump and still be taken seriously by the handful of suckers out there!


Trump Sows Doubt on Voting, Keeping Some People Up at Night

If the nation moves to mail-in voting then it will be harder for Trump to delay the 2020 election due to the virus. And now you know why Trump is so pissed off by mail-in voting.

[Sleepy Joe Biden vs Dead-head Donald Trump: It's going to be one for the cups of coffee.]

Report: Kayleigh McEnany Voted By Mail 11 Times In Last 10 Years


The Impotence of Donald Trump’s Positive Thinking -- The president's deepest held belief is in his own spin. But a novel virus can’t be fooled.

As Abe Lincolm said: "You can fool the people all of the time but at no time can you fool the coronavirus." [Lincolm is my shoe-shine boy.]


Live updates: Trump golfs amid push to reopen; U.S. coronavirus deaths near 100,000

Trump golfs, Nero fiddles. It's the circle of life.


Trump in war of words with Sessions over recusal from Russia probe

Rats fight! Rats fight!

CDC Warns Of ‘Aggressive Rodent Behavior’ As Lockdown Eases


Brad Keselowski wins Coca-Cola 600 in overtime in the longest race in NASCAR history

He becomes the first man to drink all 600 Cokes in under three hours (not including trips to the little boys' room).


84-year-old alligator rumored to belong to Adolf Hitler dies

You know, Trump lives in Florida. I'm just saying...


‘If We Get It, We Get It’: Beachgoers Belittle Coronavirus On Memorial Day Weekend

And if you give it to somebody else then you give it to somebody else, I guess: People out there are murdering each other all the time.


Trump’s war on reality just got a lot more dangerous

You mean like that time the guy who gave you a lift said that his car could ABSOLUTELY fly over the Grand Canyon? --Which particular argument finally convinced him it couldn't? [Well... none, actually: Thankfully, his car ran out of gas before we could get there for the demonstration.]

Thank you Republican senators. [Hope our luck holds out.]


Stock Markets Rise on Hopes for Economic Recovery: Live Updates

Stock markets rise on hopes, fall on realities: No wonder Trump only has faith in them. Jesus!


The GOP plan would increase coronavirus spread and slow economic recovery

Not if they and Trump simply deny that the virus is spreading and proclaim that a stupendous recovery is underway even as we all go down the crapper dying all the way. [What? Did I just give away Trump's reelection game plan? Again.]


Mike Pompeo Is the Worst Secretary of State Ever

So, why do you think Trump's still in love with the guy? [I'm pretty sure it's not some wild coincidence.]

The wages of lickspittler


Is the MyPillow guy the future of the Republican Party, or is he just dreaming?

Hey, the guy spent TWO years in his garage working on inventing a pillow: Sounds to me very much like a Republican senator. Let the guy dream!


Bennett warns Trump plan could bring disaster

Is this warning about Trump ever really necessary?


White House Letter Doesn't Explain Why Trump Fired Watchdogs

Of course it does! Look, it sez right there in black & white: "Ya can't rob the bank with the cops looking over yer shoulder!" [What more you want?]


Trump’s purge of inspectors general is alarming. His replacements may be worse. -- And it is hard to interpret Trump’s decision to replace acting Defense Department inspector general Glenn Fine, chosen to lead a panel of inspectors general overseeing the coronavirus relief funds. Fine represents the best of the best within the IG community. He has a long history of successes in ferreting out sophisticated frauds and wrongdoing. That’s a reason to keep him, not replace him.

Apparently this writer has a sense of humor.

If you don't understand that what Donald 'Al Capone' Trump is doing is replacing Eliot Ness with Frank Nitti [because he can, or so say his bought Republicans] then you don't understand anything, my friend.

Rick Bright’s testimony confirms our worst fears

It’s past time for Congress to give inspectors general and whistleblowers additional protection

Rick Bright’s testimony confirms our worst fears

Coronavirus Relief Fund Watchdog Who Was Ousted By Trump Resigns From Pentagon


On weekend dedicated to war dead, Trump tweets insults, promotes baseless claims and golfs

Par for the course.

But, really now: Who could have possibly told me that I would live long enough to see a lousy piece of shit elected president of the United States of America! [In fact, such is the case with this worthless animal, that to call Trump a lousy piece of shit seems to me to be rather insulting to even the lousiest piece of shit.]

Trump’s ‘Horrifying Lies’ About Lori Klausutis May Cross a Legal Line

Conservative News Site Slams Trump’s ‘Vile Slander,’ Questions His Fitness To Lead -- “This story is not just false, but verifiably so. It is also illogical and bizarre,” the editorial states.

Conservative Commentator Rips ‘Weak, Insecure Coward’ Trump In Blistering Column

Shining sunlight on Trump’s idiocy is the best disinfectant


How Will We Remember the Coronavirus Pandemic?

That we survived it. Those who don't won't.


Tom Brady Is Selling His Over-The-Top SUV For $300,000. See It!

Sez he now realizes he was unimaginably stupid for buying it. [Buy it! Buy it!]


Eric Trump Tweets ‘GREAT DAY for the DOW’ As Coronavirus Death Toll Tops 100,000

So if you think the Trump Mafia will do everything or anything to save the lives of you and your family--you're better off start buying some quick holes in the ground, pal.


Rush Limbaugh Says Latest Cancer Treatment Is ‘Kicking My Ass’ -- “For the last seven days, I have been virtually worthless, virtually useless," the radio host revealed.

Wow, "virtually worthless, virtually useless" (sounds like Rush has finally decided to start composing his epitaph). But I'm sure Satan will reward him someday with his whipping hot tongue for Rush's own cold-blooded lashing tongue.


Naked suspect vandalizes Miramar High for ‘entire day,’ leaves $100K in damage, cops say

He told arresting offices he was pretty sure that taking off all his clothes would make it impossible for anybody to recognize him. Apparently not.


Barr appoints Texas prosecutor to review Obama officials’ ‘unmasking’ requests

But nothing so far about the GOP's relentless innumerable attempts all over the country to keep millions of Americans from voting, though.


Zuckerberg Says Social Media Giants Shouldn’t Be In Position To Fact-Check Users -- When asked about Twitter's fact-checking of Trump, Zuckerberg said Facebook shouldn’t be “the arbiter of truth.”

Zuckerberg then said that Facebook should only be the conveyor of lies (for profit) and that's it. Period. Pocketbook closed.

Twitter flags Trump for ‘glorifying violence’ after he says Minneapolis looting will lead to ‘shooting’


Trump’s New ‘Religious Freedom’ Adviser At USAID Once Called Islam A ‘Barbaric Cult’

Well, maybe the people over at the Islamic Republic haven't gotten the email yet (that it is not). Nor apparently at any of ALL the other Muslim majority countries in the last 1,400 years, I see... But I'm patient, I can wait.


Ancient Israelites 'burned cannabis in worship'

That could explain all those Old Testament prophets 'talking' with God and burning bushes, et al.


I’m A COVID-19 Doctor. Do You Know What I’d Like To See From Our President? Compassion.

Boy, did this guy ever pick the wrong president for that vain hope!


Probe: US Interior Official Used Office for Personal Gain

What a surprise.


Remains of 60 Mammoths Discovered in Mexico

Archaeologists could still read one of their epitaphs:

Gary Mammoth chased me here
because I drank his lousy beer.
But as he lunged to wallop me
(after he'd thoroughly gallop me
here) he tripped & croaked, I fear.


Ancient Roman Mosaic Floor Unearthed Beneath Italian Vineyard

Thankfully, all the Italians living right on top of it all this time were too drunk to see it.


I’ve seen dictators rise and fall. Beware, America. -- By Salman Rushdie

Great, now Salman Rushdie is concerned about the American dictator falling, for some reason.


Armored Dinosaur’s Last Meal Found Preserved in Its Fossilized Belly

Burgers & fries. Apparently even 67 million years ago diners were ordering the same crap we do now.


Iran, Russia, China, Turkey celebrate 'collapse' of US

It is truly impressive the amount of damage that simpleton Donald 'The Stooge of Satan' Trump has brought about in the United States in just under four years in office. Even considering the one billion dollars he lost trying his hand at business (which now seems like peanuts).

Trump’s credibility gap complicates his response to the three crises enveloping his presidency -- In addition to the worst public health crisis since 1918 and the worst economic crisis since 1933, President Trump now faces the worst civil unrest since 1968

Yes, Trump is going to have a hard time trying to come up with an even worse performance in future. But I have faith in his unlimited incompetence.


Fauci Says Meetings With Trump On Coronavirus Have ‘Dramatically Decreased’

On the plus side: He doesn't have to keep wresting Trump's Clorox bottle away from him as often now.


White House press secretary says Trump focused on antifa

Sez Trump's no longer focused on his shiny black shoes.


What we know about the White House’s secret bunkers and tunnels

They are littered everywhere Trump skedaddled through them with chicken feathers.

Trump Claims He Went To White House Bunker During Protests ‘For An Inspection’

Sez he always stages his official inspections in his pajamas.


People are sawing through and climbing over Trump’s border wall. Now contractors are being asked for ideas to make it less vulnerable.

Well, since Trump isn't paying for it, I suppose he'll probably have it all remade of Tungsten or Iridium next.


'I don't trust Putin any more'

Now?! Where have you been all his life?


Who do you think Joe Biden should choose for vice president?

Well, as long as it's my call I'm going to say: Me. I need the money.


Barr seeks to dissociate himself from move on demonstrators outside Lafayette Square -- The attorney general had told the Associated Press his “attitude was get it done, but I didn’t say, ‘Go do it.’”

This is truly bizarre stuff here: "Shoot'em but don't kill'em?" This insanity probably explains better than most anything else the Trump administration's evil being described to its very victims as 'the greatest good' right to their faces!

More than 1,250 former Justice Dept. workers call for internal watchdog to probe Barr role in clearing demonstrators from Lafayette Square

Barr’s dishonest defense of the clearing of Lafayette Square

A retired judge’s sharp rebuke of William Barr confirms the worst

So this is why Bill Barr is such a bully


Live updates: Trump says a strong economy is the greatest thing that can happen for race relations

Sure, like all the times the economy was strong in the past: O what great race relations we had then!


Donald Trump’s greed helped ruin Atlantic City. Is the rest of the country next?

Boy, it sure looks like it!


Trump always lashes out when he’s cornered. He told me so years ago.

Rats always do. But few of'em are as uninhibited about it as is Trump.


A southwest Virginia man who blew off his hand in an apparent explosives accident has been charged in federal court after authorities say they found evidence he was making a bomb and wanted to target “hot cheerleaders” because of his sexual frustrations.

Boy, now he's gonna be even more frustrated still! Especially if his other hand can't take up the slack.


US Outlines $4.6B Plan to Protect Miami From Climate Impacts

Spread an old Christo leftover tarpaulin over the thing and aircondition the whole damn city underneath it.


As Trump Blames Antifa, Protest Records Show Scant Evidence

Oh, Antifa-behind-the-violence exists all right: Right there next to that server 'stolen' by the Ukraine... in Trump's empty head.


John Kelly Defends Jim Mattis Against ‘Nasty’ Trump Twitter Attack -- “The president has clearly forgotten how it actually happened or is confused,” Trump's former chief of staff said.

"Actually, no," said Trump: "I just lied. Ha!"

John Kelly Slams Trump's Ethics: 'We Need To Look Harder At Who We Elect'

Even the Buffoon's previous Majordomo is now claiming to see the Light.


Republican Senator 'Struggling' Over Whether to Back Trump in Election

Yeah, we know: Lisa Murkowski is always 'struggling' over whether to back Trump but then she eventually backs him 100%

Locked in tough reelection bid, Collins will not join Trump at appearance in Maine

She's join him soon as she wins, though. Ha Ha.


Our little boy’s anger has gotten worse with the pandemic. What can we do?

Stop showing him all those polls that say he's losing to Joe Biden!

Trump Campaign Demands CNN Apologize For Poll That Shows Him Losing To Biden


Trump Cheers Tom Cotton After Times Editor’s Exit Over Op-Ed -- "The State of Arkansas is very proud of Tom. The New York Times is Fake News!!!" Trump complained in a tweet.

Nowadays the best endorsement any news outlet in America can have that it is a dependable provider of the truth is Trump calling it Fake News.


British man rescued after six days trapped in Bali well

Sez he looked into the well and was pretty sure that he saw a chap down there. So he tried to look closer and before he knew it: There actually WAS a chap down there!


George Conway Gets Twitter Users To Offer Trump Some All-Too-Honest New Slogans -- Trump is reportedly working on a new slogan for his 2020 reelection campaign.

Trying to think of a lie big enough to cover all his other big lies is not an easy thing. Most especially for Trump, whose all other big lies are tremendous!


White House almost completely surrounded by more than a mile of fencing

Wouldn't it be simpler to just have a president who is not the avowed enemy of the American People? Just asking.


A nose-horned dragon lizard lost to science for over 100 years has been found

Some kid in the Bronx had it in a shoe box.


Black Store Owner Reports Robbery, Gets Punched by Officer

Black store owner sez he's surprised and relieved that he was able to report that he got robbed to the cops without getting shot a whole bunch of times: "Took out my whole family to celebrate."


Maryland legislator calls for removing protections for officers accused of abuse of force

Did not know the police are protected from abusing us! I was afraid of the police before. Now I don't know if I even care to go outside! [At least if I'm worked over by a criminal I can relax knowing that he's not protected from his crime. Jesus!]

How ‘Qualified Immunity’ Protects Cops From Being Held Accountable


Buffalo Mayor Says Police Union Is ‘On The Wrong Side Of History’

Those 57 policemen need to make up their minds whether they are loyal to each other or dedicated to enforcing the laws designed to protect the citizens of Buffalo. If they're just going to be loyal to each other perhaps they might be better off quitting the police department and organizing themselves into a criminal gang so they can then go around robbing and killing people until they're finally brought to justice by true officers of the law. Certainly the citizens of Buffalo would be better off with policemen who are actually committed to observing & enforcing the laws designed to protect them.

Buffalo Police Arraigned for Felony Assault, Elderly Protestor Still Critical -- More than 100 police officers, firefighters and other supporters crowded outside the courthouse in Buffalo to protest the assault charges filed against the officers.

If I were a citizen of Buffalo I think I might feel better if those officers sought employment elsewhere... some place that doesn't mind them placing a higher value on their own camaraderie than on their sworn sacred duty to the citizens who pay them to keep them safe.

A Buffalo police statement initially said that a man was injured when he “tripped and fell” during “a skirmish involving protesters,” in which several people were arrested. That language only amplified the criticism, as the video soon showed it was false.

The persons responsible for that self-evident lie were engaging in an egregious cover-up by those whom we trust most to establish the facts. And at the least they should all be immediately removed from the police department to make sure that in the future the public can have trust in those who are charged with protecting them.

The men and women who make the conscious deliberate choice to join the police are from the git-go choosing to hold themselves to a higher standard and ought to therefore always be called to & held to those higher standards--most especially of all when they fail to live up to them.

Trump draws rebukes for suggesting 75-year-old protester pushed to the ground in Buffalo was part of a ‘set up’ -- “We’re at a loss to understand why the president of the United States would make such a dark, dangerous and untrue accusation against him,” the protester’s lawyer said.

Well, I'm certainly not: If Trump came out with 'Mother Teresa was a ho' the only thing I would be at a loss to explain is why he hadn't smeared the sainted nun before. [If you don't know the guy you don't know the guy.]


'Cops,' on Air for 33 Seasons, Dropped by Paramount Network

Thank God! Now I can scream obscenities at my neighbors in my underwears and not fear it being shown coast to coast on TV.


Charli D’Amelio is TikTok’s biggest star. She has no idea why.

The video of my Uncle Luigi having his armpits probably helped.


Trump rejects calls to rename military bases named after Confederate generals

Sez this business of recognizing all our traitors for the traitors they were might make him stick out as the only traitor in American history still visible out there, for Heaven's Sakes!


Factory Discarding COVID-19 Swabs Produced During Tour By Unmasked Trump: Report

This guy is a catastrophe everywhere he sets foot. And to everyone everywhere he goes!

But you can't call Donald Trump 'The Great Deceiver' because he never really deceives anyone. His lies are transparent every one of them and the sad tragedy is that those who choose not to acknowledge his lies just don't care others know them as miscreants & his enablers.

However much he might want to be one, Donald Trump is not a dictator, just a oafish bully. And, like all bullies, a coward head to toe.

Trump campaign seeks apology, retraction of CNN poll showing Biden leading

Typical Trump bullying of those who report the truth on him:

How did Donald Trump, a self-serving promoter who lost billions of dollars for his investors, convince the world that he is a financial genius?

How does one lose a billion dollars?! I mean, one could just pile a billion dollar bills out in the middle of a field during a hurricane and you'd probably still find millions & million of dollars there that haven't been blown away, for Heaven's Sakes! Donald Trump has got to be the biggest loser in all human history, hands down without a single doubt.

I study liars. I’ve never seen one like President Trump.

Wonder whether it will ever finally be established whether Trump tells so many lies because he's sick in the head or just plain evil? Just asking.

To malign and smear — that’s Trump’s motto

No doubt. But at least he's sure always Hell-bent on always doing what he's best at.


Va. attorney general to defend Northam's push to remove Lee statue; protesters pull down Davis statue

Petition Calls For Statue Of GWAR’s Oderus Urungus To Replace Robert E. Lee

The proper statues to replace Lee and Jefferson Davis are Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass; or Ulysses S Grant, William T Sherman, Harriet Tubman, or Clara Barton: It's about time the United States finally won the Civil War.


HBO Max isn’t censoring ‘Gone With the Wind.’ It’s reframing it.

‘Gone With the Wind’ is one of my favorite movies and I will watch it again: Whatever was intended in it, "that slavery was acceptable to some black people and not as bad as if you yourself had been a slave," or "that some slave owners treated their slaves as members of the family" ... that I don't know because the author herself expressed more sympathy than antipathy towards black people, and when she wrote her novel it's possible that she might actually have been trying to 'humanize' the black people she wrote about at a time when so many white people looked down on them as less than human. The movie also depicts stereotypes which are (and should be) insulting to a modern audience--and which any & all public shows should warn against (and probably discuss in an adequate preamble). But, all in all, however insulting it may be to so many people black & white, it is still a masterpiece of art and must be preserved and displayed even if perhaps only in a museum... like all those other naked depictions in said museums (which also outrage lots of folks).


Trump Won’t ‘Even Consider’ Renaming Bases Named For Confederate Generals

All Confederates fought against the United States. These is no room for monuments honoring them in these United States. They should all be confined to the arguments in our history books concerning those we hold now in contempt, or are scorned and damned.


Police try to come to grips with a nation’s anger

Police have to get ahead of the curve and SHOW the people that they are not there to dominate them but to serve them. Do that and I think the Amercan people can be forgiving.

Biden Doubles Down On His Stance Against Defunding The Police


Why Trump is standing up for the Confederacy

Because he's a loser and they were losers. And losers should all stick together.


In an interview on “The Daily Show,” the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee also said that he has considered what will happen if he wins and the president won’t leave office.

He had better consider it very seriously and start making some serious plans NOW to see to it that Trump goes (most probably straight to prison) because Trump is a serious criminal [and not a petty criminal but a big time criminal] who knows perfectly well the full scope of all the crimes he's been engaging in. And who fully understands that in any reasonable world he's going from the White House either to prison or a sanitarium. Criminals like Trump don't just turn themselves in but must be hunted down and cuffed fighting tooth & nail. [And keep an eye out for Bill Barr, Pompeo, and a lot of Trump's other criminal co-conspirators because they're very likely to try to cause as much trouble as they can too.]

Why Does Trump Lie?

More than 1,250 former Justice Dept. workers call for inquiry into Barr

Breaking the law is a momentary thing.
Having broken the law is forever.


Border officials spent humanitarian aid on dirt bikes, dogs and more, report says

O where, O where could the watchdogs all be?
O where, O where have they gone?
With their mouths taped shut we can all agree
Trump can use all our money on just fun!

Trump administration won’t say who got $511 billion in taxpayer-backed coronavirus loans

Naughty, naughty!


Purging police of bad cops will require doing something Democrats have long opposed

Cops are people just like everybody else: The thugs will be easy to spot. The serial killers not so much.


Trump’s Tulsa rally sign-up page includes coronavirus liability disclaimer

Translation: "Trump invites you here, but if you come here and die: That's all on you, and on you alone, stupid!"


Orange County, Calif., residents call virus a hoax, rail against face masks

"Great," said one Coronavirus to its brother: "Now we've gonna have to go over there & prove'm wrong!"

Hey, Trump: Bill Barr is the head of Antifa! The proof is most Trumpian: What better position could the head of Antifa operate from BUT that of the Attorney General of the United States?! [It's as self-evident as the fact that Donald Trump was proven to be the most honest man in America by the Mueller Report.]


Joe Biden Has Problems He Can’t Solve From His Basement

What? He can't get his mom upstairs to solve it for him?


Seattle Man Gets $1.1 Million Coronavirus Hospital Bill: Report

Sounds about right: I walked in front of a hospital one time & a week later I got a bill for $76,000 in the mail.


No, Melania Trump doesn’t want to be free

What she wants is: Mo'money, Mo'money, Mo'money!


Plastic pollution is showing up wherever scientists look

Have they cleaned their eyeglasses? Maybe there's some plastic bits on their eyeglasses. Happens to me all the time: I once thought that the whole world was a filthy dirty place!


White House Adviser: No ‘Transparency’ Promise Ever Made Over Billions In Loans

Larry Kudlow sez Trump's buddies & backers will wet their beaks because they can. [Ha. Ha.] "Who's gonna stop us?" [from the best-selling When The Joint's Run by The Mob by Lindsey Crackers]

Inspectors general warn Congress that Trump administration is blocking scrutiny of bailout programs


As crises multiply, Trump’s Senate allies respond: But her emails!

These Senate Republicans are worthless, completely utterly worthless. This country will only begin to solve its problems when it finally gets rid of deadweight like these Republicans.


Trump ally takes over crisis-ridden Postal Service

What could go wrong?


US 'outraged' as Russia jails American for spying

"What's up wid dat?!?" US sez Russian spies are now senior members of the Republican Party and are practically running the Trump administration--Doesn't that count for anything?!? "Jeez!"


Larry Kudlow Vows End To $600 Unemployment Aid As ‘Disincentive’ To Work

He's also asking Trump to raise his salary by a couple of millions because coming out a few times a year to insult the poor is HARD work, baby.


As maskless New Yorkers crowd outside bars, Cuomo threatens to shut city back down

I don't know if I agree that it's a good idea to mess with Nature's way of eliminating the stupid: After all, we're THAT CLOSE to where we might finally get a mostly intelligent human population.

GOP senator defends Trump’s Tulsa rally as health official warns it’s a ‘huge risk’


Americans Are The Unhappiest They’ve Been In 50 Years, Poll Finds

Thank you, Donald Trump!


'I wouldn't be alive, so thank you'

"Who sez I didn't give a fuck!" [Answered my old man.]


Ever watch a camel give birth? Now you can with the latest video from Zoo Miami

Oh, good. I was looking for something to watch while I ate my spaghetti-and-meatballs.


Who is Kim Yo-jong?

Kid who looks much older than his years.


Why has Trump's niece written a damning memoir?

Because the love of vengeance runs deep in that family's DNA. [Now let's wait & see what The Donald reveals about her.]


UK PM 'delighted' at coronavirus drug

Sez it takes just like Vodka.


Solving the mystery of the 'ugly, dirty' gem

It was recently smuggled in by somebody who was strip-searched in vain.


Trump Says He Gave Out 1 Million Tickets To His Tulsa Rally. That Means 980,801 Fans Won’t Fit.

In Trump's defense: He'll say anything that comes out of his mouth before his brain has had a chance to hear it. But unlike the rest of us his brain never thinks, "Ooops, did I just say that?!?" (Since Trump got no brains.)


Tourists Learn The Hard Way Why You Should Never, Ever Attempt To Pet A Lion

Of course it wasn't as ugly as when they let that rhino walk right over them.


Laura Ingraham Calls Dr. Fauci ‘Medical Deep State,’ Tells Trump To Ignore Virus Rally Warnings

Now, how in the world is this woman not legally liable for telling people it's safe to jump off a cliff like that?!? After all, she's not Trump.


What has the Trump administration done with a half-trillion dollars?

Well, Trump is certainly looking more morbidly obese than usual. Must be eating much better these days (since he got rid of all those pesky oversight watchdogs). "Mangia! Mangia!" [Trump's pronunciation of MAGA.]


Trump Suggests Stopping COVID-19 Tests Would Result In Fewer Cases

Sez throughout history reporting fewer deaths in battles & wars have always made them less bloody.

Pence Tells Governors To Share Misleading Facts About Coronavirus Infections: Reports


Atlanta Police Officer Who Shot Rayshard Brooks Had Past Reprimand For Use Of Force

When you don't get punished as a child you grow up believing you never will. [See: Donald Trump.]


Why The World Is More Worried Than Ever About A 2nd Wave

Because, let's face it, people are not as intelligent as gerbils.



Book By Trump’s Niece To Reveal He ‘Derided’ Father’s Alzheimer’s Struggles -- A new tell-all by Mary Trump promises to expose the president's “appalling” treatment of his father.

What a surprise.


Anthony Fauci Hasn’t Talked With Trump About Coronavirus In 2 Weeks

Sez it's HARD to talk to a brick. [But that he'd rather talk to a brick than to Trump because at least a brick is more likely to listen and to understand than is Trump.]


Former Atlanta officer who shot Rayshard Brooks charged with murder, other offenses

This cop shot a human being in the back because he had fallen asleep while waiting at a Wendy's drive-thru in his car due to drinking! This cop knew the guy was judgment-impaired. And he also knew his name & had his car. The cops could have gone to his house at any time & picked him up there once he sobered up after having run away. But instead that cop just shot him to death. In the back. Knowing the guy wasn't thinking straight. I have no idea what could have possibly been going through this cop's head, but it's a human failing which I don't think rules & disciplines & police academy instruction can cure. I believe what will eventually ameliorate all these failings by so many members of our police is just better department vetting of who becomes a cop: Most certainly with much more intensive and professional use of competent psychiatrists & other mental health experts than is used today... in police departments where far too many times if you just know somebody you're in.

Some Atlanta Officers Stay Home After Rayshard Brooks Charges

And there's the perfect chance to scrap that police department and start over with better police officers:

As Camden’s police chief, I scrapped the force and started over. It worked.


Republicans Dismiss Bombshell John Bolton Allegations Against Trump

What a surprise.

Trump asked China’s Xi to help him win reelection, according to Bolton book

Bolton Says Trump Impeachment Inquiry Missed Other Troubling Actions

Bolton’s book appears to reinforce how Trump views justice as transactional

John Bolton delivers a scathing indictment of Trump — and of himself

Trump’s Bolton problem is nothing compared with Senate Republicans’ woes


How do you practice social distancing on a plane?

Only one passenger per plane please!


States Face Rising Cases as Trump Says Virus Is ‘Fading Away’

That's correct: Whatever Trump says, the reality is always the exact opposite.


FDA pulls emergency authorization for antimalarial drugs touted by Trump

Wonder how the White House's gonna react to their own FDA coming out saying that Trump's a wacko?

Trump Takes Credit For ‘Making Juneteenth Famous’ In Dumbfounding Interview


When is this current administration going to remove this guy! Trump is mentally unfit to be walking out in the streets without close supervision, for Heaven's Sakes.

Republicans Dismiss Bombshell John Bolton Allegations Against Trump

Not just Sharpie-gate: 7 other times officials tried to fabricate Trump’s ‘truth’


Is Trump Trying to Spread Covid-19?

If he can harm & kill others: Why not!

It's almost certain that Trump will never serve the time in prison he so richly deserves because unfortunately in this imperfect country the rich & powerful look out for each other. But I just hope when the time comes that the nation's newspaper editors at least headline Trump's electoral loss as "TRUMP CRAPS OUT" (it's the least they can do for justice).

The stage is being set for the repudiation of Donald Trump in November


After departure of VOA editors, official fires heads of sister organizations

From now on VOA will be known as VOP [for Voice of Trump].


Florida Sees Record Number Of Coronavirus Cases As Experts Eye Possible New Epicenter

Making America Great Again!


Nancy Pelosi To Remove Portraits Of Confederate House Speakers From U.S. Capitol

Sez that by doing it herself the country will save having to pay workers to do it.


John Bolton is a weasel in a party of weasels

Please! (... don't insult weasels): These are rats at best and mostly worms: From every description by friends, family, foes, acquaintances and just about everyone who has even briefly crossed his path Donald Trump is one of the most disgustingly inhuman worms that ever lived on this earth teeming too much already with the nastiest of them. And lots & lots of the world's worst worms are this minute members in good squirming of the GOP.


Not just Sharpie-gate: 7 other times officials tried to fabricate Trump’s ‘truth’

At this point, considering everything reported about him, I am finally convinced that Donald Trump really does believe his own delusions. And, unfortunately, this makes it the more dangerous for everyone about him because he just always comes across as so unswervingly convinced of his lies that it places a fatal doubt in people who would otherwise just roll their eyes at him. This is what makes Trump such a particularly dangerous liar. And what has ultimately brought about such a truly devastating tragedy to this country--which was so unprepared for such a maniac wielding Trump's wealth and power... instead of being confined to blithering to himself in some lost corner of the world somewhere.

Why Trump’s lawsuit against John Bolton will fail

Another serious abuse of power by Trump? Sure looks like it.


Genetically Modified 'Friendly' Mosquitoes Approved For Insect Population Control In the U.S.

Now the little buggers gently come down to feed on your hand instead of off your hand. [But you still have to buy them mosquito feed and condoms.]


Compared With Hummingbirds, People Are Rather Colorblind

Did not know that hummingbirds were that big a bunch of racists.


U.K. Museum Reimagines Classic Art With Face Masks

Yeah! It's about time somebody strapped a mask on the ugly smirk of that stupid Mona Lisa.


The federal government could punish employees for reading Bolton’s book

Trump administration sez it want to keep government employees as ignorant as possible--Certainly not as ignorant as is Trump, because that's physically impossible, of course. But: "Just keep them as close to it as humanly possible," (is the order of the day here).

[But isn't Trump suing to keep Bolton's book from coming out an acknowledgment that the things in it are true?]

Trevor Noah Shows Why ‘Trump Might Be More Ignorant Than We Thought’


Barr Abruptly Seeks to Fire U.S. Attorney Who Investigated Trump Associates

Sorry, that headline should read: "Barr Abruptly Seeks to Fire U.S. Attorney Because He Investigated Trump Associates" [please correct it].

A Friday night massacre that backfired


Thomas Jefferson Descendant Calls For Removal Of His Famous Ancestor’s Statues

This raises an interesting question: To whom should we raise or maybe never raise statues in the first place?

What resulted from Columbus's great discovery is us. Everything you see here in the Americas good and bad--The greatness and the places where our dark souls live here even to this day. It is far more useful to look to our human failings in all our selves than in just only a few of us. Would democracy be what we think of it today if the United States had never existed? Would we have never known slavery? The world has always had slavery as far back as you wish to trace the sorry steps of man: Even Africa had a long established tribal social system of slavery before Columbus which made it preferable to acquire slaves from Africa than to enslave native Americans who, not having such a social system, only understood slavery as mere spiteful torture by the European conquerors and died almost to a man refusing to remain enslaved.

Should we condemn Martin Luther King for his human failings or still celebrate him for the great things he did? We will never know whether had George Washington been a much younger man he might have chosen to become king instead of president, as many of his troops demanded.

And would we have been better off without Jefferson?

I am one of those who believes that: No. We would not have been better off without Jefferson and Columbus. Therefore I do not believe we should be toppling their statues: In spite of the griefs they brought to a lot of us the magnitude of the good they brought to the world of men far outshines those griefs. If necessary, add the essential comments to their memorials to complete their truths. But memorialize them we still must because it is our duty to the truth.

In every case it is always our duty to uphold the truth no matter whom it may hurt or embarrass. But it is also our duty not to leave our truths only half-told.

Would we have been better of without Stonewall Jackson? Yes. Would we have been better off without Ulysses S. Grant? No. And now you know whose statue should go up somewhere and whose statue ought never to go up anywhere men memorialize their forebears.


Royal Caribbean’s payment vendor Wirecard reports $2.1 billion missing cash

In the thieves' defense: Strangers did place $2.1 billion on their hands. And, let's face it, most people would rob you blind--It's just that they almost never get to finger your cash like that.


Mountain Lion Caught In Downtown San Francisco -- The disoriented cougar roamed the streets for two days until it was spotted by a police officer.

She told the cops she'd been trying to hunt down some 'young bucks' without luck for a couple days and was now starting to have blurred vision.


I’ve Been In Prison For 24 Years. Now My Son Is Incarcerated Here, Too.

It is always heartwarming when a son chooses to follow in his father's footsteps into the family business.


What Happens in Your Brain When You Make Memories?

Ah! Now I remember!


Pompeo: China uses disinformation to split Europe, US

But sez that Trump is much better at it.

Carl Bernstein: Trump Was ‘Delusional’ And Outmatched In Calls With Putin And Erdogan


Peter Navarro: Trump’s Call To Slow COVID-19 Testing Was ‘Tongue In Cheek’

Homeland Security Secretary: Trump’s Threats To ‘Bomb’ Bolton Were A Joke

Yeah. Every stupid and perverse thing Trump says is now being explained away as 'a joke.' So even his own people are finally admitting Trump's just a stupid buffoon.


CBS Reporter Paula Reid Asks Trump Question All Journalists Should Ask -- At the end of a roundtable discussion with governors on the reopening of America’s small businesses, Reid tried to get the president to answer one more very pertinent question: “Why do you keep hiring people that you believe are wackos and liars?”

[Hey! Keep trying to get the answers, people!]

And that most important follow-up of all: "How many of the people now working for you ARE wackos and liars?”


Trump’s campaign has no clue how to solve this problem

Well, I do: Replace Trump with a human being.


The tricks to help navigate uncertainty

1) be SURE you're not doing it wrong


Analysis: A week after Pence bragged about improvement, the pandemic is getting worse

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Trump and Pence are telling everybody to go out and enjoy getting themselves infected to death. "Not to worry."


The Misunderstood, Maligned Rattlesnake

Just what we needed: One more defense of Donald Trump.


The missing factor in Trump’s presidency? Decency.

Nonsense! It's decency, honesty, law-abiding, loyalty, competence, dependability, and far too many other positives for the time and space we have left of our lives here to name.

First thing the next president has to do is to order a Justice Department probe into how much money every segment of Trump Inc has received in illegal emoluments from Trump's abuse of his office and to start immediate legal proceeding to try to recoup as much of it as it's possible including any profits it may have generated (plus all appropriate fines & punishments). And then to pursue criminal prosecution to the fullest extent of the law of anyone involved in the conspiracy to commit any & all crimes found to have taken place and everyone who aided, enabled or abetted them whether through direct participation or via malfeasance in office (from Bill Barr on down).

Prosecutor to tell Congress of pressure from ‘highest levels’ of Justice Dept. to cut Roger Stone ‘a break’


Trump says he told officials to slow testing to find fewer cases

All serial murderers love to boast of their crimes. ["On the plus side: The more people that die the fewer unemployed." Applause.]

Trump Says He Wasn’t Joking About Slowing COVID-19 Testing: ‘I Don’t Kid’

Told ya!

How the Republican Party became a death cult


Analysis: As Trump ramps up coronavirus denialism, GOP allies in hard-hit states are singing a different tune

"O We Are The Rats That Jumped This Shit!" [sic.] Orchestrated by Sir Mitt Romney.


Contortionists Pull Off Mind-Blowing Act On ‘America’s Got Talent’

Sorry, no: There are things in this world I don't pay to see (and wouldn't, even if shown for free). Contortionists, sword-swallowers, people who stick their heads in a lion's mouth, bug-eaters, or folks taking a dump. Pass.


The GOP’s uneasy choice on Trump’s coronavirus testing comments: He’s dangerous, or he’s lying

I don't see it, myself: Trump has been a dangerous liar all his life.


Unlike U.S., other nations moving aggressively to contain flare-ups

In Trump's defense: He is obviously a quite strict evolutionist who believes that for the survival of the fittest to work everybody who's gonna be killed by this virus should go ahead & get killed already.

How the Republican Party became a death cult


George F. Will: Why do people such as Lindsey Graham come to Congress?

Answer: Because hot-wiring cars doesn't pay as much.


‘She snapped’: Watch a fight break out at a chicken restaurant in downtown Miami

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Find out whether they were fighting to save the future of the planet or just over a filthy little piece of chicken wing!


How hot will it get in South Florida? Hot enough for a heat advisory

A heat advisory in South Florida is when your pet chicken's feathers fall out by themselves and the poor bird asks you to put it out of its misery by sticking it in the oven already.


Trump is in deep trouble, new polls show. But he has one hidden advantage.

We know: He'll just say he won (and Bill Barr will confirm it no matter how bad Trump loses).


How the Virus Won

It cut a deal with Trump. And we all know who wins every time anyone cuts a deal with Trump--the only man in history to LOSE a billion dollars doing business!


Analysts say Barr is eroding Justice Department independence — without facing any real consequence

If a criminal thought the law was ever going to catch up to him he'd never run the risk. And yet, until they get burned, the blind dance naked under the blistering Sun!

Because Bill Barr has been bullying others all his life he seems to have forgotten that there are people in the world much bigger than he is. And that sometimes justice is slow but most of the time it's certain: What any particular judge may order is not the law. The law is that order which all judges must follow, whether some do or not.

All the worrisome things happening at the DOJ could be just the tip of the iceberg


Trump’s Use Of Pentagon Funds For His Border Wall Violated The Constitution, Court Rules

Like he cares.


Dog Steals Family's Dentures And Makes The World Smile

"Not even the top dog's chew toy is safe in this house!"


White House pushes to put Trump loyalists in Pentagon

Why, it's almost as if Trump is trying to set the government up for a possible coup down the line, isn't it. [Subpoena Bill Barr, dude! He'll know.]


Republicans are choosing rosy assessments of coronavirus that do not match reality

Surprise! ["We are The Party of Trump now!"]


Why isn’t Trump trying to win?

Why hasn’t Trump ever won at anything his whole entire life?


Brand New Lamborghini Totaled After Just 20 Minutes On The Road

Kid's uncle sez he's surprised it lasted that long.


US has 'serious problem' with virus, says Fauci

But he's not allowed to say just how serious a problem is Trump.


'Morning Joe' Speculates Trump May Quit Before He Gets Fired

And if one doesn't quit were it not one's gonna get fired... how is that any different from getting fired?! [But Trump has been a spineless coward all his life. So it's not inconceivable that if he sees Biden is gonna beat him up he'll turn on his spurless heels and run away crying like a sissy all the way home.]


Q&A with Annie Lennox: Why the singer doesn’t listen to music

Sez the instruments playing in pitch throws him off.


Husky Ancestors Started Hauling Sleds for Humans Nearly 10,000 Years Ago

So that's how they ended up as all those trainers in our gyms now!


It’s almost as if Trump is determined to destroy the Republican Party

You mean like he's destroyed everything he's ever touched in his entire whole life?


As Trump Moves To Kill Obamacare, He Promises Amazing Replacement ... One Day

One day... when voters are desperate enough for insurance to vote in the Democrats again. [Ha!]


Tom Brady’s ‘Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Fear Itself’ Raises Eyebrows

Tom Brady's wrong: I fear bird shit. [But the eyebrows thing is true, though.]


Media Calls Out Bolton For Putting Money Over Patriotism

But isn't Money Over Patriotism the motto of the GOP?


Trump Claims A Friend Called Him ‘The Most Perfect Person’

Naturally! It is a requirement for employment with Trump that everybody who works for him as a friend call him that.


The data is in: Fox News may have kept millions from taking the coronavirus threat seriously

Well, FOX certainly has a lot of resources, insurance, its shareholders' stocks, bonds, securities and all kinds of valuable properties for which they can be sued because of any & all harm caused to the victims of its intentionally malicious frauds, misrepresentations & knowingly untrue statements: You can't get away with telling people it's perfectly safe to drink poison! And you can't tell them this pandemic wants nothing to do with them. [Sue! Sue! Sue the Murdochs! Sue FOX until it has to serve the public again instead of just only a monster like Trump. Rupert Murdoch has a lot of money.]


Trump Claims ‘Nobody Briefed Or Told Me’ About Russian Bounties To Kill U.S. Soldiers

Same thing with me when I was a toddler and grabbed stuff I shouldn't: Mom would say to me, "Did you take that?" And I'd answer: "I've never even seen the thing before in my life!" Then she'd take it away from me.

Trump Says ‘Nobody Briefed Or Told Me’ About Russian Bounties To Kill U.S. Soldiers

I believe that should read: Trump told his briefers to not tell him about it. [Trump wasn't to know nothing! Nothing!]

Spies and Commandos Warned Months Ago of Russian Bounties on U.S. Troops

Trump’s ignorance is total — and you can quote his press secretary on that


Russia offered Afghan militants bounties to kill U.S. troops -NY Times -- President Donald Trump has been briefed on the intelligence finding, the Times said.

Wonder if Trump is thinking maybe these reports are 'deep state' attempts to derail his Trump Towers Moscow?...

'Tre45on' Trends After Report That Trump Knew Putin Put Bounty On U.S. Troops

Would it really surprise anybody now if Trump had told Putin to do it in order to justify pulling out of Afghanistan? Would it surprise anybody now if Trump just came out and boasted he's done so tomorrow or the day after that? Would it surprise anybody now if the Republicans and FOX then tried to justify it as something patriotic for Trump to have done?

Trump Got Written Briefing in February on Possible Russian Bounties, Officials Say

Every day Trump remains president (not every month but every single day) disasters strike the United States--Every one of which can all be directly traced to Trump's actions or inactions. Not in a million years could I have foreseen this coming!

Trump shows us what ‘unfit’ means

Trump Calls for Federal Charges Against NYC Monument Vandals

Against Russians paying bounties for the murder of American soldiers... not so much.


Study: White Evangelicals Aren’t As Worried About COVID-19 As Other Faith Groups

Nor are the monkeys in the zoo.

Americans sacrificed to flatten the curve. Their leaders have let them down.

Welcome to the United States of ‘Idiocracy’

Could America’s pandemic response be any more medieval?

If you give'em time I suppose the Evangelicals could do that. Sure.


My kids expect Trump to win. If he does, we owe them an apology.

Kids always stick together against the adults. You know that.


Minneapolis had progressive policies, but its economy still left black families behind

We will never stop taking but only little steps moving forward. The difference is that sometimes we take a few little steps and at other times we take many more of them. To take a really big step forward would take a much much bigger man than we are at this point.


The age-old question: Is God still with Israel?

The ageless answer: God is always with anyone who sez that God is with him. [Who'd be crazy enough to waste his time arguing with such a man?]


‘A new terrifying reality’: 30 days being pregnant in a pandemic

This pandemic seems to have acccelerated pregancies to term all to dickens!


Trump decries Russian bounty reports as ‘fake’

Sez he got it straight from Putin, who (unlike the American Intelligence establishment) has never steered him wrong.

Why does the ‘America First’ president keep putting Russia first?

[To a chorus of Amen from Republicans.]

Brian Klaas: Once again, Trump accommodates Putin while stabbing allies in the back

Susan E. Rice: We Know Trump Puts Russia First. We Want to Know Why.

David Ignatius: Trump doesn’t understand that Putin is in the payback business

The Post’s View: The report of Russia putting bounties on U.S. soldiers is disturbing. Trump’s response is stupefying.


Live updates: Fauci warns U.S. is ‘going in the wrong direction’ and could see 100,000 coronavirus cases a day

Could America’s pandemic response be any more medieval?

Republicans Pushed To Reopen The Economy. Now Coronavirus Cases Are Spiking Again.

It's easier to see a penny than a virus.

June’s nearly 50 percent rise in cases led by states that reopened first

U.S. coronavirus infections top 50,000 in a day for the first time

Wonder just how many Americans Trump and the GOP can kill before Americans finally realize they're getting killed by them?


Russians overwhelmingly back amendments that will keep Putin in power, early returns show

Who wants to be free, right?


Rescue crew saves horse from ocean -- The horse had traveled over a mile out into the Atlantic Ocean from a beach in Donegal, Ireland.

Horse told rescuers that it was tired of eating potatoes and was going to go to England and try living on boiled beef for a while.


Trump said ‘experience’ was his edge over Biden. Poll shows voters disagree by a remarkable margin.

Experience is what one learns over time, and Trump never got out of his terrible two's. By the testimony of everyone who has known him since he was two Trump has learned nothing since he learned to throw fits.

Michael Gerson: Trump’s diminished moral capacity is on full display


The Post’s View: Change the name of the Washington NFL team. Now.

Why not change it to The Washington Rats? Rats are among our most favorite pets: Every city loves to keep zillions & zillions of rats in them (we produce mountains of foods to feed them). Labs use more rats in experiments than just about any other animal, so rats (not dogs) are probably our true best friends. Rats are as intelligent as people, some even much more so. They are proud, resilient, independent creatures that don't like to take crap from anyone--not even from cats. They even work diligently to recycle our garbage; and spread diseases with almost as much zeal as we do ourselves! Truthfully: Why there has never been a team named after them I'll never know.

Cleveland Indians Look Into Changing Name Amid Pressure

And Indiana! Change that state's name to Grassland. I love the name Grassland. I would LOVE to be able to tell people, "I'm from Gary, Grassland!" And there's no state named Grassland, I think.


Betsy Ross, Jackie Robinson And Antonin Scalia — Trump Seeks “Garden of American Heroes”

I would add Woody Woodpecker and Mighty Mouse. Why not! They're great American heroes too. Let's not make this about people, people!

Historians question Trump’s choice of ‘heroes’ for national garden monument -- In the executive order, Trump says all statues will be lifelike or realistic, “not abstract or modernist representations.”

Then let's see one of a nude Ivanka Among The Bushes. And another nude of Melania being tossed in the air on a blanket by three playful black men, also nude. [I think she's like that.] You know... something in the Donald Trump mode.


Woman given life for plot to blow up St. Paul's Cathedral

Some people just can't come to church and sit quietly praying. No. They always have to make a big show of themselves!


Do IQ Tests Actually Measure Intelligence?

No. The only thing that measures intelligence is life. Take it from a moron.

Republicans split over whether to attend Jacksonville convention

Precisely! This is what I mean by life's IQ test.


Christopher Columbus statue in Baltimore toppled, rolled off harbor

Reportedly it is the first bath Columbus has had since discovering America.


Half the universe’s ordinary matter was missing — and may have been found

"Swear to God: I did not take it."


Woof Warning: Dog Alerts Owner to House Fire Next Door

Dog became increasingly hysterical as the fire closed in on his doghouse (where all his bones were stashed).


Russian shot dead in Austria, police probe political motive

Follow the Putin. Always follow he Putin.

Russian Man Killed in Austria Had Declined Police Protection

Police say he had told them that Putin called & assured him he was not going to kill him.


Coronavirus relief loans benefited members of Congress, lawyer who represented Trump and firms that reported creating no jobs

What a surprise.


What’s happening in Xinjiang is genocide

"911. What's your emergency?"

"My husband and I just had an argument and he's committing genocide on me..." [The devaluing of the word.]

"... new evidence has surfaced that China has also imposed on the Uighurs a form of demographic genocide with forced sterilizations and other measures aimed at reducing the population..."

China has been reducing its entire population for decades, but only now that its Muslim minority is also coming under such laws are we hearing that they are genocide?!

"China is systematically using pregnancy checks, forced intrauterine devices, sterilization and even abortion to reduce the population of Uighurs and other Muslims in Xinjiang. Moreover, having too many children is being punished by incarceration in the camps."

Where was the world when China began these practices on its entire population decades ago? If it wasn't genocide then, why is it genocide now? I wonder what has changed 'our' so moral point of view?


“My administration will not abide an assault on our collective national memory,” Trump says

History is not so much something to be preserved as understood. There are many aspects of history best forgotten, but all of history should be understood--Every last bit of it.


Relief loans benefited well-connected firms that didn’t mention saving jobs

And now you know why the first order of business for the Trump Mafia was to get of rid of all those pesky inspectors general.


Fish More Vulnerable to Warming Water Than First Thought

So apparently a fish's first thought is to NOT go for the first hook they see.


French Drug Company Accused of Favoring Profits Over Lives

French Drug Company sez it didn't want to be the only company on earth not to do so.


Strains of Hope: Chilean Nurse Serenades COVID-19 Patients With Violin

Patients with trombone complained very loudly.


It’s America vs. world as virus spreads and hospitalizations rise -- President Trump moved to leave the World Health Organization as the virus rampaged across the South and West.

Ah! Nothing shows the magnificent incompetence of Trump like shooting the doctors during a pandemic.


D.C. is a 68-square-mile monument to Columbus. Here’s what we could rename it.

Trump's Folly.


I Planned To Take A Psychedelic Trip To Battle My Anxiety. Then The Pandemic Hit.

There's no pandemic, dude: You're still tripping.


Pandemic shutdowns saved thousands of animals from becoming roadkill, report suggests

I know the restaurant around the corner here has raised its prices.


Rob Lowe’s Story About Steak With Chris Farley Is Well-Done

I don't care for stories about cannibalism no matter how tasteful.


Trump is responsible for our unfolding coronavirus disaster

Apparently when Trump realized that the coronavirus could do more harm to America than could Russia he seems to have switched his total allegiance from Putin to the coronavirus, and is now doing everything in his power to help it kill as many Americans as it can.

I have the greatest faith in America, but frankly I just don't see how anyone can possibly repair the wreckage that Donald Trump has made of this country anytime soon.


Ousted U.S. attorney who investigated Trump associates says Barr pushed him to resign and take another job -- Geoffrey Berman, who testified privately before the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday, described in a written statement the unusual sequence of events that led to his departure June 20. “The Attorney General said that if I did not resign from my position I would be fired,” he said in his statement.

Certainly let us hope that more people of principle like Geoffrey Berman force William Barr to reveal to the world his true ugly face and stop hiding behind pretty fables of his victims committing suicide.

The plot thickens on Attorney General William Barr’s removal of a prosecutor who probed Trump


Investigation rebukes Commerce Dept. for siding with Trump over forecasters during Hurricane Dorian

It's interesting, if pathetic, when mental flakes like Donald Trump acquire the power to try to bend reality to their lunacies. But, as evidenced here, obviously they very seldom succeed. [Tell that to those who would humor them just for some chump cash.]

Here is the next advice from the Clorox-drinker:

Analysis: Trump sends questionable tweet on Tropical Storm Fay’s threat to New Hampshire

Touting criticized study, White House presses FDA to authorize hydroxychloroquine — again

Trump’s ongoing shortsightedness about the pandemic may be sealing his fate


Trump complains in private about pandemic hurting him -- In lengthy monologues, President Trump portrays the pandemic, a stalled economy and deep-seated racial unrest as happening to him rather than to the country.

Poor Trump. We should all feel sorry for him. Especially the families of those who have died directly due to his uncompromising incompetence and disgusting ignorance.


Why conservative justices are more likely to defect

Because apparently one of the predicates of conservatism seems to be that 'we, the best people' are above the law. And eventually most lawyers are forced to admit that's just wrong any way you look at it. [Most.]


5 Eyebrow-Raising Details In Mary Trump’s New Book About The President -- White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Tuesday afternoon said she’d “yet to see the book,” but nevertheless said “it’s a book of falsehoods.”

Yeah, my kid also knew beets, carrots and even cherries tasted bad before tasting them. It's an endearing quality of toddlers.


Goya’s CEO said the U.S. is ‘truly blessed’ with Trump. Latinos are now boycotting.

Well, Trump really smarts (and anything that doesn't kills you makes you stronger). So Trump is making us stronger & smarter right & left.

Goya Foods CEO Doubles Down On Trump Support As Boycott Grows

Knowing that money spent on Goya products could possibly end up contributing to Trump's reelection is simply too great a risk for consumers. Boycott Goya!


GOP State Lawmaker: ‘I Want To See More People’ Get Coronavirus -- Del Marsh said he's “not concerned” with the spike in infections and touted the controversial idea of herd immunity.

Sez people are just a bunch of animals anyway.


Hong Kong protesters are holding up blank signs. They’re still being arrested.

Apparently the crime is having a mind: You tell people you have a mind you're obviously telling them you know 'what's wrong with this picture' (and you needn't go into every ugly detail). Yeah, I can see why they're getting arrested.


Facebook, in a possible reversal, considers banning political ads near the U.S. election -- The company continues to grapple with a large advertising boycott, employee unrest and other issues related to its policies on hate speech and misinformation, according to a person familiar with the company’s thinking.

One of the best outcomes of the current upheavals.

The Facebook boycott is illiberal. Who has the courage to oppose it? -- John Stuart Mill wrote that “If all mankind minus one were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind.”

I believe we have grown slightly more subtle than Mill's sweeping generalization: I have never been nor am I likely to ever be against speech that offends, but speech that misleads is an entirely different thing:

Speech that misleads is self-evidently designed to harm others without any positive outcome to anyone whatsoever (except on occasions, for the entirely selfish benefit of those who perversely craft it). And speech that misleads 'for the good' is usually even more diabolical.

It is one thing for Trump to say he doesn't like the measures that are being taken to save lives in this pandemic, but it is quite another thing when he says that testing doesn't save lives (or even implies it). To dispute reality is not free speech, it is lying. And lying should always carry at least a disclaimer.

If someone tells but half the story (implying it's the whole of it) then it's the duty of anyone who can to finish telling that story to the fullest. Although, yes, censoring people who only tell half the story cuts off any possibility that the storyteller has only begun to tell his story. That's why most forms of censorship (except those designed to save us from real harm) are undesirable. Mankind should always give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but giving the benefit of the doubt to a self-evident lie is unimaginably perilous.


Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said the Trump administration was looking at “all the options” for pulling federal funding from schools that don’t open in the fall.

Your money or your life!


Trump’s commutation of Roger Stone’s sentence is an unforgivable betrayal of his office

I believe that is, what, Trump's 17,832nd unforgivable betrayal of his office...? [Another 84,953 and Trump's base might even start to suspect he's naughty.]


White House Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow Says Going Back To School Isn’t ‘That Hard’ -- This is the same Trump administration official who said COVID-19 was "contained" in February.

Under a normal administration Larry Kudlow would be given a broom and rigorously tested out in the street to see if he can handle street sweeping. [Personally I don't think he could handle even that, but let him give it a try. Why not?]


Trump Reportedly Considered ‘Selling’ Puerto Rico, Says Ex-Homeland Security Chief

First Puerto Rico, then Alaska (the Russians have a lot of oil money these days and some tax-exempt space for a beautiful Trump Towers Moscow I hear). Sure. That's reason enough to reelect Trump right there.

Former DHS Chief: Trump Wanted To Swap Puerto Rico For Greenland

Why can't Trump buy the Gulf of Mexico from Mexico (not Peru) so he can rename it the Gulf of The U.S. ?


Fauci sidelined by White House as he steps up blunt talk on pandemic

Even money sez Trump replaces him with Roger Stone. Fauci's just not helping Trump kill enough Americans--Trump sez he might have to go out & shoot a few of the bastards himself in the middle of 5th Avenue like he said he would.


Penguins can reach more than one meter while defecating, new study finds

So it's not that big a deal if their paper rolls are hanging a little further from their toilets than it would be for you & me.


Where are the consequences for DeSean Jackson’s rant against Jews?

Sorry, but DeSean Jackson can run with a football too well to face consequences. You know, just like Trump is too rich and powerful to do so either. [Know it & weep.]


Activists, politicians, players weigh in on Redskins name change

I'm thinking The Neutralskins.


Trump’s performance on covid-19 looks especially bad compared with the rest of the world

Trump insists he's only killing people who would have died anyway.


My Confederate ancestors would support Black Lives Matter

Many of'em took a bullet for their slaves (under Lee).


Trump’s incompetence has wrecked us. Where are the calls for him to resign?

A cop kills somebody with a choke hold and the whole world explodes. Trump kills 130,000 Americans and we still respectfully call him Mister President and stand by as he's preparing to kill thousands more. Wrap you head around that!


The president continues to cite ‘people’ without evidence

Why can't we just be happy for a guy who, born without a brain, has learned to think with his gut? [Shit.]


Suit filed against DeSantis for not having sign-language interpreters at COVID briefings

In DeSantis's defense: The deaf will be a lot safer not knowing what advice he's giving Floridians.


You May Be Using Hand Sanitizer All Wrong

You mean Trump was right and I'm supposed to drink it?!


Sessions Loses Comeback Bid For His Old Senate Seat

Okay, so Trump did one good thing in his life.


The declining violent crime rate has been a win for criminal justice reform. A reversal would be a loss.

You know: That makes sense.


Surge in global caseload driven by poorer nations — and the U.S.

Hot dog! We're great again! Thank you, Mister Trump!


Supreme Court Rules Federal Executions May Proceed


Trump cites game show host on pandemic

Our pandemic response is stalling. And it’s made worse by Trump’s ignorance. -- Meanwhile the president calls it “harmless.”


Why We’re Losing the Battle With Covid-19

General Trump and his GOP high command.


Trump Suggests A Biden Presidency Would Be ‘Ratings’ Nightmare

Apparently they still haven't told him that he's not performing on a sitcom but really is the president!


Moderate Republicans Push For Stricter Coronavirus Workplace Standards

What's the difference between moderate and conservative Republicans? Conservative Republicans support Trump a lot, moderate Republicans support Trump mostly a lot.


New Chemical Analyzes: What Did Danes and Italians in the Middle Ages Have in Common?

They both wore funny hats.


Georgia Gov Explicitly Bans Localities From Ordering People To Wear Masks

Kentucky Gov: GOP’s War On Masks Will Cause Explosive COVID Outbreak

Does anybody know why the GOP is so opposed to wearing masks to keep themselves from getting infected with this deadly virus!? Does anybody know if they're also opposed to cops wearing bulletproof jackets? Lifeguards on beaches?...


Anthony Fauci built a 40-year truce. Now war is coming.

Congratulations, Mister Trump: You've finally made us the leader among shithole countries! My question is: Are you satisfied there, or are you going to intensify your campaign against health system scientists, doctors, and anybody who might be taking sensible precautions against getting killed by the coronavirus?

With Trump’s heedless approach to the pandemic, children will pay an even higher price

White House Press Secretary Says Science Won’t ‘Stand In The Way’ Of Reopening Schools

Who would kick millions off health insurance in the middle of a pandemic? Yes, Trump.

Virus Prompts Drastic Measures As Death Tolls Set Records

“Lawlessness is not just tolerated in the Trump administration; it’s virtually required," writes Walter Shaub.

The Next Disaster Is Just a Few Days Away


Squirrel in Colorado tests positive for bubonic plague

Sez: Ya plays nice with rats & mice
[Ho! Ho! Ho!] And ya pays the price.


By converting Hagia Sophia from a museum back to a mosque, the Turkish government threatens world culture and Istanbul's character.

Ha! Judith Herrin doesn't know that world culture is by definition un-Islamic! [Please phone Ergogan and/or whoever the head of ISIS is this week...]


Sens. Rubio, Sullivan tweet tributes to John Lewis using photos of a different black congressman

Rubio & Sullivan are also available for funeral eulogies at very reasonable prices anywhere in the country (for your corpse).


Would the Prophet Muhammad Convert Hagia Sophia?

The Root of Terrorism a la Islamic style


White House Bars CDC From Testifying At School Reopening Hearings

Sez they're going to send a street cleaner from The Department of Sanitation instead.


Trump Misidentifies Sculpture in Oval Office While Saying Statues Help Teach History

In his defense: Trump's never learned anything in his entire whole life, history or otherwise.


Steve Mnuchin Already Wants To Forgive Billions In PPP Loans

Sure. Why not. Best scheme out there to let the big-time thieves keep their loot.


Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Hoovered Up $400,000 In Campaign Funds In Just 2 Days, Records Reveal

Donald Trump is the only public servant in American history who has never once said: "Please look the other way while I line my pockets." It is quite disturbingly fascinating. If he were planning on remaining president for life to escape legal liability for his crimes one might explain such irrational behavior, but I suspect it's because he's just that stupid.

Trump Reportedly Asked U.S. Ambassador To Help Move British Open To His Resort

The next attorney general's first job in office must be to pursue justice and restitution for everything Donald Trump and his family (and all their criminal associates) have stolen from American taxpayers or have illegally benefited from or by their government positions. And then to mercilessly prosecute these vile criminals to the fullest extent of the law--if for no other reason than simply to restore the nation's honor.

And never EVER put it past him that Trump isn't stupid enough to try to stage a coup:

Trump declines to say whether he’ll accept Nov. election results

I ain't kidd'n either: You guys better start making calls on a lot of those 'key' generals & admirals NOW. See if they're still American officers.


Fox News’s Chris Wallace just exposed Trump as very few have

Trump defends bungled handling of coronavirus with falsehoods and dubious claims -- For weeks now, Trump has claimed without evidence that the rise in voting by mail in many states makes voting susceptible to widespread fraud. “Are you suggesting that you might not accept the results of the election?” Wallace asked. “No,” Trump responded. “I have to see.” Later in the interview, pressed on whether he will accept the results, Trump again declined to say. “I have to see,” he said.

Of course:

     If you're going to stage a coup
     any cheap excuse will do.

Oregon Sues To Protect People From ‘Kidnap And False Arrest’ By Federal Troops -- The DHS paramilitary squads snatching citizens off the street violates three constitutional amendments — the right to free speech, protection from illegal search, and protection from loss of liberty without due process of law, argues the suit, which names DHS, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the U.S. Marshals Service, the Federal Protective Service and unknown officers “John Does 1-10” as defendants.

First step in planning a coup is to have your storm trooper enforcers reherse rounding up protesters.

House Democrats Urge Probe Into Trump’s Use Of Federal Officers To Quell Protests

Homeland Security Official Defends Portland ‘Kidnappings’ Amid Calls For Investigation

Having somebody tell you to break the law does not excuse your guilt: There are specific military rules against following an illegal command. That person who orders up a crime may be guilty himself, but that's an entirely separate prosecution from yours. If you break the law you must answer to the law. The federal officers who broke the law in Portland, Oregon [for whatever reason] should be identified and brought to a court of law to answer for their acts of criminal wrongdoing. [Violating someone's civil rights is an extremely serious crime in this country.] That's what our courts are for. The extent of their punishment should rest solely on the seriousness of the crimes they committed, and not on which celebrity might have told them to commit them. [Always, ALWAYS, before breaking the law or even thinking about doing so: consult a lawyer.]

And remember that by the time your case gets to court Trump might not be there to pardon you.

Trump Has Unleashed Authoritarian Violence In Portland. What City Is Next?

Trump’s Occupation of American Cities Has Begun

House Democrats Urge Probe Into Trump’s Use Of Federal Officers To Quell Protests

Fox News Legal Analyst Issues Chilling Warning About Trump’s Portland Crackdown

Trump’s assault on election integrity forces question: What would happen if he refused to accept a loss?


Michael Cohen’s book to allege Trump made racist comments about Obama and Nelson Mandela, lawsuit says

What a surprise.


Man Steals Massive Dildo From Sex Shop And He’s Still At Large

Police on the lookout for someone walking funny.


Arizona was one of the first states to reopen in May, even before an initial wave of coronavirus cases subsided. But an early attempt to salvage its struggling economy has backfired months later, triggering a new surge of infections.

Who could have seen that coming!

Russian Allies Helping Trump Win Reelection Have A Partner In Wisconsin Republican

Today’s GOP in a nutshell: Jaw-dropping incompetence and grotesque disrespect for others


Trump Seen At Event Without Mask Hours After Saying It’s ‘Patriotic’ To Wear One

Wearing masks is patriotic. And when have you ever heard of Trump being patriotic in his entire life?! [I believe his personal Litt'e Man's Dictionary defines 'patriotic' as 'selfish.'] In Trump's dictionary draft-dodging is very patriotic. "I am five times a patriot!" Sez Trump.


Trump Issues Order To Stop Counting Undocumented Migrants In Next Round Of Redistricting -- The Constitution says the congressional apportionment should be based on the “whole number of persons” in each state.

Ha! Trump doesn't know what in the Hell the Constitution has to do with the law. And Trump also does not believe the undocumented are human beings. This will have to go to the courts, and if it lands with a GOP Dred Scott'er judge then tough luck for those 'persons who are not human beings.' [Ah, the power to say who is a human being and who is not! It lets one abuse scores & scores of them, make'em slaves or stick'em in concentration camps, ignore their civil rights in Portland...]


Eight ways that Trump’s ‘nonsense’ is killing us -- How many more will die before Trump will admit he’s wrong?

Trump is too insecure to admit he's wrong. Therefore Trump has NEVER admitted he wrong in his entire life. So get out your death-watch calculators because this is gonna be a long count until Trump is finally booted out of office and sent to prison, where he belongs.


Mary Trump Shares The ‘Crucial Reason’ Trump Has ‘Gotten As Far As He Has’

Greased his slide with a lot of mula.


Trump Has ‘Amazing’ New Boast About Passing His ‘Difficult’ Cognitive Test

Trump may have 'passed' but he never did tell us how many tries it took him to identify the elephant.

Experts are puzzled by the president’s obsession with the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, which is normally administered only if someone may be experiencing dementia or other mental decline.

Don't see why they should be. After all, Trump is obviously experiencing dementia or other mental decline.


Factbox: Mission to Mars-The Race for the Red Planet

The race for space is ironically a full-speed race into a brick wall--from where for billions & billions of dollars you can only bring back a handful of shiny trinkets. Those who engage in it are fools & madmen: Not destroying the earth in the first place is always the best option.


Trump Mocked For Claiming He's Done More For Black Americans Than Lincoln

Well, I don't remember Trump ever doing anything for Lincoln, so he's probably very near the truth there. [Trump is never spot-on the truth, of course.]


Mel Gibson Spent Week In Hospital Recovering From Coronavirus

Sez he enjoyed every agonizing minute of it and can't wait to go out & try to get himself reinfected all over again.


Tucker Carlson’s Democrat COVID-19 Conspiracy Theory Is One For The Books -- The Fox News host pushed all the panic buttons in a paranoid segment that called Fauci "transparently political."

He also claimed [without proof] that Einstein only invented general relativity only to embarrass Trump.


Trump is the king of lies

Government by lies only works on some of the people some of the time & Trump's time is up. [Thank God.]

Trump’s lies are getting too big to be believed — even by those who really want to


Teacher Who Voted For Trump In 2016 Now Fears She ‘Signed My Own Death Warrant’

As is the case with every one of the Americans who succumbed to the coronavirus after having voted for Trump. [Of course, that doesn't mean they're deader than those innocent of making him president who were also murdered by Trump.]


Ex-Cop Accused In George Floyd Death Faces Tax Evasion Charges -- Derek Chauvin and his wife face numerous charges of filing false or fraudulent tax returns between 2014-19.

Ah, we think we know who Trump's husband is gonna be in prison. [Myself, I thought it was gonna be Bill Barr. "We'll have to see."]


Candidate Trump Asked FBI In Intelligence Briefing: ‘Are The Russians Bad?’

"Yes," replied the FBI: "Much much worse than even the Big Bad Wolf."


FDA says at least 77 hand sanitizer products may be toxic

FDA sez that Doctor Trump is recommending that people always make sure they use MORE than 77 of them.


Trump Teases Quitting Twitter Once He’s Out Of Office

Sez that after he's no longer president they won't let him spew hate and poison with complete impunity anymore, so what's the point?

In the end it's not Trump's fault: You can't blame a dog for barking. And Trump is too ignorant to understand that he's an ignoramus. Too stupid to appreciate how really stupid he is. No. The fault is with the voters who should have vetted him better but were just too lazy to bother. Now they and the rest of us are paying a deadly price.

The question is who is the murderer of all those Covid-19 dead Americans. History already knows the answer: His name is Donald J. Trump. The only question that remains is whether he will be found competent to stand trial.


Just How Far Will Joe Biden Go?

Politicians will do just about anything to get elected. So I wouldn't even put full frontal nudity off the table, I'm sorry to say.


Ever wondered why you can see the moon sometimes during the day?

No: It is because sometimes my eyes are open during the day.


Over 40 Infected With COVID-19 After Revival Event At Alabama Baptist Church: Pastor

"Ugh! Me thought our gods would protect us from the virus. Maybe we need sacrifice virgin next time." ["Now hard part: Try find one."]


‘Rick and Morty’ Actor Spencer Grammer Knifed Outside NYC Restaurant

Sez that's the last time he goes near any restaurant where they have knives.


Washington’s Ron Rivera says NFL season can still happen, but it will require discipline

Sez all that has to be done is to simply get rid of all the current players and replace them with ancient Spartans.


Excluding undocumented immigrants from the census is doomed to fail, but Trump is all in

If it is constitutional then it is not what President Trump defends & protects. Yeah, we know.


Curve Ball: Trump Reportedly Wasn’t Invited For Yankees Pitch Date He Cancelled

And now you know where all those polls in which Trump sez he's leading all over the place came from.

Trump reportedly made unexpected first pitch announcement out of irritation with Fauci

Yep. Exactly what my 2-year-old would have done.

Mary L. Trump, president’s niece, says she’ll do ‘everything in my power’ to elect Biden

Yep. Exactly what people who best know Trump will do.

One question still dogs Trump: Why not try harder to solve the coronavirus crisis?

As virus hit, Florida governor sidelined scientists to follow Trump

Fools of a feather fail together. Yeah, we know.

A top HHS aide’s last job was ‘Labradoodle breeder.’ He’s one of many unqualified appointees.

Former prime minister of Malaysia is sentenced to 12 years in prison

Yep. Exactly what Trump ought to get. Well, at least that much--Trump's graft is unimaginably greater:

Complaint: Trump Making Illegal Secret Payments, Including To His Own Family

‘Trump Grifts, You Die’: New Ad Rips President For Profiting Amid Pandemic

The Real Reason Biden Is Ahead of Trump? He’s a Man


Here’s how to prepare for Trump rejecting the election results in November

What if Trump loses but insists he won?

If Trump tries to stage a coup d'état against The United States of America the death penalty must not be taken off the table.


Hogan’s memoir says backlash to Trump era could open door for GOP moderates — like himself

Yeah. No. Hogan better start working NOW to make sure he's not under a King Donald Trump Jr. [the II] in them halcyon days of his dreams to come... someday.


Trump complains about Fauci’s high approval rating, wonders why his isn’t as high

Well... Maybe if Trump wasn't killing as many Americans as he's now killing Americans would not think as lowly of him as they now do. Just a thought.

Look: Fauci is trying to save Americans' lives. And Americans love him.

1 and 1 equals 2, 2 and 2 equals 4. It's all very simple. But Trump has always had way too much money for anybody to teach him anything. [Anybody doubt he paid some guy to take his High School tests?] And now he's president too! Perfect storm to create the superignoramus. And here we are.

Trump retweeted a video with false covid-19 claims. One doctor in it has said demons cause illnesses.


An Extra $600 a Week Kept Jobless Workers Afloat. What Now?

Why can't they just eat cake now?


Trump Didn’t Ask Putin About Bounties on U.S. Troops in Afghanistan

It's just a few Americans killed. Why bother: Trump's already killed tens of thousands of Americans all by himself stateside. [Well, with the help of a lot of Republicans. But he doesn't like to share credit.]


Mitch McConnell Had Months To Act. Now Unemployment Benefits Are Expiring.

What're ya talking about?! Of course he's been acting: His portrayal of A Corpse On Its Deathbed these last few years is very much deserving of an Oscar, pal.


I Never Wanted Kids. COVID-19 Changed My Mind.

Naturally: The worst places on earth have the greatest number of people and the best places have the least number of people. Give Death what it wants!



What, you're surprised that Trump is bankrupting America just like he's bankrupted every other company he's ever owned? [Trump voter, right!]


McConnell and other top Republican officials rebuff Trump suggestion to delay the Nov. 3 election

Wow! Whoever thought that a desperate criminal as reckless as Trump was just gonna surrender peacefully to the cops now has the answer. [They had better start getting those SWAT squads ready NOW.]

Trump's presidential bid was always the same desperate 'last job' every other lifelong loser imagines will finally change his luck: Trump knew the extent of the crimes he's been committing all his life, and that he was bound to have to pay for them sooner or later. There is very little doubt that he came into all this from the start with every intention of remaining president for life--Now Trump is beginning to realize that he's gonna get caught by the cops, and that is precisely when criminals are at their most dangerous.

Conservative Legal Expert: Trump Election Tweets Are Grounds For Impeachment

Trump’s call to postpone elections is an outrageous break with American faith in democracy

Trump’s suggestion to delay the election is the most anti-democratic thing any president ever said

Trump can’t delay the election, experts say

Trump Has No Legal Authority To Postpone 2020 Election, Experts Say

Oh, if I had a shiny nickel for everything Trump has every ordered done without having the least legal authority to do so!

As Trump demurs, an unimaginable question forms: Could the president reach for the military in a disputed election?

Wanna bet a nickel?


Argentina starts trials on hyperimmune equine serum to treat COVID-19

"It just sounds better," said an Argentinian, "than saying to people we're giving'em horse serum."


Foreign Tour For Pompeo’s Wife Reportedly Deemed ‘Necessary For National Security’

And for taxpayers footing the bill for the entire vacation package, of course.


The Risk That Students Could Arrive at School With the Coronavirus

What are the risks that mothers who didn't care enough to protect their kids from Coronavirus will now seek to rid themselves of them for the day by sending them to school to infect other mothers' kids? [And maybe even kill a few teachers.]

260 Kids, Staffers Tested Positive For COVID-19 In Outbreak At Georgia Summer Camp

Teachers protesting school openings are saying ‘I’m not essential’ -- By Marc A. Thiessen

Man, apparently this guy doesn't think you can be essential without getting killed.


‘We’re Dying Here’: Florida Paper Pleads With DeSantis To Step Up COVID-19 Fight -- “Your daily upbeat message is hopelessly at odds with what Floridians are going through," said a Sun Sentinel editorial.

Unprecedented in the annals of human experience for a murderer to be so meekly implored by his victims to "Pretty please stop murdering us!" You would think human beings would have the gumption to rise up and demand they stop being murdered. But them's the times we live in.


NASA launches robotic rover to seek signs of past Martian life - watch

Sez they'll be looking for discarded Coke bottles and stretched-out old bras.


Florida Teenager Is Charged as ‘Mastermind’ of Twitter Hack

He will now join all the other 2,000,000+ Masterminds in prison.


Trump, Please Quit Before You’re Fired

Dude, you're tell him to turn himself over to the cops before they put the cuffs on'im. Send him an email. Be patient: Wait until noon Jan. 20, 2021 when he will be a common criminal like all the rest of'em.

In a new interview, Trump again shows that he’s Putin’s puppet

Frankly, I doubt Putin is stupid enough to hire Trump to shine his shoes because Trump would very probably smudge his socks. Putin's dope is probably more like it.


Don't Sweat It: Chilean Dogs Sniff Out Coronavirus in Early Stages

So I'm gonna start feeding my dog chili now--see if good ole Farto can protect me with his nose.


Mitch McConnell Could Rescue Millions. What Is He Waiting For?

He is waiting to be out of office when he can join the Shouda-Couda Club.


Yes, 'Demons Sleep With People,' Insists Texas Doctor Who 'Impressed' Trump

Apparently there is a shortage of housing in Hell (as you know), and some demons have to come share a bed with humans (who don't charge too much per night, of course).


96-year-old student graduates after surviving WWII and now a pandemic

Sez those 47 years in 5th Grade were the worst. [No wonder Trump always paid some kid to take his tests since he was in grade school!]


Crisis in Trump campaign as aides try reset before time runs out -- Staffers for the president’s re-election bid are scrambling to mount a fresh case for his candidacy.

Guys: Nobody Wears A Toupee Better! [It's a winner.]


Trump didn’t like rulings on DACA. So he’s defying them.

What a surprise. [Ditto. Ditto. Ditto.]

Lawsuit alleges Trump campaign, fundraising committee shielded millions in payments

Trump never mastered management. That’s why his pandemic response has failed.

Trump is in deep trouble. His own allies are privately admitting why.

The GOP has earned itself a multi-year expulsion from power


‘Inseparable’ Lion Pair Euthanized At L.A. Zoo Because Of Old Age, Declining Health

Hubert d'Lion's last words were: "Frankly, if I'd've known they were gonna kill me just to bury us at the same time I would've picked Methuselah as my buddy."


Trump’s ‘Full And Complete’ Health Plan Promise Joins A Long List Of Unkept Vows

Trump is all talk & no action. What a surprise.


Deutsche Bank Investigating Longtime Banker Of Donald Trump And Jared Kushner

Criminals like Donald Trump and Jared Kushner could never get away with their crimes without those numberless minions who for praise or profit have helped them. In order to make sure that those who help criminals commit their crimes think twice about doing so in the future it is imperative that they too be held accountable for their part in them.

Deutsche Bank Complied With Trump Subpoena From Manhattan DA: Report


America is suffering. Trump offers them a doctor who warns of sex with demons.

And now, thanks to Trump, all of you know that Evangelicals are not much better than voodoo woshipers.


I Hope This Is Not Another Lie About the Republican Party

That they're good, principled people? Yes, it is.


Mail Delays Fuel Fear Trump Is Undercutting Postal System Before Vote

Hello! What part of ANYTHING to subvert democracy don't you get?

Watchdog Calls For Probe Amid Fears Of ‘Voter Suppression Tactics’ Through Postal Service

Mary Trump Names 2 ‘Crucial Factors’ For Donald Trump To Leave Office

Trump just told us how mail delays could help him corrupt the election

Top Democrat Warns: Trump Will Invoke ‘Some Kind Of Emergency’ Action To Stay In Office

Stop saying Trump is ‘in denial.’ The truth is much worse.

Legal scholars dispute Trump’s claim to power ‘nobody thought the president had’

None dare call it treason, but perhaps one day they will

Trump Forecasts His Own Fraud

Trump’s name should live in infamy


Will Bill Barr Try to Help Trump Win the Election?

Does the web help the spider?

Trump is a wannabe dictator. What if he won't go? - opinion


Clorox Won’t Have Enough Disinfecting Wipes Until 2021, Its CEO Says

Sez it took them a while to make then chewable like Trump asked.


Trump Eyes White House For RNC Acceptance Speech Venue

Sez he was looking around for something else illegal he might do.


Twin YouTube Stars Charged With Felony After Bank Robbery Prank Video Goes Wrong

"Funny. Our last Bomb-On-The-Plane prank went off just fine."


The Saudi crown prince, Interpol and an alleged assassination plot -- Mohammed bin Salman is using every possible tool to silence his political opponents.

One wonders why: Every attempt to silence a critic only creates even greater outrage against 'the silencer.' You'd think they'd know this! [Absent all his political murders even Putin would only be a creepy strong man.]


If Biden wants to govern well, Karen Bass is the right pick

Sure: Trump promotes tyrants on the right, and Karen Bass promotes tyrants on the left. Mmm... Whom to vote for?

Karen Bass’s history with Cuba should disqualify her from VP consideration

When Karen Bass Went to Work in Castro’s Cuba

Just because Trump promotes right-leaning dictators does that mean promoting left-leaning dictators is ok? If so, then Karen Bass doesn't have a care in the world.

[Just pick Kamala Harris already! Or, Val Demings: She ran a police force so she knows about organization & she's in Congress so she knows about working with all sorts of crazy people.]

Val Demings: Remember Senate Republicans who dismissed Trump’s wrongdoing — and show them the door



Trump's willingness to murder as many Americans as necessary in order to remain in power knows no bounds: I wouldn't put it past Donald Trump that he really wants to increase the infection rate as high as it can go in order to justify postponing the election or perpetrating some other underhanded maneuver come November. So look for it, my friend.

Trump doesn’t seem to understand that opening schools would make a bad situation worse

Don't be too sure.


Trump attempts to wrest tax and spending powers from Congress with new executive actions

Sure. What's Congress for, anyway? And after that, Trump will also judge us. Or what's an absolute dictator for?

Trump Using COVID-19 As A Cover To Gut Social Security And Medicare, Critics Charge

Trump says that if reelected, he'll pursue permanent cut to payroll taxes that fund Social Security, Medicare

He'll also write much better laws than any legislature has ever written in the entire history of the universe. And bake us all a fine batch of cookies come Summertime. [Now, is there any reason on earth why we shouldn't all of us vote for him this November?]

Remember that Trump "can do anything." Why, suspending the Constitution would be a cinch for him... if, say, the coronavirus death count were a bit much. [You guys wanna impeach AND convict him yet?]

After Trump leaves office he's going to try his hand at brain surgery since he obviously knows a lot more about it than all the brain surgeons in the universe put together. [Personally, I can't wait to get a brain tumor so he can operate on me.]


We are only beginning to suffer the consequences of Trump’s failures -- It didn't have to be this bad.

Awww, so Trump killed yer grandmother. It is what it is. [Shut up, already. He'll he killing yer old man soon enough.]


Trump Seeks To Go It Alone After Coronavirus Stimulus Talks Break Down

Now it seems as if it's the Democrats who are pushing ways & means to make things better in the country while the Republicans are trying everything they can to make things even worse just before the election: Maybe they're not sold on the idea of Donald Trump being reelected after all. Perhaps Trump should consider becoming a Democrat and giving Joe Biden a run for his money that way.

Some people familiar with Trump’s thinking said the president is preternaturally averse to difficult challenges that don’t produce immediate results. -- “He’s just not oriented towards things that even in the short term look like they’re involving something that’s hard or negative or that involves sacrifice or pain,” a former senior administration official explained. “He is always anxious to get to a place of touting achievements and being the messenger for good news.”

Maybe if Trump had taken his own school exams growing up instead of paying others to take them for him [he might have grown up] with the ability to face tough challenges.


One question still dogs Trump: Why not try harder to solve the coronavirus crisis?

Because, contrary to common belief, the truth is that simple solutions escape simple people.


Belarusian election officials say exit polls favor Lukashenko

And even if not even Lukashenko voted for himself. [Yes, it's called a Trumped election. So be on the lookout for it in a state near you!]


When Someone Dies, How Do Hospital Workers Know if They ‘Did a Good Job’?

When he's "good & dead" it's a good job: No complains.


What Happens When You Sneeze on the Subway?

You better pray that none of the other riders has a gun.


We are only beginning to suffer the consequences of Trump’s failures -- It didn't have to be this bad.

Hey, when you're stupid you have to pay the consequences for being stupid. And a lot of American voters were pretty stupid in 2016. So, yes, it does have to be this bad.


Trump claims Biden is 'against God'

Let's see now: If A=B and B=A then B=B ... So now Trump thinks he's God: Sure. You know it was only a matter of time before he claimed this.

‘The Lord’ Created Executive Orders, Proclaims White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro

And right on cue, Trump's infernal henchmen are only too willing to bear witness even to Trump's most hideous blasphemies.

White House Inquires About How To Get A New President’s Face On Mount Rushmore

I wonder if they mean Truman's...

Trump asks South Dakota Gov. to be added to Mount Rushmore

Trump later asked the American Ambassador to Greece to ask them if it were also possible to add him to the pantheon of gods at Mount Olympus. [And Trump's planning to speak to the Pope soon about something...]


Trump asks South Dakota Gov. to be added to Mount Rushmore:

"As we meet here tonight there is a growing danger that threatens every blessing our ancestors fought so hard for," Trump warned. He added, "Our nation is witnessing a merciless campaign to wipe out our history, defame our heroes, erase our values and indoctrinate our children."

Then Trump promised to double down on this.


As Trump leans into attacks on mail voting, GOP officials confront signs of Republican turnout crisis

Read this article if you wish to understand how any human being with even two cents' worth of brains could possibly bankrupt a billion dollars' worth of his own businesses.


Yes, Trump is incompetent. But he’s becoming alarmingly good at corrupting the government.

Guy, when you're utter crap you don't really have to be all that good to spread crap around.

Trump's motto is: "The worse a disaster is--the greater a success it must be claimed to be!" That's why this Administration keeps claiming its Covid-19 response has been the best & most successful ever. [from the best-selling How To Make Sense of Trump's Senselessness]


I’m 57 Years Old And My Father Just Disowned Me For Being Gay

Well I think it was very thoughtful of him to wait until you were old enough to start making your way in life on your own.


Trump: If Biden Wins, You’ll ‘Have To Learn To Speak Chinese’

No problem there: More people speak Chinese on this planet than speak any other language, so learning it must be a piece of cake. [Certainly better than f**ing English where almost none of the words are spelled like they're pronounced!]


Trump Schooled By Critics After Claiming ’1917' Flu Pandemic ‘Probably Ended’ WWII

If Trump had bothered to take his 2nd Grade tests himself [instead of paying some little kid to take them for him] he would have failed this question and then he might have learned something--One thing, yes, but something.


What Do ‘Never Trump’ Republicans Want From Biden?

I think if he doesn't give them the ole raspberry that might be enough.

‘America Doesn’t Have Kings’: GOP Senator Slams Back At Trump Attack

I (still) believe the president, and in the president

Donald Trump Is Already Working To Rig The 2020 Election

If Donald Trump Controls The Mail, He Controls Democracy -- The president is working overtime to turn the federal bureaucracy into a subsidiary of his campaign.


Howard Stern Urges Ellen DeGeneres To ‘Just Be A Prick’ Following Toxic Workplace Claims

Sure. Double down.


Reforming Lebanon must start by putting Hezbollah in its place

Yeah, do that. Send them an email.


Biden’s running mate is Harris, first woman of color on major party’s ticket

That does it then: Kamala Harris will be the first woman president.


Russia Detains YouTube Blogger, Accuses Him of Breaching Secrets Law

Blogger revealed that Putin's infamous scowl is because of his hemorrhoids. [Blogger might be shot.]


We All Speak a Language That Will Go Extinct

Maybe. But hopefully not before I get to the bank. [It's happened to me before.]


End of an era? Trump says he won’t hold rallies with empty seats.

Knew it: I knew Trump only spoke to asses.


Is Jared Kushner illegally coordinating with Kanye West?

If it's illegal then the Trump Mafia will definitely be interesting in getting into it. If it's not illegal then they will usually stay away from it: This is why protecting and defending the Constitution (the Law of the Land) is never any of the Trump Mafia's business.


Trump says he’s blocking Postal Service funding because Democrats want to expand mail-in voting during pandemic

In Trump's defense: Since he's been running the United States government like a criminal enterprise, it is very understandable that Trump should wish to do everything in his power to avoid being prosecuted by losing control of it.

Of course, like all terrible two-year-olds, Trump may enjoy committing his crimes but he just doesn't know how to lie about having committed them all that well: Trump will eventually reveal every crime he's been up to, and without even so much as suspecting that he has just done so!

After Trump, America Needs Accountability for His Corruption

One wonders why the millions of prisoners in jail have not all been asked what specifically made them think that they were going to get away with it: It might've on the least given us an insight into which personality type is least preferable as an elected official.

Somehow, the president keeps misreading the politics of the pandemic


President Trump falsely suggested that Ms. Harris, who was born in California, was not eligible for the vice presidency because her parents were immigrants.

And Trump should know since his own mother was born in Tong, United Kingdom.


The Nagasaki decision

Truman's decison to bomb Nagasaki was never the best decision. But it was always the least worst decision possible at the time.


Tracking Trump’s effort to stay in office by any means necessary

The only thing Donald Trump knows how to do well is evil. Unfortunately for him, evil is only an impulse of the soul, not a craft anyone can easily put into practice with mastery. That's why, try as he might (and will) incompetent Donald Trump just can't seem to make his evil, great as it is, work great for him.

Trump Had No Response When Asked If He Regrets All His Lies

Trump’s campaign to discredit the election is deeply dishonest and dangerous

Trump’s attack on the Postal Service is now a national emergency

All the little self-defeating things Trump does to try to get himself reelected:

Shoving voters' doctors out of their hospital rooms and taking up diagnosing them himself--which few voters think is a good idea.
Lying to voters--a lot of whom actually think is insulting.
Slowing the mail--which pisses off every last single voter.
Killing the funding for Social Security and Medicare by cutting off the taxes that pay for them--which only independently rich people like himself like.
Killing Americans by unleashing Coronairus on them--which they hate even worse.

Honestly, I really have no idea why Trump is so averse to losing the election: I'm convinced that a good 10-year stretch in federal prison would do Trump a world of good; and that he would most probably come out in the end a much improved human being for it.

Michael Cohen Vows Trump ‘Golden Showers’ Revelation In New Book Excerpt

This country needs Joe Biden to win exactly like one needs to replace the criminal cop on your beat with an honest decent one.


Trump wants to use FEMA funds for unemployment benefits during hurricane season

Sez he wants to give us a practical tutorial on how he managed to bankrupt all his companies. [Hot Damn! Can't wait to see the results.]


It’s time for Belarus’s dictator to go

Has anybody thought of asking him politely?


‘Everything that can possibly be done has been done’: White House testing czar defends screening

Sorry, that should read: ‘Everything that can possibly go wrong has been done’.


NYPD Union Endorses Trump For President

Say they couldn't endorse Al Capone because Al Capone is dead.


Trump says he’s ‘stopping evictions.’ Here’s why they’re still happening.

Because Trump just said he's stopping them. We know.


Burger King is using beef from cows that burp and fart less. Here’s why that matters

Because now the butchers don't hack up the cows all to bits?


Al Gore: Trump Puts ’His Knee On The Neck’ Of U.S. Democracy In Crippling The USPS -- Trump lacks the "basic bedrock beliefs" upon which the U.S. was founded, the former vice president says.

In Trump's defense: Those "basic bedrock beliefs" are taugh in school. And why would Trump feel he had to go to school if he could just buy his graduations on the cheap?

Ex-Trump Official Says U.S. 'Less Secure' Due to President's Actions, Endorses Biden:

At Homeland Security, I saw firsthand how dangerous Trump is for America


Trump Claims COVID-19 Is God Testing Him After He Built ‘Greatest Economy’

Sure: Trump is the only one that matters. The people getting killed are just grass leaves. After God's test of Trump they'll all just grow back as green as ever before.


Trump raises prospect of needing to redo November election

That might not be a bad thing: If no one has been elected president on January 20 then Nancy Pelosi will be sworn in as our first woman president right there & then.


No, Edward Snowden does not deserve a pardon, President Trump

Well, that's pretty much as good as saying that Trump is gonna give him one.

Pardoning Snowden only helps Putin, Mr. President

Yeah, keep going like that and Trump's liable to give him the Medal of Freedom.


Making a struggling organization more efficient is not a conspiracy. -- By Henry Olsen

Maybe not, but saying that you're 'making a struggling organization more efficient' while the results are the complete opposite IS a conspiracy more than well proven. Talk is cheap.


St. Louis Couple Who Pointed Guns At Black Lives Matter Protesters To Speak At RNC -- Lawyers Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who face felony gun charges, will reportedly endorse Trump in their address.

Felons endorsing Trump? It seems so natural.

Room rentals, resort fees and furniture removal: How Trump’s company charged the U.S. government more than $900,000


Trump has weaponized wasting his opponents’ time

USPS Removes Mailboxes, Shuts Down Letter-Sorting Machines As Mail-In Voting Nears

NJ Congressman Calls For Grand Jury Criminal Probe Of Trump’s Election ‘Subversion’ By Mail

If Trump can seek to destroy the delivery of mail in the United States just to try to thwart votes against him: What will he not do to try to hang on to power?

Trump has ordered the pointless imprisonment of men, women, children, and elderly people for no other crime than that they are fleeing here for their very lives.

Trump has sold out his country to its worst enemy for but a promise of a possible handout of Putin cash.

Trump is cynical enough to assume a repugnantly false piety in order to prey on the credence of disarmed and vulnerable believers.

Trump has repeatedly damaged the nation's most important line of defense against all her enemies foreign & domestic: the American intelligence community.

Trump has degraded the State Department and insulted & humiliated our diplomats abroad.

Trump has politicized the Department of Justice and sought to make it complicit in his criminality.

Trump has destroyed the confidence of our greatest allies in America and emboldened & even promoted the most anti-democratic dictators in the world.

Trump has taken every opportunity to abuse his employment in the service of the American people to disgracefully line his own pockets.

Trump has tried to demonize entire segments of the American society in order to promote himself by raising the racial fears of other segments of the population.

Trump has viciously sought to destroy Americans' trust in the free press.

Trump has thought nothing of causing (promoting) the gruesome deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans in order to create as much chaos as possible by November just to remain in power.

Please don't tell me that this is just another average run-of-the-mill corrupt politician--Donald Trump is very probably the most egregious criminal in American history. Is it really any wonder that he cheats on his wife (and has an obnoxiously toxic opinion of women)? That he's a notorious tax cheat? That he cheats & lies shamefully to the American people? That he cheats everybody unfortunate enough to do business with him or to work for him, discarding & disposing of them without a care for their humanity or how much he might hurt or damage them, while stabbing any of them in the back?

This is a man who when he suffers the worst defeat in the history of presidential elections will still try to tell you that he really won--Will there still be anyone out there self-loathing or gullible enough to believe such a man?

You can't expect Donald Trump to punish himself (although he probably does plenty of that in ways that he himself doesn't even suspect). This is a criminal who has mocked & for years has frustrated the laws we live by. And, for the sake of the soul of this country, he must have a reckoning.

Joe Biden and the Democrats must find it in themselves to understand that if we let Donald Trump get away with his countless crimes they no less than Trump have undermined the rule of law and the American way of life we have enjoyed up to the advent of Donald Trump.

Joe Biden, his administration, as well as the American people must all seek in themselves the intestinal fortitude to pursue justice against every last participant in Donald Trump's string of startling crimes against us: Trump is a vicously unique criminal on the American scene and if we want him to be a once-in-a-lifetime (or, preferably, a one-time only) aberration in the history of this nation we must mercilessly seek to institute any number of very strict new laws specifically designed to patch-up the many cracks in the system Trump, his henchmen, and his enablers have taken advantage of to take advantage of the rest of us.

Donald Trump had attacked everything that is good about America and defended her most dangerous enemies as well as our worst social ills. There has to be a good reason for that, and Joe Biden and the Democrats must get to the bottom of it or it will happen to us again and again.

Tracking Trump’s effort to stay in office by any means necessary

Postal Workers Union President Slams Trump’s ‘Shameful’ Attacks On Mail-In Voting

Undermining the post office to overturn the election

Trump is actively working to undermine the Postal Service — and every major U.S. institution

Donald Trump Is Committing A Crime Against Democracy He should be removed from office immediately.

Forget the Trump tweets. This is the Trump action that might actually kill us.

The country’s future could hinge on postal workers

If you can’t vote by mail, here’s how you can safely do it

How Trump was able to shape the Postal Service board to enact a new agenda

Even Trump’s most die-hard minions struggle to defend him anymore

Rachel Maddow Was ‘Chilled’ By One Specific Claim Made By Mary Trump


Trump’s Acting Public Lands Chief Can Head Agency Indefinitely, Thanks To Order He Signed -- William Perry Pendley has led the Bureau for more than a year without ever facing the Senate confirmation process.

If Advise and Consent is out the window then doesn't that mean the Senate if pretty much history?

Trump Told Homeland Security To Take Its Orders From Lou Dobbs, Former Official Says -- "What Lou says is what I want to do," Trump said of the Fox Business host, according to a former DHS chief of staff.

Advise & Consent? Kings don't need a legislature.


Postal Service: We Will Stop Removing Mailboxes Ahead Of Election Day -- The White House chief of staff also said that mail-sorting machines will not be removed "between now and the election."

And this is a guy who would never lie to you, right?

DeJoy says he is ‘suspending’ policies blamed for causing mail delays ahead of election

And this is a guy who would never lie to you, right?

No serious lawyer would argue what Trump’s Justice Department is arguing

And these are guys who would never lie to you, right?

Democrats, election watchdogs see ‘glaring hole’ in Postal Service pledge to roll back recent changes


Trump Once Freaked Out After Missing A Call With Putin, Former U.K. Adviser Says

‘Big Fan Of Yours!’: Trump’s Old Fan Mail To Vladimir Putin Revealed

Wonder just how many 'presidents' Trump might be thinking of adding to Mount Rushmore?

As it turns out, there really was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia

The Senate’s findings on Russian interference are explosive. They shouldn’t be ignored.

How Paul Manafort promoted Russian disinformation that has been embraced by Trump

Paul Manafort Lied To Investigators About Feeding U.S. Polling Data To Russian Spy: Files

Trump Phone Calls Add to Lingering Questions About Russian Interference


Trumpism Is a Racket, and Steve Bannon Knew It

Well, now his victims know it. If only Trump's victims knew it too!

Bannon’s indictment raises more uneasy questions about William Barr’s SDNY gambit

The scheme Bannon is indicted for boggles the mind in its brazen cynicism

In Steve Bannon's defense: It's probably not nearly as brazen as Donald Trump's own criminal cynicism.

Steve Bannon Jokes About Ripping Off ‘We Build The Wall’ Donors In Resurfaced Clip

Like all criminals Bannon is as stupid as Trump: He should've known that the safest work for a criminal is becoming an evangelical preacher.

Jeffrey Toobin Explains What’s So Revealing About Steve Bannon’s Arrest


Trump administration to send pandemic relief supplies to Venezuela in new push to oust Maduro

This makes perfect sense: Trump's pandemic "aid" here in the U.S. has been deadly. So this will probably devastate Venezuela.


What Is QAnon, the Viral Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theory?

Reading this I was rolling on the ground with laughter. Really, it's incredible but there are people out there walking around with nothing more than just a frog brain in their skulls!

Unfortunately for all of us, Donald Trump is one of them:

CHILLING: Trump Praises QAnon Followers In Most Direct Remarks To Date On Cult Movement

Trump Says QAnon Followers Are People Who ‘Love Our Country’

Trump’s Republican Party now has a ballot full of nutters

The party of Trump is already a convention of ghoulish clowns

Trump’s QAnon dodge is a sickening reminder of the man he is


Trump Has Been Comparing Himself to Nixon. That’s Hooey. -- Mr. Barr is using 200 federal officers here and there today, so tomorrow he can dispatch 2,000 or 20,000. He is making the unprecedented precedented.

Bill Barr’s election meddling is a total riot

William Barr’s new defense of Trump actually unmasks his corruption

Bannon’s indictment raises more uneasy questions about William Barr’s SDNY gambit


Russian opposition leader hospitalized after suspected poisoning

Ah, that Vladimir Putin is really incorrigible: Once a serial killer always a serial killer.

Why Would Vladimir Putin Want to Get Rid of Aleksei Navalny Now?

Because he knows that Trump is going to lose and he doesn't want to kill Navalny after Trump's in prison and can't cover for him.


Trump pledges to use law enforcement to monitor election

Ah! Exactly like they used to do in the South back during Jim Crow days! [MAGA!]

A second Trump term might injure the democratic experiment beyond recovery


Postmaster General Louis DeJoy Evades Responsibility For Major Post Office Delays

What a surprise.

Mnuchin Paved Way for Postal Service Shake-Up

House Oversight releases documents showing postal delays ‘far worse’ than previously revealed

Trump’s post office blunder will test GOP loyalty


This ichthyosaur died after devouring a creature nearly as long as itself

Yes: "At least it died doing what it loved most."


New petition asks Florida Supreme Court to make Bar applicants lawyers without taking exam

Wonder if this also goes for the medical exam: I once took a course on applying a Band-Aid, so I might be able to become a doctor in Florida just by applying (in this Trump age where any loudmouth's opinion is as good as that of the best doctor in the land).

Donald Trump, as everybody knows, is the principal epidemiology expert at The Goofball Institute of Medicine.


Falwell Business Partner Claims Years-Long Affair With Evangelical Power Couple

What a surprise.


Russian doctors say they found no indication opposition politician Alexei Navalny was poisoned

They also said Putin has informed them that there was no possible way that Putin was responsible for the poisoning.

German doctors: Kremlin critic Navalny was poisoned

What are the chemical compounds doctors say may have been used to poison Alexei Navalny?


Whales 'wave' to onlookers off the coast of Australia

Onlookers creeped out about where the whales got the hands.


California requests wildfire help from Australia

Say they would have normally requested it from the United States of America because, you know. But, you know: Trump.

California is burning, and once again, Trump wants to let it

Top Republican National Security Officials Say They Will Vote for Biden


Trump Warns U.S. May 'Never' Know The Results Of The Presidential Election

Sez he is doing everything in his power to make sure they will never find out he lost.


Trump Has A Record Of ‘Hiring Excellent People,’ Adviser Says After Bannon Arrest

He must be talking about another Trump, in another dimension.

Trump’s Handpicked Postal Service Chair Has A Long History Of Voter Suppression

Five provocative nuggets from the Senate intel report on Trump and Russia

Mnuchin Paved Way for Postal Service Shake-Up

Trump Delivered on Some Big 2016 Promises, but Others Unmet

Trump is back to his worst

Ex-RNC Chair Michael Steele Rips Trump Voters: ‘You’re Getting Punked’

Inside Steve Bannon’s Alleged Scheme To Fleece Trump Voters Who Wanted A Border Wall

House Democrats seek probe of Vindman firings amid new allegations involving Trump’s national security adviser


Trump’s pressure on the FDA may be risky for your health

Donald Trump, as everybody knows, is the principal epidemiology expert at The Goofball Institute of Medicine.

Some Trump administration claims on effectiveness of convalescent plasma are wrong or dubious, scientists say

F.D.A. ‘Grossly Misrepresented’ Blood Plasma Data, Scientists Say

"There he goes again."

The emergency-use authorization for convalescent plasma to treat covid-19 is a subversion of science.


I was promised optimism!

Well, what you got from this RNC is: The convention of the paranoid with occasional comic relief from Trump's pathological narcissism.

‘Lies, Lies, Lies.’ Our Writers Discuss Night 2 of the Convention.

Cutting through the convention spin on Trump’s response to covid-19


'I would crawl through broken glass to vote for Trump'

I believe that should read: 'I will crawl through broken glass after I vote for Trump.'


White House Chief Of Staff: Americans ‘Don’t Really Care’ About Alleged Lawbreaking -- Mark Meadows said people aren't bothered by Trump officials misusing their taxpayer-funded positions to endorse Trump.

"And if they don't care for these crimes then they probably also don't care about those other crimes: That's how we eventually get away with all of them." [from the best-selling Crime 101]


Controversial change in testing guidelines directed by White House task force -- Infectious-disease experts says they fear that it will increase confusion and lead to further spread of the disease.

Maybe. But it will make Donald Trump feel great & powerful to be able to order the killing of so many Americans with little or no consequences to himself.

The CDC’s new testing guidance is nonsensical

Sorry, That should read: "Trump’s new testing guidance is nonsensical."

The FDA must stand up for itself and for science, not politics

Inside Trump’s pressure campaign on federal scientists over a covid-19 treatment


Falwell Jr. was Trump’s evangelical champion before his own fall

"Tell me whom you're with & I'll tell you who you are." Every time Trump associates with anyone the character of that person is screaming a truth about the character of Donald Trump.

The moral rot of Trump and his enablers has spread to the core

New Lincoln Project ad accuses Jared Kushner of being evil

Kushner Bragged That Trump Wrested Control Of COVID-19 Response From Doctors: Report


Michael Cohen’s Book Will Bare Trump’s ‘Steep Illegality,’ Vows Anthony Scaramucci

As we have seen time & time again from the startling revelations of just about everyone who has ever worked for him, Donald Trump not only believes he is above the law but that he will remain above the law for the rest of his life--Therefore he has never felt the need to conceal his crimes like other criminals usually do.

Why Trump so often says the quiet part out loud

But this means that all his lieutenants and enablers, all the henchmen and associates who have ever worked for him or conspired with him know every last detail of every one of Trump's crimes. This makes it incumbent upon law enforcement to sooner or later persuade as many of those who are or who have ever been complicit in Donald Trump's crimes to turn state's evidence and testify against him so that he is punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Miles Taylor’s very serious allegations against Trump, explained

True, no punishment can never make up for the devastation Donald Trump has inflicted on this nation, but prosecuting him for a few of them will at the least ensure that future would-be dictators & Trump-like malefactors understand the risks of undertaking their crimes.

If Trump-style justice becomes the norm, nobody is safe

Five provocative nuggets from the Senate intel report on Trump and Russia

Trump Phone Calls Add to Lingering Questions About Russian Interference

In Leaked Audio, Trump Credits Black Americans Who Didn’t Vote In 2016: Reports

Court Orders Trump To Pay $44,100 For Stormy Daniels’ Legal Fees

Judge rejects Trump’s latest bid to shield his tax records from Manhattan district attorney

New York attorney general files legal action against Trump Organization, revealing state investigation into the company’s financial dealings

NY AG Probes If Donald Trump Inflated Assets For Loans

New York attorney general files legal action

In secretly recorded audio, President Trump’s sister says he has ‘no principles’ and ‘you can’t trust him’

Mnuchin Paved Way for Postal Service Shake-Up

House Oversight releases documents showing postal delays ‘far worse’ than previously revealed

USPS is telling people their mail is being held ‘at the request of the customer.’ It isn’t true.

Republicans don’t seem to grasp cause and effect

There are persons who do not deserve to be put in a position of trust under any circumstances. And in this country Donald Trump is the paramount example of such a person.


Donald Trump Jr. Urges Republicans In Robocall To Vote — By Mail

"We are lying to Democrats but don't you be fooled too!"


Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Think Joe Biden Should Debate Donald Trump

I agree: Donald Trump is not someone one can expect to adhere to the rules, any rules. He will eschew debate for lies and buffoonish attempts to ridicule and delegitimize Biden. One does not debate a snarling dog.


I worked at the White House. It shouldn’t be a Trump prop. -- Trump's treatment of the White House as convention stage set erases the line between governing and politics.

In Trump's defense: When he becomes King of America the White House will be renamed Trump's Royal Palace and will then become the personal property of the Trump royal family.

Why dozens of John McCain aides, including me, are endorsing Joe Biden


Laura devastated a narrow path north of the Gulf Coast

And, of course, Trump is going to postpone the Republican National Convention so he can concentrate on helping the victims of Laura, right?


Jerry Falwell Jr.’s downfall won’t change anything for evangelicals

Evangelicals are essentially a cult, and not even the prospect of drinking the poisoned Kool-Aid will dissuade them from it: Falwell Jr.’s & every other preacher's perversions and all of Donald Trump's blatant crimes are water off a duck's back to them. [Don't you think every pastor & Trump know this!]

The moral rot of Trump and his enablers has spread to the core


Greek Sniffer Dog Finds 100 Kilos of Italy-Bound Cocaine

Apparetly it was laced with meatballs.


Trump’s speech was a tidal wave of false claims

Ya could've knocked me over with a feather.

Nearly every claim Trump made about Biden’s positions was false

In Trump's defense: It had to be, otherwise you might have seen even Donald Trump voting for Joe Biden too.

Trump presented the mother of all fabrications on the White House lawn

Trump desecrates a public monument in the finale to a convention of lies

CNN Fact-Checker Shreds Trump’s RNC Speech, Calls Out 21 False Or Misleading Claims


USPS is telling people their mail is being held ‘at the request of the customer.’ It isn’t true.

The guardians of public health are allowing Trump to undermine and humiliate them

Unfortunately, regardless of whether Trump has the authority to issue orders which are clearly illegal there will always be some sad saps out there who will obey them simply because Trump is the president.

Paul Waldman: William Barr’s corruption of DOJ is getting worse. Where are the mass resignations?

So it begins. The lies Trump orders our government to tell us are now being told by the government every day without the blinking of an eye. Trump is bending the institutions of the American people to his lies and teaching those who work in them to carry out his crimes for him.

That's the way all dictators corrupt democracies: Soon his orders to break the laws are going to put a lot of innocent people in prison. Until at last even the nation's generals will be reluctant to not obeys his unlawful orders. And we all end up in an America shamelessly celebrating forever its dear president-or-life.

Room rentals, resort fees and furniture removal: How Trump’s company charged the U.S. government more than $900,000

White House Amassing Reporter ‘Dossier’ After Story On Trump’s Business Charging Taxpayers $900,000


Damage From Whopper Hurricanes Rising for Many Reasons

Primarily from intestinal blockages combined with the occasional difficulty in locating a toilet.


Scientists Say Hong Kong Man Got Coronavirus a Second Time

Doctors say they're not sure whether he tripped stupidly into it again or he simply liked it that much the first time.


The World's Most Expensive Coin Is Up for Sale

The 7,565,000-pound coin was forged in Scotland apparently by somebody who didn't wish to be tempted spending it.


White House Says Trump Won’t Comment On Kyle Rittenhouse -- Trump doesn't have anything to say about the 17-year-old charged in the killing of protesters, Kayleigh McEnany said.

Not even that it might be a bad idea for civilians to be running around the streets shooting people?

Maryland State Official Fired For Supporting Kenosha Shooting Suspect On Facebook

Trump’s illuminating defense of Kyle Rittenhouse

Trump Posts Barrage of Inflammatory Tweets After Portland Killing

Broadcasters have a duty to public safety. And when someone promotes anything which is a danger to public safety (even if, and especially if it is the president of the United States) he should be immediately taken off the air and the broadcaster should explain exactly why he was taken off the air--Or the broadcaster itself should be immediately taken off the air as a danger to public safety.


What is herd immunity, and why are Trump officials pursuing an idea the WHO calls ‘dangerous’?

Answer: Herd immunity is letting upwards of 60 million Americans get infected so that more than 2 million of them die. And why are Trump officials pursuing this 'brilliant' idea? Because Trump officials are no more interested in saving the lives of their fellow Americans than is Trump as long as it gains them just about any little ole thing.

Editorial Board: Getting to "herd immunity" is a mirage. It would be disastrous for Trump to pursue.

Well, that does it then: Trump is definitely going to pursue it.

Trump’s disastrous virus response is veering toward another terrible turn


Trump boasts about a great economic record. Too bad it’s Obama’s. -- Team Trump’s response to his unflattering legacy has been to invent a different one.

In Trump's defense: He has always been obsessed with wanting to be Obama. And tellling people he is responsible for Obama's achievements is just like being Obama! [Melania will soon be changing her name to Michelle.]


Head Of USPS Board Of Governors Is Also Director Of Mitch McConnell Super PAC

Steve Scalise Defends His Use Of Altered Biden Interview With Activist

God! Isn't there even one single honest or decent Republican at all left in this entire country?

William Barr Says Police Being Racist Toward Black People Isn’t Racism


Biden Condemned Violence. Why Won’t Trump?

Because Trump is the cause of it?

The GOP convention just ripped the mask off Trump’s corruption and lies

Joe Biden capitalizes on Trump’s Kenosha catastrophe

CNN Fact-Checker Shreds Trump’s RNC Speech, Calls Out 21 False Or Misleading Claims

Trump Spouts New Conspiracy Theories In Bizarre Fox News Interview


How Russia outplayed the US with Turkey in Syria

Putin made sure Trump became president. We know.

A damning new article reveals how Trump enables Russian election interference

More evidence of Trump’s subservience to Putin — and we still don’t know why


Paul Waldman: Republicans of conscience have one last chance to retain their honor

Please: Don't be ridiculous. There are no Republicans of conscience left serving with honor in government.

It’s not just Trump. All Republicans must go.

Barr’s description of a voter-fraud case in Texas doesn’t match the facts, prosecutor says

What a surprise.


White George Washington professor admits she falsely claimed Black identity

Sez the hardest thing to pull off was the breakdancing.


Dog rescued at sea

First thing dog said was that he can't wait to return the ball its master threw out there to him.


No More In-Person Election Briefings for Congress, Intelligence Chief Says

Trump’s campaign to forgive his lawbreaking friends continues

Senior intelligence officials won’t brief Congress in person on foreign threats to election

Guess Trump doesn't want Congress to know how much Putin is investing in him this election. And, unlike the last election, this time he can have it all shut down thanks to the Senate Republicans & a few despicable sorry creatures like John Ratcliffe and Bill Barr.

John Brennan: Trump will suffocate the intelligence community to get reelected

Who wants to bet a garbanzo bean that when John 'The' Ratcliffe came in and saw just how much Russia was doing to get Trump re-elected he screamed: "We can't possibly let the American people see this!" [And thereby hangs a tale about Trump infiltrating his creatures throughout the entire government.]

The foreign foes who want to undermine America are getting help — from America

The director of national intelligence is providing cover for Putin

Trump among the kleptocrats

This isn’t an administration. It’s an ongoing criminal conspiracy.

The scandals surrounding Trump are beginning to overlap in strange ways

Trump said U.S. soldiers injured and killed in war were ‘losers,’ magazine reports

Trump Reportedly Referred To American War Dead As ‘Losers’ And ‘Suckers’

Amid fears that Trump might not leave office, two lawmakers press for Pentagon assurances on the election


Thought to Be Extinct, New Guinea’s Singing Dogs Found Alive in the Wild

After listening to them go through a chorus of "99 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall" scientists finally understood how they might have been thought extinct.


Trump Says He’s ‘Truly An Environmentalist,’ Despite All Evidence To The Contrary

Earlier, in a speech to the Girl Scouts, Trump also claimed that he was really a little girl.


It’s time to talk about how toilets may be spreading covid-19

Asses to asses, butt to butt.


In new book, former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen describes alleged episodes of racism and says president likes how Putin runs Russia

I love Trump: He is so utterly disgustingly evil. To call him merely evil is to lowball the guy.

How could anyone, much less the president, reduce the sacrifice and value of our war dead?

Whoever knows Trump knows how that is not only possible but inevitable.

Fox News Reporter Snaps Back As Trump Demands Her Firing For Confirming War Dead Story

Trump also demanded that a supporter stick his own daughter in an orphanage because the kid said she liked Biden. [Think he did.]

Trump’s bad marriage with the military has finally exploded

Trump perfectly well knows the crimes he's committed. Therefore he knows that the instant he's no longer president the law will show up at his door and he is very likely to face many a long year in prison as well as financial ruin--For Trump this is no different than a bank robber coming out of the bank gun & bag of money in hand & jumping into his getaway car just as the cops show up: And if we all know what most bank robbers do at such a moment, we all know what Trump is very likely to do once he know he's had it. So be prepared for a desperate showdown when Trump loses in November, as the two months between then and January 20th might be the most interesting two months in American history. [You ain't seen a car chase like you're gonna see those two months.]

Jennifer Griffin defended by Fox News colleagues after Trump Twitter attack over confirmation of Atlantic reporting

Presidents are expected to set the national tone. What we got with Trump has been catastrophic.


Eva Longoria Has News For Democratic Convention Critics Who Called Her Out Of Touch

Sez she's been touched plenty. [Nobody disputes that Eva Longoria is a bit touched.]


DOJ Jumps In To Help Trump In Lawsuit Filed By Rape Accuser

It's good to be The President, no! [Great. Now all other rapists will also want to run for president.]

Justice Dept. intervenes on behalf of Trump in defamation case brought by woman who accused him of rape

DOJ’s move to take over Trump’s defense should have us shouting from the rooftops


Michael Cohen Predicts Trump Plan To Save Himself If He Loses The Election

Michael Cohen Makes Chilling Prediction About Trump And The Constitution If He Wins

With Donald Trump NOBODY ever wins, whether he wins of loses--and not even Trump himself.

Republicans have insufficient evidence to call elections ‘rigged’ and ‘fraudulent’


How Trump’s Billion-Dollar Campaign Lost Its Cash Advantage

For the answer please search in Trump's pockets.

Trump Reportedly Spent $58 Million In Campaign Funds On Legal Fees And Compliance

Trump’s campaign is in financial distress — like everything else he touches


Biden On Damning COVID-19 Recording: Trump ‘Willingly Lied’

In Trump's defense: If you didn't already know that Trump always lies, and most willingly, then you really are stupid.

Trump’s unforgivable sin: His covid-19 lies killed Americans

"Trump lied and people died.” [What a perfect epitaph for Donald J. Trump]

Trump acknowledges he intentionally downplayed deadly coronavirus, says effort was to reduce panic

Aww, Trump was only trying to keep little old ladies from getting overly excited. How sweet of him. Too bad most of the old dears have been gruesomely suffocated to death by the nasty ole Covid-19 Trump said was not much more dangerous than a magical puff! of smoke.


The Justice Department is not the president's private law firm

I'm sorry: Do you know Donald Trump? Have you ever heard of schoolyard bully Bill Barr?

How New York City’s Police Unions Embraced President Trump


Mourners gather to bid farewell to murdered Mexican reporter

"Missed him by a breath."


Trump Said He'd Give Himself An 'A' For His Handling Of COVID-19

Sez it reminds him of when he used to give himself A's in school by paying the smartest kids to take his tests for him. And apparently that's not the only thing he's giving himself:

Trump’s Administration Secretly Took Millions From FDNY’s 9/11 Health Program


The president called us ‘losers.’ Here’s what we have to say in response.

WE ELECTED YOU! (Ok, we are losers.)

Stunning new disclosures blow huge holes in Trump’s Potemkin facade


Thanks to Trump, we can no longer trust the CDC or the FDA

This is not thanks to Trump only: You can't blame a dog for barking, and Donald Trump is a rabid dog. No: It's thanks to all the government workers who would see the whole nation come to ruin rather than they lose their cushy jobs. Thank them.

William Barr’s corruption of DOJ is getting worse. Where are the mass resignations?

Carl Bernstein: ‘Homicidal’ Trump Turned Supporters Into ‘Sacrificial Lambs’

Woodward’s ‘Rage’ is a damning account of Trump’s cowering sycophants and enablers

Trump Is Putin’s ‘Useful Idiot’ Leading Us To ‘Disaster,’ Warns Lt. Col. Vindman

Mueller prosecutor says special counsel ‘could have done more’ to hold Trump accountable

Charge that Trump fumbled the pandemic is strongly supported by available evidence

Former Pence aide Olivia Troye’s assertions about Trump’s focus are validated by what we already know

Former Pence aide says she will vote for Biden because of Trump’s ‘flat out disregard for human life’ during pandemic

Pence's little creep crack against her being "one more disgruntled employee" in light of Olivia Troye's comment that "she had respect for other Trump officials, such as Pence."

“I still have a lot of respect for the vice president,” she said. “I worked very loyally for him to do everything I could for him. I don’t want this to become a speaking-out-against-him thing.”

So much for the "disgruntled" part.

Former Pence Staffer And COVID-19 Task Force Member Voting For Joe Biden -- President Donald Trump has had a “flat out disregard for human life” during the COVID-19 pandemic, Olivia Troye said.

Next time elect a public servant. Not a self-serving TV celebrity.

The most damning verdict on Trump is delivered by his own aides

A former DHS official is putting other Trump insiders to shame


Scientists Tested Out the World's Largest Digital Camera on a Piece of Broccoli

It can't possibly be all that large if it can sit on a piece of broccoli.


Health Official Reportedly Pressured CDC To Alter COVID-19 Info To Back President

How'd you like to go in for an operation in a hospital operated by Donald Trump!

Trump officials seek greater control over CDC reports

Science Magazine Editor Pens Scathing Critique Of Trump’s ‘Shameful’ COVID-19 Lies

Trump's lies about the pandemic were a grave dereliction of duty

Dude, Trump's entire presidency is a grave dereliction of duty.

In a choice between life and death, Trump chooses himself.

Dude, in ANY choice between ANYTHING, Trump chooses himself.

Nevada Gov. Condemns Trump’s ‘Reckless And Selfish’ Indoor Campaign Rally

How Did the ‘Best-Prepared Country’ Become a Horror Story?

By electing a common criminal as president. It has to happen at least once so the country learns never to do it again.


Trump must think autoworkers are stupid

It is physically impossible for the stupid to gauge the intelligence of those who really are intelligent. This is why the stupid believe the world is filled with nothing but stupid people--Why crooks are convinced that everybody else is crooked. And why we judge the trustworthiness of others by whether or not they trust us.


Trump detests ‘losers,’ but he’s the courtroom loser in chief

In Trump's defense: He is trying to corrupt and/or destroy the law, and a lot of courts have a tendency to take a dim view of that.

Former Judge’s New Brief Blasts ‘Corrupt’ DOJ Move To Dismiss Michael Flynn Charges


Toots Hibbert helped give reggae its name, its sound and its enduring grace

Well, now I know who to blame when I go to the beach for peace & quiet, to listen to the soft rush of the waves, but instead run into a couple of beach bums banging away on oil barrels with metal mallets & brushes.


With 1920 postmark, mail is delivered to a Michigan home 100 years late

Somebody warning about the 1918 pandemic. At least it got here in time!


This 9/11 anniversary arrives with the end of the war on al-Qaeda well in sight

The end of the war on al-Qaeda will never be ended because its origins are the direct result of the principles of Islam. The only possible way to put an end to al-Qaeda, the Taliban, ISIS, Hezbollah, and the terror-loving Imams of Iran is to put an end to the inhuman Cult of Islam.


UK Museum Removes Shrunken Heads From Display

Sez they're being returned to the Republican Party.


The president who says the coronavirus will go away makes the same prediction about global warming

Trump denies climate change in exchange with California official: ‘I don’t think science knows, actually’

It all stems from Donald Trump not being able to learn anything. But that's what you get when you elect a total ignoramus as president.


Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok: Trump Clearly ‘Compromised By The Russians’

Trump’s Rigged Election Cries Are Right Out Of Kremlin Playbook, Warns Ex-Intel Official

Health Official Out To Manipulate CDC Reports Has Deep Russian Ties

Congress should pass a law that specifies treason against the United States as a crime which a president can not pardon. Along with a separate statute which specifies that no president may pardon himself. The crimes against the United States of America which Donald Trump stands suspected of are monstrous and must face a reckoning in a court of law. It is my personal believe that if Trump is ever brought before a court of law it will be determined that his treason against this nation are a hundred times worse that those of Benedict Arnold & the Atomic Spies of the Manhattan Project.

The strongest evidence yet of Trump’s (ongoing) collusion with Russia

Federal Judge Blocks USPS Notices With False Mail Ballot Info After Colorado Sues

Roger Stone Calls For Trump To ‘Declare Martial Law’ To Seize Power If He Loses -- Harvard law professor and Constitutional expert Laurence Tribe warned that Stone’s “advocacy of totalitarian takeover by Trump has to be taken seriously.”

And how is this not advocating sedition [the overthrow of] against the United States of America?

The assistant secretary of health for public affairs made false claims, accusing scientists of “sedition” and claiming there will be a left-wing insurrection.


Humans Wiped Out Two-Thirds of the World’s Wildlife in 50 Years

Yeah: We bad. We bad.


Trump Blew A Big Cash Advantage But Still Puts Campaign Dollars In His Own Pocket -- Trump funneled another $251,409 into his own cash registers last month.

Trump is like a one year old stealing things right in front of everybody because he just can not understand that he's doing anything wrong. [Pay attention, parents!]

TikTok Owner Says It Wasn’t Aware Deal Included $5 Billion ‘Education Fund’

The unanswered question of our time: Is Trump an agent of Russia?

Postal Service feared Trump’s rhetoric could cost it billions in Amazon business, documents reveal

And now you know how Trump's limitless incompetence has run every business he has ever owned into the ground. Only democracy stands between Trump's push to make the United States of America the next Trump business--Trump knows it and that's why he's trying every way he can to destroy our democracy.

Trump shattered his promise to ‘drain the swamp.’ The self-dealing would be epic in a second term.

Manhattan district attorney cites news reports to argue for eight years of Trump tax returns


Mitch McConnell is the apex predator of U.S. politics -- The Senate majority leader is interested only in total dominance.

This is because he is convinced that Republicans are always predators and Democrats are merely prey. [He might be right.]

Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Rule Out Using Impeachment To Stall SCOTUS Nomination

Let's wait & see after the election.

If Republicans give Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat to some Federalist Society fanatic, Democrats should pack the court.

Let's wait & see after the election.

How Democrats Could Try To Delay And Derail Trump’s New Supreme Court Pick

Democrats Have A Leg Up In The Political Fight Over Amy Coney Barrett

Democrats warned Republicans to follow the precedent they set in 2016, when they refused to consider President Barack Obama’s choice for the court

I think that if Republicans push sheer naked raw power as the new norm Democrats should not only pack the Court but finally move to eliminate the Electoral College and every other scheme that has been set up to thwart absolute popular majority rule in this country.


Trump claims nothing more could have been done to defeat the coronavirus. He’s wrong.

Nothing more than nothing?

Trump seems to believe in magic over science

In Trump's defense: It is the job of the agents of Satan like Trump to spread beliefs outside the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Trump’s messy attempt to clean up unwelcome coronavirus vaccine news

Trump’s appointees sought to censor what government scientists said about the coronavirus, emails show

Bob Woodward: Trump Doesn’t Seem To Know ‘What Is Real And What Is Unreal’

A Trump official’s insane rant should reflect back on Trump himself

Charge that Trump fumbled the pandemic is strongly supported by available evidence

‘Let Me Finish My Question’: Voter Confronts Trump Over Efforts To Undermine Obamacare

Trump’s Bonkers Coronavirus ‘Herd Mentality’ Claim Lights Up Twitter

Betsy DeVos’s Former Chief Of Staff Joins Anti-Trump Group

Former Pence aide says she will vote for Biden because of Trump’s ‘flat out disregard for human life’ during pandemic

Biden Blasts Trump’s ‘Criminal’ Response To Coronavirus Pandemic

Well, at least Biden is finally stating Trump's real responsibility in this intentional mass murder.

Trump’s Latest Coronavirus Comment Slammed As ‘So Cruel And Cynical’ -- Trump reportedly said he’d no longer “have to shake hands with these disgusting people" because of the pandemic.

And now you know how a so-called human being can kill so many of his felow human beings this casually.


Drip, drip, drip: The bad news washes away Trump delusions

DHS says it won’t make officials available for questioning in House probe of Portland protests

Well, that pretty much eliminates the Congress's oversight duties. Now to eliminate the Judicial's old Constitutional ones too.

William Barr has gone too far before, but never this far

William Barr has gone rogue

Assistant U.S. Attorney Says William Barr ‘Dishonors’ Justice Department

This Is How Bad It’s Gotten at the Justice Department

U.S. Ethics Groups Call For Attorney General William Barr To Be Impeached

Watchdog Reportedly Probing Justice Officials’ Interference In Roger Stone Sentencing

Mueller prosecutor says special counsel ‘could have done more’ to hold Trump accountable

‘We Weren’t Alarmist Enough’: Experts Warn Trump And GOP Could Destroy Democracy

Democratic House chairs: Here’s how we can protect democracy from a lawless president

Democrats lay out a plan to halt the drift toward authoritarianism

In just one month, Trump commits a whole new set of potentially impeachable offenses

Roger Stone Calls For Trump To ‘Declare Martial Law’ To Seize Power If He Loses

Another woman says the president assaulted her. Is anyone listening?

Defending Woodward: Has exposing a Trump lie ever caused him to change course?

Another Trump failure: His campaign against voting by mail

Donald Trump, facing financial ruin, sought control of his elderly father’s estate. The family fight was epic.

Trump avoided paying taxes for years, largely because his business empire reported losing more money than it made, report says

Stunning new revelations about Trump’s taxes also expose a hidden weakness

Trump Holds $421 Million In Debt, Could Owe IRS $100 Million In Penalties, Times Says

Trump’s con extends beyond his tax returns

Trump’s taxes show why he is desperate to stay in office

Running for president was the worst business decision Trump ever made

Trump’s long-hidden tax returns make him look like a terrible businessman, or a cheat. Probably both.

Trump Played Populist ‘Con’ On The ‘Rubes,’ Says Former Republican Official

There’s another whistleblower complaint. It’s about Trump’s tax returns.


Eric Trump Won’t Testify In NY Probe Until After Election

Sez he's got nothing to say that might make his father look good.

Judge Rules Eric Trump Must Testify In New York Probe Prior To Election


Schumer Assails Senate Republicans for Lacking ‘Honor and Decency’

I think Schumer is out of step with the times: These are the times when sheer raw naked power Trumps honor & decency. And he had better get this straight in his own head. [If he wishes to live in a society of human beings again Schumer will have to wait until Americans elect a human being as their president instead of a contemptible worm like Donald Trump.]


Trump won’t commit to a ‘peaceful transfer of power’ if he loses

And now you know why Trump is trying to save everybody money by cancelling a totally pointless & meaningless election. He's such a considerate guy.

“This is a moment that I would say to any Republican of good conscience working in the administration: It is time for you to resign,” Schiff told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Wednesday.

Anybody wanna bet any of'em will resign? Schiff is smoking something if he thinks any of the people working for Trump have a conscience.

“The ballots are a disaster,” Trump said. “Get rid of the ballots and you’ll have a peaceful ... there won’t be a transfer, frankly, there’ll be a continuation.”

Biden will be a continuation of this?! Hope not.

Chris Hayes Reveals The Most ‘Chilling’ Part Of Trump’s New Election Threat


Congress should not fund new ICBMs designed to kill but should spend those tens of billions of dollars on diplomacy to prevent war, novel coronavirus tests, masks, investment in education and support for working families to fight the calamity that is killing us now.

War could just as easily be avoided by buying Putin a new pony. Yes.


U.S. tells Iraq it’s planning to pull out of Baghdad embassy

I see Donald Trump's October surprise is going to be an attack on Iran and he's removing Iran's easy targets now. [Wonder how many American servicemen corpses Trump is willing to step on to climb up to the throne of his reelection... or wait and find out.]


COVID-19 Surging In Trump’s Red States Just Weeks Before Election

Coronavirus Live Updates: Florida Orders All Restaurants Open

I imagine Republicans wanna kill off as many people in Trump's base as they can before the election. [As you know, Democrats won't let'em do it after, being such damn tenderhearted patsies.]


If He Loses Election, Trump Tells Rally, 'We're Not Going To Stand For It'

Yea, who are the American People to say who wins or loses the election anyway!


Trump blows up the debate — and himself

Trump showed no respect for time limits, human decency or the truth

I especially loved the confidence with which Trump just kept inventing stuff right out of his head to make himself look good regardless of what planet (or universe) he happened to be on: He saved football, he paid 'millions' in taxes, he has 'relatively little debt' (like we don't already HAVE his tax records), he's better for African-Americans, his 'poll-watchers' were thrown out of Philadelphia voting places, Obama was spying on him, and, of course, the Sheriff of Portland has endorsed him:

‘I have never supported Donald Trump’: Portland-area sheriff hits back after president claims his endorsement in debate

Well, now the Sheriff of Portland knows how the Nobel Peace Prize committee feels about Trump 'getting himself' TWO of their Nobel Peace Prizes without even asking them.

Trump again says he ‘brought back Big Ten football,’ a claim disputed by many

CNN Fact Checker Daniel Dale Calls Trump’s Debate Performance ‘An Avalanche Of Lying’

Trump boasted he made insulin so cheap ‘it’s like water.’ Americans with diabetes beg to differ.

17 times Trump promised to enact a health care plan -- Over the past three years, President Trump has repeatedly touted a forthcoming health care plan, only to blow past his own deadlines without enacting a plan.

I believe they're called 'lies.' Trump's lies are a cheap way of taking credit for doing something that was never done & most probably will never be done. [And the suckers who still believe anything Donald Trump sez are called 'gluttons for punishment.']

Republicans Aren’t Happy With Trump’s Debate Performance

They're Republicans: They'll learn to like it. [That's why we gotta vote these guys out. They're exactly the same kind of guys that eventually learned to like and then love Hitler and Mussolini.]

Trump Intel Chief Peddles Russian Disinformation About Hillary Clinton


After debate, Trump gets tips from ‘Fox & Friends’ hosts and guests

I know: "Eat a bullet." Those people can be so rude. [And straight to the point.]


It’s time for democratic change in Saudi Arabia

Yeah, you don't seem to have learned anything from the rise of ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups everywhere powerful Muslim governments have faltered [Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt & the rest of North Africa, et al]. Instead, just be thankful that there is someone keeping Muslim populations the world over from 'being free to act' on their religious 'duties.'


Trump administration will no longer block abortion access for immigrant teens in custody

Naturally: Apparently Republicans are against abortion as long as it's not done to cut down on the numbers of future Latino voters. Then they're all for it.


RNC chairwoman says debates should not be made ‘softer and easier and nicer’

Translation: Trump doesn't have anything to offer the country outside of lies, threats against democracy, disproven & debunked conspiracy theories, and outrageous personal insults. [We understand.] But not in a million years would I have predicted that I would ever hear a president of The United States of America attacking & denouncing anti-fascists!

Trump is right to panic

The debate was a disgrace. It showed us Trump’s assault on democracy is escalating.

Biden Campaign Claims Record Fundraising After Fiery First Debate With Trump

Mary Trump Has Terrifying Explanation For Trump’s White Supremacist Comments

Stanley McChrystal, U.S. Army General Fired After Mocking Biden, Endorses Biden


Trump says he and first lady have tested positive for coronavirus

"Wow! I could have had a face mask!"

The Trump train wreck is now the Horror Express.


The best outcome for Trump: He recovers and newly commits to fighting the virus

A nickel sez if he recovers he'll come out saying,
"See? I told you this virus was nothing."

"Trump couldn't have been all bad.
Look: Satan took him back."

Trump's 'Don't Be Afraid' COVID-19 Tweet Angers Pandemic Survivors

Ya owe me a nickel.


Looking for a single responsible Republican in the Senate

You might need a torch there.


Trump says he and first lady have tested positive for coronavirus

Our thoughts & prayers with the virus.


What You Need To Know About The Experimental Treatment Given To Trump

He gets it, you won't. So do what's good for you, not for Trump.

Dear Donald, forget all those doctors and listen to the MyPilow guy--He took TWO YEARS just to come up with a pillow: He's thorough if nothing else. Plus he has a mustache.


GOP Sen. Thom Tillis, Judiciary Committee Member, Tests Positive For COVID-19

Mike Lee, W.H. Event Attendee, May Have Infected Senate Judiciary Committee Members

And they still say old Jewish women don't do Voodoo.


Trump Told Bob Woodward He Was ‘Just Not’ Worried About Getting COVID-19

Bob sez he's writing a children's book about it: "How Intelligent Is The Frog Not Worried About A Snake?"


Trump’s recklessness on the virus is now threatening GOP Senators

What We Know About Trump’s Condition After Contracting COVID-19

Now the President and Frontline Workers Have Something in Common

King Trump thought himself above the law, but he forgot about the commoness of the virus.

When Do You Tell Someone You May Have Exposed Them To COVID-19?

Well, if you're Trump: Never. What'd you care!

‘This Is Not Who We Are’: Twitter Rages Over Melania’s Taped Remarks On Migrant Children

The infections were a byproduct, former aides said, of the recklessness and top-down culture of fear in the White House and throughout the administration.

"How great Thou Art, O Lord!"

Well, at least Trump has reawakened faith in [Divine] Justice among the scientific community.

White House Officials Defy Mask Guidelines Even As They Address Trump’s Coronavirus

I suppose even the distant sound of the King kicking the buckit down the road is still got all his courtiers scared to death of him.


Reality Bursts the Trumpworld Bubble

They made a movie about this decades ago called, "The Masque of The Red Death." Staring Vincent Price as Trump, if I remember.


Notre Dame faculty who attended White House event await test results amid campus concern

Don't worry: These aren't shepherds of our souls. They're just corporate administrators & business directors in fancy bathrobes. Decent religious persons would not have been hobnobbing with the Trump Mafia under any circumstances.


Anthony Scaramucci Calls Trump A ‘Bully,’ Hopes COVID-19 Diagnosis Is A ‘Wake-Up Call’

Sez that's as much as he can say about this without making himself look a worse bastard than people already know him to be.


The best outcome for Trump: He recovers and newly commits to fighting the virus

Well, that's not exactly the best outcome for Trump I had in mind. But... ok. [Frankly I was hoping Trump would “just disappear” you know "like magic" along with his Coronavirus lies.]


Joe Biden Expresses Well Wishes To Trump: ‘I Genuinely Feel Badly For The President’

The thing here about Joe Biden is that I really believe him. [But, really: You temp God at your own risk.]


Tucker Carlson Compares Trump To A Sexual Assault Victim

He's fucked. [We know.] Didn't say it in those exact words, but--


Trump Plan Would Cut Pay For Essential Farm Workers During Pandemic

Say the wealthy can well afford to eat cake.


Here’s What Trump Did In The Week Leading Up To His COVID-19 Diagnosis

Rubbed shoulders with every big-time white Republican he could get his hands on. Betcha a lot of those GOP geezers with more than their share of Neandertal genes in'em are thinking about Jesus NOW.

As virus spreads across GOP ranks, some Republicans say party will pay price for ‘stupid’ approach


‘Do they think ... rules for everybody else do not apply to them?’: Chris Wallace slams Trump’s family for refusing masks at debate

I'm sorry, does Chris Wallace even know who the Trump family is (to ask this question)...?!


Help! I’d Like to Ride the Train. Is it Safe?

Answer: Yes. Provided you ride it outside or on the roof. Just make sure to hang on tight.


Prospect of Trump’s early hospital discharge mystifies doctors

Well, Trump is infamous for trying to get people to pity him. So maybe this whole 'infected' thing is another one of his pitiful scams. [Just saying. Maybe 'his doctors' are principled. Could happen.]

Walter Reed staff were required to sign nondisclosure agreements during Trump’s November 2019 medical visit

Why on earth would Trump require this if there weren't some hanky-panky going on?!


I’m a former Secret Service executive. The willingness to put agents in danger is inexcusable.

What, aren't these Secret Service agents undocumented workers earning less than minimum wage? If a few of'em die, Trump can always import more from Guatemala.


Doctor Warns Trump’s Coronavirus Treatment Can Cause Psychosis, Mania

Luckily, Trump already suffers from those, so nobody's likely to see any difference.

Trump Shunned Quack Coronavirus Cures For Himself That He Pushed On The Public


In a few days, more people in Trump’s orbit tested positive for coronavirus than in all of Taiwan

"Ah! It's working!" [Reading Trump's most secret thoughts.]

Trump on drugs. Who could have seen this coming?


What happens if a nominee dies shortly before or after the election? It’s complicated.

Well, if it's Trump: Nothing. Because the only place that'll miss him will be a federal prison somewhere.

Trump got a $21 million tax break for preserving the forest outside his N.Y. mansion. Now the deal is under investigation.

If everything that Trump has ever done in his entire life is not under investigation then law enforcement is being run by goofballs.

Trump Engineered a Sudden Windfall in 2016 as Campaign Funds Dwindled

Watching Donald 'The Dead Beat' Trump I'm like a parrot in the middle of a war zone, going: "Oh my God! Oh my God!"

Trump is in debt. We can’t ignore the national security risks that come with that.

Voters know Trump isn’t just a bad president. He’s a bad person.

Ex-Trump DHS Official: Biden’s Gettysburg Speech ‘Perfectly Encapsulates What We Need’


BZZZ: Fly Lands On Pence’s Head At Debate, Stays For 2 Minutes

Pence's lies won't fly. Flies find shit irrisistible and it left me wondering when's the last time Pence took a bath.

A Fly On Mike Pence’s Head During The VP Debate Drew The Buzziest Reactions

How could he not feel that fly on his head?! If so much as a gnat buzzes my top I dodge wildly. Pence must be one real dead-head.

Pence’s allegations about Hillary Clinton: A guide for the perplexed

During debate, Harris raised Trump’s low global rating compared with China’s Xi. Here’s what polls show.

As Trump stumbles, voters finalize their choices, and Biden’s lead grows

Florida Seniors Are Sending A Warning Sign To Trump

On Hannity’s show, Trump reveals his corrupt, panicky endgame

There Will Be No Trump Coup


White House Says Trump Will Accept Result Of ‘Free And Fair Election’

Not THE election, mind you. Just one HE deems a 'free and fair' one. That should give us oodles & oddles of confidence of what's coming, all right, all right.

Mary Trump: Take It Seriously That Trump May Not Hand Over Power

Bob Woodward: Trump Is ‘Putting A Dagger In The Constitution’

Mourners Shout ‘Vote Him Out’ As Trump Pays Respects To Ginsburg

Everything Trump touches dies — including his presidency

Ex-Trump Adviser On President’s Election Comments: ‘Our Founders Feared’ This

When criminals are caught and have to face justice for their crimes they don't usually just simply turn over a new leaf and suddenly become honest decent people. No. They usually try to commit even more new crimes to try to cover up their old ones. So I very much suspect that Donald Trump will go down trying as hard as he can to perpetrate even more & more crimes still.

Ex-Watergate Prosecutor Says ‘No Question’ Trump And Ivanka Could Both Face Prison

Lincoln Project Attorney Scorches Lawsuit Threat Over Ivanka, Jared Billboards

The country can’t recover from Trump’s presidency unless he’s held accountable

Let history, not partisans, prosecute Trump

Trump’s enablers can’t escape the consequences of their choices


Turned off by Trump, Maryland’s GOP governor casts write-in vote for Ronald Reagan

Aides attempted to explain to him that Reagan has been dead for years now (and, in any case, that Reagan was not running this election) but being a Republican got in the way of the governor's ability to accept this fact (or any fact, for that matter).


Trump’s intel chief is undermining U.S. intelligence. He should resign.

Ratcliff doesn't care, guys. This is like one of the hostages saying to a bank robber: "Oh, you shouldn't steal. You should really give that bag of money back to the bank and apologize for shooting all those people." Grow up! Criminals are criminals & the only thing that will do them any good is prison.


Modern Humans Reached Westernmost Europe 5,000 Years Earlier Than Previously Known

They're still waiting for their luggage.


This Black, Queer, Muslim Candidate Could Make History In Oklahoma

Just remember not to travel to any Muslim-majority country on earth. [But, sure, stay a Muslim. Why not!]

Indonesian Province Publicly Canes Two Men 77 Times Each For Having Sex


Sen. Cory Gardner Says He Thinks Trump Is An Ethical And Moral Man

He also thinks it'd better to put your roller-skates on your ears than on your feet.


NC postal worker rummaged through mail to steal cash from envelopes, feds say

"What would Donald Trump do?" Sez he asked himself.


Cuba is elected to the U.N. Human Rights Council despite increased government repression

Oh? Great! Now Cuba will be able to explain to the Human Rights Council that things are better when an aristocracy of super-rich hypocrites lives off the slavery of the rest of a nation's people.


Right-wing extremists pose an alarming threat. Trump is doing nothing to defuse it.

Defuse it?! Trump's the one behind it.

Admiral In Charge Of Bin Laden Raid Endorses Biden In Stinging Trump Rebuke

Trump reminds us just how dangerous he is

As one of Trump’s conspiracy theories bites the dust, he moves on to new pseudo-scandals

One Of Donald Trump’s Dirty Tricks Is Laid Bare In Damning New Ad

How can 42 percent of Americans still support the worst president in our history?

The latest outbreak of GOP panic about Trump contains a key tell

Trump begs William Barr to save him, revealing weakness and panic

Trump admits it: The intervention he desperately needs isn’t going to come

Ex-Trump DHS Official Condemns ‘Dangerous’ President In Scathing Op-Ed

Republicans have seen the enemy: Democracy -- I couldn’t put it better than Sen. Lindsey O. Graham did this week on Fox News: "If we lose the House, the Senate, and the White House, they’re going to change the rules of the Senate, Maria, so you only need a majority. Anything coming out of the House sails to the Senate. They’re going to expand the court from nine to whatever number they need to make it liberal. They’re going to abolish the electoral college, which means New York and California pick our president. They’re going to change America."

Yes: America needs to change. The organs of government must reflect the will of the American people, and that is not what is happening right now. Right now a minority party, the GOP, by hook & crook is perverting the American Republic. And that has got to come to an end sooner or later.

2020 Shows Why the Electoral College Is Stupid and Immoral

End Minority Rule

Reid Thinks Biden Should End Senate Filibuster After 3 Weeks

Republicans give away their game

Opinion: Scrap the filibuster and make D.C. a state


Fauci’s anger at Trump is more damning than it first appeared

Trump’s attack on Fauci makes no sense

Trump Mocks Joe Biden: If Elected, ‘He’ll Listen To The Scientists’

"Definite sign of cognitive decline."

Trump Blames ‘Fauci And These Idiots’ For His Own Coronavirus Ineptitude

Yes, I know it's a sad & tragic thing that so many people have died because they've listened to Trump's medical advice instead of listening to a doctor's. But, really, whose fault is it if you die because you listen to Trump's medical advice instead of listening to a doctor's. No, really. Think about it: Will we ever really know how many people who have died of Covid really died because they suffered from a terminal case of stupendously whopping moroncy?


Federal judge strikes down Trump plan to slash food stamps for 700,000 unemployed Americans

Cutting ties with the WHO in the middle of a pandemic, eliminating affordable insurance, advising herd immunity even though it's certain to cost a million plus more deaths! Slashing unemployment checks amidst the worst depression in U.S. history. [Etc & etc & etc.] And thus the Republicans' war against ordinary Americans continues...

McConnell Warns White House Not To Accept Stimulus Deal Before Election

Sure: Let'em eat cake until passing it is more convenient to Republicans.

Trump administration considers labeling top humanitarian groups ‘anti-Semitic’


Yes, Google has a monopoly. What’s wrong with that?

Perhaps it might have been better that a global search engine should have been set up like the neutral entity that controls domains. But, is it too late now to go start from scratch?


LATEST COVID-19 UPDATES: Melania Trump Cancels Rally Appearance Due To ‘Lingering Cough’

Sez she's afraid Trump and his gang will mock her & make fun of her cough if she speak with it in public.


‘We’re Praying for the President,’ Pompeo Says

Claims that he has never known Trump himself to pray in all the days he has known him. Either to God or to the Devil. [Pompeo himself declined to say whether he would be praying to God or to the Devil on Trump's behalf.]


Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to World Food Program

Trump is livid. Sez he's exploring having Barr's Department of Justice sue the Nobel people for 'his' prize money. Sez he really REALLY needed the cash.


An Oklahoma ‘cannibal’ illegally castrated a man, police said, and stored body parts in a freezer

If he had bothered to do it legally, police sez, then it wouldn't have been that big a deal his storing the leftover balls in his freezer.


The Intelligence Director Who Is Undermining Trust and Truth

I wouldn't trust John Ratcliffe as far as I can throw a battleship with all the crew on board: If ever John Ratcliffe told me my shoe laces were untied I wouldn't bother to look down but would just continue walking on instead and see if I trip (which I very much doubt I would). This man is a serial liar in the service of his master Donald Trump--And he is nothing else beside: Anyone who doesn't understand that has self-defined himself forever as a sucker.


TV preacher Pat Robertson says God told him that President Donald Trump will win reelection. -- Why God repeatedly lies to Pat Robertson I will never understand. — Eugene Mirman (@EugeneMirman) October 20, 2020

Answer: Pat Roberson traffics in the Name of God for hard cash. So it's quite understandable that God should exhibit a distinct dissatisfaction with him now & again.


Trump Records Shed New Light on Chinese Business Pursuits

Most Presidents Who Lose Deal With Shame. Trump Could Have To Deal With Prison.

Voters don’t need a definitive number to know that the Trump family is fleecing taxpayers

The most hated man in America, loved only by those who hate, is a man who has no use for American democracy, truth, justice, fairness, decency, humanity--Trump is a man who never had any business seeking to become a public servant. And the greatest tragedy in American history is that so many voters thought he might have really wanted such a meritorious job!


Lindsey Graham’s Hypocrisy On Donald Trump Is Laid Bare In New Attack Ad

You're wasting your time, like Trump, Lindsey Graham has no shame, principles, or sense of decency: The only thing that can hurt people like this are the things that makes them ouch.

Lindsey Graham Calls For Probe Of Rival Jaime Harrison’s Ability To Out-Fundraise Him

Sez he wants to know how the Devil people are finding out that Harrison is a much better candidate than he.

Democrats’ stunning fundraising


Russia in second place for world virus case total

Well, Trump and Putin are nose-to-nose in the race for the leader who caused the most needless deaths in their countries. [It's all very exciting, but my money's on Trump.]

Trump is badly botching the virus. New polls show Americans know it.

Trump’s latest effort to gaslight America is falling apart

Republicans finally realize Trump will drag them under

Why the GOP may lose everything

How many coronavirus deaths are truly attributable to Trump?


Trump’s historic assault on the civil service was four years in the making

By definition an expert is somebody who knows what he's doing. This is why Trump is the personification of the anti-expert: Because he never knows what he's doing--That's why he's the most spectacular failure at everything he puts his hand to in American history.


Conservative Preacher Insists The Character Of A Leader Counts In Anti-Trump Diatribe

If Joe Biden told me my fly is open I'd look. If Trump told me my fly is open I wouldn't bother to look. And that's all you need to know about whom you should be voting for this election.

Conservative CNN Pundit Slams Trump’s Lies In Final Debate: ‘Very Sad For Our Country’

President Trump has told mistruths about the 2014 VA Choice Act more than 156 times, seeking to deny the contributions of rivals including Barack Obama and John McCain.

Trump’s new focus: False, ironic claims about Biden leveraging his office to make money

Carl Bernstein Says GOP Senators Weighing Action If Trump Won’t Step Down


Initially spurned by his own party, mocked by his opponent, Joe Biden has emerged more popular as he closes in on a job he has wanted for decades

Right man for the job at exactly the right time, yes. Specifically, black voters certainly must have seen the wisdom of passing over both Kamala Harris and Cory Booker to back Joe Biden at this critical moment. And their preceptive choice has certainly panned out thus far.


Anti-government extremists and other armed civilians have flocked to protests against racial injustice and COVID-19 lockdowns. Paramilitary group members are accused of plotting to kidnap Michigan’s governor before the election. President Donald Trump encouraged one far-right extremist group to “stand back and stand by” and called for an army of “poll watchers” to keep tabs on polling places.

Sure: The tactics of Batista in pre-Castro Cuba.


Trump Lashes Out At ‘Borat’ Creator Sacha Baron Cohen: ‘He’s A Creep’

And to try to persuade people that he's not lying [this time] Trump said that everybody knows it takes one to know one.


The maker of OxyContin admits to serious crimes. Why is no one going to prison?

Answer: None of the Oxycontin makers were poor or black enough to have been caught stealing a penny gumball. Then they might've gotten life in prison.


Attack Rush Limbaugh’s ideas, not the person himself

Can't: Who the Hell bothers to listen to what Rush Limbaugh says?!?


Our minds tell us it’s Biden, our guts tell us it’s Trump

Minds produce thoughts. You know what the gut end up producing.

Surging COVID Cases Color Contentious Campaigns In Final Days

John Oliver Nails The Really Sad Part Of Trump's Final Debate Performance

I know, right! He missed a marvelous opportunity to show up with a Kazoo and try to win the debate by playing Swanee River while Biden was talking.

Trump’s America in 2024


We’re better than this. Aren’t we?

Nope. Nothing [and nobody] is anything other than what it is.

Donald Trump Has Been Even Worse Than Everyone Expected

Voting RIghts Advocates Hope To Stave Off Intimidation At Polls


What is on the Moon?



Ex-paratrooper attempts no-parachute record jump

Sez he's very absent-minded and is rehearsing for when he forgets to put one on.


This Kentucky College Has Been Making Brooms for 100 Years

They learned long, long ago that trying to educate young people was a total & complete waste of time. And that eventually everybody will learn this (but only after they're adults).


The arthritis drug tocilizumab doesn’t appear to help fight COVID-19

But it still makes a great name for somebody's mother-in-law.


Water exists on sunny parts of the moon, scientists confirm

Say they weren't able to see that before because of all the damn stupid clouds up there.


We still don’t know what COVID-19 immunity means or how long it lasts

But we do know when Trump came down with it. So everybody's now waiting to see when Trump comes down with it again.


Google says it will ban political ads following election

Isn't that like saying, "Yes, we'll toss a lifeline to the drowning man AFTER he drowns"...?!?


There is only one principled vote on Amy Coney Barrett: No

Well, then that means all the Republicans are voting yes.

R.I.P., G.O.P.

Time is up for the racist know-nothingism of the GOP


President Trump declares coronavirus is ‘ending’ as virus rates spike and financial markets dip

Yes. That's what he means when he says that soon the virus won't have any more people to kill. [What? Trump's right about something?!?] Since they'll be dead [broke].

Trump Had One Last Story to Sell. The Wall Street Journal Wouldn’t Buy It.

Intel Officers ‘Terrified’ Of Briefing Trump On Russia Because He Would ‘Explode’: Report

Trump may be running the sleaziest presidential campaign ever

State Department signals it will keep most details of its spending at Trump’s properties hidden until after election

‘60 Minutes’ Reveals What Was Really In That Giant Trump Health Care Plan Book

King Kong Trump, Losing His Grip

Partially true: ‘You’re the president. You’re not like someone’s crazy uncle.’

Mary Trump’s Grim Analysis Of Trump Campaign: ‘He Knows He’s In Desperate Shape’

The media never held Trump responsible for a mass atrocity


Four Wasted Years Thinking About Donald Trump

I don't quite view it that way: Every now & again we ought to stumble over the unpredictable roadblocks of life just in order to locate them and thereby perhaps to finally remove them once & for all. Democracy is something no one should take for granted and Trump has been a kind of challenge to democracy--a warning that because democracy will never be a smooth going we must at all times keep our eyes on the road: Trump has been a most stark reminder that democracy should never be taken for granted and that every generation must work very hard to keep democracy for itself or it will be lost to them even here in the United States of America.

End Minority Rule


Package with 1979 postmark delivered in Laurel: ‘It only took the post office 41 years’

Wow, they're really improving!


Trump needs to win back some female voters. He’s closing his campaign by insulting them.

Well, in Trump's defense: It worked last time.


Trump Jr. said covid-19 deaths are at ‘almost nothing’ on a day more than 1,000 Americans died

in Junior's defense: Common everyday Americans are ‘almost nothing’ to Trump's people.

The Trumps don’t seem to understand that their supporters are dying from the coronavirus


‘Deadly Sins’ Ad Busts The Myth That Donald Trump Is A Religious Man

You wanna who's a religious man trace the man's actions from the time he was born. Anybody sins just once: Always keep your eye on him. He's more probably a sinner in disguise than somebody who never sins at all. [This especially applies to Evangelical pastors & politicians.]

GOP’s Sen. Sasse says Trump mistreats women, flirts with white supremacy and secretly mocks evangelicals


Trump Claims Doctors Make ‘More Money’ When They Lie About COVID-19 Deaths

I believe, if I'm not mistaken, those are the doctors you trust with your life. That says a lot about Trump's blind willingness to project his own lying personality unto anybody disagrees with his lunacies!


Researchers Estimate Trump Rallies Led To 30,000 Coronavirus Cases And 700 Deaths

In Trump's defense: His base loves to kill friends & family members in Trump's base. [That's what your average cult does, you know.]


Trump is consistent: There’s no issue he won’t take both sides on

That's what makes him a liar through & through: Take both sides of anything & it is physically impossible to not be lying about one of them.

Trump’s attacks on political adversaries are often followed by threats to their safety

Trailing in the polls, Trump enlists his administration and co-opts the government to bolster his reelection

What is Trump’s case for reelection?


See how Trump makes you pay him 3$ every time he drinks water!

The State Department wouldn’t reveal its payments to Mar-a-Lago. Here’s how we found them.

How'd you like to have a gig like that!

The Swamp That Trump Built -- More than 70 advocacy groups, businesses and foreign governments threw events at the president’s properties that were previously held elsewhere, or created new events that drove dollars into Mr. Trump’s business. -- Mr. Trump attended 34 fund-raisers held at his hotels and resorts, events that brought his properties another $3 million in revenue. Sometimes, he lined up his donors to ask what they needed from the government. -- Chances were good he’d be around. The president has visited his resorts and hotels on nearly 400 days since his inauguration, according to a tally kept by The Times. -- At Mar-a-Lago, he told longtime members that he ought to raise prices on the new crowd angling to join. Then he did — at least twice — bringing the initiation fee to a quarter-million dollars, according to a membership application. -- Just belonging to one of Mr. Trump’s clubs could give members an inside track on administration policy. Mr. Trump consulted them on U.S.-Chinese relations and veterans’ health care. He offered five members ambassadorships and appointed others to advisory roles in his administration. -- In addition to AAR Corp., the Times analysis showed that more than 100 other companies that wanted something from the federal government also patronized Trump properties.

This is an article that every American voter ought to read before going to the voting booth.

As Well:

Five-Star Bargains


The most hated man in America, loved only by those who hate.

Did I hear his base chanting: "Down All Trumps! Down All Trumps!" [--? I'm hard of hearing.]


I Tried To Deliver Century-Old Mail To Its Rightful Owners. It Took Me 2 Years.

Must work for the Post Office.


Democrats had hoped to pick up a half-dozen state legislative chambers. They may get none.

Best thing that happened to the Democrats this election: If Trump tries to delegitimize Biden's wins he's also delegitimizing those Republicans' wins on the same ballots!


Donald Trump Did Shockingly Well In Counties With High COVID-19 Death Rates

But wasn't the reason there was a high COVID-19 death rate in those counties because they followed Donald Trump right over the precipice?

The inside story of how Trump’s denial, mismanagement and magical thinking led to the pandemic’s dark winter


Trump may lose, but Trumpism hasn’t been repudiated

Hope this finally puts to rest the notion that Americans aren't as lousy a bunch of human beings as the rest of us. [It's the only way for all of us to go up from here.]

We Waited in Vain for a Repudiation That Never Came


So, while we’re waiting .?.?. will Mike Pence ever be president?

If he's corrupt and unprincipled enough to be Trump's vice president he's certainly corrupt & unprincipled enough to cut a deal with Trump to pardon him in exchange for the privilege of 'being' President of The United States for a few days.


In a speech of historic dishonesty, Trump tried to reinforce his long-planned effort to retain power

Trump is like that turd that's really really had to drop. But, what choice do you have? Ya can't talk it out. You just gotta keep pushing and pushing because, baby, it's gotta go sometime.

Ex-RNC Chair Michael Steele Says Republican Party Needs A ‘Political Enema’

Now I'm glad Trump survived Covid-19. Trump is like a man on Death Row, who knows the date of execution is fast approaching and he can do nothing about it but punch the walls. Thank God we've finally gotten rid of you, Mister Trump.

Now the snowflakes & buttercups are on the other side. Now the Democrats can call them out and tell'em to live with it!

Last election the Russians celebrated in the Moscow Parliament. This election it was the time for Americans to celebrate in their streets.

Russia gloated over U.S. election disarray. Now, it faces Biden’s tougher line.

The only real question that remains at this point is how long before Melania gets her divorce. I believe her 'contract' may only run until the fat man is no longer president.

No, wait...

"Here's a list of creeps & rats you can pardon, Mister Trump."

And, "You can still put the spotlight on & elevate a lot of vermin out there, Mister Trump."

Please don't get sentimental now, people! Donald Trump is a putrid stinking thief just like he's always been. That's what he has always been & that's all he will ever be. [Nixon deserved our pity, Trump definitely does not.]

Here’s who a lame-duck Trump could pardon

If Trump really wants to do something nice he'll pardon the Menendez brothers and adopt them.


‘I’ve never been there before’: What Trump said about golf and his fear of losing

One last lie just like every other lie Trump's told throughout his entire life--Who loses a billion dollars, for God's Sakes?! Any other businessman loses a million & says, 'Here, I think you better do it from here on out.' Trump has been the biggest loser in American history in just about everything he has ever tried to do. And in losing this election Trump has now also proven himself to be the biggest loser in losing an election for the presidency. It is so right & proper that Trump should go out this way.


Trump’s refusal to concede defies long tradition

No it doesn't: All big babies behave like this.

President Will Start ‘Breaking Things... With A Vengeance,’ Mary Trump Warns

"The President is having his tantrum now, sir."


Why Trump Voters Used The Economy As An Excuse To Vote For Him

Answer: Because there wan't not'n else wasn't lousy about'im. Ha. Ha. Ha.


How to Protect America From the Next Donald Trump

Number One: The sooner we get rid of the child-like presumption that our presidents will always tell the truth the better. And we have Trump to thank or that because it always was a dangerously unhealthy superstition, given the flawed human nature of every president since or hereafter. [Thank you, Donald Trump.]

The media should remember key lessons from the Trump era


Legal votes versus illegal ones?

What about if we count the hairs on Trump's head that are real versus the hairs on Trump's head that are up there artificially? [That might prove as productive a waste of our time.]


No, Trump will not run for president again in 2024

Don't be too sure, lots of criminals have run for elected office from the Hoosegow.


Makeup of Biden’s task force signals a science-based approach to taming pandemic

Irony of irony! Trump voters will be saved in spite of themselves.


Barr clears Justice Dept. to investigate alleged voting irregularities as Trump makes unfounded fraud claims

Doesn't there actually have to be 'some' voter fraud to investigate it? Or, is William Barr simply out to come up with [produce] the voter fraud himself? [It will be very interesting to follow up on this conundrum.]

Instead of looking for fairies, pixies & leprechauns shouldn't the Justice Department be looking into the very real, probable & easily provable outrageously open instances of bribery that Donald Trump has orchestrated for himself in his four years in office via 'patronage' of his many businesses?

O lets us pray that not just Donald Trump but also all of those who consciously bribed him by 'patronizing' his many businesses (or otherwise improperly curried his favor) and then 'got something' from Trump's position as head of the American government get to face justice & serve some very well deserved time in the slammer along with Trump and the rest of his crime family--It is not just the criminal but everyone who participates with him in his crime (or just merely looks the other way) that is just as guilty & ought to pay the price. Malfeasance in office is a real commodity of crime.

Trump is now sabotaging national security to soothe his bruised ego

If Trump is succeeding in this he is not succeeding in this all by himself. The 'real' Justice Department will have its hands full going through all this once it frees itself from the Trump Mob!


71 Million People Voted for Trump. They’re Not Going Anywhere.

Also they might not be taking baths regularly or a while. [It's called stinking revenge.]


As an ex-president, Trump could disclose the secrets he learned while in office, current and former officials fear

Not if he's serving time in the slammer for tax fraud, rape, and all his other crimes. [Albeit, can you really imagine Trump having learned anything?!]

Scottish Leader Says Trump Should Face ‘Accountability’ In Turnberry Probe


After Baseless Trump Claims, Barr Says DOJ Can Investigate Voter Fraud Allegations

What does Donald Trump want? He wants to cut a deal, of course. He doesn't care about people dying from Covid-19, or millions of people out of work or without insurance. What he wants is to get away with his loot Scot-free. Give him that deal & he'll throw all his GOP cronies, Barr & all his other enablers and co-conspirators under the bus in a flash. And go away laughing at all the suckers in his 'base.'


Mississippi Republican calls for his state to ‘succeed from the union’ after Biden victory

Mississippi state Rep. Price Wallace is advocating sedition. Shouldn't he at the least be thrown out of office?!


Where The Money For Trump’s ‘Election Defense’ Fund Will Really Go

You mean which of Trump's pockets, right!?


White House Press Secretary Insists Trump Will Attend ‘His Own’ Inauguration In January

So Trump's finally decided to spring for his crowning as The Biggest Loser after all.


President Taps Rudy Giuliani To Take Charge Of Trump’s Election Lawsuits

Sez as long as he's packing the little clown show car as full as possible he needs to give it a really wacky driver to heighten the laughs. [As usual Peter Navarro will be riding around the little car in his unicycle.]


I have prayed for Trump every day of his presidency. I’m still praying for him

Ma'am, Satan needs almost as much prayer as Trump. You should pray a little bit for Satan too.


Trump in interview with Washington Examiner says, ‘Never bet against me’

Yes, if I'm not mistaken I believe that's also The Swindler' Motto.


Archaeologists Are Just Beginning to Unearth the Mummies and Secrets of Saqqara

After they finish there maybe they can start on my hometown cemetery--I think Grandpa was buried with his watch and I'd like to get my hands on it.


Trump Retweets Post Calling Biden Voters ‘Ignorant, Anti-American And Anti-Christian’

As everything Trump sez is always the exact opposite of the truth, I am pleasantly surprised that Trump would finally admit that Biden's voters were well-informed, patriotic true Christians.


Trump tweets, ‘I WON THE ELECTION.’ Twitter notes ‘official sources’ called it differently.

I think you misunderstood, what Trump meant was that he was elected The Biggest Moron In The Universe. [And it's his right to be proud, as he had to beat a LOT of really whopping morons.]


Here’s how Biden can work with a GOP-controlled Senate and make real progress

Put all the Republicans on a slow boat to Russia?


Hong Kong is beating this virus. Why can’t we?

Answer: Trump and the Republicans. [Enjoy!]


Can Mitch McConnell do the right thing just once?

Sorry. No.


There’s no question we’ll be living in a different world post-pandemic

Well, let's hope it's not Uranus. Or mine, for that matter.


Fauci Warns Trump’s Stalled Handoff To Biden Could Delay Vaccine Rollout

Trump sez it's not costing him any scratch--So shut up, Fauci!


Trump fights to keep a job he shows no interest in performing

It's not the job he's interested in, it's the perks (not going straight into the slammer).


Iowa governor issues mask mandate, weeks after belittling measure

Claims the Devil made him do it, confirming that it was indeed Trump.


‘This is how we treat each other? This is who we are?’

Oh, we are even worse. I know if it wasn't for the police I'd probably shoot most of my neighbors. So duck & take cover!


Trump’s national security adviser says it looks as though Biden won

He then added that it also appears to him now that the Sun might have something to do with all the light during daytime.


Ga. secretary of state says fellow Republicans are pressuring him to find ways to exclude ballots

Those 'fellows' ought to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for unlawful interference in a lawfully-held election. They are the most dangerous of all law-breakers in any democracy.

Lindsey Graham Denies Pressuring Georgia Official To Toss Legal Ballots -- “I think that’s just ridiculous. If he feels threatened by that conversation, he’s got a problem. I actually thought it was a good conversation,” Graham said.

Well, at least now we know why Graham agreed with Trump that his call with the Ukrainian President was "a good conversation" too.

The Republican Party is much worse off than we thought

We need an investigation into Lindsey Graham’s intervention in Georgia


Trump administration to cut troop levels in Afghanistan despite Pentagon warnings

Sez he needs to get on Putin's good sides now more than ever.


Trump’s ‘Most Dishonest Speech Ever’ Stuns CNN Fact-Checker

I have never understood the thinking of people who participate in repressive and exploitative associations: They can certainly see for themselves with their own eyes the harm Nazism, Islam and other like associations based on hate of others causes and yet they still quietly or all too openly participate in them--Are we such evil creatures?

To suggest that we can justify evil by imagining we can trade a little of it for some supposed greater good is no excuse because by the time most of us are adults we have clearly come to understand that it just never works out that way. What then?

Thank goodness Trump is too incompetent to properly organize a coup

Don't be too sure he's not stupid enough to try it anyway. Donald Trump has been a whopping moron all his entire life:

Pentagon’s Top Policy Official Resigns Day After Defense Secretary Fired

Trump turns angry and despondent as possible defeat looms

Pompeo Says There Will Be Smooth Transition To ‘Second Trump Administration’

Perhaps not as smooth as Pompy imagines if he and Trump are plotting a coup d'état against the American government.

Reporter Tweets Perfect Burn After Pompeo’s ‘Second Trump Administration’ Claim

After Esper firing, White House moves Trump loyalists into Pentagon jobs

A Supreme Court that still backs Obamacare won’t endorse Trump’s cockamamie coup

Maybe not. But that doesn't mean that Trump won't go out in a pointless bloodbath. [It's who he is.]

Trump Puts Democracy To The Test After Losing Presidency To Biden

Lame-duck Trump burrows loyalists inside government, starting with NSA

Retired 4-Star General ‘Alarmed’ Trump May Try To Use Military To ‘Defy An Election’

   Of the personnel shakeup in the Defense Department,
   he said: “No one in his right mind would have accepted
   an appointment for 90 days. These people are in there to
   control a coercive institution of U.S. democracy. Watch out,”
   he warned. “We are watching a setup of some people who
   are unqualified for office to be in control of the 2.1 million
   men and women of the armed forces,” McCaffrey added.

The General is right about this, but what he doesn't know is that Trump and his Mafia 'were' laying the groundwork ahead of time for when they convinced Republicans at several state legislatures to spring their coup for them (on the expectation that there would naturally be tremendous push-back from the American People). These stupid Trump incompetents are so used to doing their job through sheer assumptions [instead of actual expert planning & careful work by professionals] that it never occurred to them the Republican state legislatures might actually refuse to go along with their attempted overthrow of an American election! Something which, of course, they eventually did decline to do:

GOP Leaders In 4 States Quash Dubious Trump Scheme On Electors

I sincerely hope that Biden's State Department once it is purged of Bill Barr's scofflaw moles takes a very close look at all this because an attempted murder is not an innocent episode (any less than is an attempted bank robbery an innocent episode), and neither should an attempted coup against the American People ever be held to be just an innocent episode either: They must all have serious legal consequences.

Shock and frustration inside Justice Dept. over Barr’s vote-investigation memo


Americans are dying. Trump is threatening democracy. Where is Mike Pence?

I believe he might still be trying to get that darn fly off his head.


GOP Governor On Trump’s Election Tantrum: Beginning To Look Like A ‘Banana Republic’

A Banana Peel Republic maybe. We've been a Banana Republic pretty much since Trump stole the election with the help of the Electoral College in 2016.

We need a national popular vote — before it’s too late

Trump’s dam finally breaks. But we cannot go through this again.

Forget half-baked punditry. Watch a historic shift.

The danger to US democracy is the Republican Party - opinion

Every Republican should be forced to repeat a 1000 times: "No, I do not work for the president. I work for The American People, The president is just my immediate supervisor." [Ok, maybe 10,000 times.]

What Makes Trump’s Subversion Efforts So Alarming? His Collaborators

A GOP senator reveals just how deranged many in his party have become

Trump’s Republicans have gone around the bend

Chris Cuomo Shreds Lindsey Graham: ‘Do Your Words Still Come From Your Brain?’

Lincoln Project Warns That Republicans In Trump’s Shadow Are More Dangerous

How Can We Trust This G.O.P. in Power Again?

This alternative to the electoral college doesn’t require a constitutional amendment

Of the 700 attempts to fix or abolish the electoral college, this one nearly succeeded


Vaccines are coming. Who should get them first?

We know who should get them first. Just like we know who will get them first: Those with the most pull.

Politicians get vaccinated early to build public trust, while furious health-care workers wait

Wealthy donors received vaccines through Florida nursing home

Wealthy couple chartered a plane to the Yukon, took vaccines meant for Indigenous elders, authorities said

Some Hospitals Give Donors, Board Members Easy Access To COVID-19 Shots


Five myths about chess

1) You can beat your little sister


The Founders didn’t prepare for a president who refuses to step down, historians say

They should have prepared for an electorate who can't anticipate what might happen if they elect a dangerous criminal as president and he known he's going straight to prison when he steps down. [Or don't give a damn.]

There are so many ways we could have done better


The case against indicting Trump

"There is one justice in America for the rich & powerful and another for the rest of us." Case closed.

Trump Tax Write-Offs Are Ensnared in 2 New York Fraud Investigations

Trump’s post-presidency will be cluttered with potentially serious legal battles


Election Updates: Putin Says He’s Not Ready To Congratulate Biden For Presidential Win

Sez he's still strategizing with Trump on his super slow-motion coup. Sez super slow-motion is the only way Trump does things (if ever Trump does anything, of course).


Rush Limbaugh Knocks Trump’s Lawyers For Not Providing Voter Fraud Proof

Sez it was their duty as the scummy lawyers they are to make up some if there wasn't any to be found. ["Learn from Rudy!"]

Trump Is Getting Ever More Brazen In His Attempts To Steal The Election He Lost

Trump is past exploring legal options. He’s using lies and chicanery to try to undo his defeat.


South Dakota nurse says many patients deny the coronavirus exists — right up until death

And now you know what all those Jonestown Kool-Aid drinkers were babbling as they keeled over.


Trump Now Insists Biden Must ‘Prove’ He Won 80 Million Votes To Enter The White House

Dude, make Biden lift 400 pounds clean over his head and hold it up there for 3 seconds before he can enter the White House: No way he'll be able to do that--But Biden can easily prove he won 80 million votes this election, no sweat. [You see: This is why Trump is stupid.] And if Trump keeps asking for recounts Biden might still break 90 million.


Remote school is leaving children sad and angry

Especially the schoolyard bullies, who are really hurting financially this year.


Dinosaurs, gods and marshmallows: A Thanksgiving science quiz

1) Did the dinosaurs become gods by eating magic marshmallows?

2) Is this a Yes/or/No question?


Biden tries to spread calm, as some Democrats worry over his willingness to fight

Well, certainly Biden's idea of making Trump his goodwill ambassador to Russia doesn't bode well.


The Trump administration confused wealth with smarts. The results have been ugly.

That is one of those failings which also brought down so many ancient empires... in which aristocrats were appointed generals only to watch them destroy their own armies with their brilliant incompetence. [Kudos for Trump.]


Twitter Critics Can't Even: Trump Reportedly Blames Legal Team For Making Him Look Bad

Sez they told him to say this in order to help him pull off an insanity defense.

Trump raises more than $150 million appealing to false election claims

Well, there goes his insanity defense.

Trump raises $495 million since mid-October, including a massive haul fueled by misleading appeals about election fraud

Hell, I might begin to show signs of Trump-like mental incoherence soon myself!


Should Trump Be Prosecuted?

Is there any evidence that Adolph Hitler killed a single person himself. No. Yet who can argue that Hitler isn't directly responsible for most of the 68 million human lives lost to WWII? So too is Donald Trump certainly directly responsible for most of the quarter million American lives which he alone could have saved had he done ANYTHING to save them: Anyone as 'directly responsible as Trump' for even so much as a single human life should never escape prosecution.

When it comes to prosecuting Trump, let’s be selective

‘No Pardons. No Immunity’: Mary Trump Says Her Family Must Pay

Should Donald Trump be prosecuted? Proceed with caution.

The following is an article which ought to be read by every American of every age:

Can America Restore the Rule of Law Without Prosecuting Trump?

Full immunity from criminal prosecution may perhaps be acceptable when the president is a decent, honest person. But when you grant full immunity from criminal prosecution to an out-and-out criminal like Trump watch for the skies to fall in. This time we were lucky that Trump is of the stupid criminal variety and not some criminal mastermind like Napoleon. But we cannot count on sheer raw luck to save the nation every time!

     "some legal thinkers have gone so far as to argue
      that because the president has complete authority
      over the administration of justice, he cannot by
      definition commit an act that interferes with it."

The President is not The Pope: If any prosecutor in the land commits an act of interference with the administration of justice he/she is liable for prosecution. The President is in effect the chief prosecutor in the land. Therefore, in the case of the President, there must be a statute which specifies that if prosecution of the President has perhaps a chance of interfering with the proper workings of the government then filing such a charge must be delayed until the president's term is over without marking any passing of time against the statute of limitations.

     "It may be time to rethink Ford’s decision once more;
      it’s hard not to wonder if a Trump presidency would
      have been possible if Nixon had been criminally
      prosecuted rather than pardoned."

Trump’s post-presidency will be cluttered with potentially serious legal battles

Trump Tax Write-Offs Are Ensnared in 2 New York Fraud Investigations

Trump's reluctance to concede his election loss pretty much amounts to, "Come and get me, coppers!"

Can, "Top of the world, Pa! Top of the world!" Then blasts and explosions everywhere around him be far behind?

Justice Dept. investigated potential ‘bribery-for-pardon’ scheme involving White House

E. Jean Carroll should get to make her case against Trump

Historians sue Trump administration to stop ‘bonfire of records in the Rose Garden’

What's the big deal? Doesn't every embassy that's closed in enemy territory burn all its records?


Huge Arecibo Observatory Radio Telescope In Puerto Rico Collapses

Trump immediately took credit for it. Nobody could think of any facts to dispute his claim.


Militants massacre at least 110 civilians on Nigerian rice farms

Claim that the miserably desperately poor are not suffering enough.


Climbing routes are riddled with racist and misogynistic names. Meet the people trying to change it all.

That's the one thing I hate about progress: They change all the street signs and then I don't know where the Hell I am.


Scott Atlas resigns as Trump’s coronavirus adviser

Sez he's pretty much advised Trump all that Trump told him to advise him.


Sean Hannity Says Trump ‘Needs To Pardon’ Himself And His ‘Whole Family’

I wonder if Sean Hannity makes a popping sound every time Trump pulls him out of his ass.


Why Are Children Dying of the Flu in U.S. Detention?

ANSWER: Because they are not hogs. If they were hogs they would most certainly have been given flu shots.

Trump’s own Supreme Court appointees can’t stomach his attempts to rig the Census


Trump Reportedly Considering Pardons For 3 Of His Children And Rudy Giuliani

I'm sure by now they must all know the crimes they've all committed to so desperately require a pardon.

Are these pardons for crimes they have already committed or pardons for any/and/every crime they'll commit & probably be charged with the rest of their lives?!? [I mean, do we pardon crimes or do we pardon people?!? Somebody maybe looks a little guilty we just issue a pardon to the poor slob?]

No, President Trump can’t pardon himself


Predictably, some Republican voters in Georgia are turning on the party

These are the same people who went all the way to Guyana and when the Trump down there told them, "You all gotta drink the Kool-Aid because I don't wanna go to prison!" They all did without a question.

You can bargain with people, yes. But trying to reason with people is just simply arguing pure & simple.

Trying to convince people like these is a complete waste of effort. I know because I myself have members of my own family who would also drink the Kool-Aid for Trump. It's just the way human nature works, sorry to say. The best way to go is to just wait out the clock as it pushes ahead minute by minute and just hope they see the future is all right.

Georgia Republicans beg Trump to release them from his prison of lies

Trump’s latest Fox News rant was one of his most dangerous. Republicans can’t ignore it.

GOP Rep. Kinzinger wages a lonely fight against Trump’s falsehoods and right-wing disinformation


The most petulant 46 minutes in U.S. history

Lunatics will say anything that supports their lunacy.

This particular rant is something Trump definitely should have performed for his psychiatrist on his very first session. [He probably would have told Trump what your Grandpa said about Trump: "If he'd just played sports as a kid he would have learned to lose gracefully." Grandpa still can't get it through his head that somebody as looney as Trump could have possibly been elected president can he! But, of course, we all know why Trump is too scared to go to a psychiatrist, don't we.]


Michael Flynn Wants Trump To Declare Martial Law And Redo The Election

I love Michael Flynn, he would've made a marvelous head of Trump's gestapo.

-- How is this not sedition?!? --

So far, only five out of 53 Republican Senators have publicly suggested that Trump take steps to open the transition process to Biden; none are in the leadership.

And you STILL really truly believe that if Trump stages a coup not that many Republicans will call it legal and necessary? Ya wanna bet the lives of all your children on that?


What Is Trump Playing At?


Campbell noted that

    one of the most penetrating comments on Trump’s character in 2016 came from none other than Ted Cruz, who described him as a sociopath, who wholeheartedly believed whatever he happened to be saying at the time.

It’s quite likely, Campbell continued,

    that Trump is not deliberately “lying” in his recent statements, that he genuinely believes that evil forces are conspiring to steal an election that he actually won.

On that note, Ted Cruz’s remarks about Trump in May 2016, which appear in sharp contrast to his sycophancy now, capture the essence of our president — and why the combination of this man and this historic moment, is so worrying:

    This man is a pathological liar. He doesn’t know the difference between truth and lies. He lies practically every word that comes out of his mouth. And in a pattern that I think is straight out of a psychology textbook, his response is to accuse everybody else of lying.

    He accuses everybody on that debate stage of lying. And it’s simply a mindless yell. Whatever he does, he accuses everyone else of doing. The man cannot tell the truth, but he combines it with being a narcissist. A narcissist at a level I don’t think this country has ever seen.

    Everything in Donald’s world is about Donald. And he combines being a pathological liar, and I say pathological because I actually think Donald, if you hooked him up to a lie-detector test, he could say one thing in the morning, one thing at noon and one thing in the evening, all contradictory and he’ll pass the lie detector test each time. Whatever lie he’s telling, at that minute he believes it.

Cruz added:

    Bullies don’t come from strength, bullies come from weakness. Bullies come from a deep, yawning cavern of insecurity.

The fact that Trump does not care about the scope of the mayhem he creates — that he revels in anarchic conflagration — creates exceptional danger.


How can somebody who is so obviously mentally unhinged have ever been elected president of the United States?!! If I live a million years I will never understand human nature.

"The unpredictable danger Trump and his henchmen are putting the nation in has no antecedent."

"Delusion can become tragedy. It’s happened before."

CIA psychological profiler who labeled Trump ‘dangerous’ dies of covid-19 at 86

25 former D.C. Bar presidents: Lawyers should not be complicit in Trump’s attack on democracy


Letter from 1,500 attorneys says Trump campaign lawyers don’t have ‘license to lie’

Sirs, if lawyers are forbidden to lie then mutes will finally have the leg forward to take over the legal profession!


Trump’s Niece Says ‘Cruel And Traitorous’ President Belongs Behind Bars

I think that in the case of Trump we should absolutely defer to the opinion of those who know him best.


A dog was missing for weeks. Then it wandered into Walmart and found its owner working at the register.

Curiously, the dog did not go to the store to buy dog food.


Trump Officials Declined Pfizer’s Offer for More Vaccine Doses

"Who needs 'em?!" Said Trump.


CEO of retailer Zalando resigns to prioritize wife's career

His wife is a cigarette girl, but Zalando sez she's very good at it.


Trump administration rejects tougher soot standards

That mean I get to wear my old zoot suit for one more year, right?


Trump Campaign Assumed Easy Georgia Win And Appears to Have Left Millions Unspent

Sez not to worry: Trump can use them.


Why Senate Republicans start the next cycle from a position of strength

Because the Democrats are a bunch of wusses?


In Oregon, the passage of millions of years can be seen in unusual fossils and stunning vistas

In my house you can see the passage of millions of years is us just sitting there watching television.


Nursing-home staffers attended a 300-person superspreader wedding. Now six residents have died.

"Don't worry: We got more."

‘Do people understand what’s happening here? Do they care?’


Bogus ‘suitcase’ story rolls away from Fox News

Why is a national broadcaster permitted to keep showing on air propagandists who air nothing but lies, whether intentionally or not?! Shouldn't these obvious amateurs have been purged from any professional organization on their first mistake long LONG ago?


8 facts to combat common misinformation

Fact Number ONE:

If you ever find out someone has lied
you must ALWAYS expect that person will lie.


America’s deadliest serial killer

Ain't got nothing on Trump.


States are receiving vaccines based on the size — not the risk — of their populations

And now you know why a Census that accurately reveals a state's population is so crucial.


Man tied to white-supremacist group suspected of planning violence at Va. gun rights rally gets 5-year sentence

Excelent! Excellect! Prisons are money-losers if they're empty for long.


Supreme Court denies Trump allies’ bid to overturn Pa. election results

Waitaminute. Didn't Trump buy those judges? Oh, the outrage of judges who just won't stay bought!


Report: Trump Asked Top Republican In Pennsylvania House To Intervene In Election

Dear me, remember when trying to interfere in an American's sacred right to vote was a felony?


Lou Dobbs Explodes On Stephen Miller In A Bonkers Meltdown -- The Fox Business host went off on the White House adviser for his lackluster legal efforts to overturn the election.

Claims Al Capone's guys would never have refused their Don's request to go out & shoot up the place.


Former Israeli space security chief says aliens exist, humanity not ready -- "Israel and the US have both been dealing with aliens for years..."

"They give us green slime and we give them our women."


Kids Are Watching Pornography. Here’s How to Talk About It.

"Kids, pornography is how adult monkeys love one another."


TV Host Ellen DeGeneres tests positive for Covid-19

Yeah, but how much did she test positive for Covid-19 and how much did she test positive for sympathy?


Lawmakers with stock holdings vote in ways that juice their portfolios, data shows

And now you know why so many crooks in office back Donald Trump and his rapacious self-dealing.

Sen. David Perdue Sold Home To Finance Industry Official Whose Organization Was Lobbying Senate


On record day for covid-19 deaths, Trump falsely proclaims at packed Hanukkah party, ‘We’re going to win this election’

Wonder if he meant the one we just had this past year or the one in 2016, because I believe the electoral college gave him the one in 2016 even though he didn't win that one.


Starship prototype launches successfully but lands hard and explodes

Boy, I hope they give you a warning when to jump off as it's landing!


DOJ Is Investigating Hunter Biden Over Taxes, Biden Transition Announces

They're investigating private citizen Hunter Biden's taxes and they're NOT investigating Donald Trump's life-long monstrouly historic tax frauds?! Guys!


Does COVID-19 Really Cause Erectile Dysfunction? Here’s What To Know.

We know Melania has not said whether she might know.


Pedro Pascal Explains Whether His ‘Wonder Woman’ Villain Is Based On Trump

Sir, essentially EVERY villain is like Trump or he's the good guy.


Florida Megachurch Pastor Tells Congregants Not To Take COVID-19 Vaccine

And who said we're out of the stone age?


My wife and daughters got covid-19. Am I next?

Sure. If you let'em back in the house.


I Started Writing Porn During The Pandemic. Here's How It Changed My Life.

When I wrote a note to my psychiatrist he said it was an interesting case and could I please write about 600 more pages back to him about it.


Twitter Billionaire Jack Dorsey Gives U.S. Mayors $15 Million To Fund Basic Income

Sez that's all he was carrying on his coat pocket. Sorry.


Sidney Powell’s secret ‘military intelligence expert,’ key to fraud claims in election lawsuits, never worked in military intelligence -- never completed the entry-level training course, according to Meredith Mingledorff, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Army Intelligence Center of Excellence, which includes the battalion. “He kept washing out of courses,” said Mingledorff, citing his education records. “He’s not an intelligence analyst.”

Spyder (Joshua Merritt), like everything Trump, is about as phony as a 1.84 dollar bill.



O do not thou carve
upon Donald Trump's tombstone--Wait!
All of the deaths that he's caused
have not been added up yet.

If Trump pardons himself, Biden should un-pardon him

It might not be so simple for Trump to pardon his children and Giuliani


Two reasons the Texas election case is faulty: flawed legal theory and statistical fallacy.

What is really behind the Texas suit against the Presidential Election?

Ken Paxton, the Texas attorney general, is a criminal about as desperate for a pardon as is Trump and, like Trump, he will stand on his head naked out in the middle of the desert whistling "Suwanee River" if that offers a change that Trump can remain in office long enough to pardon him.

A scorching reply to the awful Texas lawsuit frames the stakes of the moment


Trump’s last-ditch effort to steal the election is the biggest farce of all

And now you know how people like these have the affront to keep entire segments of Americans from exercising their legal right to vote simply because of their race, creed or some other impossibly idiotic reason. And doing it with a disgustingly straight face.

Trump’s effort to retain power is powered by inaccurate and nonsensical jargon

All these false claims are like 'the real murderer' who screams out to the mob, "There he is! He did it! He did it! Let's get him!" And sadly, the mob most likely than not will always support his baseless accusations because the unthinking mob does not think.

Donald Trump Has Hidden Evidence Of His Crimes For Years. Joe Biden Can Expose It.


Can Trump’s lawyers get in trouble for frivolous lawsuits?

Maybe not, but if you're Black and you steal a stick of gum you might be looking at a 10 year stretch--If you don't wave the stick of gum and get shot dead.


Supreme Court dismisses bid led by Texas attorney general to overturn the presidential election results, blocking Trump’s legal path to a reversal of his loss

Trump Named ‘Loser Of The Year’ By German News Magazine Der Spiegel

You'll see, eventually fast-talking failed hotelier Donald Trump will be acknowledged to be the biggest loser EVER in the entire history of this country. And probably even beyond well that.

Joe Biden has won this eletion so many times he is now the 67th president of The United States.

Trump and his GOP enablers are slandering American democracy

The Republicans Who Embraced Nihilism

These Republicans may not be capable of shame, but you should know who they are


Lawmakers Who Backed Texas Lawsuit Should Be Barred From House: NJ Congressman

Twitter Critics Shred GOP Lawmakers Who Shot Themselves In The Foot For Trump

"Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.) has called on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to bar 126 GOP representatives from the House, arguing that their support for the failed, baseless Texas lawsuit seeking to hijack the presidential election violated the Constitution by seeking to nullify Americans’ votes and instead choose a “dictator.” He cited Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, enacted after the Civil War and designed to keep traitors out of government. The section prohibits anyone who had gone to war against the union or given aid and comfort to the nation’s enemies from running for federal or state office."

Republicans had a duty not only to follow faithfully the letter of the law but also the spirit of the law--and that one fateful duty all these Republicans refused to do when they placed failed hotelier Donald Trump above their oaths of allegiance to the Constitution. This slew of Republicans can never again be trusted to faithfully serve in the Congress of The United States of America.

Section 3 of the 14th Amendment says: "No person who has engaged in or supported insurrection or rebellion against the United States may hold public office."

The remedy to this treasonous Republican madness is for the House to put into action Section 3 of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution and refuse to seat members who did not accept the election and "actively" worked to overthrow it. Then governors of their respective states can appoint someone to serve their terms until a special election is held--in which elections none of these current members may participate.

This will not happen. Why? [And "why did so many Republicans jump on board with what Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro aptly described as 'this seditious abuse of the judicial process' (17 of 26 Republican state attorneys general, nearly two-thirds of House Republicans, 106 on Thursday, 20 more on Friday, including the minority leader, Kevin McCarthy (Calif.)?)...?"]

Why not? Because while the Republicans would gladly kill them all where they stand, the Democrats will always be more than glad to forgive the Republicans--And the Republicans know it.

But if it continues like this, my friends, one of the two must eventually end up being killed--And the Republicans know it.

If the Democrats don't play Republican hard-ball now they will just be encouraging the Republicans to come at them even harder still the next time.

GOP Congressman: We Need The Senate To Investigate Hunter Biden

Republicans were once the anti-radicals. They’re now battering American democracy. -- "But a party that elevated Donald Trump from Manhattan’s class clown to the U.S. presidency no longer has any use for the likes of Kirk, Edmund Burke or William F. Buckley. -- For four years, Republicans averted their eyes as Trump broke the law, defied constitutional norms, trashed governing traditions, dehumanized political opponents and further radicalized a party that had long ago become unmoored from conservative tradition — and yet that proved to be but a preview of worse things to come. Now, Republican leaders are either actively engaged in sedition against the United States or offering their silent support to a president furiously working to overturn an election."

Now we know that if a viciously competent GOP leader were to stage a genuinely serious coup against the people of America these Republican partisans would no doubt be the members of our government giving aid and comfort to the death of the American Nation. We need patriots to be at the ready in our government, not traitors in waiting like these Republicans!

How do we hold the traitors to democracy accountable?


William P. Barr to depart as attorney general, president announces

Well, at least he's go away satisfied with the knowledge that he has faithfully served a thankless master, like any dog. [I don't know what the "P" stood for, maybe "Puta?" I don't know.]


What Triggers Leaf Die-Off in Autumn?

Same thing that triggers all higher brain function dying when somebody cuts your throat.


Maybe we just stop naming things for people

I propose we name them for horses. Certainly "Blackie" wouldn't offend anyone, I don't think.


Kelly Loeffler Poses With Former KKK Leader, Now Claims She Had No Idea

Claims she was told he was the circus clown hired for that particular birthday party.


Trump Says He's Nixing Plan For Early Vaccinations At The White House

Sez if he got Covid-19 the least his flunkies and various other stooges can do is get Covid-19 too!


Karl Rove On Trump: America Likes Comebacks, Not Sore Losers

I like the way Karl Rove only says things that fit into his little handheld blackboard.


Stephen Miller Proposes ‘Alternate Electors’ To Overturn Election

Stephen Miller sounds like a man as desperate to escape the law as is Trump.

GOP inches toward an unprecedented attempt to overturn the 2020 election

What Really Saved the Republic From Trump?


North Carolina GOP lawmaker urges Trump to suspend civil liberties to keep power: ‘Invoke the Insurrection Act’

Sez those who voted for Biden are involved in an insurrection. Perhaps he should check who's really promoting insurrection:

Kansas mayor resigns over violent threats for backing mask mandate: ‘I do not feel safe anymore’


Trump lashes out at McConnell for recognizing Biden’s victory: ‘People are angry!’

McConnell answers back: "Maybe you should get down on your knees before me (to make people happy)."


Putin offers Biden late congratulation on poll win

Ya can just hear Trump cry, "Et tu, Brute?"

Could Trump declare martial law to try to steal the election?


Illegal winery was operating in Alabama town’s wastewater treatment plant, cops say

Where else are they gonna get their right-tasting water for their Wonderful Wino Wine, winemakers whine


An iguana wearing a bandanna attacked a man in Miami because 2020 isn’t weird enough

It was a public park. The guy should never have complained about the Iguana playing its guitar.


Mitt Romney: It’s Extraordinary Trump Hasn’t Mentioned Suspected Russia Cyberattack

Apparently Mitt doesn't get the concept of political asylum Trump's been working on to escape prosecution for his crimes.


Trump Cites Georgia To Raise Cash For Slush Fund, But Has Spent Nothing On Those Races

Yeah, like he cares for anything but the money.


Judge orders Trump Organization to give more records to N.Y. attorney general -- Trump got a $21 million tax break for saving the forest outside his N.Y. mansion. Now the deal is under investigation.

Guy, everything that Trump has ever done in his entire life should be under investigation. And if Trump brushes his teeth tonight that too should be under investigtion.

Kushner Helped Launch Shell Company That Paid Campaign Funds To Trump Family: Report

The Trump family keeps grifting, to the end and beyond

Trump Back At Mar-A-Lago, Raising Taxpayer Golf Tab To $151.5 Million


'How we survived when our city was shelled'

"We hung on to the nut for dear lives!"


Inside the world of a well-paid people smuggler

"The secret is: You just send the people through and they can't tell what the Hell they're smuggling."


North Korea: Potato propaganda is back... but what does it mean?

It means hat Kim Jong-un has finally decided to fully embrace his inner Mr. Potato Head.


CYMI: Runaway sheep and a big bale of turtles

"Well, turtle soup again tonight."


The benefits of being kind to others

1) Might start a trend.


How to be more convincing

Lie all the time like Donald Trump. Like Trump, never ever tell the truth. NOT EVEN ONCE. That way every moron in the world will become convinced that you must be telling the truth because it's hard for morons to believe that anyone could possibly lie all the time, every time. And it's the morons who are gonna fork over the cash.


What went missing in photos taken a century apart at Arizona’s Petrified Forest?

The old timers in the first picture.



In Donald Trump's defense: You wouldn't really expect Al Capone to pardon people who had been wrongly convicted, would ya.


Clearing land to feed a growing human population will threaten thousands of species

Yes, but on the plus side, we'll be able to eat all those species we're murdering.


Satisfy Your Travel Cravings With These Seven Cookbooks From Famous Hotels

Do they come with the Famous Hotels' chefs?


Why Americans are numb to the staggering coronavirus death toll

Same reason so many are numb to the Holocaust. And why it's as important they visit Holocaust Museums as ICU facilities.


It’s time for Mike Pence to choose: Trump, or the truth

I believe that train left the station years ago.


The best way to honor Beethoven’s 250th? Listen to every note he ever wrote.

Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol La, Ti, Do--

Hang on. I already heard that one.


Dogs That Sniff Out COVID-19 Report For Duty At Chile’s Santiago Airport

"We understand there's some butts to be sniffed here."


Trump’s Post-Election Pardons List: War Criminals, Crooked Politicians And Family

Trump pardons former Prince George’s County police officer who released dog on unarmed homeless man

Trump uses pardon power to reward loyalists, undermine prosecutors

I know a lot of condemnation is falling on Trump for all the pardons he's thrown around to his pals. But, in Trump's defense, a lot of his pals, friends, family, associates, and practically anybody who's ever been around him is sooner or later bound to be in need a pardon.


Ten New Things We Learned About Human Origins in 2020

1) FAKE NEWS: Humans did not originate in 2020


My Dog Went Mega-Viral And Became A Beloved Meme. Then She Suddenly Died.

Forgot to feed her.


Nashville Suspect’s Girlfriend Told Police Last Year That He Was Making Bombs

It's comforting to know the police are so efficient.


Arizona GOP’s Trump Painting Reminds Twitter Users Of Benedict Arnold

What an insult to Benedict Arnold!


Trump’s $2,000 Checks Stall In Senate As GOP Blocks Vote

Probably not the last time Trump's checks bounce.


Sen. Perdue Calls It ‘Disgusting’ That Georgia Official Recorded Call With Trump -- “I guess I was raised differently,” the Georgia senator said ahead of his runoff race.

Sen. Purdue was raised to be blackmailed and shut up about it: "Just do what the damn blackmailer sez!" [And be glad he's paying attention to you. Yes, we know.]

What a prosecutor could do about Trump’s phone call

Yeah. Why not? Go ahead & fine him $10 so we can all go home.


Sen. Josh Hawley says ‘Antifa scumbags’ terrorized his family’s Virginia home. Protesters say they held a peaceful vigil.

No doubt Sen. Hawley would have preferred to see a vigil by pro-fascists outside his family’s Virginia home but we can't always have what we want, you know.


Trump lost, but he won millions of new voters. Where did they come from?

Americans love a loser (that's why they root for the underdog).


The Trump-Raffensperger call was big news — unless you were following conservative media

Sure. Trump's followers don't mind his bribes, frauds, thefts, using his office to enrich himself & his family & other sundry acts of corruption, obstructions of justice, holding hostage US funds due Ukraine to force Zelensky to invent crimes for the Bidens, trying to blackmail Raffensperger and others to pull enough votes out of a hat to 'trump' the will of the American voters & sundry other shakedowns... so what's one more extortion more or less!

Fox News is a hazard to our democracy. It’s time to take the fight to the Murdochs. Here’s how.

Chuck Schumer Calls For Probe Into Trump’s Alleged Justice Department Coup Attempt

Trump Plotted With Loyalist To Oust Acting AG In Bid To Steal Georgia Election: Report

Pennsylvania Lawmaker Played Key Role in Trump’s Plot to Oust Acting Attorney General


The benefits of having many lovers

Lots and lots of STD's to boast to your friends about.


19 Things We Took For Granted Before The Pandemic That We Miss Now

1) panhandling: These days just about anybody wants to throw coins in my tin cup, even people walking around without masks! It's costing me more to disinfect the damn coins that they're worth!


Wisconsin Hospital Worker Fired For Deliberately Spoiling COVID-19 Vaccine

First you think, "How can anyone be so cruel?" And then you realize: Trump. I suppose, like Trump, he figured that so many people have died already that a few more wouldn't matter.

Pharmacist Accused of Vaccine Tampering Was Conspiracy Theorist, Police Say


Wife wakes up and stabs husband after dreaming he cheated, Mississippi police say

Sometimes marrying a crazy woman just for the sex isn't really all it's cracked up to be.


Trump supporters gather for first night of 'Stop the Steal' demonstrations

Pro-Trump Protesters Gather Amid Warnings of Violence

The Devil is summoning his supporters to the Capitol, but the angels of our better selves are ready in riot gear to keep the peace there by force if need be.

Never Forget the Names of These Republicans Attempting a Coup

With brazen assault on election, Trump prompts critics to warn of a coup

Hawley, Cruz and their Senate cohort are the Constitution’s most dangerous domestic enemies

The 147 Republicans Who Still Voted To Overturn The Election After The Capitol Siege


Tanya Roberts Pronounced Dead At 65 After Premature Death Announcement

Yeah, those premature death announcements can really kill'ya.


An attorney got disbarred in 2020 for not answering the Florida Bar. She died in 2019

Good. It is never too late to disbar an attorney.


Trump Wants Congress To Overturn The Election Results. That’s Not Possible.

"I don't care if it's not possible. Do it!" Cried Trump: "I don't wanna go to prison!"


Senator argues with pro-Trump protesters: ‘I took an oath under God’

Protesters shoots back: "That's what we're saying: That you took an oath under Trump!"

Lifelong Republican Donor Quits GOP: ‘Absolutely’ Now The Party Of QAnon


Spending the pandemic talking to yourself? If you live alone, you’re not alone.

Well, now you really got me scared.


Kim vows to bolster North Korea's military at party meeting

Nobody paid much attention to the vow at the party, as it came between the Margarita & the Shirley Temple.


Too many feces in these Miami Beach waters for swimming, the Department of Health says

"We only allow one turd per adult man & a quick spurt of diarrhea per woman, child, or a senior citizen" a beach official told us.


Mr. Nunes gets his medal

Of course, a medal from Satan is not something much to brag about among the better angels.


Israeli researchers working to produce affordable cow's milk from yeast

"It's just a question of determining where its tits are," said a researcher.


Trump’s devastation of the Republican Party is nearly complete

Republicans are raging at Trump over their debacle. Their spin is nonsense.

This happens every single time that men exercise a greater wisdom than God has given them.


President Trump has committed treason

President Trump has committed treason any number of times.

The most disgraceful event in American history was executed not by the wit of Donald J. Trump but his sheer utter stupidity!

Pelosi asks top general about curbing Trump’s military power

It's a good thing Trump was a stable genius. Can you imagine what would have happened if he had been a pointless pinhead!

Hey, Donald: It may be debatable whether you're the biggest presidential loser, but you are certainly the lousiest loser ever, as well as the biggest sore loser by far. And you most certainly top the worst of the worst of'em.


Not In The Middle East Or Latin America: The Capitol Storming Was All-American

To deny that the Capitol rioters are the face of America, that this IS who we are, is to invite a repeat.

Pray tell, how can you possibly better yourself if you think you're at your best?!

The solution is not to label our thugs as somehow foreign to ourselves but rather to work to change that true ugly visage of our most terrible inner soul.

Republicans Condemn Violent Insurrection At The Capitol They Helped Foment

We’ve Seen the Ugly Truth About America

White Terror Has Always Been America’s Answer -- To suggest the riots don't "represent who we are” ignores the history of white supremacy in this country.


RNC Comms Director Hit With The Cold, Hard Truth After Decrying ‘Domestic Terrorism’

Who would have thought that the biggest terrorist America would ever face would be the President of The United States himself, yes. Bucket of ice stuff there.


Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California and Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the Democratic leader, called on Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday to invoke the 25th Amendment and immediately remove Mr. Trump for urging on the mob.

Forget Pence. He doesn't have the moral fibre to do it.


Rep. Matt Gaetz and other GOP politicians suggest antifa is to blame for pro-Trump mob rioting into Capitol

Mmm... I wonder why they didn't blame the Visigoths?


How a pro-Trump mob was able to breach security and storm the Capitol

They weren't made up of African-Americans--Had they been they'd been shot dead where they stood before even taking their first step towards.


Trump, Hawley and Cruz will each wear the scarlet ‘S’ of a seditionist

Conveniently as well because it will also stand for their just as appropriate moniker of Scum.

These members of Congress objected to certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

Stupidity sticks. If you hang around with stupid people you're gonna end up stupid.

Max Boot: Republicans just blew their chance to move on from Trump

‘Blood On His Hands’: Kansas City Star Rebukes Josh Hawley’s Role In Insurrection


The President Is Losing His Platforms

Trump banned from Facebook and Instagram indefinitely, CEO Zuckerberg says

Guess after millions & millions of years of human evolution some people are finally starting to get it through their heads that lies are not just entertaining but can also be quite lethal.

YouTube suspends Trump, days after Twitter and Facebook

The "You're fired!" guy has now been fired from more places than a depraved wino.


Sen. Josh Hawley rebuked by home state paper as having ‘blood on his hands’

Not to mention cement in his head, evidently.


Sen. Graham says he doesn’t support invoking 25th Amendment, but ‘if something else happens, all options would be on the table’

"Overthrowing the government... is that such a bad thing?"


Aides weigh resignations, removal options as Trump rages against perceived betrayals

Hitler's last days in the bunker redux.


Trump is deranged, dangerous and ‘incapacitated.’ Invoke the 25th Amendment and remove him from office

You might first have to start by ordering up millions & million of brains washed in America (yes, your dear & near family, friends & neighbors) before they will agree to let you impeach & remove their 'perfect' president.

Fox News’ Pete Hegseth Defends Capitol Rioters: They Just Love Freedom

There are people in this world who think that they are saying something important if they just don't let others speak--And they are the very people among us most in need of listening. Perhaps one day they will understand the difference between nurturing the egg and stomping on it.

Republicans Condemn Insurrection At The Capitol They Helped Foment

Trump’s Inciting Of Mob Violence Against Democracy Is Right Out Of The Fascist Playbook

Trump is deranged, dangerous and ‘incapacitated.’ Invoke the 25th Amendment and remove him from office

Why Trump Must Be Removed and Disqualified From Public Office


What happened on Wednesday at the U.S. Capitol is as wrong as wrong can be. But canceling conservative speech will not promote “unity and healing.” It will only divide us further. — Rep. Jim Jordan (@Jim_Jordan) January 9, 2021

If "conservative speech" is indistinguishable from hate speech then it is imperative that it be cancelled. It is one thing to walk to the far side and quite another to go there to break somebody's skull with a brick. And if Jim Jordan doesn't understand that then Jim Jordan is a baboon.


There’s no time to impeach Trump. Censure him instead.

Oh go ahead & fine him $10 so we can all go home.

The U.S. must punish sedition — or risk more of it

Republicans who aren’t willing to act against sedition are complicit

‘Find the fraud’: Trump pressured a Georgia elections investigator in a separate call legal experts say could amount to obstruction

Oh go ahead & fine him $10 so we can all go home.


Republican enablers don’t deserve credit for finally abandoning Trump

Isn't that always the case: The rats abandoning a sinking ship never get any credit for lightening its load.

The Shame of Jan. 6 Should Reverberate for Generations -- At Pearl Harbor and on Sept. 11, foreign enemies attacked us. This time around, the enemies of democracy came from within.

This will be remembered a long time by the conscience of the nation.

Truth that does not follow the facts leads to folly.

The Trump presidency was marked by battles over truth itself. Those aren’t over.

But O how just it is that those who voted to acquit Donald Trump in spite of so many warnings that doing so would embolden him to do things worse were some of the very people targeted by those worse things!


Despite Chaos And Calls To Resign, Trump Set To Oversee 3 Executions

Sure. Conforms with one of Trump's mottos: "Ya gotta kill'em where you can get'em."


Thousands Of Lawyers, Law Students Call For Sens. Hawley, Cruz To Be Disbarred

Harvard and Yale law school alumni and students push for disbarment of Sens. Hawley and Cruz

Thank you Donald Trump for outing Hawley, Cruz, the MyPillow guy Mike Lindell, and so many others who now won't be able to attack American Democracy from within so easily with impunity.

57 GOP State And Local Officials Were At The Capitol Insurrection

Republicans responsible for sedition now want ‘unity’

Josh Hawley ‘Created This Situation,’ According To His Mentor

The Roots of Josh Hawley’s Rage

Sen. Hawley has been condemned. His bad legal arguments should be stamped out, too.

Never Forget What Ted Cruz Did

A pillow salesman apparently has some ideas about declaring martial law

Sure. After sewing up pillows in his garage all his life I can understand MyPillow guy Mike Lindell seeing himself in his dreams as a Napoleonic Field Marshal.


Dominion threatens MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell with lawsuit over ‘false and conspiratorial’ claims

Well, here's hoping they sue this pillows off.

My Pillow CEO says Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, Wayfair are dropping his products

Hooray for Bed Bath & Beyond!

Twitter permanently suspends My Pillow CEO for election misinformation


Third House member tests positive for coronavirus after Capitol siege

Here all these bigwigs thought they were protected from the vile selfishness of the maskless and then God rounded them all up in a closed room with them to teach them the risks of not being more insistent that everybody wear a mask. Now,

Democrats want to fine colleagues $1,000 a day if they refuse to wear a mask on Capitol grounds



"Curses, impeached again!"


Trump botched the perfect getaway

I suppose he wanted his perfect record of utter & complete failures to remain perfect. [I don't blame him.]

The impeachment of Donald Trump must proceed. The Senate can’t dodge its duty.

‘Trump said to do so’: Accounts of rioters who say the president spurred them to rush the Capitol could be pivotal testimony

Oh go ahead & fine him $10 so we can all go home.

Trump imagined himself a modern-day Midas. His touch was anything but golden.


Report: ‘Isolated And Angry’ Trump Refuses To Pay Rudy Giuliani For Legal Work

Oh, c'mon! Seriously, was Rudy really ever expecting Donald Trump not to stiff him?!? ["I'm the only one! I'm the only one!"]


One of the oldest known cave paintings has been found in Indonesia

They were able to tell it was so old because of the bellbottom jeans all the cavepeople were wearing in the drawnings.


Secret Service Barred From Jared And Ivanka’s Bathrooms Rented A Toilet For $3,000 A Month

So, now when they're in prison they will both learn a most valuable lesson about sharing then. ["What a country!"]


Mom of ‘zip tie guy’ arrested for her role in US Capitol insurrection, feds say

God bless my mother, who always taught me to be decent, moral, honest, and to obey the law.

These Textbooks In Thousands Of K-12 Schools Echo Trump’s Talking Points

But, really, if I'd believed some of the textbooks I had in school growing up instead of my mother I'd probably been arrested out there for busting up the place too.


Va. man arrested at checkpoint says he was lost, didn’t mean to bring gun, ammunition to D.C.

"Isn't this Washingon State, officer?"


Imagine if Trump’s influence over the GOP faded away

Then the proven betrayers of American democracy could go back to telling us without proof that they were its greatest defenders. Sure.

Trump couldn’t have incited sedition without the help of Fox News


World's first food processor, from 350,000 years ago, found near Haifa

Almost as damn noisy as the modern ones.


My Grandfather Was a Good Cop. Or Was He?

Well, how many skulls did he crack?


Kremlin critic Navalny detained on arrival in Moscow five months after near-fatal poisoning

Well, it's against the law in Russia to get poisoned by Putin. It's one of the highest crimes there.


Why Are There So Few Courageous Senators?

Please don't confuse courage with decency: For someone to do the right thing one must first be a decent human being long, long before we get to courage.

Romney is correct: The kindest thing you can do for the deceived is to undeceive them.


Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner flush their reputations down the toilet

Really?!? They had any kind of reputation?!?


GOP’s looming choice: Whether to make sure former president Trump remains former president Trump -- Once he's out of office, the chief question is whether to disqualify him from running again. That could give Republicans more incentive to convict.

I suppose so, because they'll certainly never convict him simply just because he's guilty of inciting a mob to sack the United States seat of government. That would be too much to expect of a Republican, of course.

Trump could be sued for damages under the federal Ku Klux Klan Act

Arrests Of Far-Right Militia Members Reveal Extent Of Extremists’ Role In Capitol Riot

Appalling new video of the rioters is a big problem for Trump’s GOP enablers

George Conway: What I really believe

On his final day, Trump demeaned the presidency one more time


Trump prepares to offer clemency to more than 100 people in his final hours in office

It's called 'squeezing every possible last penny out of the presidency.'

Donald Trump, King of The Thieves' pardon will 'cost 2 million' Giuliani associate told ex-CIA officer

Trump’s Legacy: 2 Impeachments, An Insurrection, Countless Lies And Corruption

The cottage industry behind Trump’s pardons: How the rich and well-connected got ahead at the expense of others

Senate Democrats Announce First Order Of Business For New Majority: Fixing Democracy


Pro-gun caravan hits Richmond streets without incident; extremist groups protest peacefully

They looked as peaceful as Putin army protesters along the Ukrainian-Russian border before the invasion.


Canada urges Biden not to cancel oil pipeline on first day

Sez second day would do just as well.


Mike Pompeo Insists Multiculturalism Is ‘Not Who America Is’

Sez Italian-Americans founded this nation and the popularity of the cannoli here proves it.

Opinion: Now we know what Pompeo’s ‘swagger’ at the State Department was really about


Trump promoted N.M. official’s comment that ‘the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.’ The man’s been arrested in the Capitol riot.

Texas man at Capitol riot allegedly threatened to kill his kids if they turned him in: ‘Traitors get shot’

Man, there were some truly bad Republicans in that riot.

Meet Your Local Republican Insurrectionist

And now, of course, they're all trying to place the blame on the mythical anti-fa conspiracy instead of upon the fascists whom they are all claiming are completely peaceful 'good' people. Whom to believe... whom to believe... or eyes or their lies?

New Video Makes Powerful Case That Trump Incited His Followers To Storm The Capitol

The Trump era’s depredations are still emerging

Can A Former President Be Impeached? The Precedent For Trump’s Senate Trial

Coup attempts usually usher in long stretches of democratic decline, data shows


An unlikely hummingbird is banded at a Virginia park

The hummingird later had to be helped off the ground three or four times due to the band weighing about as much as it did.


After months of trauma, vaccinated health-care workers welcome a surprising emotion: Hope

Frankly, I think my life would be a lot easier without Pandora's Curse. Leastwise I wouldn't buy so many damn lottery tickets.


Chuck Schumer Says Trump Incited An ‘Erection’ In Televised Boner

You want the political angle or 'the last sex refuge of the old' take on this?


Trump Peddled Misleading COVID-19 Charts To The Public, Dr. Birx Says

And the reason why she didn't say anything, Birx claims, was because Trump was giving out an 8-pack (of Trump's Beer) to everybody who kept their mouths shut. Fauci got his as well. [Trump was bring in that beer by the truckful, apparently.]


Graffiti equating Holocaust with Uighur persecution painted on monument

When every crime on earth is described as 'a genocide' the term has effectively lost all its meaning.


The Corrupt, the Clueless and Joe Biden

Betcha Biden would have preferred to have been included in a different grouping.


Accused Capitol Rioter Sorry For Threat To ‘Assassinate’ Rep. Ocasio-Cortez -- "I want to publicly apologize to Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez and the Capitol police officers," Garret Miller said.

Oh go ahead & fine him $10 so we can all go home.


It’s not just Trump on trial. It’s the whole Republican Party.

How can they get 17 Republicans to support Trump's conviction when most Republicans STILL support Trump's sedition? Most Republicans still think it was a very good idea to just go ahead and eliminate democracy! [Democracy -- What's it good for?] Their only regret is that it failed. They would have all supported an Emperor Trump and the burying of American democracy, for Heaven's sakes! And no matter how many Americans needed to be butchered in the aftermath. It's a quite stark portrait of The United States of America somewhere out there in South America.

Trump may avoid conviction, as more than a third of Senate signals opposition to impeachment

On impeachment, Republican senators are as spineless as ever

What these Republicans fools don't realize is that it is they who are on trial and not Trump (who couldn't care less about any of this--all Trump ever really cares about is saving his dough & his ass, in that order). But at some point in the future every one of these Republicans will care... when one of these days they look at themselves in the mirror only to watch a self-diminished human soul staring back at them.

Opinion: In choosing to acquit Trump, Republicans will convict themselves

Analysis: Three weeks after the attempted insurrection, Senate Republicans again close ranks around Trump

45 Senate Republicans Vote To Dismiss Trump's Impeachment Trial

Can A Former President Be Impeached? The Precedent For Trump’s Senate Trial

What we know about Trump’s efforts to subvert the 2020 election

Trump’s final days in office revealed in shocking detail

Former president, private citizen and, perhaps, criminal defendant


Where senators stand on convicting Trump in impeachment trial

Oh go ahead & fine him $10 so we can all go home.


Ted Cruz, Who Obsessed Over Clinton Emails, Wants To ‘Move On’ From Insurrection -- The Republican senator said impeaching Trump over the deadly insurrection is just "petty."

And Cruz is speaking from personal experience because he is one of the pettiest persons in all of Washington.


Kayleigh McEnany’s Plan To Work At Fox News Reportedly ‘Paused’

FOX spokesman sez they just don't think McEnany lies enough for a proper fit at FOX.


After objecting to the election results, Kevin McCarthy says all Americans bear responsibility for the deadly Capitol riot

Oh... why don't Republicans just bite the bullet and claim the Capitol Riot never really happened at all. That it was a national delusion. A televised illusion. That the people who died there were really involved in a car accident. And that Donald Trump was in Kenosha, Wisconsin at the time that 'it didn't happen.' That way at least they wouldn't have to keep moving the goal posts on their own lies, for Heaven's sakes!

Trump Lawyer Claims ‘There Was No Insurrection’ And Twitter Users Pounce

You know this was inevitable.

But, "Our people understand us," Republicans say: "Always make sure people understand you; so never bother them with the facts. Our people are so used to lies that lying is all they understand."

Republicans back away from confronting Trump and his loyalists after the Capitol insurrection, embracing them instead


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Reportedly Liked Posts Calling For Killing Democratic Politicians

That's why the Democrats are the party of regular Americans. And why the GOP is the party of miscreants, nuts, and hoodlums.

Rudy Guiliani’s Loopy Voter Fraud Witness Says She’s Running For Michigan House Seat

Feds: Trump Supporter With Pipe Bombs Discussed Targeting Twitter, Democrats

Terror Bulletin Warns Of More Politically Motivated Violence After Biden Inauguration

Joe Scarborough Tells GOPers Exactly What To Do With Pleas To ‘Forget’ Capitol Riot -- “You know what these people are? These are Trump terrorists. Call them by their name,” said the MSNBC anchor.

At least one guy in the country got it right. That's always a start.


Dominion voting machine firm sues Giuliani for more than $1.3 billion

Free speech is the ability to freely express your opinion no matter whom it may offend. Therefore it should be hard to prove that someone has been harmed just because he took offence at somebody else's opinion.

Libel is the willful hurting of someone. Therefore it should be easy to prove that someone has been harmed by a libel.

Giuliani wasn’t just a Trump partisan but a shrewd marketer of vitamins, gold, lawsuit says

Free speech is not the same as lying: When lying in public always try to be as certain (or, at least as certain as you can) that your lies cannot be easily proven (to be lies). Trump, Sidney Powell, Giuliani, L. Lin Wood, and the rest of the very stupid GOP liars simply disregarded this important rule. So now they have to pay the consequences of libeling a lot of people. And of having done so in rather easily Court-provable libels.

Rudy Giuliani’s Latest Conspiracy Theory Too Much Even For Steve Bannon

Ukraine stayed quiet during Trump-era pressures. Now it’s sharing some Giuliani tales.


MyPillow C.E.O.’s Trump Conspiracy Theories Put Company on the Spot

And here I thought the Age of Trump would be completely devoid of comic relief. Then along comes the MyPillow Guy auditioning to become Trump's royal court fool, mustache & all!


Republicans back away from confronting Trump and his loyalists after the Capitol insurrection, embracing them instead

Don’t be fooled: Mitch McConnell will never vote to convict Trump

I do agree with Lindsey Graham and others that Trump is not the biggest threat to American democracy. The biggest threat to American democracy are most of the elected Republicans in congress. If this is a replay of the American Civil War then it would do best for the Democrats in congress to bite the bullet and expel those Republicans who are still advocating that the last election was fraudulent. Let them then, on a case by case basis, be re-admitted provided they swear fealty to the Constitution above fealty to Trump.

I think the Democrats should spew out more bombastic loud crazy rhetoric to match the Republicans': This crap works for the GOP and it will work for the Democrats just as effectively. And whenever the Republicans lie about the Democrats, I say let the Democrats lie as much about the Republicans.

And do this until even the Republicans start calling for truth from politicians, and practicing it themselves.

Joe Scarborough Tells GOPers Exactly What To Do With Pleas To ‘Forget’ Capitol Riot

Most Americans Blame Trump For Violence At Capitol Riot: Survey

Why members of Congress are calling to expel Marjorie Taylor Greene

The G.O.P. Is in a Doom Loop of Bizarro

The Republican Party is not in a position to now take a hard line on conspiracy theories

Opinion: The GOP isn’t doomed. It’s dead.

Republican Ties to Extremist Groups Are Under Scrutiny

GOP Strategist Predicts What Will Become Of The GOP If Donald Trump Isn’t Convicted

A Republican Party Of Conspiracists And Seditionists Will Fall, GOP Lawmaker Says

Opinion: Democrats need to accept the implications of GOP radicalization

Opinion: Just how nuts is the Republican Party?

Texas City Councilman Posted Photo Of Noose After Insurrection, Saying ‘Let ‘Em Hang’

Charlotte Observer Issues Damning Plea For GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn

“If you stay in the Republican Party, you have to pay homage to Trump and I don’t do that. I don’t pray to any man,” said Houston immigration lawyer Jacob Monty.

Hostility between congressional Republicans and Democrats reaches new lows amid growing fears of violence

Woman charged in Capitol riot said she wanted to shoot Pelosi ‘in the friggin’ brain,' FBI says

"Stupid is as stupid does." [The more we evolve the more we stay the same.]

So you’re being held accountable? That’s not ‘cancel culture’


Trump wants a library. He must never have one.

I don't know, a Presidential Library of Porn might not be a bad change of pace. Or, say, A Museum of The Degenerate might be just the thing to celebrate Donald Trump.


Marco Rubio Deserves Ivanka Trump -- Will the senator’s sycophancy and shape-shifting come to naught?

Hey, don't laugh, Little Marco might still land himself a gig as Ivanka's social secretary.


It seemed the GOP might show some self-respect. Now it’s crawling back to Trump.

If Republicans can't respect themselves how in the world can they ever expect anyone else on this earth to show them any respect? We earn other people's respect by being principled. Is Trump's Cult the least principled?!?

Out With Reagan, Buckley And Kemp; In With Trump, QAnon And Marjorie Taylor Greene

The Republicans should just bite the bullet and rename the GOP the Party of The Lunatic Fringe.

Not to mention the Party of Traitors and Foreign Agents:

Russian Intelligence Cultivated Donald Trump for Decades, Says Former KGB Agent

Opinion: Why Democrats called on Trump to testify at his trial

150 Constitutional Experts Say Trump Impeachment Defense Is Way Off Base


Trump Raised $76 Million For Himself, But Spent Nothing On Election Challenges Or Georgia

In Trump's defense: He needs the money. He doesn't have Fred Trump to bail him out of his inevitable bankruptcies anymore. ["Hey, look Ma: Trump's left the GOP morally bankrupt!" And, please don't took at the American economy, or the pandemic response, or the executive branch... until you take your bromide!]

Georgia Officials Launch Investigation Into Trump’s Efforts To Overturn Election Results


Ted Cruz Slammed For Saying Trump Impeachment Is ‘Vindictive’ -- One Twitter user schooled the Texas Republican: "Prosecuting a crime is justice. Your tweet is vindictive."

Cruz is even worse than that: He knows perfectly well that what he's spewing is a hypocritical and cynical lie designed to cheat the gullible.


AOC explains why Republicans can’t just tell her to forget about the insurrection and move on

"So we tried to kill you. Hey, we missed. Move on!" [Who wouldn't move on?] "We'll try some other time, ok?"


Mitch McConnell Thought Trump Was Just ‘Blustering’ In His Election Lies -- The Senate leader was assured by Jared Kushner that the former president would "bow to reality" and concede.

"People believe what they want to believe." [And most of the time they eventually pay dearly for it.]


Impeachment managers say Trump ‘singularly responsible’ for Capitol riot

Let no one or a minute doubt that Trump's purpose all along was to manufacture the violence that occurred on January 6th. And let no one doubt for a minute that such intimidation is the purpose of those Republicans who still cast doubt of the validity of the democratic process: When you tell people that they cannot win through the lawful mechanisms of democracy can there be any doubt that you are purposefully trying to turn them into the violent mob? For what other recourse do you leave the people except violence when you tell them that they cannot win through peaceful means?

Opinion: The post-Trump fumigation takes an important new turn

Opinion: Shrinking the GOP, one state at a time

Opinion: The GOP once knew what to do about problems like Marjorie Taylor Greene

As House GOP faces decision on its future, McConnell defends Cheney, rebukes Greene in rare set of statements

Opinion: Rob Portman has done more damage to America than Marjorie Taylor Greene

Charlotte Observer Issues Damning Plea For GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn

Trump’s Sleight of Hand: Shouting Fraud, While Pocketing Donors’ Cash

Opinion: Trumpism is American fascism


Forget superheroes and anti-heroes. We need more heroes like Capt. Sir Tom Moore.

At a time when Trump has given out awards to nuts, flakes, vile self-promoters and vicious perverters of the general good, it's heart-warming to have known of a gentleman who devoted himself to civil service & his nation's general good to the day he died, having lived a hundred years! God bless you Capt. Sir Tom Moore!


Trump’s company says it made $10,577 from foreign governments last year, which it has donated to U.S. Treasury

Really? What about all the unoccupied rooms the Saudis and everybody else out there booked just to get Trump's attention?


Very concerning COVID-19 mutation has occurred spontaneously in UK variant

Concerning maybe but it shouldn't really be surprising since every time a cell reproduces the virus is pretty much equal to one generation of the virus: Multiply that times the number of cells in each infected person times the number of persons who get the virus and the surprise really is how little it has mutated.


Woman charged in Capitol riot asks judge for permission to vacation in Mexico

Now there's a woman who doesn't think trying to overthrow the government was all that much--


Manhattan district attorney considering prosecuting Bannon following his pardon by Trump

I wonder whether he might also be considering going camping, or buying a car... [Doesn't say.]


We need a long-haul stimulus that will last as long as the pandemic does

As the pandemic does what? Does not say.


Don’t yield ancient history and literature to the alt-right

Ancient history is what Herodotus, Thucydides, Livy, Tacitus, and Plutarch say it is. Not latter-day 'interpretations' that say things different than what they said.


Ask Amy: Parent is angry that sister gives weed to teenage son

Don't worry: If sister has connections kid will grow up to be bank president or better. If not, the world will always need even the worst janitors.


McCarthy won’t penalize Greene for extremist statements

Good men stand by the good. Evil men back up the evil of others.


Trump gets an important backer in his bid to live at Mar-a-Lago

Isn't there a Florida law that says that if one files for bankruptcy one's home of residence cannot be seized? Perhaps Trump understand that his whole empire is eventually going down the tubes and he's trying to protect his most precious Mar-a-Lago.


Every new bit of information about the insurrection shows we can’t just move on

All the Republicans are telling us to just move on. But can a guy who's just been mugged really move on when the mugger is still standing in front of him holding a gun?!? [Frankly, I'd appreciate somebody telling THE GUNMAN to move on...]

Bipartisan support emerges for domestic-terror bills as experts warn threat may last ‘10 to 20 years’

The QAnon Delusion Has Not Loosened Its Grip

Opinion: Has Mitch McConnell been struck by a Jewish space laser?

Republicans want more voter suppression. Here’s how to make elections more fair — not less.


Looks Like Lil Uzi Vert Just Got A Nearly 11 Carat Diamond Pierced Into His Forehead

Boy, I'd hate to be Lil Uzi Vert held up in an alley on a dark night by a guy with a knife!


Facing expulsion, Trump resigns from the Screen Actors Guild: ‘You have done nothing for me’

Well, he was terrible in that movie, what was it called... "President of The United States."


Miami Beach security guard charged after kick to a hotel guest’s head knocks him out

Wow! I wonder if the guest might have also been hurt.


Miss Manners: Sorry, receptionists aren’t going to remember your name

Well my name is Señor Slimeball


This Mississippi city will pay you to move there and work remotely. Here’s how much

I don't know, for some reason this sounds to me like it might be a scam to try to rent out rooms that are going empty.


House Votes To Strip Marjorie Taylor Greene Of Committee Assignments

Opinion: Marjorie Taylor Greene and her crock-of-bile tears -- on the House floor on Thursday, Greene portrayed herself as “a very regular American, just like the people I represent in my district.” Which, if true, is a depressing thought.

But closer to the truth than you might think: Everybody I talk to down here in this Florida neighborhood thinks Greene is even more of 'a regular Joe' than is Biden!

Opinion: Marjorie Taylor Greene and her crock-of-bile tears -- Shedding crock-of-bile tears behind her “FREE SPEECH” mask, the freshman congresswoman even claimed she was actually a victim of the QAnon movement that she once embraced. “I was allowed to believe things that weren’t true and I would ask questions about them and talk about them,” Greene said, “and that is absolutely what I regret.”

So somebody told her that democrats were eating babies and she was like, "Really? Wow! Everybody knows this?" [Anybody ask Greene who was it controlled what she could/could not believe? I wonder.]

Opinion: Marjorie Taylor Greene and her crock-of-bile tears -- on Thursday, Greene could not resist one more defiant jab of outrageous whataboutism: “Will we allow the media, that is just as guilty as QAnon of presenting truth and lies, to divide us?”

I wonder whether Greene has ever been told that anything Lester Holt says is read ten or twelve times by editors trying to ferret out anything he might say which is not 100% true and accurate?


$2.8 Million In Trump Reelection Donations Went To The Trump Organization: Report

Should this be any surprise to anyone? If you're looking for any lost cash on this planet you'd be well put to start looking first in one of Trump's pockets.


Trump left a letter for Biden. Here’s what I think it said.

"Joe, don't believe what they're saying: Eat lots & lots of fried foods! With love, Donnie."


Section of famous White Cliffs of Dover collapses into English Channel

"Plenty more of those where that came from."


MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Releases Absurd Conspiracy Infomercial

I love this guy. He's about as close as I've seen an actual human being to one of those hilariously ridiculous Muppets.

Three false claims about the election made in Mike Lindell’s new film. -- “I’m gonna try to get to the president and show him this,” Lindell said. “He’s gonna walk into those hearings and they’re gonna give him an apology!”

"And there you have it, folks, a crackhead's view of the world while he's probably super high on coke!"

Frankly, I'm staring to think Lindell knows MyPillow is heading for bankruptcy and is looking for a gig as one of the clowns at The Circus High In The Clouds.

Can Republicans exile their most toxic supporters? They’ve done it before.

OAN Parent Co. Ordered To Pay $250,000 To Rachel Maddow, MSNBC For Failed Lawsuit

Opinion: Josh Hawley made his choice and cast his lot. He deserves his fall from grace.


New Video Show Trump Ally Roger Stone With Proud Boy Accused Of Planning Capitol Riot

Crime is like a drug. And those addicted to it eventually end up in prison, dead, or born again. ["Tell me who you're with and I'll tell you who you are."]


Liz Cheney Reacts To Wyoming GOP Censuring Her: ‘People Have Been Lied To’

Dear Liz: 'People' are old enough to know better. Thinking of them as babies lost in the wilderness ain't gonna move us forward. Call them what they are: Whopping morons or worse.


Marjorie Taylor Greene and the Republican Perversion of ‘Freedom’

One should be free to do whatever one wants up to the point it harms anyone else. Not wearing a mask is one of the most harmful things one can do to everyone else.


Twitter Critics Positively Giddy After Fox Drops ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’

Total waste of gid because Lou's already got a gig shining shoes in Mar-a-Lago.


Wyoming GOP censures Rep. Liz Cheney for voting to impeach Trump

Only the indecent censure those who do the decent thing. Only the unjust & the wicked censure those who do the right thing.

"Let them by their deeds reveal themselves" in not about those who are censured.


Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene warned that the House’s vote left her with more time to insist on Republicans’ allegiance to former President Trump.

I wonder if Marjorie Taylor Greene can say something (anything) without it coming out like a threat?

House Votes To Strip Marjorie Taylor Greene Of Committee Assignments

That a person so mentally compromised should still be permitted to serve in Congress AT ALL is something the history books will cite when they comment on the perversions of this corrupt current era.

When I was growing up people like these would be immediately secured and quickly placed inside padded rooms to see if they could be cured (or at least so they wouldn't harm themselves or others) but nowadays they're running for Congress and actually getting elected on the Republican ticket so they can inflict harm on entire swaths of innocents & fools across America!

Chuck Schumer Calls For Probe Into Trump’s Alleged Justice Department Coup Attempt


Joe Biden Says Donald Trump Shouldn’t Receive Intelligence Briefings

Sez they should first try to give him lessons on how to possibly get some intelligence.

Trump’s legal team exited after he insisted impeachment defense focus on false claims of election fraud

Truth which does not follow the facts leads to folly. [Truth is definable not by what it is but by how we come to it because it's not unheard of that we often hold even the greatest lies to be great truths. However, those truths which have been thoroughly purged of falsity by the hard work of honest seekers of the true are most likely to be correct.]


Three questions to ask about Biden’s and Romney’s child allowance proposals

1) "Who's your daddy?" Biden and Romney had a child?!?

2) An allowance of more than 40 cents a week will just encourage the child to buy himself all-day suckers and rot out all his teeth.


She used Gorilla Glue as hairspray. After 15 washes and a trip to the ER, it still won’t budge.

Now Gorila Glue wants her for a testimonial. Sez the stupid are some of the best customers any company can have.


Marjorie Taylor Greene Argues Capitol Rioters Weren’t Trump Supporters

Sez she has definite proof that most of them were Venusians on holiday.


This man mistakenly left his wallet in Antarctica. Some 53 years later, he got it back.

"I had 7 dollars 50 cents in that wallet," said the man. "And it'd better be there!"


Europe's oldest person survives Covid just before 117th birthday

If we can't protect the world's oldest person from Covid, God help us all!


Trump’s lawyers say he was immediately ‘horrified’ by Capitol attack. Here’s what his allies and aides said really happened.

In exonerating Donald Trump Republicans will take on his guilt.


Republican State Legislatures Are Radicalizing Against Democracy -- [Republicans] want to blame and call fraudulent any institutions or any voter or any election that doesn’t turn out the way they want. Pennsylvania state Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta (D)

The greatest threat to American democracy at the present moment is the GOP's unwillingness to win votes by providing the best government for the greatest number of people and instead scheming to rig elections for bad government by an entrenched minority.


When you walk a dog, your mind is as likely to wander as the dog is

As the dog is... 'going?' Fortunately my dog 'goes' so quickly I can just pretend he never 'went' at all and 'run away' before anybody notices.


Never-Before-Seen Footage Shows Trump Supporters on Rampage

Watching the Impeachment Managers' presentation of the Jan. 6 violence it's plainly obvious why Trump watched all this with such glee and joy: That's just exactly the kind of vile creep Trump is.


The Trial May Hinge on a Single Word: Incitement

Sorry. The trial hinges on a single word: Republicans


Jim Jordan Shoots Himself In The Foot With ‘Monumentally Dumb’ Defense Of Trump

Isn't Jim Jordan a vampire? Has anybody actually seen Jim Jordan walking around in the sunshine? He certainly looks a lot like a vampire. Has he ever been seen swimming in Miami Beach?


Mounting evidence suggests Trump knew of danger to Pence when he attacked him as lacking ‘courage’ amid Capitol siege

I'm sorry, is there really anyone still left in this entire world who doesn't know that human beings are sheets of toilet tissue paper to Donald J. Trump?

Opinion: Democrats have one big weapon left against Trump. Will they use it?

Impeachment trial shows Pence under attack — yet he remains loyal to Trump

"Bring me the Kool-Aid! I long for a quaff of it!" [Pence's Epitaph.]


Americans Divided On Letting People Skip COVID-19 Vaccine For Religious Reasons

Is there anyone for letting people skip wearing clothes for religious reasons?


DeJoy’s new plan for USPS said to include slower mail, higher prices

My old man is also using this business model and selling fewer & fewer gumballs at higher & higher prices each: Sez his plan is to be able to sell every gumball for a million dollars a piece. [The Future of Stamps.] As he only has a single gumball machine.


The pandemic has left a huge cache of dinosaur bones stuck in the Sahara

Proof that the virus is at last 65 million years old. Or that nowadays dinosaurs are being hit by the virus as badly as are we. [Doesn't say.]


On a bed of lies and rage, Trump’s defense rests

Wow, is that what Trump's lawyers said? One honest true statement after all?!? [Damn it: Lost me 50 cents.]


Sen. Cassidy seen holding draft statement indicating support for acquittal, but he says he remains undecided

Oh shut up! You're gonna vote to acquit him. It's your paycheck against your integrity & your self-respect. [No contest for a Republican.] Your paycheck will win every time. [Actually Sen. Cassidy voted to convict, which stunned me. I didn't think there was that much principled self-respect left in the GOP.]

The 57-43 tally falls short of two-thirds vote needed to convict Trump on a charge of inciting Capitol riot -- Sens. Richard Burr (N.C.), Bill Cassidy (La.), Susan Collins (Maine), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), Mitt Romney (Utah), Ben Sasse (Neb.) and Patrick Toomey (Pa.) voted with Democrats.

Doodles and giggles: Some senators spend impeachment trial in distraction

Abettor of domestic terrorism and violent insurrection Kool-Aid Cruz's father must have been one terrific crack shot to have picked off Kennedy like that in a moving vehicle from the grassy knoll--Sure, we all know that Trump was the source for this scoop, but you have to remember that Trump was president for FOUR years and in all that time (having had access to this country's highest intelligence information) no one ever heard Trump say that he'd made a mistake about it (and that is about as good a confirmation as we're ever going to get on this). So my question to Kool-Aid Cruz is whether he knows if his father knocked off Kennedy for Castro or for the CIA? [Who knows, maybe his daddy told him on his deathbed before kicking the bucket.]


199 legal experts say Senate must not acquit over constitutionality issue

Don't worry: They won't. They'll acquit him on grounds that it will help them hold on to their iron rice bowls.


Analysis: If Conviction Is Out of Reach, Managers Seek Verdict From Public

I agree Republicans are too corrupt to impartially listen to reason, so the important thing is not to convict Donald Trump but to inform the American people just how wrong & self-serving the Republicans are about not convicting him.

Many Republicans have said they did not see a tight enough connection between the rampage and Mr. Trump’s effort to overturn his loss. Here’s the latest.

Donald Trump is going to be acquitted not because he's guilty or innocent but because the Republican jurors know they will be paid off [by being reelected if they acquit him]. And this is the important point that Americans must be shown by this trial.

Half of Republicans say that the Capitol violence was mostly antifa’s fault

Impeachment Offers Republicans Grace. They Don’t Want It. -- House managers are treating Trump’s enablers as his victims.

Opinion: The horror show Republicans want to ignore

Opinion: Trump lawyer David Schoen’s crazy theory on ‘Hannity’ unmasks the GOP’s ugly core

One wonders how all these Republicans can live with the near-universal consensus that holds and hereafter will always hold them to be so contemptible. It is a mystifying sight indeed to watch them go out into the noonday Sun to cash their government paychecks naked in their hairy guilt so shamelessly!

If Republicans won’t convict, bring on the handcuffs.

Trump acquitted on impeachment charge of inciting deadly attack on the Capitol

The Senate got smoking-gun evidence of Trump’s guilt. Most Republicans didn’t care.

Trump left them to die. 43 Senate Republicans still licked his boots.

Opinion: The massive GOP betrayal of our democracy requires a forceful Democratic response


Graham’s post-election call with Ga. secretary of state to be scrutinized in probe, person familiar with inquiry says

Oh go ahead & fine him $10 so we can all go home.


GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger’s Family Really Doesn’t Like His Criticism Of Donald Trump

Welcome to the club: I too have dear beloved relatives who have been brainwashed by Evangelists for years now. I dare not bring up anything controvertial in our conversations because, frankly, I would hate to find out that some of them are convinced the earth is flat. Something which is not entirely out of the question in cases like theirs, believe me.


McConnell Criticizes Trump in Blistering Speech After Voting to Acquit

Head waiter at the post-Trump acquittal Kool-Aid party Mitch McConnell ripped his shirt and beat his breast--he was not trying for raw naked bluster but simply trying to get his heart going again after quaffing down the Kool-Aid to the greater glory of Donald Trump. [Some onlookers did die laughing, though.]

McConnell would have happily considered finding Trump guilty, were it not for Mitch McConnell

Opinion: Mitch McConnell got exactly what he deserved


Sen. Lindsey Graham Brushes Off Trump’s Election Lies: ‘I’m Into Winning’

Trump's Royal Food Taster 'Kool-Aid Lindsey Graham' then claimed that "Cheating is the new American way."


Melania Trump Doesn't Mention Donald Trump In Happy Valentine's Day Posts

If she's smart she'll divorce Trump before he loses all his money.

Impeachment’s Over. Bring On the Criminal Investigations.


Twitter Critics Go Bonkers After Lindsey Graham Pushes Lara Trump As N.C. Senator

Trump, on the other hand, was so pleased that from now on he will leave his pants on whenever Lindsey kisses his ass.


Republicans suggest that collapse of electrical system in GOP-run Texas is Democrats’ fault

They're probably right: I suppose if Democrats had gone into Texas years ago and shot up all the Republicans they could find there Texas wouldn't be having the troubles they're now having, that's for sure.

Beto O'Rourke: Republican Leadership Is Turning Texas Into A 'Failed State'

The solution is to make sure that incompetent anti-science Republicans never get elected again.


GOP Sen. Ron Johnson Says Capitol Riot ‘Didn’t Seem Like An Armed Insurrection To Me’

Sez it sort of reminded him of some of his own family reunions.


PA GOP Official Says Senator Wasn’t At Trump Trial To ‘Do The Right Thing’

Sez he was there to do Evil, "Pure and simple!" [I believe that's called the Trump Effect.]


Only the truth will keep Trump away

Don't kid yourself: Only the slammer will keep Trump away.

Opinion: A congressman used the Ku Klux Klan Act to sue Trump. The lawsuit should be the first of many.


57 GOP State And Local Officials Were At The Capitol Insurrection -- Meanwhile, Republicans continue to cast the Capitol rioters as a lunatic fringe who do not represent the party.

Claim the fact that they were all following Trump's marching orders and professed complete allegiance only to him (exactly like almost every Republican elected official in the nation does) proves beyond doubt that they were only a tiny far-removed lunatic fringe sliver of the GOP.

‘He Wants Us To Make It WILD’: Feds Lay Out How Trump Rhetoric Fueled Oath Keepers

U.S. investigating possible ties between Roger Stone, Alex Jones and Capitol rioters

Opinion: Sane Republicans need to leave the GOP


Alaska Woman Attacked By Bear While Using Outhouse!

No shit!


People Rave Over Mark Hamill Movie That Doesn’t Exist On ‘Kimmel’

Well, that movie may not exist on ‘Kimmel’ but I saw it last week and thought it was pretty good.


Woman Under Insurrection Investigation Made Video Threatening To Shoot FBI Agents

Sez the best defense is a good offense.


Tiger Woods recovering from back surgery and hopes to be at Masters

I really feel for Tiger: Recovering from physical ills is bad enough, but recovering from hopes is a bitch!


As Biden seeks end to Yemen war, rebels press offensive for strategic province

Wonder how Biden might feel about the Houthis gaining control of Saudi Arabia, because I don't believe they and the Iranians are going to be satisfied with just gaining control of Yemen.


Trump Inauguration Donor Sentenced To 12 Years In Prison

There's a case of a Trump mob associate who would have appreciated the court having done things more quickly in his case... like before Trump left office.


Nicaragua creates Ministry of Extraterrestrial Space Affairs

Say that as soon as their scientists can figure out how to fly a donkey wagon to the moon they'll be there (out there, actually).


Ted Cruz’s Flimsy Excuse For His Cancun Beach Vacation Just Fell Apart

In Ted Cruz’s defense: C'mon, certainly everybody should know by now what a stupendous liar Ted is. [He's a Republican, for Heaven's sakes!]


Storm Victims Didn’t Bring It on Themselves

Least, not those who didn't vote Republican.


What Are Sperm Telling Us?

"Outta the way, pal! Get out my way!!!"


Supreme Court ends Trump’s bid to shield his tax returns and effort to challenge election losses

Trump’s tax returns have been turned over to Manhattan district attorney

New York City Tax Agency Subpoenaed In Trump Criminal Probe

What New York Prosecutors Could Learn From Trump’s Tax Records

Impeachment is over. But other efforts to reckon with Trump’s post-election chaos have just begun. -- "A lawyer for Kaardal had argued this month ... that Kaardal had acted in good faith and that disciplinary action would have a “chilling effect” on future litigants who assert similarly good-faith arguments in challenging existing law."

Great. So now Kaardal and all these other Trump lawyers will finally be able to bring to court all the proofs that they were acting in good faith (all their indisputable evidence that the election was indeed corrupt and stolen by Joe Biden). Then the judge(s) will undoubtedly say, "Ah! I see now how you'all were indeed acting in good faith! Case(s) dismissed!" And after that all the Trump lawyers will be able to go skipping home to Valhalla singing Wagnerian operas with laurels & sundry other fruits & vegetables.

Trump may soon have to answer rape allegations under oath

Opinion: How Merrick Garland should decide whether to prosecute Trump

How the effort to deny the reality of the Jan. 6 attack is evolving

Critics slam Sen. Ron Johnson for unfounded claim that ‘fake Trump protesters’ led riots: ‘It’s disgraceful’

Dominion files defamation lawsuit against MyPillow CEO over false claims voting machines were rigged against Trump

I have nothing against Giuliani or Lindell, but they're pushing this lie when they know perfectly well that it's a total and complete fabrication of Trump's putrid brain--I actually hope both of these guys like me because I have some money down sez once they get to the end of the line and the courts laugh at their so-called 'evidence' they're each probably gonna put a bullet through their heads sooner or later: I've seen this before, people who actually believe their own lies and can't bring themselves to acknowledging they've lied & humbly ask for forgiveness--So the only way they see not having to face up to their being totally & completely proven %100 wrong is putting a bullet through their heads--Right now my money is on Lindell and Giuliani, but there may be some others, especially lawyers and public servants. Trump hasn't finished killing people yet (least of all his own people).

You wanna save their lives? Lock'em up now & place them under suicide watch--All except Trump, of course, who is a shameless & remorseless criminal. If Giuliani blows his brains out I don't doubt Trump's reaction will be to laugh and comment outloud: "What a nut!" [I also have a couple of bucks down on this.]

Mike Lindell made his bed with Trump’s bogus conspiracies. Now, he gets to lie in it.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s Social Media Announcement Gets The Treatment On Twitter


The future of Star Wars has arrived, and it takes place hundreds of years in the past

Instead of Light Sabers they will duel with big heavy clumsy clubs with which they will bash each other's skulls until one of'em's brain spills out. Neat!


Poet whose San Francisco bookstore catapulted the Beat Generation to fame dies at 101

Yeah, the one line of Lawrence Ferlinghetti's 'poetry' I can never let go of is his crack that "even Cubans wear underwear." What the Hell kind of people this bum thought we Cubans are?!?


Doctors extract fishhook from fisherman's eye and manage to save it

Oh, good because some of those fishhooks can be really expensive.


The Milky Way May Be Swarming With Planets With Oceans and Continents Like Here on Earth

Nonsense! The Earth is not swarming with planets with oceans and continents. If it were I would have certainly moved to one of'em years ago.


Greg Sargent: The opposition to confirming Neera Tanden is based on a lie

What, Republicans going with a lie?!? Not possible! [Republicans are the party of many & many unceasing unending lies & lies & lies.]

Opinion: What terrible things did Neera Tanden tweet? The truth.


Ardi may have been more chimplike than initially thought — or not

Who wouldn't know this?!? [I'll read the article when they make up their minds.]


Lady Gaga offers $500,000 reward for two stolen dogs

This Lady Gaga has way way too much money. My dog was stolen too and I offered $20 for his return--That was enough to get me the pooch back & the guy even offered to give me $20 if I took it back when I told him he could keep the dog if he wanted it.


A Capitol rioter texted his ex during the insurrection to call her a ‘moron,’ feds say. She turned him in.

"Hello, Martha? It was me robbed that bank and I'm not sharing any of the cash with you--Who's the moron now? You moron!"


The U.S.-Canada border has been closed for nearly a year. Who is allowed to cross?

Only those carrying a wad of cash.


McConnell Says He’d ‘Absolutely’ Back Trump In 2024 Presidential Race

Sez who ever heard of a Republican standing by his principles, for Heavens' sakes!? If you can find one that has'em, of course:

Kevin McCarthy and Chip Roy defended Liz Cheney and criticized Trump. Now both have reversed course.


Trump called McConnell a ‘hack.’ But McConnell says he would ‘absolutely’ back him if he wins 2024 nomination.

Who can object to being called by name? [Mitch knows what he is.]


‘RIP Mr. Potato Head.’ Some fans lash out as iconic childhood toy goes gender-free

Ever since I noticed as a kid just how much Mr. Potato Head looked like my Uncle Benny I've been pretty much waiting for this announcement, really. But... shouldn't this be insulting to the LGBTQ community? I mean, why didn't they make G.I. Joe or He-Man transsexuals instead of Mr. Potato Head!? I'd look into this.


Georgia Prosecutor Investigating Trump Call Urges Patience

Oh go ahead & fine him $10 so we can all go home.


Costco CEO Doesn’t Get Why Lindsey Graham Is So Upset About A $15 Minimum Wage

In Lindsey Graham's defense: Apparently the Costco CEO just doesn't understand that some people cannot be happy without making others miserable. "Stupid he!"


Twitter Has A Field Day With Golden Trump Statue At CPAC -- "Seriously, did these folks not read the Old Testament?"

"Until Moses comes along," Republicans shot back, "and kicks our asses all to Hell we shall continue to revel in the evil worship of the Golden Trump!"

Former CPAC Chair Minces No Words Slamming What The Event, GOP Have Now Become

Opinion: Republicans are barking up the wrong voter suppression tree -- The frequently heard argument that “if voting wasn’t important, Republicans wouldn’t be trying so hard to keep you from doing it” is never more compelling than when the news is full of GOP voter suppression efforts.

Opinion: The GOP is not even trying to disguise its racism anymore

Faith Leaders Denounce The Radicalization Of White Christians In Wake Of Capitol Riot

Opinion: Republicans’ real beef with the Jan. 6 commission


The Pentagon is investing in weapons that can decide when to kill on the battlefield. But can we teach machines to fight ethically?

Oh I think once you've started making machines that can decide on their own when to kill people you've pretty much thrown ethics in the garbage a long time ago.


Why We Must Celebrate Black Women Always

Answer: You don't wanna get Black bitch-slapped. It's the worst.


Confessions of a compassionate hit man

"... and whenever I killed somebody I always made sure I'd ask him whether he wanted me to do it the hard way or the easy way..."


Rand Paul’s ignorant questioning of Rachel Levine showed why we need her in government

Although not as much as we need Rand Paul out of it, of course.


U.K. Supreme Court rules woman who joined Islamic State as teen cannot return to Britain

How long before we see her in the streets of Chicago? [Current odds please.]


Trump is building a political operation to cement his hold on the GOP

Not unprecedented: Al Capone still ran his mob while in the federal pen. [Will Merrick Garland become the new Eliot Ness?]


Why Biden, who promised unity, is relying on a partisan legislative process to pass coronavirus relief

Answer: It takes two to tango.


Why Are Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos So Interested in Space?

Answer: When you don't have to worry about putting food on the table thinking about nothing begins to seem important.


Is There Life on Mars?

Answer: There will be once we get there. [Or we'll die tring.]


The Mexican president’s decision to stand by an accused rapist insults victims of gender violence

And how many women have accused Donald Trump of raping them? [I believe it's now up to 26.] Yet almost all Republicans & White Evangelical Christians stand by him.


How to Get Really Rich!

1) First, make sure you start out rich.


Russia says U.S. gave only few minutes’ warning before Syria strike

Although they say that was enough time to phone the terrorists a quick warning about it. However, they say it would still be helpful if next time the U.S. gives Russia more advance warning.


Republicans Are Pushing A Wave Of Voter Restrictions. Democrats’ Top Priority Would Stop Them.

Oh, go ahead & pass laws which only allow white gentlemen landholders to vote already, Republicans, so we can all go home.

A GOP lawmaker defending voting rules said the ‘quality’ of a vote matters. Critics say that evokes Jim Crow.

The voting wars come to Capitol Hill: Democrats eye national elections overhaul amid GOP crackdown


Why false narratives so often trump reality

Because while proven true narratives have to be learned with great effort & often disappoint our self-delusions, hubris, and sense of self-importance ["We're just like everybody else, oy!"]... false narratives often simply OK all the shit we want to believe because it makes us feel good about ourselves, powerful, or just justifies taking cash out of other people's pockets and sticking it into ours.

Rewriting January 6th: Republicans push false and misleading accounts of Capitol riot

Georgia Prosecutor Probing Trump Taps Leading Racketeering Attorney


Former French president Sarkozy gets one-year prison term for corruption

"Hey, Mister Trump! Are you paying attention?"


South Carolina could force death row inmates to choose between electric chair, firing squad

"And how's the Morphine overdose looking today, Garçon?"

"Well done, old man! Well done."


Robo-writers: the rise and risks of language-generating AI -- A remarkable AI can write like humans — but with no understanding of what it’s saying.

Hey, don't be so sure that's not exactly how most humans go about it too.


Opinion: The worst-kept secret: Conservatism has no value(s) -- Trump falsely claims he ‘requested’ 10,000 troops rejected by Pelosi

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) claimed at CPAC (Crazy Party Adoring Calves) that he was not a vampire but refused to kiss a Crucifix unless it had a little Trump figurine mounted on it.

CPAC denies its stage was Nazi symbol, host hotel calls symbol ‘abhorrent’


Can physics prove if God exists?

Well, apparently it's already proven Santa Claus exists (and tracks him every Christmas on radar). So, why not! Proving the Tooth Fairy exists might prove a lot more difficult, though, because that will involve large amounts of hard cash.

My reality is what I know to exist. Something which might not necessarily agree with anybody else's reality. Therefore "there is no reality" except what we might agree to democratically or get a bump from bumping into it. The problem with "Trump's reality" is that not very many people agree with it; which made him non compos mentis by definition--unless he had managed to become king, of course. Then we might have all become forever imprisoned in his singularly twisted & warped reality, where it doesn't really matter how many unfortunate saps get bumped off.


A puzzling British obsession

I know: Continually showing off all your rotting teeth to everybody! [Eww!]


Elon Musk’s SpaceX Starship rocket lands successfully but then explodes

Yeah, we know: "It was all going perfectly up until it blew up." [Hey, one outta two ain't bad.]


All the reasons Puerto Rico statehood efforts keep stalling

Let's see... how many Republicans are there in Congress?


Of course Fox News would rather talk about Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head than the Capitol riot hearing

It reflects their mental age. We know: Write what you know.


What is a doula? And other answers to common questions.

I'm not too sure, but I think me doula's oblongata.


Man buys bowl worth up to $500,000 for $35 at a yard sale

Ah! Now I remember what I did with the loot from the bank robbery.


Biden Calls States’ Moves to Ease Virus Rules ‘Neanderthal Thinking’

As someone with some residual/regressive Neanderthal genes myself: I resent that!


Keanu Reeves on the joy of writing his first comic book: ‘Why not? That sounds amazing!’

Sez the hardest part was picking between "Pow!" and "Bang!"


Eric Trump is looking to sell his family’s Florida mansion. Got $49 million to spare?

I suspect all the Trumps' properties will soon end up in a fire sale because they all need to stash their cash in Russia [not POTUS but] PRONTO.

Self-Proclaimed Billionaire Trump Now Begging Small-Dollar Donors For Money

In Trump probe, Manhattan district attorney puts pressure on his longtime chief financial officer


Brian Kemp Says He’d ‘Absolutely’ Back Trump — Who Called Him A ‘Nut Job’ — In 2024

Sez his humiliation at the hands of Trump just shows that Trump really loves him.


China needs a baby boom to avert a demographic crisis. Small steps won’t be enough.

There's a point at which people will agree there are just too many of us on this planet you say...?


With the pandemic far from over, Texas Republicans blame immigrants for spreading the virus

Sure. I can dig it: I lost the TV remote yesterday for a couple of minutes and I too blamed the immigrants.


He told the world about his brutal torture in Syria. Then, mysteriously, he went back.

Turns out he enjoys being tortured after all.


‘I...really struggled through this one’: A Republican senator chose history over oil and gas

You have to understand that most Republicans really have to struggle hard to agree that the right thing is what they ought to do.


Trump Goes Full Cancel Culture As He Angrily Demands Fox News Fire Karl Rove

I love it: These GOP worms are faithful to Trump even though they know that sooner or later Trump's gonna be calling for their heads. And even when he does they'll still remain faithful to him!

Five or six of these big-time Republicans calling out Trump day in & day out would kill Trump dead once and for all but they don't do it because they're such big-time cowards one & all: If they were only cowards up to here they would do it, but they're cowards way up to there & that's the reason Trump lives on.


Is the Burger Nearing Extinction?

Mine is.


My Husband And I Thought Education Was A Way Out Of Poverty. Now We’re $718,000 In Debt.

Shoulda known that the only way out of poverty in this country is ditch-digging or flipping burgers!


I Look White To Many. I’m Black. This Is What White People Say To Me.

"Howdy, cousin!"

"I ain't your cousin, I'm a brother!"

"Well, Momma did say our Daddy was some'm of a Lover Boy."


Nicolas Cage Married In Vegas For *FIFTH* Time

Just hope this time around he and this wife don't steal a baby.


She started the virtual date showing off fancy tapas. He had ordered a burrito.

She went off on The Dance of A Thousand Tapas. While he was sitting down for The Donkey Show. Bad start, sure.


Ukrainian tycoon banned from entering US for corruption

Too bad, too, because ever since Trump we're had some of the best corruption on the entire planet in this country.


N.Y. state Senate majority leader says Gov. Andrew Cuomo ‘must resign’

Cuomo says he will resign just as soon as he finds three of four girls willing to sleep with an old man uglier than a Mafia leg-breaker who's not governor of New York State.


Cow cuddling has become a thing for lonely hearts in the pandemic

Just be careful: I was kicked in the head by a cow [doing this] and I don't think I've been quite right since.


20-year-old cat missing since Hurricane Matthew reunited with NC family years later

"You sure this is the same cat? Our cat only had three legs."


A woman living in Hialeah disappeared. Cops say they found her in her husband’s backyard

Husband sez he has no idea how she managed to dismember herself and then bury herself there. But he's very miffed with her about it.


Twitter Critics Vent After Pastor Presents ‘Trophy Wife’ Melania Trump As Model Woman

Sure. But who can afford to buy a wife like this--even if one like Melania went on sale?


Lindsey Graham Says Trump Could Make The GOP Stronger -- Or Destroy It

Well, Trump has pretty much destroyed everything he's ever put his hands on throughout his life. So... stronger if he becomes a Democrat, destroy it if he stays a Republican.


Billionaire philanthropist MacKenzie Scott, ex-wife of Jeff Bezos, remarries

Rats! I was gonna take the bus over to see if I could marry her.


The $15 minimum wage is not dead

As soon as the minimum wage should be $30 it'll live again.


Could lab-grown meat help tackle climate change?

Or, Frankenstein Meets Einstein's Brain?


'Dating my way out of extinction'

Novel way of putting the story of life on this planet.


'First dogs' leave White House over biting incident

In dogs' defense: Dogs do three things, bark, crap, and bite. You don't enjoy any one of'em--don't get dogs.


A sea slug’s detached head can crawl around and grow a whole new body

But not before scaring the bejesus outta a lot of other sea slugs.


Women Dominated Beer Brewing Until They Were Accused of Being Witches

Ironically, mostly by drunks.


Syrian presidency says President Bashar Assad and his wife have tested positive for coronavirus; both are doing good

Apparently getting Covid has turned them into a benevolent couple.


Trump requests mail-in ballot to vote in Palm Beach Municipal election

Watch he doesn't make two/three hundred copies of it and turned them in with dead people's names on'em: He's been talking about this for ages!


How to preheat your skillet to avoid a sticky situation

What? More foreplay advice?


She found her birth father via DNA. He’s a fugitive accused of killing his whole family.

Sez she was very eager to find her birth father because she hates her whole family to death.


Greg Cote Show podcast: Ex-NFL star Ricky Williams talks Dolphins, astronomy, cannabis and more

Well, first he started talking cannabis, then the room filled up with smoke so one eye couldn't see the other eye over our noses, after which we kinda lost track of time, and that's when we started talking astronomy and more... astrophysics & shit like that.


Saddest Homecoming Ever? Trump Greeted By A Single Supporter In New York Return.

Probably a process-server.


‘QAnon Shaman’ stays in jail as judge slams his arguments: ‘So frivolous as to insult the Court’s intelligence’

Translation: He's the prototypical Republican.


Biden’s name will not appear on coronavirus relief checks, White House says

Sez Biden's not some nutcase, for Heaven's sakes.


How Pepe Le Pew became the latest character in the culture war

He's French. Everybody hates the French.


Miss Manners: Am I unreasonable for wanting to be thanked?

Only if you don't pull out a gun. Once you pull out a gun then it's more than reasonable for everybody to thank you--a lot.


GOP Senator Who Voted Against COVID-19 Relief Already Taking Credit For Bill's Benefits

"When you're enjoying this bill's benefits," sez the senator: "You can thank your lucky stars you voted only for me--And not for TWO Republican senators like me."


‘I am the last shepherd in my family’

Or, The Man Who Ate The Last Lamb.


How much do you trust the media? A famous editor will lead FIU livestream discussion

Most of the people around here don't trust the media at all. The person they trust most is this guy sells fish out of a cart who happens to be a Republican like them.


Zion National Park search for woman cost $60K, report says

Cops happen to be wearing really expensive Gucci shoes which got worn down a lot.


Rochester police officer kills man wielding a knife and yelling, ‘Just shoot me’

Always wonder why the cops never shoot guys like these in the legs, unless he's a tapdancer or something.


Trump requests a mail-in ballot after months of falsely crying ‘fraud’ on mail-in ballots

What? Trump doesn't believe the lies he's pushing on everybody else?! It cannot be!


Bush And Clinton Portraits Hidden By Trump Are Once Again Displayed In White House

You know Trump was planning to say he'd been president during those two guys' terms too. And now you have the proof.


MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Reveals What Now ‘Terrifies’ Her About The GOP

How did the GOP manage in such a short time to make sure that only people who had not graduated higher than the third grade joined the party, I know.

A quarter of Americans and a third of Republicans say they don’t plan to get the coronavirus vaccine

Michael Gerson: White evangelicals are wary of the vaccine. It shouldn’t come as a surprise.


Biden’s party-line approach has worked so far. But Sen. Joe Manchin wants bipartisanship.

Manchin sez he doesn't feel comfortable if the ship of state plies only the ocean blue and wants to also stick in on some rocks. You know, see how that works out.


We Were Born to Be Kissed in the Dark

Or, Tales of The Really Ugly.


Law enforcement groups dispute GOP senator’s insinuation they were coerced to support Biden Justice Dept. nominee

My God, there really is nothing Republicans won't lie about!


NASA Uses Navajo Language To Name Rocks And Other Features Of Mars

Navajos fearful the government might be planning to move them to a reservation on the moon now.


Why Older People Managed to Stay Happier Through the Pandemic

Because they never thought they'd make it this far anyway.


The COVID-19 pandemic is now a year old. What have scientists learned?

To avoid it like the plague.


Ron Johnson Says He Would Have Been ‘Concerned’ About Black Capitol Rioters

Sez they probably would have come in playing loud music & shit. And then he would have had to call the cops on their asses.


Ask Amy: My boyfriend’s apartment is decorated with images of naked or almost-naked women

Could be quite innocent, like maybe his family are all nudists. Did you take a look at the women's faces? Could be his aunts, sisters, mother, grandmother...


Why changing the legislative filibuster isn't so simple

Sen. Joe Manchin


Dog Rescue Charity Linked To Lara Trump Funneling Money Into Donald Trump’s Pocket

Dogs?!? Is there nothing Trump won't try to make a crooked buck off of?!


Why Democrats Think the Stimulus Bill Could Upend the Next Election -- The party is hoping that the $1.9 trillion package will restore a sense of normalcy by the 2022 elections, and that voters will defy history.

Then they had better start an ad campaign in their own behalf now because history has proven time & time again that GOP propagandists can convince their people that anyone feeding them is really trying to poison them.


This column stinks: A mystery smell in our house has us on nasal alert

Mystery my ass.


Flying is safer than driving, even during the pandemic. These statistics show why.

Maybe, but who'd rather be in a plane crash than in a fender-bender? Go ahead, ask.


‘We want to be educated, not indoctrinated,’ say Trump voters wary of covid shots

So does my dog. I'm thinking of sending him to college.


'When I beat the boys, they feel terrible'

You know, this makes perfect sense.


The Vatican decrees that the Catholic Church cannot bless same-sex unions since God 'cannot bless sin.'

Vatican sez it has the power to order God to do whatever it want Him to do. Including not blessing the creatures He created in his own Image--And there's nothing He can do about it.


What is Trump’s eternal fate? The Legions of Darkness have some thoughts.

What is Trump’s eternal fate? There are people in his world who know that if you break the law you go to prison. And then there are others who just refuse to acknowledge this until they're actually in prison for breaking the law. Trump is obviously a rag of the latter cloth.

Opinion: Trump’s latest explosion of rage against the GOP bodes badly for our future

How to Tame the Presidency After Trump

Trump faces an onslaught of legal problems, as investigations and dozens of lawsuits trail him from Washington to Florida


Trump Should Encourage His Supporters To Get Vaccinated, Fauci Says

Sorry, no can do: Trump can only hurt people. It is not in Trump's nature to help anyone.

1918 Germany Has a Warning for America


Who’s Making Sure A.I. Machines Aren’t Racist?

White people. So, don't worry.


Republicans’ rhetoric on H.R. 1 is apocalyptic. Are they that afraid of democracy?

Do you have to ask? Didn't most of the GOP in this country promote and then defend the violent attempt to overthrow democracy on Jan.6 by claiming that a legitimate vote 'is' illegitimate?

Republicans Who Voted To Overturn Election Say Congress Should Stay Out Of Elections -- A stunning 147 Republicans in Congress voted to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election based on lies about widespread voter fraud -- lies that, by lawmakers’ own admission, incited supporters of then-President Donald Trump to violently storm the U.S. Capitol in January.

Trump's base have been called all kinds of things, but the term which best fits them is shit-eaters as they eat up all the shit comes out Trump's ass.

Rachel Maddow Ridicules Republicans With Their Safe Word For Trump -- “I mean this is some masochistic stuff right here," she said of GOP'ers who keep prostrating themselves before Trump.

Opinion: Why the relief bill is a threat to everything Republicans believe in

What the GOP voting restrictions actually do vs. what proponents claim

Opinion: Republicans’ attacks on voting are notching up victories. It’s degrading democracy.

Republicans aren’t fighting Democrats. They’re fighting democracy.

Opinion: Make voting rights suppressors pay

Opinion: Why Congress should require its members to be elected by a majority of votes

Opinion: Voters are leaving Republicans behind

Opinion: H.R. 1 and H.R. 4 would reform our democracy. They’d also help our economy.

Opinion: Goodbye and good riddance to the filibuster


Marvel Comics To Unveil A Gay ‘Captain America’ In Time For Pride Month

Frankly I always believed all those 'Super Heroes' were gay. How else do you explain their gay attires? You think your old man would ever go out dressed like that? [Least, not where other people might see him.]


Teenage ‘mastermind’ involved in celebrity Twitter hack will serve three-year sentence

He will be the 4,887,793rd 'mastermind' in prison. Donald Trump is still on track to be the five-millionth.


Can Anything End the Voting Wars?

Yes. Two or three decades of Democratic victories.


Texans QB Deshaun Watson denies sexual misconduct alleged by massage therapists in lawsuits

Oh, he's definitely headed for Miami: That's where all the hand grenades land.


Russia Recalls Its Ambassador After Biden Calls Putin a Killer -- The Kremlin described President Biden’s response to an interview question about President Vladimir Putin as “very bad.”

Sez the proper term for him is "murderer" as even killing a cockroach properly makes anyone a "killer."

Turkey's Erdogan says Biden comments on Putin 'unacceptable'

Sez he wanted to be called that by Biden.


Prince Philip Discharged After A Month In The Hospital

His insurance must have run out.


A dozen Republicans vote against Congressional Gold Medal for police who protected them Jan. 6

Republicans said it's not fair that the Trump insurrectionists got none. ["After all," said they: "Our insurrectionists did as good or an even better job at their work than the cops did at theirs."]


Wisconsin Republicans Vote To Honor Rush Limbaugh After Rejecting Black History Push

"Eh, what the Hell," said one Republican: "Everybody already knows we're racists."

Rep. Jim Clyburn Bluntly Sums Up Sen. Ron Johnson On CNN: ‘The Guy Is Racist’


Arizona Newspaper Slaps Down Gov. Ducey’s Lies About Border Drug Busts

What? A Republican spreading lies?! Impossibowl.


My Husband And I Left Our Spouses To Be Together. Here’s What I’ve Learned About Love.

It makes you not care about how many lives you ruin, including those of your own kids. Isn't love great!


How can I stop my houseplants dying?

Give them to somebody who actually cares whether they live or die.


How to Collect $1.4 Trillion in Unpaid Taxes

1) Hit Trump with a 30 years stretch in the pen for tax evasion

Laurence Tribe: Evidence Appears To Support Sedition Charge Against Trump


Is Air Frying Healthy, Or Are We Just Fooling Ourselves?

Don't answer this: Are Hershey's Kisses healthy? [I wanna keep fooling myself.]


Watch Horrifying Moment Dad Takes Toddler Into Zoo Elephant Pen — And Animal Charges

In dad's defense: It was next to impossible to get into the lions' enclosure that day. Especially with that kid hanging on.


Imagine 2025 with a Republican government and no filibuster. Welcome to the apocalypse.

Yes. That may indeed happen if Republicans are allowed to keep thwarting millions of American voters.

Opinion: Republicans’ big lie about the filibuster


Biden team searches for new ways to slow border surge

Why, for Heaven's sakes? The children coming through the border are America's future doctors and civil servants, scientists and engineers, inventors, artisans, innovators & entrepreneurs, its business movers & shakers. They are America's future farmers and firemen, policemen, lawyers, judges... they are the future of America. Think about what these kids have already accomplished: They are exactly the kind of people that America needs most, and we want to stop it?! Because--?

No. Instead let's help them rise to their level of competence so they can improve our lines of communication & civil discourse.

GOP Senator Slammed For Criticizing Biden’s ‘Humane Treatment Of Immigrants’ -- "Imagine thinking it’s a bad thing to want to treat all humans humanely," one Twitter user noted.


He hit a $1.2 million jackpot, then lost the winning lottery ticket

X-ray the dog.


Southwestern Iceland sees 1st volcanic eruption in nearly 800 years

Icelanders who saw the first one said this one was much bigger.


Russian Foreign Minister: Relations with EU have been 'destroyed'

Well, at least one Russian can see the harm Putin has done to his country.


Houston Coach's Anguish After 20th Straight Loss Will Break Your Heart

Unless you made a bundle betting against Houston, of course.


Sidney Powell Says ‘No Reasonable Person’ Would Believe Her Election Fraud Lies

Apparently that includes a number of judges before whom she helped bring lies knowing perfectly well they were lies!

Sidney Powell does an about-face on her Stop the Steal claims

But at least I see that Dominion's defamation lawsuits are beginning to have a salutary effect on Ms. Powell.


A look inside the plans for the Trump Social Network

It is a good idea, actually. With a lot of potential. But like everything Trump has ever put his mind to throughout his entire life, this too will eventually end up in bankruptcy & ruin. Don't ask me how because Trump will find a way to blow it up which no one can possibly see coming now. But it's his nature, his fate.

Trump hotels have been dropped by a major luxury travel agency network


Fight Over Voting Rights Bill Begins As Republicans Say Voter Suppression Isn’t A Problem

In an unrelated item: Bank robbers said that robbing banks is no problem at all.


My team found 2,000 plastic bags inside a dead camel

We were walking in Miami Beach and stumbled on a dead camel. So my girlfriend says, "Let's cut it open & see what we find."


A Post analysis found that seven Republicans scheduled on Thursday to grill the CEOs of Facebook, Google and Twitter about election misinformation sent tweets that advanced baseless narratives of election fraud.

In a perfect world these politicians would never again be elected to any office in the land. Too bad America is not yet the perfect world: These politicians are even now scheming to rig upcoming elections in which clearly unworthy politicians like themselves can thwart the people's will & simply elect themselves!

Extremism and bad candidates cost the GOP the Senate before. What does the party do now?

Ted Cruz’s misleading memories of his 2013 gun proposal


Israel faces another political impasse, thanks to Netanyahu

You know, I wish people would stop sparing democracy's tender feelings: Israel's problems are all of the Israelis' making. Just say it, for Heaven's sakes!

The best way to fix something is to find out where it's broken.


Republicans sound early note of opposition to infrastructure plan

Republicans also sounded notes of opposition to anything AND everything (in case they ever come up).


Stop telling this lie, Republicans. It’s insulting to your voters.

NOTE: You may substitute anything Republicans have said, say, or will ever say for "this."


Ted Cruz To Republicans: Do Not Compromise On Harsher Voting Restrictions

Ignore this, Democrats, and keep on-message: Helping others is the way to go--It is the winning argument: The only message you will ever need to win! Just push that message and then follow it up with as much helping others as you can and you will never need to cheat to win any election. The Republicans' message is that helping others is bad for you. "You on you own" is a losing argument. And that is why the Republicans can only get elected by cheating on their elections. They know this and that is why they're everywhere desperately trying to come up with ever more sinister schemes to cheat on elections.

Opinion: Trump is exposing the ugly truth about the GOP plan to retake power

Opinion: Republicans’ refusal to restore the Voting Rights Act is telling -- Republicans complain that Democrats are seeking to “federalize” voting rights; our Constitution already did it more than 150 years ago. The 15th Amendment, like the VRA, is a federal restriction on states. Voting is a fundamental right at the heart of our democracy, and the notion that individual states should be free to hamper, deter or disenfranchise voters is an obnoxious repudiation of our democracy. The real question for Republicans is why they want to dismantle a fundamental, federal right. We have yet to hear any plausible answer.

Opinion: A scorching reply to Georgia’s vile new voting law unmasks a big GOP lie

Opinion: Georgia must hold the line on democracy — again


Driver wanted for intentionally ramming into man has ‘violent tendencies,’ police say

Makes sense to me.


The time has come to share power with the Taliban

Maybe the time has also come for the police to share power with the criminals.

Children as young as 11 beheaded by Mozambique militants, aid group says


Delusional Trump Makes Bizarre ‘Hugging And Kissing’ Claim About Capitol Riot

Now, the reason these people (unlike FOX's sued election liars) can say that Donald Trump is a fruitcake is that Trump would never dream of suing for libel or defamation those who say that he's a fruitcake since Trump knows perfectly well that he's a fruitcake (and in the process of discovery for such a trial he would have to agree to subject himself to a thorough examination by a psychiatrist to determine if the statement is malicious defamation & false or the simple truth). And Trump knows (perfectly well) that he would come out of that psychiatric interview with cherries on his coiffure and pineapple shoulder pads.

And now you know why FOX News may soon be owned in part or entirely by Dominion Voting Systems and by Smartmatic--Hope they know how to run a news outlet better than the hubrid-sniffing Murdochs.

Delusional Trump Makes Bizarre ‘Hugging And Kissing’ Claim About Capitol Riot

A vivid reminder that the threat to American democracy remains

Fox News sued by Dominion Voting for $1.6 billion over election fraud claims


Sailing crew has extraterrestrial hopes

Say the big challenge for them is [first] figuring out how to row to the moon.


Book Review: What Does It Mean to Be a Living Person?

Answer: You don't have to spend all your time in the coffin.


A psychiatric patient wanted to talk about God. A stranger started a conversation that lasted 14 years.

Same thing happened to me while waiting for a bus once.


I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts: People With Mind-Blindness Not So Easily Spooked

Except by English teachers, of course.


Can Rwanda's unique milk bars survive?

I don't think so: The chocolate milk bars taste much better.


Trump’s Final Days of Rage and Denial

Trump’s ‘Stupid’ Gov. Kemp Call ‘Bordered On Criminality’: Former Senate Leader Harry Reid

Trump is performing his misery [his miserable Last Act] exactly as everyone who was interested in revenge would have loved he would.

I may be naive, but I don't think it would really have occurred to Nixon to become a dictator. Trump, on the other hand, was not only actively trying to become America's dictator but not a benevolent dictator. Had Trump not been such an incompetent moron and become our master he would have unleashed such a bloodbath on the American People the thought of it makes me shudder!

I actually felt pity for Nixon. But, Trump is such an out-and-out unabashed unrepentant criminal that I don't feel the least guilt admitting I am quite enjoying Trump's anguished cries of pain.

The best outcome for this nation is that Trump finally is brought to a proper court of law and is convicted as a rapist and for all his other crimes then sent to prison for the rest of his life. That's probably the only thing that will finally erase his luster in the eyes of his most sick and craven followers.

Donald Trump is hands down the most prolific mass murderer in America's history. He did not simply 'just let it happen' like some unpreventable inevitability out of sheer ignorance or neglect (because he was maybe too busy out playing golf). No. He intentionally directed that it happen for perceived personal gain. And that is the perfect definition of first degree murder--This monstrosity Trump has confessed to not only to Bob Woodward but in countless public statements because Donald Trump is simply too dense to grasp the simple fact that while he cannot be prosecuted for his crimes while in office he can certainly be prosecuted for them after he leaves office. Either that or he was planning to remain in office permanently.

Trump: Millions Of Americans Getting COVID-19 Is ‘Terrific’ And A ‘Powerful Vaccine’

But, in any case, I don't hear any clamor out there for bringing Donald Trump to justice. And if the families of those he murdered are happy to live with it, who am I to raise a ruckus over it? I've got ears to clean & toe nails to clip.

Stricter COVID-19 Precautions Could Have Saved 240,000 Lives So Far, Economist Says -- The U.S. wasted both lives and money in its jumbled approach to COVID-19, economic researchers find.

It was at least the second time Trump demanded Kemp do something to overturn his loss in the state — and the second time the governor turned him down, according to media reports. Kemp explained that he doesn’t have the power to countermand a presidential election in a democracy.

I wonder whether Kemp said he would not do it even if he had the power to? Well, in any case...

Trump is facing financial ruin and perhaps even prison, so it's quite understandable that he should be running around like a trapped rat trying every possible door, window, or painting hanging of the wall... for an exit. More power to him.

Trump’s desperate antics expose a big hole in our discussion of democracy


Rand Paul Latest Republican Attending ‘Summit’ Hosted By Group Behind Jan. 6 Rally

And now you know everything you need to know about why Republicans are so opposed to democracy & so in love with lawlessness:

Mich. GOP Chair Jokes About Assassination Of Republicans Who Voted To Impeach Trump -- Ron Weiser also referred to three Democratic women as "witches" the GOP must “soften up” for a “burning at the stake."


Fox News won’t tell you that there is no immigration crisis. In fact, U.S. needs more legal migrants | Opinion

The way to get more legal immigrants to to legalize the illegal ones in here now.


Meet Fred, the Tooth Fairy

"Mom! Uncle Fred fell off the wagon again!"


Accused Capitol rioter arrested in T-shirt reading ‘I was there’ with Trump’s photo, insurrection date

Proof, if proof was needed, that it's not hard to find morons in this world. And now you know why Trump got so many votes.


I Was Ghosted By A Best Female Friend And It’s A Terrible Kind Of Heartbreak

I was ghosted by my cat: Get over it.


Republican views of Trump were just as warm after the Capitol attack as before

Just like Evangelicals love most who best fleece them, Republicans love most who best make an ass of them.

Opinion: The GOP is facing a sickness deeper than the coronavirus

Trump is losing the war over his legacy


Democrats Assail Georgia Law, Make Case For Voting Overhaul

If the Democrats don't pass H.R.1 and H.R.2 the Republicans will kill any change Democrats and minority voters might have had of making their voices heard. This is a one-shot deal for them all. And they better pass them quickly, so they can have enough time to fix them if the courts strike them down before the 2022 midterms.

Opinion: Here’s another GOP voting law that’s almost comically suspect

Opinion: Republicans’ blunder on voting rights

Opinion: States that pass Jim Crow-style voting laws will feel the backlash

Opinion: Republicans’ war on democracy is ramping up

Opinion: The latest threat to the GOP: Americans are becoming less religious

Opinion: Here’s another GOP voting law that’s almost comically suspect

Opinion: Trump’s favorite new candidate exposes the true depths of GOP radicalization


Mike Pence Faces Uphill Battle To Become Trump’s 2024 Heir

     The fly, who loves
     to land on shit a lot,
     for once had Mike
     Pence dead-on-spot.


Millions might miss out on economic boom

Not so: I'm sure the rich will Boom! all the way to the bank. The poor will certainly hear that.


Former Trump Aide Steve Bannon Still Airs MyPillow Guy’s Election Lies

Guy, these are not Democrats (who like to look after each other). These are Republicans--and they love nothing more than to see their friends & associates further implicated in stuff that'll cost them.


Major, one of Biden’s German shepherds, bites another person, White House says

"It was a complete surprise to me," said Biden, "that a dog would bite a person!" (like every owner of every dog that has bitten anyone).


Can House Democrats beat the midterm curse?

Absolutely: Tell the Senate to pass those blessed HR.1 and HR.4


‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ is a clash of the titans — and mismatched storytelling styles

The match I would like to see is Godzilla versus Andy Dick: Godzilla is powerful. However, Andy Dick is super annoying.


The Matt Gaetz allegation, explained

Republicans and Evangelicals who scream the loudest are almost always trying to silence any possible criticism of something real bad they themselves have done.

Matt Gaetz’s usefulness as GOP, Trump tool didn’t save him from sex-trafficking probe

Ex-Prosecutor Warns Matt Gaetz: ‘Perilously Close To Incriminating Himself’

Stop warning him!

HuffPost reached out to Gaetz for comment, but he did not immediately respond.

New Matt Gaetz Bombshell Report Alleges Drugs, Sex, Money... And Receipts

Republicans Sure Seem Happy to Ditch Matt Gaetz

Hollow people have hollow friends.

Matt Gaetz tries to pull Tucker Carlson into his mess

Matt Gaetz: I would like to invite you into my cess pool, my brother.

Tucker Carlson: I'm sorry--Have we met?


Rep. Jim Jordan, Accused In Sex Abuse Cover-Up, Says, ‘I Believe Matt Gaetz’

Slimeballs in hot weather stick together. Sure.

Matt Gaetz Reportedly Sought Blanket Pardon From Trump In Final Days Of Administration


Republicans are right to oppose Biden’s infrastructure plan. But they must offer an alternative.

You better check Republicans' everywhere opposition to voting rights first, before imagining any such a positive thing is possible from the Republicans:

Republican Lawmakers Introduce Hundreds Of Bills To Restrict Voting Rights Nationwide

Republicans all over the country are pushing the nuclear option. Let's hope that the Democrats take the hint this time and don't end up the only ones toast as is usual with them.


Military still relies on aircraft from an era when homes cost $12,000. It has struggled to update for years.

$12,000 for a house?!? Jesus, that must have been way back when planes were still being pulled along by a team of mules.


Opinion: What a scorching John Boehner book excerpt says about today’s GOP

Republicans have spent most of their political capital trying to portray Democracts as evil. And it has only served to make the Republicans look bad & busted. [Look for them to double down.]


Analysis: When will U.S. states reach herd immunity?

When the cows come home.


Trump’s In ‘Serious Trouble’ After New Legal Filings, Ex-DOJ Official Says

Put that sonovabitch in prison for the rest of his life: He's one of the worst criminals in American history--if not THE worst.

John Boehner Says Trump ‘Incited That Bloody Insurrection’ At The U.S. Capitol

EPA dismisses dozens of key science advisers picked under Trump -- “When politics drives science rather than science informing policy,” Regan wrote to staff, “we are more likely to make policy choices that sacrifice the health of the most vulnerable among us.”


Single At 38, I Decided I Wanted Kids. I Wasn’t Prepared For What I’d Have To Do.

Should've had that long talk with Uncle Jed, I reckon.


Couple vandalizes artwork worth nearly $500K

"Well, we had an extra 1/2 million lying around so we thought we'd just have a little fun, that's all."

Graffiti art defaced by spectators at South Korea gallery

At least ya gotta admit they showed a lot of inititive. Usually art lovers just stand there and look at works of art. This couple was like, "This is such a nasty piece of shit it's probably meant to be destroyed: Let's you & me go for it, babe!"


What if the former CDC director is right about the Wuhan labs?

Then it means our response to Covid-19 is the perfect rehearsal for any possible future biological warfare.


'I was blamed for blocking the Suez Canal'

Fat-shaming is just getting out of hand!


Biden is governing with one hand tied behind his back — and he tied it there -- The new administration can't pay for everything it wants to do just by soaking the rich.

I know: It must wring them all as well. And then hang'em out to dry--The poor bastards are soaking wet with filth.

Economist Paul Krugman Stunned GOP Defending Trump’s Corporate Tax Cut Failure -- If you paid $120 for a pair of Nike Air Force 1 shoes, you paid more to Nike than it paid in federal income taxes over the past 3 years, while it made $4.1 billion in profits and Nike’s founder, Phil Knight, became over $23 billion richer. Yes. We must #TaxTheRich. — Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) April 2, 2021

Opinion: Republicans may regret their Luddite view of infrastructure

White House could try to pass infrastructure plan without GOP votes

Nothing could characterize more the Republicans as an inconsequential (e.g. unnecessary) party of irrelevant noisemakers more than the Democrats in Congress managing to pass as much of their agenda as humanly possible without any Republican support whatsoever.

And all they have to do is to get Joe Manchin to realize that he is a Democrat. [Which won't easy.]

Sen. Joe Manchin Demands Changes To Biden’s Infrastructure Plan

How does a man so stupid manage to get himself elected a senator is what I wanna know? Manchin should be lecturing on the subject of How The Stupid Get Ahead in college somewhere!

Jim Clyburn ‘Insulted’ By Joe Manchin’s Position On Voting Rights Bill

For Republicans, Pipes Are Infrastructure Only If They Carry Oil

Members of the GOP have latched on to an extremely narrow definition of infrastructure.


Can spaceflights shrink an astronaut's heart?

Maybe. But it'd be easier to just join the Republican party.


Neo-Nazis plan to 'breed out Jewish race' by seducing 'sexy Jewesses'

WANTED: Handsome young Neo-Nazis (no gays, please).


Man arrested at Florida Disney park after refusing temperature check

Sez he's intelligent enough to know that if his temp is high he won't get into the park. So he went off to jail instead.


The last known Jew in Afghanistan is leaving

There was a Jew in Afghanistan?!? He must have been unimaginably stupid or unimaginably stubborn. But either way it's unimaginable.


Jailed Kremlin critic says he has fever, some inmates may have TB

Putin is such a shameless murderer: He placed Navalny with cellmates infected with tuberculosis to see if that kills him this time. No wonder Trump loved the guy.


Developer Armando Codina is bringing giant-sized rental apartments to Coral Gables

Sez you'll be able to rollerskate an hour inside one of them without having to rollerskate in the same room twice.


Carbon dioxide spikes to critical record, halfway to doubling preindustrial levels

Now's the perfect time to start a family!


Poll: Half Of Republicans Think Capitol Rioters Were Largely Peaceful Or Left-Wing Agitators

I knew eventually somebody would realize what dopes people are and take brutal advantage of them. But I though they're just fleece them out'their cash. It turns out fleecing them of their cash is about the kindest thing that evil people can do to these whopping dopes! There are criminals out there who also want the saps to suffer & wring in pain.

Trump Campaign Used Scam Tactics To Sap Money From Supporters: New York Times

Dominion says ex-Michigan state senator’s election fraud claims ‘successfully duped thousands of people’


Trump Jr. and girlfriend close deal on Florida homes. So, what do the neighbors say?

They say, "I wonder how much the places'll go for when Trump Jr. and his girlfriend are in prison & bankrupt because of all the lawsuits from the people 'Jan. 6' hurt & killed?"

New York attorney general probes finances of key Trump aide


Opinion: Georgia Republicans can’t admit the real reason they’re restricting voting

They're too stupid to grasp that declaring war on the American people is not the way to get more Americans to vote for them, I know. But in Georgia Republicans' defense: Only intelligent people can admit to being [sometimes] stupid--Stupid people, who are always stupid, can never admit to being anything but 'real smart.'

Really: I cannot for the life of me grasp why the Republicans do not vote wholeheartedly for anything the Democrats propose, since any good/benefits those bills might bring to the nation will probably only begin to bear fruit AFTER Joe Biden's term is over.

Opinion: Arizona Republicans’ desperate crusade to find nonexistent voter fraud

What are Georgia Republicans afraid of?

Same thing all other Republicans across the land are afraid of: That their voters will get wise to them & begin to understand just how much harm they've done to them & how much they're costing them. [Misinformation and keeping their voters good & ignorant seems to be the Republicans' solution to that problem.]

Ruth Marcus: Georgia’s shameful new voting laws are a product of GOP desperation

Erik Wemple: Dominion lawsuit outs Fox News’ disinformation campaign

The question about Georgia’s election-law changes that has only one answer: Why?

Atlanta Mayor Signs Order Meant To Fight Georgia’s Voting Restrictions

The shameless revisionism of the Capitol attack cannot be allowed to take root

GOP Rep’s Family Calls Him Out Over Insurrection In Scathing Fox News Ad


Faced with a pandemic, these five families found silence, storage and solace — in a shed

Naturally except when crapping.


Fauci pushes back on GOP criticisms, calling claims ‘bizarre’

In the GOP' defense: 'Bizarre' is about the only description you can use to define Republican claims these days. [The other one being 'lies.']

‘Clear The Capitol,’ Mike Pence Pleaded In New Timeline Of Riot

Opinion: What a scorching John Boehner book excerpt says about today’s GOP

In new book, John Boehner says today’s GOP is unrecognizable to traditional conservatives and dishes on his time in politics

Opinion: How Trump’s toxicity continues to poison the Republican Party

Wake Up, GOP, Warns Liz Cheney: Trump Is Still Waging ‘War On The Constitution’

Opinion: Republicans’ list of enemies keeps growing

Opinion: Someone shrunk the GOP


McConnell says Biden White House has made ‘no effort whatsoever’ to govern from center, falsely says he hasn’t spoken to the president

McConnell claims if you say a lot of little lies people won't notice your big ones.

Mitch McConnell Gets Instant Fact-Check Over Brazenly False Filibuster Defense

Senate Democrats Gain Filibuster Workaround After Parliamentarian Ruling

Opinion: Another blow to the filibuster

Opinion: The Senate just moved one step closer to sanity


Uneasy lies the head that wears Jordan’s crown

Don't worry: The Jordanian ruler knows how to be brutally savage & kill as many people as he need to in order to stay in power; you know, like Bashar Hafez al-Assad in Syria, Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, the Saudi king, and all the other Muslim rulers there have ever been on this earth--or will ever be.


In his first travel abroad, new Italian PM visits Libya

Where upon landing he began screaming & hollering (in Italian) that he had boarded the wrong plane: "I was headed for the Riviera, damn it!"


Dog Grabs Microphone From Reporter

It immediately started barking orders at the world, but was so passionate that no one could understand what he was saying.


Caitlyn Jenner Exploring Run For California Governor: Report

Claims she can still out-run (and out-jump & out-weight-lift) anyone.


Kyrsten Sinema Says The Senate's Broken, But Don't Change The Filibuster

However she sez she might be persuaded to change her mind about the filibuster if perhaps somebody calls her 'young & pretty.'


A replica of the world’s first atom bomb sits on a shelf in a Md. thrift shop

"You know what they say," the shop owner told us: "The best place to hide something you don't want people to find is right there in front of them."


Mike Pence To Publish Autobiography In 2023

What autobiography? "And then the fly landed on my head. End of story."


‘Why are there grown-ups who don’t wear masks?’ Don’t dismiss a child’s curiosity.

Answer: 'Because there are no fines for not doing so.' [Inform children as early as possible that the reason we're not cannibals & kiling each other for burgers is because it's against the law.]


Justice Breyer says expanding the Supreme Court could erode trust

It would also cut the Pie of Power there into thinner slices: I don't blame any of the Supremox for not wanting that.


President supports firms that condemn Ga. voting law but says leaving state may hurt hourly workers

What these corporations have to do is [not to leave workers in the lurch like that but] to STOP GIVING CASH TO REPUBLICANS who will only use it to harm Americans and their democratic institutions. It's as simple as that: Corporations which do not stop working against the common good are the only ones that should be boycotted: they make their money off US and when they give [our cash] to Republicans so they can work against US then those corporations are obviously using OUR own cash to inflict damage upon us. It's got to stop sometime.

Texas Voting Groups Pressure Corporations To Oppose GOP Voter Suppression Push

Mitch McConnell To Corporate America: Shut Up And Donate

McConnell’s recent comments on corporations seem to conflict with his past actions

I believe that being raked over the inconvenient truths makes one jump in agony--and that's how ya lands facing the other way around.

Opinion: Republicans’ unexpected rupture with corporate America

Opinion: Why corporate America is declaring independence from the GOP


Ancient humans may have had apelike brains even after leaving Africa

'May have--?!?' Most of my neighbors have apelike brains right now.


James Downie: The GOP is panicked on voting rights. But will Democrats follow through?

Well, all except Joe Manchin maybe.

Opinion: We’re all Joe Manchin’s prisoners

Opinion: The filibuster gives Joe Manchin cover to do nothing

Opinion: How to knock down the filibuster

Sen. Manchin: Any Voting Rights Legislation Has To Make Trump Supporters Happy

And that tells you all you need to know about Sen. Manchin's intelligence.

More than 100 companies sign letter opposing US state voting restrictions


The dream of an Arab Spring was dashed 10 years ago, but the movement may not be dead yet

Unfortunately: It cannot be. It was the secular Jews who created modern Israel's democracy; and who keep it democratic to this day. If the religious Jews were to take over Israel that country would become a tyranny not much different from all the Muslim tyrannies that surround it, except it'd be Jewish, of course. You want an Arab Spring? Wait until it's brought about by secular Arabs. [It only took the Jews 2,000 years or so to produce enough secular Jews, after all.]


FBI says man who claimed to be at Capitol riot wanted to bomb data center near D.C.

Doesn't say why they didn't let him. [Note to FBI: This is a joke. --And I only add this because the FBI is known not to let people with a sense of humor join their ranks.]


I Befriended A Man On Death Row. Here’s What He Taught Me Before He Was Put To Death.

"Life is short enough without you doing stuff to make it even shorter," sure.


The ‘stolen election’ energy is strong in the GOP’s early crop of 2022 candidates

Who could have known that a crooked through-&-through lowlife criminal like Trump's desperate attempt to remain president at any cost so the tons of crimes he'd committed while in office (and throughout his entire life) wouldn't come out... would actually become the Republican party's raison d'être long after Trump was gone (for good).


Why Was Trump’s Signature Policy Such a Flop?

Answer: Well, I suppose you could ask that same question about everything Trump has ever put his utterly incompetent hand to throughout his entire life. A lot of his businesses actually started off well (because they were guided by others), but Trump always has to take control of successes so he can claim them his own and that's when he drives them straight into the crapper--upon which he then tries to shift the blame back to the people who had actually make them work (before he put his paws on it) like a toddler claiming he didn't steal the thing he's holding in his hand!


GOP Still Fattening Trump’s Wallet, Even Though It Doesn't Have To Anymore

And when that stops the GOP will never hear from Donald Trump ever again. [Some other group of suckers will.]

Manhattan district attorney seizes evidence from Trump executive’s former daughter-in-law

Keep America Great PAC Organizer Charged With Bilking Trump Supporters Out Of $250,000

[from the best-selling How To Sell Dog Turds As Truffles, and Whom To Sell Them To by Donny d'Trump --ghostwritten by somebody who can actually write]


A quarter of the country won’t get the coronavirus vaccine. Half of them trust Trump’s medical advice.

     Those who trust a raw nerve
     always get what they deserve.


How Do Astronauts Spend Their Weekends in Space?

I don't know, but they say come Mondays really stinks up there.


Sen. Rick Scott Gives Trump A Tiny Bowl

Sez it is to hold Trump's little brain in until he passes away (when they will then slip it back under his toupee).


FDA to urge limits on heavy metals in baby foods, starting with arsenic and lead

That's crazy! Arsenic and lead are the ingredients that make its taste passible.


Boehner discloses he voted for Trump last year

These Republican sonabitches cry all the way to the voting booth and then vote for Trump. By the grace of God the only reason we're not living in a Banana Republic right now is that a lot of black people were kicked around hard enough this time to get them to go out & vote--What happens next time?

Trump’s Killing Spree Continues

Liz Cheney’s Answer On If She’d Ever Vote For Trump Stumps Fox News Anchor

Opinion: Will the media ever hold the Trump enablers responsible?

Opinion: Republicans will keep up the craziness until they pay a real price


Republicans bear some blame for right-wing terrorism

Are you sure? "Bear SOME blame?" How many of the domestic terrorists ever arrested were registered Democrats exactly...?

Armed ‘quick reaction force’ was waiting for order to storm Capitol, Justice Dept. says


Afghans Wonder ‘What About Me?’ as American Troops Prepare to Withdraw

Well, you had all this time to go finish off the Taliban, convince your neighbors that democracy was the way to go, that human rights means their rights, that--Well, let's just say that you shouldn't have spent all this time selling hot dogs to the GI's.

Will Afghanistan Become a Terrorism Safe Haven Once Again?

Do you really have to ask?


Afghanistan became the graveyard of American hubris

Don't bet on it: I'm sure there will be plenty more times in the not-so-distant future when history-unhampered Westerners will attempt to change a Muslim society into a democracy because, well, because 'people there will just see that living with human rights is so much better.' [Yeah.]


Why your state might lose or gain clout in Congress after the census is released

Because its population will go either up or down?


EXPLAINER: What's behind the conflict in eastern Ukraine?

Putin. Yes, we know.


Florida Driver Busts Through Gates, Leaps Over Drawbridge As It Opens

Yeah, some drivers down here in The Fat Dick can be really impatient.


Who is the greatest fictional detective? A new book reminds us why it’s Poirot.

Really? I was convinced it was that nasty old woman who wanted to confiscate Toto in The Wizard of Oz. She was on top of it, really knew how to get into other people's business. [The woman even turned herself into a Technicolor witch just to stay on top of Dorothy & her dog.]


My 8-year-old is constantly mean to her sister. How can I correct her behavior?

Put it all where it belongs--on her and only on her: Give her a good painful pinch in an inner thigh. One should do it (two at the most will straighten out most miscreants before they end up in jail). From then on she will be a model loving little sister and daughter: If every parent took seriously its responsibility to teach their children to behave themselves [teaching them that bad behavior brings them bad consequences] human society would be a heaven on earth (an actual civilization instead of our theoretical one).

We Were Born to Be Wild

I know, that's why you need a good pinch now & again.


Turkey's Erdogan blasts Draghi for calling him a 'dictator'

Merdegun sez that he's a tyrant; that dictators are South American presidents who overstay their term limits.


Israel honors Pfizer chief at Independence Day celebrations

Pfizer chief sez honors are dandy but that Israel shouldn't expect them to take the place of the Shekels Israel owes them.


You Don’t Need To Get Your Body ‘Ready’ For Summer

Certainly not just to go swimming over at the Beach of Potatoes.


A Canadian Parliament member was caught stark naked in a virtual meeting of the House of Commons

Which was of course startling to foreigners who do not understand how Canadian politics work.


Exfoliating isn’t necessary. But if you do it, follow the tips from these dermatologists.

1) Don't tie your hair all in a bunch to a tall branch and then jump off the tree: I tried this & the fire department had a dickens of a time cutting me down.


Withdrawing from Afghanistan is a courageous step. Here’s what must come next.

A plan to go back in again after a little while? Sure.


Everyone should pay the taxes they owe. Could there be bipartisan agreement on this?

Are you serious?!? Do you have any idea of exactly how much Trump and his Republicans owe in back taxes?!


How much better would government be if only the people who truly cared voted?

'Better?' Don't only those who truly care to lord it over others vote now?


What is the perfect number of Supreme Court justices?

ONE (more than the other side has).


‘How do you tell your kids about what their grandparents were really like?’

Tell them the truth, because DNA sez they're gonna be a lot like them. [How you tell'em is your own DNA.]


Justice Department Sues Trump Crony Roger Stone For Alleged $2 Million In Unpaid Taxes

Or, as they say in the underworld: It's hard to rob just one bank.


Josh Hawley Loves To Accuse Others Of Doing What He Actually Did

in Josh Hawley's defense: So much of what he's done is so darn accusable!


Controversial 'Chimera' Embryos Made by Scientists Are Part Human, Part Monkey

Scientists say they are THIS CLOSE to producing flying monkeys--All they need is a pigeon in the mix.


Long Island man indicted for crimes against Jews, LGBTQ people

I wonder why these guys don't just masturbate instead of pouring their hate on others--When I was a kid I hated a lot of people but I just kept masturbating day & night, night & day... and got over it that way.


Job association to biological sex began 5,000 years ago - study

Curiously, that's just about when people first started getting married too.


Israel uncovers 3,500-year-old inscription from biblical Canaan

The translation reads: Kilroy was here.


Monkey plays virtual games using mind with Elon Musk comp. chip in brain

Monkey sez he would much rather be living free out in the forest but that it does help him to pass the time when Musk sometimes uses him as a radio.


Police find nine parrots in backpack of bike thief

Unfortnately for him they all talked.


What Will Happen When Americans Start Having Sex Again?

The price of bed strings oil will probably go through the roof. [Maybe even the lovers as well.]


The GOP’s big bulk book-buying machine is boosting Republicans on the bestseller lists

This is not as bad as it sounds: It's also using up a lot of GOP cash to purchase extremely high-priced fireplace logs.

Opinion: The Republican Party is beyond salvation — even without Trump


Trump EPA Official Reportedly Blocked Warning About Carcinogenic Pollution In Illinois

Ah! Remember back in the days when people used to vote for politicians who best looked after their voters?


Delaware Mulls Human Composting As Eco-Friendly Alternative To Burial, Cremation

"Officer, really! I have NO IDEA how my wife's skull ended up in my garden." [We've heard that so many times!] "Really!!!"


What I Didn’t Expect To Learn From Finding My Parents’ Porn Stash

The variety of different animal pictures? Like, if you screw a parrot does it say, "Yeah baby! Yeah baby!"? They really are sick.


Mike Lindell Gets Pranked By Foul-Mouthed Caller Pretending To Be Trump

It shouldn't be surprising given that he's already Trump's Most Outrageously Motley Fool.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Interview With MyPillow Guy Was As Bonkers As You Would’ve Guessed

Doesn't Mike Lindell have a family or personal lawyer in charge of his affairs who can put him in a psycho ward or something for his own protection?


Judge criticizes Rep. Maxine Waters’s comments about Chauvin trial

Maxine Waters is a tough old broad from a tough neighborhood, but you gotta love her when she's riding Jim Jordan's snarky ass.


Why good ideas come to those who wait

For the same reason you always find what you're looking for in the last place you look: It takes a while to come up with a good idea, and once you've exhausted every possibility and are just sitting there completely crushed by the facts... the critical facts from among the swirling universe of them above you finally settle to the bottom & land on your head.

No, the best ideas don't come to those who wait... they fall to those who chase after them with a gun and kill every last bad idea in the damn gang until he liberates the great idea they were holding hostage.

I've never heard of a baby having any good idea outside of maybe 'push harder' & 'suck till you drop.'


How a police officer was convicted of murder for killing someone on duty

"How a police officer on duty was convicted of murder for killing someone" is what you meant to write.


Putin warns world: Anyone who threatens Russia ‘will regret it’

Putin's got a lotta gall: Russia is the only entity threatening anyone in that part of the world.

But what I'd really like to know is: What did Trump reveal to Putin about American policy & military vulnerabilities that has embolden Putin to this new outrageously dangerous military posture he has decided to pursue in the Ukraine? Did Trump tell Putin that if he invaded the Ukraine no one would do anything about it except launch pointless complaints in the UN? Or perhaps something much worse about our military's napping?


Senate GOP unveils $568B counterproposal on infrastructure

I does include all the cash needed to buy enough Band-Aids for bridges that are falling down to do so sloooooowly enough for everybody to jump out of the way.

Opinion: The hidden truth that explains why Republicans don’t want an infrastructure deal


Spanish man tried for 'killing and eating mother' -- The 28-year-old was arrested after body parts of his mother were found scattered in her Madrid flat.

Yeah, some boys just love their mothers to death.


Employee accused of skipping work for 15 years

"How did they even find out I still worked there after all this time!?"


Camera Traps Find Endangered Dryas Monkeys

The little darlings were caught trying to steal the cameras.


Ohio Republicans Want To Rename Mosquito Lake State Park After Trump

Trump's still holding out for the first & only full-body inclusion in Mount Rushmore. We'll see.


State Sen. Amanda F. Chase alleged that jurors didn’t acquit Derek Chauvin because they feared violent backlash.

You have evidence for this or is it just more flaky Republican mental volatility?


Lawmaker seeks White House explanation for ouster of scientist who led climate review

Is Rep. Frank D. Lucas (Okla.) stupid, or what? a Republican? Listen carefully, Lucas: She was a scientist hired to do something about climate change who didn't think climate change was real! That's like putting a Republican in charge of getting more black people to go out & vote.


Pelosi criticized for thanking George Floyd for 'sacrificing your life'

Pelosi obviously expressed herself incorrectly in the aftermath of the Chauvin guilty verdict. What she most probably meant to say is that we are all thankful that the terrible human tragedy that happened to George Floyd has nevertheless brought about some positive social developments (for which we are grateful). But more often than not trying to express being thankful within the context of a brutal murder can throw a monkey wrench into the organizing processes of our mental powers. It's happened to me a lot of times.

Philonise Floyd Says Teenager Who Filmed His Brother’s Murder ‘Changed The World’

This is a lot more accurately put than what Pelosi exclaimed.


Ohio GOP Lawmaker Hilariously Mocked For Taking Founding Fathers Literally -- "A lot of them owned slaves, so excuse me if I’m not compelled by their intentions," one Twitter user said.

Hey, don't be so sure that state Rep. Mike Loychik (R-Ohio) wouldn't support that intention of the Founding Fathers too.


Evidence in Trump supporter’s trial suggests he espoused Nazi ideals

Well, you know the old song:

     Trump & Nazies, Trump & Nazies
     go together just like a horse & carriage... et al


It’s dinner time on the space station. Will it be lobster or beef bourguignon?

Yeah... I don't think so: "Will it be the dissiccated beef today, or the 2000-year old turkey from an Egyptian tomb, sir?" [No: The turkey does not come with gravy--We'd never get it off the walls.]


Sen. Josh Hawley Pummeled For Being Sole Vote Against Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Bill

Should this really surprise anyone? This deranged dweeb is always taking the side opposite of everything that's good, decent or beneficial to anyone but himself.


Shock G, Digital Underground’s Humpty Hump, Dies

Is this a human person or some kind of electrical appliance? [It's pretty hard to tell these days.]


‘Gaslighting 101’: Sen. Ted Cruz Ripped For One Of His Biggest, Boldest Lies Yet

Cruz should give it up: Dude, you will never be as successful a cheating lying scumbag as Trump. Trust me.

Ted Cruz won’t break ties with an extreme nativist group? Shocker.

But give him 1 Brownie Point for trying, though.

Former Ethics Chief Slams Cruz’s Warning To ‘Woke’ CEOs As ‘Most Openly Corrupt’ Ever


What formally recognizing the Armenian genocide means for humanity

UK lawmakers declare China's treatment of Uyghurs is genocide

Opinion: U.S. has not proven genocide charges against China

Victims of the Japanese Asian Genocide: 10 million
Victims of the Nazi Jewish Genocide: 6 million
Victims of the Armenian Genocide: 1.5 million
Victims of the Rwandan Genocide: up to 800,000
Victims of the Chinese Uyghur Genocide: "credible" reports of mass deaths" ["reports"]

In other words, it doesn't depend on corpses but on
whether you believe Uyghur or Chinese propagandists:
Maybe none died, and maybe some died--I happen to be
one of those who thinks that certainly 'some' must
have died... militants maybe, their leaders, and other
intransigent nationalistic fighters, rebels, and probably
terrorists; but I prefer to call this conflict only on the
evidence, which says only that there were some Uyghur
acts of terror which convinced the Chinese that the
best way to solve their problem was to indoctrinate
the Uyghurs en masse and assimilate them into the
general Chinese society.

I have heard of horror stories from Uyghurs in exile
about torture and intimidation. And I have heard even
the same exiled Uyghurs complaining about relatives
still inside China telling them about experiencing
freedom of thought, cultural liberation from the
enslaving strictures of Islam, of realizing for the
first time ever in their lives that the world has
possibilities for them, that they might actually have
a future... and even swearing that they will never go
back to the lives they had led before their Chinese
re-education. And all this in China!? Is it true? Are
they merely brainwashed? Well, in the end, it depends
not on a sum of corpses but on whether you believe the
Uyghur or the Chinese propagandists. And, for me at
least, that's a slim rusty old nail to hang as heavy a
claim as is genocide on.

Should we condemn the Chinese for their forced
cultural indoctrination of the Uyghurs? Should we
condemn the Uyghur terrorists who have attacked and
murdered innocent men, women & even children in
kindergartens in unimaginably evil acts of terror with
knives and machetes? Should we weigh one evil against
the other & seek justification for evil? I am willing
to call a pox on both their houses: Bad behavior is
bad behavior--but this is certainly NOT genocide.

I hope that the term "genocide" isn't made meaningless
by desperate activists using it to attack just any ole
country's bad behavior, because this misuse of the
term is self-defeating: We will then need to apply
ever more & more powerful and insultingly accusatory
labels over much lesser & lesser crimes committed. And
I just don't see what good that will do anybody.

And before you start sprouting that this is all still
"cultural genocide" note that the Uyghur propagandists
are describing the emancipation of women from
centuries of male Islamic domination [because of this
"Chinese indoctrination"] as a human rights violation
--theirs that is, not women's human rights. Apparently
the Uyghur propagandists have not yet mastered the
subtle arts of Muslim dissembling for the sake of
Western audiences that others have. I suppose the
emancipation of women could be described as a gross
violation of Uyghur men's [Islamic culture] rights to
keep 'their' women subservient to them; and in that
sense what the Chinese are engaging in is cultural
genocide--just not in my book: In my book the
liberation of women from cultural oppression is still
liberation in any language you care to put it.

What is galling is the way some Western advocates of
the Uyghur narrative so conveniently gloss over the
wrongs of the Muslim Uyghurs as if one side were all
good and the other all bad! I can understand Islamic
propagandists doing it, but I will never understand
supposedly well-educated liberal Western intellectuals
and others in the Western media contributing to this
and no matter how ill-educated they may really be.


5 Things You Should Do First Thing In The Morning To Be Happier All Day

1) sing O What A Beautiful Morning! [Yeah, I do that all the time.]


Rachel Maddow Can’t Believe Even Lysol Had To Set The World Straight On Donald Trump

Believe it: That's what you get when you elect a man who doesn't have a third-grade education even though he napped & bribed his way through college.

$5 Do-It-Yourself Ladders Thwarting Trump’s $16 Billion Border Wall


Their romance was new when covid hit. Both in their 90s, they snuck around ‘like teenagers.’

"Gramps, you running around with Ms. Lori?"

"No, we're not runing..."


Why Does the C.I.A. Need Puppets?

To make it easier to explain things to a lot of politicians.


The salmon you buy in the future may be farmed on land

"Ah! So that's why my salmon tasted like horse meat."


My Third Husband Is 102 Years Old. Here’s What Our Marriage Is Like.

Same as with her first husband: Diapers, diapers everywhere & her husband 'out.'


Oscar ratings plunge nearly 60 percent as young people especially appear to tune out

The Oscars are like a party for rich people & you are not invited, although you're allowed to make a small contribution: Yes, people are starting to get it.


Kayaker’s close encounter with 8 massive sharks feeding in Ireland is caught on video

"Howdy, fellers! Wacha doin?"


Israel is committing the crime of apartheid, new report says

Except, of course, that black South Africans don't have a religious duty to butcher every white man they can get their hands on as Palestinian Muslims have with regards to Jews. To understand fully understand everything, yes.


A Radical Right-Wing Dream To Rewrite The Constitution Is Close To Coming True

Listen to how many of these fools believe that, "If pies are pies, then philosophical treatises must also be pies." It's as if we were all fragile figurines in the hands of hyper toddlers!

Kevin McCarthy’s bizarre attempt to rewrite the narrative of Jan. 6

Republican-Hired Arizona Recount Company Wants To Keep Process Secret

GOP Gov. Larry Hogan Issues Stark Warning To Fellow Republicans


Feds Search Rudy Giuliani’s Manhattan Apartment, Seize Electronic Devices

"Hey! Those are my dildoes! What do you expect to find there?"

"You'd be surprised what kind of shit people put on these things.


A Florida model was offering drunken lap dances to strangers. Cops then stepped in

Boos followed after cops took more than their fair share of'em.


Fancy Feast’s in-house chef wants you to eat like a cat

I already eat like a cat. And the furballs are really freaking out my wife.


I got pregnant with triplets at 40. I was shocked when doctors asked which of the children I wanted to keep.

You should have answered: "The one that's going to win the Nobel Prize, of course." And let them try to figure that one out.


Miss Manners: My so-called friend doesn’t want to see my new kitchen!

On the plus side: Now you know who your "so-called" friends are.


Giuliani’s long quest to put himself in legal jeopardy appears to have paid off

Lord bless these teenagers! Will they ever grow up!


Trump Is Reportedly Working Out Of A Converted Bridal Suite At Mar-A-Lago

"Always a bridensmaid--Never a success at anything."


When Should Parents Stop Using A Baby Monitor?

When baby's date finally goes home.


Willow Smith Opens Up About What It Means To Be Polyamorous

It means you have to have crackers close at hand in case Polly wants one.


A man was shot in the leg in South Beach, and police arrived to a curious scene

Man shot in the leg was not hopping mad!


Genetically modified mosquitoes are being released in the Keys. They’ll mate to kill

Man! Talk about your deformed penises!


In GOP rebuttal, Scott accuses Biden of failing to live up to promise of unity

Of course, 'unity' for the GOP means Biden becoming half a Republican. [Maybe not claiming all the time that he lost the elecion but at least saying it half of the time out there.]

U.S. prosecutors release video of rioters spraying Officer Brian Sicknick in Jan. 6 Capitol attack


Charlie Hebdo's Sarah Halimi cover: Should antisemitism be decriminalized?

No: Antisemitic crimes do not cause mere discomfort or embarrassment, or the occasional humiliation. It's not the same as calling somebody homely, or fat, or smelly. Antisemitic crimes are thoroughly vicious evil acts of physical intimidation specifically designed to inflict terror on its victims; antisemitic crimes are, in fact, a physical threat to life itself because every Jew who is thus insulted must hark back to the still raw memories of the Holocaust, and wonder.


Jerusalem Rabbinate requires beards in job application for inspectors

I've been drawing mustaches on them--I wonder if that counts?


Want to ring the prime minister? Boris Johnson’s phone number reportedly available online for 15 years.

Well, as soon as I can think of something to call him about I will.


Your Mom Won’t Frown At These Weird Mother’s Day Gifts

Why should she? You've been mean to your mother all the other days of the year, so you give her a donut for Mother's Day and she lights up: Is she a humble mother or were you planning this all along?...


I Thought I Never Wanted To Have Kids. Here’s What I Learned When I Had One.

Nailed it.


Kansas House Republican Arrested Over Alleged Attack On Student

"Hey," he was heard yelling at the cops as they carted him off: "I'm a Republican! It's what we do!"


Florida GOP Kills Measure To Protect Vaccinated Workers From Retaliation

"Anything to make things worse for our voters." [The New Trump-inspired GOP Motto.]

Judge Slaps Down Election Recount Firm Hired By Arizona GOP Senate

Opinion: Elite conservatives want you to be a terrible person

Opinion: The American right is becoming completely untethered from reality

Opinion: Republicans are raising self-sabotage to an art form


Chris Christie Gives One-Term, Twice-Impeached Trump An ‘A’ For His Presidency

Incredible! Just imagine how high a grade Trump might have gotten if he hadn't been impeached twice, been the most violently overt racist president in history, failed at almost everything he promised or tried, lied almost every time he opened his mouth, tried to cheat his way into making himself president for life, and murdered half of a million or more Americans! What a missed opportunity!

Opinion: We’re trapped in a doom loop of Trumpian circular logic


Florida to fine social media for banning politicians, just not Disney

I see our Florida Republicans are trying to make sure that people who promote public violence & the overthrow of the government by "any means" are not prohibited from continuing to do so no matter how many lives it costs!


New research into a fossil from 3.67 million years ago has indicated that early humans were still swinging from trees alongside apes, long after they had already developed the ability to walk.

3.67 million years ago?! When I was a kid I spent most of my time outdoors climbing trees, pretending the huge branches were corridors in a submarine et al. I would have been more than happy to have spent the rest of my life up on those gorgeous trees looking down on the world below.


Consider this my application to ghostwrite Mike Pence’s autobiography

"I will keep on his ass," the fly promised: "Picking his brains every hour of the day." And, "I guarantee it will be a scream."


As U.S. departs Afghanistan, will the old Taliban reemerge?

No, of course not: It will be a new Taliban that loves secular democracy, worships human rights, and champions women's independence. What'd you think!

Lord, what fools non-Muslims be!

Bombing outside Kabul girls’ school kills at least 50

Afghans bury schoolchildren killed by deadly blasts


Giuliani Raid Netted 10 Computers, Phones In Hunt For Plot To Oust US Envoy To Ukraine: Report

Ten computers... one for each finger.



Jesus! He really IS a Republican.

Yes: "Now there's a Republican after my own heart!" Trump said.

Asked why he didn't pardon him Trump said that he had a tradition of throwing his most faithful minions under the bus which he was obliged to respect. [A man of principles.]


Elizabeth Warren, in new book, muses on why she didn’t win Democratic presidential primary

More people voted for the other guy. First Trump, now Warren... these politicians today just don't seem to understand democracy. I attribute this to a failure of the American Educational System. Or the success of the American Hooky-playing System. Maybe both.


George Conway: I Think Rudy Giuliani Is In ‘Deep S**t’

Listen, Rudy Giulliani has been a stinking something or other for a long time now.

The sheer recklessness of Giuliani’s effort to damage Biden comes into focus

Opinion: What Trump has to fear from Rudy Giuliani


Biden Administration To Propose Phasing Out Greenhouse Gases Used In Refrigerators

Sez he wants to go back to iceboxes like they had in his house when he was a kid.


What does Liz Cheney want?

Looks like she wants decency and honesty in the Republican party: What a weird thing for someone who calls herself a Republican, right?! I am flabbergasted.

Opinion: Liz Cheney’s impending fall shows us how afraid Republicans are of their base

Hoyer says Cheney’s greatest offense to GOP lawmakers is she ‘believes in the truth’


I Found God, Became A Pastor And Then Lost My Faith. Here’s What I Believe In Now.

Money. Well, back to The Almighty Buck! [What goes around always comes around.]


Deb Haaland: ‘Unfortunate’ That Rick Santorum Doesn’t Know Native American History

I don't think it's so unfortunate: In fact it's really very fortunate that Santorum is such a transparent ignoramus for everybody to notice & laugh at: Little kids in school know more about native American history than Rick Santorum. And because he's also such a whopping mental case Santorum is now stuck with defending his ignorance instead of humbly learning something new. It's all really quite enjoyably hilarious.


GOP state lawmakers: The Three-Fifths Compromise was actually good

They also insisted that whipping slaves made them smart.

The only "good thing" about the Three-Fifths Compromise was that the South had no need for immigrants to come in and "compete with the cheap labor of its slaves" so while the Northern populations grew exponentially with more & more European immigrants Southern white populations did not--and that made the outcome of the Civil War a foregone conclusion. [Philosophy 101, not history.]


Why corporal punishment is used in some US schools

Because it's such good fun to beat the crap outta somebody, especially helpless little kids who have no hope in the world of defending themselves. ["It's a wonderful stress reliever," said the teacher afterwards.]


The story behind Stella, the first ‘talking’ dog: It’s not as far-fetched as it sounds

The dog had spent 14 long years learning to recite Hamlet when it died suddenly of old age.


Black gun owners are often portrayed negatively. One photographer set out to change that.

So that's why he told me to please paint my gun orange before snapping at me!


Scientists Discover Oldest Known Human Grave in Africa

A fight immediately broke out among them over who was going to be the first to desecrate it. [Hey, I know my people.]


Caitlyn Jenner, speaking from her plane hangar, says friends are fleeing California because of homeless people

Sez her plan to shoot'em all is practical and cost-effective. Jenner is running on the Republican ticket.


Chris Ruddy and Newsmax went all-in on Trump. Now they might pay a price for it.

Everybody & everything from the Republican party on down that goes in with Trump eventually pays a price for having done so.


All West Coast residents can now receive earthquake warnings on their phones

"Hello, Joe? That was an earthquake!"


A loon came to rest in a suburban Virginia pond, delighting local birders

Loon was wearing a cute little MAGA hat. [C'mon! Who didn't see that coming!]


She told followers she was ‘Mother God.’ Her mummified body was found wrapped in Christmas lights.

Same thing with Trump: Once Trump kicks the buckit his faithful MAGAGOP cult members will no doubt wrap him up in colorful red/white/blue Papier-mâché and hang him at the entrance to Mar-A-Lago for every New Years celebration: The Cult leader kicking the bucket is small potatoes to a well-committed cult member. Someone like that can ALWAYS rationalize anything.


Trump, Republicans express outrage over extension of Facebook ban

But, hasn't he continued to relentlessly push dangerous lies which cause grievous life & limb damage to Americans? What did they expect? "Stop trying to harm America and then we'll talk about it."

Facebook’s oversight board whiffed. Trump deserves a permanent exile. -- In more than 1,400 posts from Jan. 1, 2020, to Jan. 6, 2021, Donald Trump used Facebook to spread false information with devastating consequences for the country.

Twitter Thwarts Trump’s Latest Attempt To Get Back On Platform, Bans New Account


Liz Cheney, We Have a Memory. You’re No Hero.

When demons fight each other take a back seat not sides.

Liz Cheney Sides With Trump And GOP In Stunning Comments On Voter Suppression

Don’t be fooled. GOP ‘moderates’ will back McConnell’s scheme to stop Biden.


Trump Hints At Mar-A-Lago That Biased Arizona Recount Could Be Road To White House -- “I wouldn’t be surprised if they found thousands and thousands and thousands of votes” for him, Trump tells cheering guests.

In fact, I don't think very many people would be even a little bit surprised if they find more votes for Trump than there are voters in the whole damn state of Arizona.

The audit findings will have no effect on President Joe Biden’s victory in the state by a 0.3-point margin, which has long been officially certified. But -- “After that we’ll watch Pennsylvania, and you watch Georgia, then you’re going to watch Michigan and Wisconsin, and you’re watching New Hampshire. They found a lot of votes up in New Hampshire just now ... you saw that?”

Guys, I'm telling'ya: If you don't stop Trump he will continue to wreak damage on the nation in increasingly and increasingly incalculable ways. Criminals do not stop themselves, criminals have to be stopped.

A good place to start, at least, is outlined in the following story:

The politicians who tried to overturn an election — and the local news team that won’t let anyone forget it -- “Elected officials are going to run on this,” Blanchard said. “This is an example of their judgment.”

NYT Columnist Warns People Are Being Lulled Into False Security

Ex-Bush Speechwriter: A ‘Loyal’ Republican Is Now Either A Sucker Or A Liar

Former GOP State Lawmaker At Capitol On Jan. 6 Is Photographed Auditing Arizona Votes

If the Democrats don't wake up and expedite all their voter rights protections now there will be a MAGAGOP president in 2024 and then that will bring to an end the most noble experiment in democracy ever undertaken on this earth.

Ohio Becomes The Latest State To Introduce A Major Voter Suppression Bill

Despite Democrats’ late-night efforts, Texas House passes GOP bill aimed at tighter election restrictions

Opinion: Republicans aren’t just making it harder to vote. They’re going after election officials, too.

Sheriff Goes Ballistic After Arizona Recounters Demand Access To County Passwords

Trump’s Big Lie Devoured the G.O.P. and Now Eyes Our Democracy

Every possible criminal action that can be brought against Donald Trump must be brought against him as soon as humanly possibly--not to punish him but to prevent him from doing even greater harm than he has already done: Donald Trump is one of the worst and most relentless criminal offenders this country has ever seen or is ever likely to witness.

How post-Trump voting laws would have changed the last election

Opinion: Elise Stefanik is a perfect leader of today’s GOP. Her own statements show why.

Opinion: Rep. Zoe Lofgren embarrassed Republicans with their own words. Now they seek to silence her.

Arizona Republicans push back against Justice Department concerns, setting up possible clash over Maricopa County recount

Opinion: Ron DeSantis wants to deny 800,000 Floridians representation for nine months

Opinion: Two stats show why Republicans are so fixated on suppressing the vote

Trevor Noah Loses It Over The Wildest Tidbit From Arizona’s Recount

Opinion: This is why MAGA nativists are in a panic

Opinion: The decline and fall of Elise Stefanik

Opinion: Elise Stefanik is a perfect leader of today’s GOP. Her own statements show why.

Opinion: Liz Cheney’s impending fall shows us how afraid Republicans are of their base

GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger Predicts How Republican Purge Of Liz Cheney Will Backfire


An Oregon church sued over covid-19 restrictions. Now, an outbreak there has sickened 74.

Those who cannot learn by the wisdom of their brains must learn by the sheer pain of their raw flesh. [Simon Legree, I believe.]


China says out-of-control rocket booster probably won’t cause any harm

Unless it falls on you, of course.


How at-home euthanasia can provide comfort to pets and owners

Way ahead of you: I already have a good-sized brick picked to bash Jumpy over the head with when he can't fetch my newspaper anymore.


Where have all the Uber drivers gone?

Obviously they all drove off into the sunset.


Who gets the 66,000-square-foot Gates family home?

Why don't they just build a golf course in the middle of it and then they can both continue to live in the two separate and distant wings?


A mom panicked when her 4-year-old bought $2,600 in SpongeBob Popsicles. Good Samaritans are paying.

Now her son is eyeing some Lamborghinis.


Congress is finally investigating the lab accident covid-19 origin theory

I have no first-hand knowledge on the matter, but Covid-19 is behaving like a biological weapon: It absolutely is swimming like a duck & walking like a duck & quacking like a duck!


Where did the Red Sea split?

In the same place infamous thief & murderer Jack's magic beans sprouted the beanstalk he climbed to rob & kill the giant.


In pictures: 40 years since Bob Marley's death

Really? I would have thought A Christmas Carol was much older than that.


My puppy chewed through the wood stair tread. How can I repair it?

The wood stair tread or the puppy's dentures? My puppy had trouble chewing through his dog crackers!


Scientists remotely controlled the social behavior of mice with light

I do that myself: Every time I turn on the lights all 400 of them skeddadle out of my kitchen.


Buying a ticket to a Van Gogh immersive exhibit? Be sure to double-check the show’s name first.

Tell me about it: I went to a Van Go event once and ended up buying an old hippy-splashed van. By the way. No: It did not go.


Fox News Host Has Uncomfortable Moment As Guest Presses On Election Misinformation

In today’s Republican Party, there is no greater offense than honesty

Chris Wallace Confronts GOP Rep: ‘Is It a Lie the Election Was Stolen?’

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) dodged and evaded and finally answered the question not by admitting that Trump had lost but "only" that Biden had won, though pointedly NOT that Biden had won fairly!

‘Biden is the president’ has become the GOP’s base-pleasing cop-out

Of course there was no stolen presidential election. It is a question which every decent American answers instantly without having to think about it twice: Only Russian sympathizers like Donald Trump and his Republican minions assert anti-American propaganda about the undependability of our elections. But that's all right: Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) must eventually learn that one of the hallmarks of our freedom-loving country is that you are allowed to hold even sick & outrageously depraved opinions about it (as long as you don't try to subvert the sanctity of its electoral process with suppression laws or intimidation tactics). Now, perhaps Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) and his ilk will have an epiphany like the Admirable Mister Biden dreams these guys will have one day--But in the meantime I suggest that those who truly love democracy in this country do all they can to make sure H.R.1 and H.R.4 are voted into law before it's too late and we suddenly wake up [in] a nightmarish dictatorship like Russia.

Opinion: Fox News’s Chris Wallace hounds GOP lawmaker over the ‘big lie’

Howard Dean Explains Why Most Politicians In The GOP ‘Are No Longer Americans’

Donald Trump’s Fascism On Full Display In Chilling New Ad

Opinion: Stop saying Republicans are ‘cowards’ who fear Trump. The truth is far worse.


Former RNC Chair Agrees GOP Is One Of The World’s Largest Anti-Democracy Forces -- “How do you get [to] the rest of the country that’s sitting there, going, ‘Oh no, no, no, Joe Biden didn’t win, because Donald Trump told us so?’” Said former Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele.

How anyone can possibly say that the reason he or she believes something is because the biggest liar on earth says it's so?!?

Chuck Todd clashes with Dan Crenshaw over GOP fraud claims: ‘Why should anybody believe a word you say?’

I remember when it was enough to know that someone had lied ONCE to never again have faith that such a person would ever speak the truth again for the rest of his life. And here we have Donald Trump (a man who one is hard put to come up with even one instance when he has ever told the truth) being the authority for something/anything! It really says something about the lack of wisdom and/or intelligence among the Republican section of the American people.


Rand Paul and the GOP effort to blame Fauci for the coronavirus

Sure: If Faucci did it then their dear leader couldn't have done it. I can dig it.


Carolyn Hax: Bride’s parent thinks it isn’t appropriate to request cash wedding gifts

Say they should accept the gifts and THEN pawn them or eBay them (whichever gets them the most cash).


A maskless airline passenger blew his nose into a blanket. He now faces a $10,500 fine.

Airline sez they will now have to wash the damn thing.


Officials opened 12 slots to kill bison at a national park. 45,000 people applied.

Now officials say they will NOT be opening their planned slots to kill human beings because they're afraid too many people are sure to apply for them. Darn!


Representative Kevin McCarthy says no one is “questioning the legitimacy” of the 2020 election. That’s not true.

Wow! A Republican lying? That's unheard-of, isn't it!

Opinion: As Arizona Republicans erupt over Trump’s lies, a big truth is exposed

Trump’s comments on Maricopa County election recount are ‘unhinged,’ Arizona Republican official says


Ellen DeGeneres opens up about toxic workplace claims, says they felt ‘very misogynistic’ and ‘orchestrated’

Not her fault at all. I can see why it was so toxic.

Ellen DeGeneres Still Doesn’t Understand Why Her Show Was Called ‘Toxic’

How can she understand now when she did not understand then when had she understood then she would understand now!


Even if You Think Discussing Aliens Is Ridiculous, Just Hear Me Out

Well, I know an awful lot of Republicans are convinced that they've been abducted and taken to another parallel universe by a DT. [And an awful lot of'em are convinced that they're still there.]


Ex-Prosecutor Spots ‘Really Good Indication’ Trump’s About To Face The Law

Is it really possible for the outlaw who remade the once law-and-order GOP the Wild West anything-goes lawless MAGA Trump Cult it now is, is it possible that Donald Trump can appreciate that he's not above the law?!


Florida Officials Reportedly Steeling For A Trump Extradition Block By Gov. Ron DeSantis

The solution is not to extradite Trump to New York but to try him on federal charges right there in Florida.


Joe Manchin Throws Democrats’ Voting Rights Push Into Turmoil

Somebody should tell Joe Manchin that the safeguarding of American democracy is more than worth one man losing his day job in the Senate. I wonder whether Joe Manchin will ever understand this!

Right now the anti-American and anti-democratic Republican fascists in the GOP have unleashed an unprecedented campaign of voter suppression and voter intimidation across this country which if not immediately checked and overturned will almost certainly impose unrepresentative minority government on large segments of the nation for a long time if not permanently.

How anyone can work for that just because of the transparent lie of a self-dealing life-long criminal like Donald Trump is beyond me. And I wonder whether Joe Manchin will ever understand this!


Listening to her older records, Joan Baez hears perfection in an ‘unsurpassable’ voice

I agree with her.


Nancy Pelosi: ‘Appalling’ That Republicans Deny Jan. 6 Attack Even Happened

What American does not know what happened on Jan 6 at the Capitol? This present GOP insanity is proof, if proof was needed, of Republicans' toddler-like mindset. And I don't think very many people any time soon will want to be governed by toddlers. This must eventually prove to be nail-in-their-coffin stuff for the GOP as the passage of time lets their voters mull it over.


Opinion: Why Republican voter suppression may contain the seed of its own undoing

Donald Trump and Mike Lindell are now the brain trust of the Republican Party: What could go wrong?

Mike Lindell’s ‘fraud’ allegations are even more ridiculous than you might think

Opinion: Voter suppression is bad. But this tactic is even worse.

Republicans are not at all concerned that saying that America can't run an honest election (just because Trump lost) is the same as saying that America no longer works--A direct and indirect call for the overthrow of democracy (the way America works): Not accepting you've lost a fair election [disingenuously calling it corrupt when there is no proof that it is so] is the one cardinal sin & worst cancer that can befall any democracy; and the same as calling for revolution & civil war.


Riot Video Contradicts GOP Rep. Andrew Clyde’s Denial Of Capitol Riot

Yeah, don't you miss those good old days when things happened and because there was no way to record them you could tell people they happened any which way you wanted to tell them it happened? No wonder the GOP is so regressive!

Opinion: A cop’s anger at GOP lies about Jan. 6 should put Republicans on the defensive

Ex-Defense Secretary Delivers Damning Takedown Of GOP Spin On U.S. Capitol Riot

Liz Cheney brings her anti-lion message to the lion’s den


Israeli Strikes Kill 26, Topple Buildings In Gaza City

Could it be that the AP warned Hamas that the story Israel put out that it had begun its ground offensive was just a ruse--thereby thwarting the Israeli plan to have Hamas militants run for cover into the tunnels where they could all be eliminated? Certainly the Israelis must have been listening to all these goings on. This would surely make the AP a Hamas asset if ever there was one; and that alone might be enough justification to put that building to bed. But consider: Do you think the Syrians would have warned anyone in the building so they could have had time enough to evacuate?

But I'm not going to justify the killing of innocent civilians (if the civilians are truly innocent). We must all understand whom it is that bears the most responsibility for their killing, and it is almost 99% Hamas and the other Gaza militants, not an Israeli military that is desperately trying to stop the militants' attacks in order to reestablish peace there.

Blaming Israel or putting pressure on Israel is certainly not going to do anything but continue or even increase the suffering there.

Imagine if Gaza rockets were landing in Washington, not Israel

Israeli Defense Forces spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus said that the Israeli operation would end by “Hamas stopping the fire toward Israel … the most basic of preconditions. After that happens, there might be room for talks,” but also added that military instructions were to “carry on” until all “current and future capabilities” of Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza are destroyed.


Israel has chosen a two-tiered society. Violence is the inevitable result.

Israel has NOT chosen a two-tiered society: Israel tried to cut itself off from the Palestinians in Gaza as a possible first step towards a two-state solution and we can all see the result. A result which anyone with two cents' worth of brain can predict will happen in the West Bank the instant Israel lets go of that tiger's tail. Anyone who thinks Israel can just create a separate Palestinian 'state' is either a complete moron or an Islamist hoping for that exact political scheme in order to destroy Israel and slaughter the Jews that live here.

How conflict, blockades and history have shaped Gaza

And now you tell me: Had not Israel [and Egypt] blockaded Gaza all these years, what kind of death arsenal would Hamas have amassed there by now?! And what do you think Israel might have been forced to put into execution in response to it?!

Israel slammed for strike on AP, Al Jazeera Gaza offices in attack on Hamas

Gaza tower block collapses after Israeli air strike

Israel showed US ‘smoking gun’ on Hamas in AP office tower, officials say


When Fighting Erupts Between Israel and Hamas, Questions of War Crimes Follow

When someone is firing a gun at you, does it really matter to you how you stop him from continuing to fire at you? Or, must you only do [actions to stop him from continuing to fire at you) that have been deemed permitted by others whom the guy ain't firing at? And yet, of all the cops in the world Israel probably does the most of anyone to bend to the laws of 'civilized war' imposed upon her.

IDF pilot suspects children in vicinity, calls off airstrike - watch

How the IDF invented 'Roof Knocking', the tactic that saves lives in Gaza

“The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) is not talking about a cease-fire. We’re focused on the firing,” the military’s chief spokesman, Brig. Gen. Hidai Zilberman told Israel’s Army Radio Tuesday, Reuters reported.

The demonization of Israel in the halls of Congress - Opinion


Opinion: China’s repression of Uyghurs is not only cultural, but also physical, a new report shows

1) Yes. The Uyghur birthrate was 'unacceptably' higher than the rest of the Chinese population' birthrate before the crackdown; and now it's 'unacceptably' lower. [One was unacceptable to the Chinese government, the other unacceptably to the West.]

2) Because 'brainwashing' is a subjective term, and so is 'reeducation' (and even the term 'education' itself is also subjective) it means they must be subject to extensive independent studies to determine whether they are outside or within the common norms of the country in question. [Whether those norms are outside or within the common norms of other countries is another matter.]

"China is brainwashing the Uyghurs and others, who were forced into concentration camps and coerced to drop their language and traditions..."

If 'their language and traditions" are driving the Uyghurs to commit murder and other crimes against innocent citizens... is it really justified to blame China for doing all it can to 'brainwash/reeducate' the Uyghurs and others out of such 'traditions?'

"Eyewitnesses described an archipelago of austere penitentiaries and brutal reeducation routines intended to wipe out the Uyghur identity and culture--" ['austere' & 'brutal' also subjective]

Alarming yes, but are such camps & practices historically any much different than other 'such camps & practices' there before aimed at fashioning the undemocratic lifestyle in China?

If the condemnations of the West are about China's undemocratic practices in general terms then I doubt there are very many critics who are not justified in making them. However, if the condemnations are designed to portray the Uyghurs as under specific distinct undemocratic practices that amounts to genocide because such practices are not seen being put into effect against the general Chinese population, then there had better be a lot more (and better) independent intelligence reports on this than I have seen so far because "a drive by China at mass sterilization, coerced birth control and punitive family policies" has been ongoing in China for as far back as I can remember... and I don't believe I have ever heard any description of it as genocide in the West before or even now.

Otherwise calling China's policies on the Uyghurs genocide might be more a reflection on Western attitudes towards China than on anything the Chinese themselves are up to. So let's be careful here because when insults seem ineffective (and we have little other alternative against those we're insulting) we human beings have a tendency to simply make the insults louder & more colorful. Take a breather. Try to realize that all we might be doing is making our worst insults the ones we use first, thus devaluing their strength & impact. Then the only alternative we will be left with will be to resort to pointless, unnecessary violence first.


‘Our democracy is imperiled’: Maricopa County officials decry 2020 recount as a sham and call on Arizona Republicans to end the process

Trust me: If there's one thing all those Evangelical scammers should have taught you (and they've instructed Trump well enough) it is that this is all a Trumpian scam to separate GOP voter goofballs from their wallets. And not much more.


In a conflict defined by its asymmetry, the experience of those trapped in Gaza is indisputably worse than those in Israel.

Talk, just talk. We'll know that really is true when the residents of Gaza tell Hamas to stop aiming missiles at Israel. Israel already bombs Gaza only as a response to Gaza's missiles.


Biden to Netanyahu: 'Wind down' bombardment of Gaza

Told him to let Hamas bombard Israel for a while now without responding... see if they exhaust themselves.

Netanyahu to Biden: Sure. No problem.

Netanyahu rebuffs Biden’s call to wind down attacks


Trump’s comments on Maricopa County election recount are ‘unhinged,’ Arizona Republican official says

Opinion: As Arizona Republicans erupt over Trump’s lies, a big truth is exposed

Opinion: Almost half of Republicans admit they’re ready to ditch democracy

Trump has unhinged his GOP base, but this is not Trump's fault--this is the fault of those GOP voters being live goofballs looking up with their mouths open under the Trump rainshower like baby turkeys.

Opinion: How cynical is the Republican election recount circus in Arizona? This cynical.

Opinion: Republicans’ Jan. 6 coverup is yet more evidence they are unfit to serve

I watched the GOP’s Arizona election audit. It was worse than you think.

Maricopa County Demands Arizona Senate Preserve Recount Records For Possible Lawsuit

Michigan’s top election official and Dominion warn counties about the risks of vote audits by outside groups

Bonkers Chicken Conspiracy Theory From Arizona Recount Stumps Seth Meyers


Carolyn Hax: How could they possibly not want to be around your beloved 105-pound dog?

"He's a lap dog, and because he's so big we don't often bathe him."


Pakistan has strict blasphemy laws, but celebs still tweet antisemitism

Antisemitism is not a blasphemy (which is an act or sacrilegious speech about God). Jews are very much flesh & blood--Indeed, the very point of antisemitism's evil.


Discovery About Naked Giant Carved Into English Hillside Arouses Scientists

C'mon! Surely you have to have known that a lot of those scientists were gay.


Martha Stewart Corrects ‘Fake News’ Story About Her Many Peacocks

Sez she just uses their heads to decorate naughty children's birthday cakes.


The Milky Way may have grown up faster than astronomers suspected -- Most of the galaxy’s disk was in place before a merger 10 billion years ago with a dwarf galaxy called Gaia-Enceladus/Sausage, a new study suggests.

Sausage: That's where our immigrant solar system originally came from (to join the Milky Way galaxy). Sausage is where we all come from.


Kevin McCarthy Says Capitol Riot Commission Should Look At Unrelated Riots

Same with murders: A murder trial should look at every murder ever committed by anyone & everyone everywhere for whatever reason, right?

Republicans Resist Bipartisan Capitol Riot Commission -- They insist that any investigation into the insurrection also cover violence related to Black Lives Matter protests.

As well as Lincoln's refusal to evacuate Fort Sumter. I mean, really: Why are all the political flakes, nuts, whacos, Jim Jordan, & other crazies confined only to the Republican party?

The G.O.P. Is Getting Even Worse


Kevin McCarthy Announces Opposition to Capitol Riot Commission

Sez the Commission could uncover the full extent of the Republican complicity & guilt in the Capitol insurrection. "Some of them commissioners might've graduated third grade, you know!"

McConnell comes out against Jan. 6 commission, imperiling its chances of becoming law

See: This is why the most powerful mob boss in town was always the one who had all the judges and politicians in his pocket. Trump knew this (from watching The Untouchables); but, like everything else, he just didn't know how to go about succeeding at the job.

GOP Lies Fueled The Capitol Riot. Of Course They Don’t Want A Panel To Expose That.

Opinion: Republicans offer a vile new excuse for opposing a Jan. 6 commission


Investigation of Trump Organization now exploring possible criminal conduct, N.Y. attorney general’s office says

Ex-DOJ Official Warns Trump: ‘This Is A Letter Talking About Jail Time’

My question to the Don is: Will he place Frank Nitti in charge of the Trump Mafia when he's in the Federal Pen doing BIG TIME for tax evasion... along with his sons, Ivanka and Jared Kushner, Weisselberg, and all the other big boy capos in the mob?


Want to try cicadas? Give the Brood X insects this spicy popcorn treatment

Ok. How do I make the cicadas take the treatment?


Rep. Greg Pence Praises Brother’s ‘Heroism’ After Vote Against Capitol Riot Commission

Sez he doesn't want the Jan.6 Commission to uncover just how 'heroic' his brother Mike really was: "He's a really humble guy, you know."


Biden promises to replenish Iron Dome, help rebuild Gaza

Sez he is looking forward to the next Israeli-Hamas war: "This one was very entertaining--for the entire world!" [The world loves No Solutions. Just more of the same.]


Dennis Ross: If Hamas has rockets, there can only be a short-term truce

Then look to Egypt as the only place there that can stop Hamas from reacquiring them because everything that goes into their construction comes from Egypt. Unfortunately the Egyptians couldn't care less about the Israelis or the Gazans, nor do the rest of the Arabs for that matter who only called the Palestinians by the term 'Palestinians' after the return of the Jews and the founding of Israel. Before that they knew the 'Palestinians' as Jews, and called them 'the Jews' even thought they were Muslims (since most so-called Palestinians are descended from converted Jews). So talk to the Egyptians if you want to achieve peace in 'Palestine.' Right now the only interest the Egyptians have is in promoting themselves as indispensable interlocutors in the conflict and that has to change to have them instead work as promoters of peace there: Talk to the Egyptians.


Why has China emerged as leading critic of Israel over Gaza? - analysis

Because Russia needs Israel to put pressure on Iran to leave Syria to Putin alone. [Then he can take care of Turkey.]


Some Republicans Opposed To Capitol Riot Commission Supported One In January

In January they were all sure there would be a great revulsion among the American people against the Jan.6 insurrection (they mistook the noble American people in\of the Hollywood films for the real Americans out there). And then, when the real American people out there said they were "not really all that into saving democracy & that shit," the GOP knew they were 'my people' out there and not the noble Americans of Hollywood. Happens all there time, more & more: Everybody sees too many movies, especially those poor immigrants. [The saps!]


Attorney for ‘QAnon Shaman’ questions mental abilities of his client, others in Jan. 6 riot

If all the Jan.6 insurrectionists are going to plea not guilty by reason of insanity then the entire thing must have been a mass escape from a mental institution for the invariably hopelessly Trump Republicans that somehow ended up in the Capitol.


When the next attack comes, the blood will be on the GOP’s hands

Ewh, it's already on the GOP's hands.

Opinion: Republicans might just be clueless

House Republicans opposed to a Jan. 6 commission also spread lies of a stolen election — the same lies that led to the insurrection. They know that.

Several Republicans who oppose Jan. 6 commission are potential witnesses about Trump’s conduct that day

The GOP’s shifting arguments against a Jan. 6 commission

Opinion: The really scary reason Republicans don’t want to face the truth about Jan. 6

Rep. Gerry Connolly Calls On Biden To Create Jan. 6 Commission After ‘Cowardly’ GOP Vote

Opinion: The GOP’s opposition to the Jan. 6 commission is a gift to Democrats

Opinion: Whatever Republicans are doing, it isn’t working

GOP Accused Of Betraying America In Progressive PAC’s Stinging New Ad

Republicans should have the decency to stand up for America and not just for their lousy day jobs, which as long as they're the ones holding them will be utterly worthless to the nation.


Florida GOP eases path for Trump to pursue casino license

From now on privileged felons will be able to run a casino from prison. [Isn't Florida a great place to live!]


A significant Trump fear inches closer: Accountability

Oh go ahead & fine him $10 so we can all go home.


Michael Cohen Reveals When And How Trump Will Flip On His Own Family To Avoid Jail

This I can believe.

The new criminal probe of the Trump Organization, and what it could mean


Opinion: Joe Manchin, please listen carefully to what Mitch McConnell just told you

Mitch McConnell clearly said to Joe Manchin: "Hey, stupid, how many times I gotta tell you? Ain't gonna be no damn bipartisanship! Get that through your thick Neanderthal skull."

One wonders if Joe Manchin has read a newspaper or watched a news show lately. [Unless, you know... he has but doesn't have 'the wherewithal' to grasp what he's reading.] "Looks like it."


GOP challenger to Cheney says he impregnated 14-year-old when he was 18: ‘It’s like the Romeo and Juliet story’

Sez he can't wait for a 14 year-old daughter of his to be impregnated like that by some 18-year old. Aww...


How to spatchcock a chicken

Great, now bestialists have their own advice column!


‘The Mission Wasn’t Completed.’ Cease-Fire Prompts Israelis’ Disappointment.

Don't worry: Biden forced this ceasefire, so it's very likely that because he owns it now he'll make sure that there's never another attack on Israelis by Hamas ever ever again [Pause. Followed by laughter.] "Israelis are on their own, dude. Good luck to'em the next war there!" [Wait. Who said that?] "C'mon, man!" [We just stop them when it looks like they're winning. We don't mop up for others.] "I'm clear: No missiles fell on D.C."


Manchin Says He Opposes D.C. Statehood Bill In Another Consequential Break With Dems -- “If Congress wants to make D.C. a state, it should propose a constitutional amendment,” Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia said. -- “First, no new state was admitted by constitutional amendment,” Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, the District of Columbia’s nonvoting member of Congress said: “All 37 new states were admitted by Congress, and there has never been a successful constitutional challenge to the admission of a state. The Constitution commits admission decisions solely to Congress.”

Does anyone really believe that Joe Manchin doesn't know this? The real reason Joe Manchin is against D.C. statehood is that two more Democratic senators would make him irrelevant: No better than most Republicans Manchin too would sacrifice the rights of countless of his fellow Americans for personal gains--no matter how small and crass those gains may be, no matter how great the number of his fellow Americans.

Opinion: The campaign for D.C. statehood just got a big boost

Opinion: It’s time for Democrats to force Joe Manchin to show his hand

Virginans should really think hard about trying to get a Democract elected to the senate. Or, at least someone who graduated third grade.


Bitcoin bounces after weekend plunge

Cryptocurrencies are unsustainable: It now costs two cents to make one penny, but "the latest estimates put the cost of 40 TH/s of computing power at $4.32 per day. That's may seem small but it adds up over the year. The annual cost runs about $1,576 with an expected reward of 0.08875 Bitcoins or about $3,017 with BTC trading at $34,000."

The University of Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) calculates that Bitcoin's total energy consumption is somewhere between 40 and 445 annualized terawatt hours (TWh), with a central estimate of about 130 terawatt hours.

At some point governments will start to deem this cost more harmful even than tobacco and will start banning it. The sooner the better.


New U.S. Army night-vision goggles use augmented reality

Great, now soldiers with guns will not only see what they think is there, they will also see all kinds of made-up computer stuff too!


Man charged with bringing molotov cocktails to Capitol has militia ties, contacted Cruz’s office, court says

Sez he was pretty sure Cruz was in need of a few molotovs to use against his enemies or "colleagues."


It’s time to respond forcefully to Belarus’s wily and malevolent dictator

Oh go ahead & fine him $10 so we can all go home.


Republican Governors Cutting Federal Unemployment Benefits For 4 Million

It doesn't cost their states any cash. They just want to starve "the bums" into going out and looking for a job. [Bums don't vote, you know.]


Biden wants bipartisanship to fail and for the GOP to be blamed for it --Marc A. Thiessen

Dear GOP Hack (Marc A. Thiessen): The GOP has already perfectly killed bipartisanship, so it's perfectly ok for Biden to call a spade a spade.


Iran approves 7 for presidential vote, bars Rouhani allies

Aww... isn't democracy lovely!


Here’s What I Want You To Know About Having Diarrhea While Out In Public

When you hear somebody yell, "Run!" They mean it.


Blinken Says U.S. Will Aid Gaza Without Helping Hamas

Sez the U.S. has invented a miraculous cement that can be used for building construction but not for Hamas tunnels.


The world's most famous pearl

The Pearl of Death: It's called that because so many millionaires have chocked to death trying to smuggle it in order to avoid paying taxes on it.


Why don't Chinese women want more babies?

Question posed by a man who probably has never seen the movie Alien.


Why is the Justice Department withholding most of its Trump memo?

Answer: Because people who look bad in those portions of the Trump memo still have the power to supress it, of course.


53% of Republicans view Trump as true US president - poll

Even 1% would have been astonishing. 53% means the GOP is now the party of the brainwashed turkeys. I thought these things only happened in Russia and places like that but here it is right here in the good ole US of A.

Trump DOJ Seized Records Of House Intelligence Dems In Search For Leaks: NYT

Adam Schiff Slams Trump DOJ’s Targeting Of His Data: ‘Terrible Abuse Of Power’

Opinion: Three big takeaways from the explosive new Trump-DOJ revelations


Phil Mickelson won the PGA Championship at 50. Why not the U.S. Open at 51?

I'm not that familiar with golf, so I don't know what "PGA" stands for. But from the look of it on TV I'm guessing it probably stands for Pedestrians Going Around.


Florida Republicans are trampling on the wishes of locals in a rush to consolidate power

Republicans seem to have made a calculation that becoming 'the enemies of the people' Trump loved to insult others with is the way to go now. So let's hope they all go, permanently.


Since leaving office, Trump has charged the Secret Service more than $40,000 to use Mar-a-Lago

Wouldn't you love to have it like Trump: Somebody does something for you and you charge him for it!

Opinion: Standing up to Trump may not be so fatal anymore for Republicans

Ex-Daughter-In-Law Of Trump Organization Executive Predicts He’ll Flip On His Boss

Prosecutor in Trump criminal probe convenes grand jury to hear evidence, weigh potential charges


The Best And Worst Kinds Of Burgers For Your Health, Ranked By Nutritionists

1) cardboard burgers, no salt, no fat, not even meat

99) juicy tasty fillet Mayoed, extra onions & tomatoes


Thinking of Eating Cicadas? Here Are Six Other Tasty Insects to Try, Too

Flies: And all you need to do is to put out a turd to get yourself as many as you like.


New Super PAC To Go After ‘Treason Caucus’ Republicans Who Tried To Overturn Election

Well termed! You don't get to try to destory American democracy without some pushback from Americans.


Kelly Clarkson will take over Ellen DeGeneres’s daytime talk show slot

Sez that unlike Ellen DeGeneres she is husky enough to beat up anybody in her staff inside the studio or outside it, if any one of'em thinks he's man enough to wanna take it outside.


76ers ban fan for dumping popcorn on Russell Westbrook during Game 2

Westbrook said that the popcorn kernels were weely weely heavy and hurt his widdle head.


Syria's President Assad wins fourth term in office with 95.1% of votes

Maybe the Syrians just approve of his urban renewal projects.


Disability Rights Groups Join Lawsuit Over Georgia Voter Suppression Law

I was wondering when this very powerful legal challenge to the GOP's voter suppression was going to show up. Now it has I am curious how the Republicans are going to skirt or try to bring down the Americans with Disabilities Act and associated laws in order to keep trying to keep Americans from their right to vote.


Streaker At Washington Nationals Game Makes Big Splash During Rain Delay -- With security officials avoiding the rain, the naked man had free rein, using the infield tarp as his own Slip 'N Slide.

"Hey, waitaminute! This ISN'T a dream?!"


‘MAGA Caravan’ Organizer Arrested For Assaulting Cops At Capitol -- Kenneth Joseph Owen Thomas was arrested for attacking, punching and hitting police officers during the Capitol riot.

Sez it was a normal tourist vsit.


Biden Appointee To Postal Service Board Targets ‘Greatest Risk In Security’ For Elections

Bad Faith Actor Number One: Donald Trump

Republicans, leaning on the lie that Biden stole the presidential election from Trump, have proposed 250 restrictions in 43 states aimed at curtailing voting rights.


Mike Lindell kicked out of GOP governors event after vowing to press ahead with false election fraud claims

Are you sure? I mean, was he wearing his moustache? He might have forgot to put on his moustache. And, frankly, Mike Lindell without his moustache is like Emmett Kelly without his clown makeup... nobody.

By the way, I too think it wouldn't be such a bad idea for Mike to run for office: You know a former crackhead would fit in quite nicely in today's GOP.

Matt Gaetz Says He’s Considering A Presidential Run And Twitter Has Thoughts

Well, Trump has been accused of rape by 26 different women and he's doing ok, especially with Evangelicals of course.


Ted Cruz’s Slap At ‘Emasculated’ U.S. Troops Traced To Hungarian Right-Wing -- A propaganda expert traces the Texas senator's attack on the American military to a Russian defender.

Oh, I'm sure Kremlin Cruz knows exactly who & what he is an asset of.


Ex-US airline pilot admits lewd act in cockpit

"Or, what's a cockpit for...!"


Comedy of errors in TV Shakespeare mix-up

Oh my God, William Shakespeare has died? I know all his works, including Gone Wih The Wind and The Beverly Hillbillies.


Texas Republicans are preparing to unveil a major bill that would make already stringent voting rules even tougher.

Somebody stop us!


Trump dusts off his proven ‘They’re all out to get me’ playbook

Well, that's what every criminal on the run from the law thinks. [And, of course, they're mostly right.]

Trump’s historic legal jeopardy

The Secret Service Has To Protect Former Presidents — But What If They Are In Jail?

Don't jail guards already protect inmates? Let them teach the Secret Service to play Checkers outside Trump's cell.

‘Delusional’ Trump Mocked On Twitter Over Unhinged New Conspiracy Theory

Trump CFO ‘Perjured Himself,’ Felt ‘Enabled’ With Boss In White House: Ex-Daughter-In-Law

Report: Experts Believe Prosecutors Are Mulling ‘Little RICO’ Mob Law Against Trump Org

Nonprofit Presses For ‘McMafia’ Law To Reveal Cash Sources For Trump’s Scottish Resorts

‘Witch Hunt,’ Meet Grand Jury


Democrats’ quandary: Whether to kill the filibuster that could kill their agenda

Translation: Dead Filibuster Walking... do the Democrats want to kill their agenda now or wait for the Republicans to be the ones to kill the filibuster when they get back the Senate? [At this moment in time it's all up to Joe Manchin & Kyrsten Sinema.]

Don't worry: The only people who want to kill the filibuster are those who want to do something. The filibuster is safe with the Rupublicans--When the Democrats get back to the minority they won't be able to do a blessed thing.

Democrats’ quandary: Whether to kill the filibuster that could kill their agenda

Or: Hold on to one of the last aristocratic (undemocratic) vestiges of American minority governance. Which to pick? O Which to pick?... Go ask Manchin & Sinema.

GOP push to revisit 2020 has worrisome implications for future elections

The Filibuster Discourages Bipartisanship. The GOP Filibuster Of A Jan. 6 Commission Just Proved it.

As long as the filibuster exists the Republicans don't have to negociate in faith on anything whatsoever to carry their agenda of doing nothing at all.


Texas Republicans finalize bill that would enact stiff voting restrictions, make it easier to overturn election results

Yeah. Who the Hell told voters that they have the last word on elections anyway?! Oh no: Democracy is not at risk. [This is irony, for all you Trump phlembrains.]

Scholars from leading universities say U.S. democracy ‘is now at risk’


Russia's Navalny asks court to end prison security checks

The Russians are so deliciously cruel, so unforgivably evil. No wonder Trump idolizes them. I'm sure Trump would have loved nothing better than to have been an old time Czar back in the Seventeenth Century, chopping off heads to see which way they'd fall, right, left, back or forward. And I am sure many a MAGA Republican, like the Czar's Guards of old, would have considered it a great honor to have their heads chopped off by Czar Trump. For everything that changes in this world of men always remains the same!

Trump Reminds Us That He Trusts Vladimir Putin More Than U.S. Intelligence


Why the founder of Scott’s Cheap Flights wants you to take more vacations

Answer: To make money off of you?


Close encounters: Democrats and Republicans unified in taking UFOs seriously

Now they're taking them seriously!? What about years ago when I was telling everbody about all the UFOs I'd seen and all the little green people from Mars me and my dog were talking with? I had one Hell of a time convincing them that my dog was not angry with them! And that he wasn't the master and I his pet.


Hackers hit JBS, world’s largest meat processor, in latest cyberattack to target a crucial supply chain

When you pay any ransom anywhere you have told the criminals it's payday everywhere else.

Executives who pay ransomware should be held accountable criminally for encouraging the crime of ransomware which is bound to be inflicted on more and more businesses.


Israeli researchers increase life expectancy of mice by average of 30%

Apparently they have become convinced that our mice are dying too young.


Trump’s Ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Calls For Military Coup In U.S.

Sez he hopes that lots & lots of Americans are butchered in the conflagration. [Then he laughed maniacally, of course.]

Gen. Barry McCaffrey Slams Michael Flynn’s ‘Extremely Dangerous’ Call For A Coup

Ex-Bush Ethics Chief Slams Michael Flynn’s Call For Coup: This Is Sedition


Texas GOP now claims its bill limiting Black churches’ ‘souls to the polls’ was a typo

Kind of like when the Nazis started claiming at Nuremberg that they had no idea that Germany was killing any Jews ANYWHERE.

Opinion: Senate Republicans know they chose cowardice in killing a Jan. 6 investigation. They just proved it.

Bonkers Chicken Conspiracy Theory From Arizona Recount Stumps Seth Meyers

The dramatic fight in Texas over voting obscures the point that almost no demonstrated fraud exists

Opinion: The Republican plot to steal the 2024 election

Observers of Arizona’s GOP-led election audit document security breaches, prohibited items on counting floor

Opinion: There’s one voting reform that would have the greatest impact


At Texas event with QAnon ties, Louie Gohmert downplays Jan. 6: ‘It wasn’t just right-wing extremists’

Sez he was pretty sure he saw Jimmy Carter in the mob with a brick in one hand. [Or, soon now most Republicans will be sure to be claiming this also.]


Iran’s largest naval warship burns and sinks in Gulf of Oman -- A spokesperson for Iran’s navy told an Iranian news agency that the cause of the fire that sank the 679-foot Kharg in Iranian waters of the port of Jask is under investigation.

Sez he suspects it's either incompetence by Iran or competence by Israel.


Alleged Capitol rioter who posed in Pelosi’s office is selling signed photos for $100 to help pay legal fees

Really? I was sure there was a law said criminals may not profit from their crimes. I guess the Republicans must have repealed it somewhere along the road.

Democrats Prepare To Investigate Capitol Riot After GOP Blocked Bipartisan Commission


New York to London in 3.5 hours? United Airlines to buy ultra-fast planes from start-up Boom Supersonic.

Absolutely! I can dig it: People who have been given no more than two or three days more to live definitely would need this kind of speed to get to London, kiss the statue of Lord Nelson, say; and then fly back to their hospital bed in Cleveland before the nurse even sees he's gone.


How we should measure the success of Biden’s summit with Putin

If Biden doesn't come out of it saying what a great guy Putin is.


Florida man took his son on paintball ‘drive by,’ police said. The boy, 10, ended up shot with a real gun.

Man is now claiming that what he was really after was to teach his son that when you do hurtful mean things to others there are real-world consequences. [He's now up for the Father of The Year Award in Florida. Trump will be guest presenter.]


Florida man accused of killing iguana uses ‘stand your ground’ defense to try to get charge dropped

Sez the iguana came at him with a knife.


Trump ends blog after 29 days, infuriated by measly readership

Sez he is seriously considering campaigning against everybody who didn't read his blog come midterms.

Trump has grown increasingly consumed with ballot audits as he pushes falsehood that election was stolen

Really, the best thing that could happen to this poor bastard is that they finally institutionalize him in one of those secure hospitals for the criminally insane so he never harms himself or anyone else ever again.

National Review Confirms ‘Startling’ Report On Trump’s Current Grasp Of Reality


FBI investigating Postmaster General Louis DeJoy in connection with past political fundraising

Someday people will play the trivia game of Who Had More of His Associates Investigated As Criminals... Trump or Al Capone? [I myself don't know the answer to this. Maybe someday someone will.]


REPORT: U.S. Says No Sign UFOs Are Aliens — But Can’t Explain Them

My bet is that cats have invented a new kind of hi-tech revenge flashlight and are playing with us.


Can the Rich Pay for a Better America?

Only about 40 or 50 times over. That's all.


Pence Calls Systemic Racism A ‘Left-Wing Myth’

Sez he's lived all his life in these United States and has never once been subjected to racism.

Eric Reid Slams NFL For Using ‘Race-Norming’ To Determine Brain Injury Payouts

Oh, there's no systemic racism all right, all right.

Veteran’s Microphone Muted As He Talked About Black History Of Memorial Day


How Joe Manchin Could Make the Senate Great Again

Are you sure we're talking about the same Joe Manchin here?


You May Live a Lot Longer

It's possible: I was born yesterday.


Ted Cruz Tries A Monty Python Crack And Twitter Users Run Away

Ted Cruz is still walking around the cemetery trying to eat people's brains? Could somebody please show this poor ghoul where the exit gate is located!


GOP Sen. Ron Johnson Suggests Jan. 6 Riot Wasn’t As Bad As Portrayed

Sez the 20,000 cameras and smart phones that documented it could have all been badly jiggled around by all the pushing & shoving and throwing of all sorts of stuff around (including some cops). It's possible.

Opinion: The GOP should think twice before it tries to mess with elections


Analysis: As on Jan. 6, Trump won’t accept the reality of his loss

Trump won't accept the reality of his 400,000 bankruptcies (every one of which he's still claiming was a stupendous business success). And you want him to accept--what?

National Review Confirms ‘Startling’ Report On Trump’s Current Grasp Of Reality


People have abandoned hundreds of cats on a deserted Brazilian island. Officials aren’t sure how to save them.

Give them mice: Hundreds & hundreds of Brazilian mice.


Why some Americans are still hesitant to get back to work

I was hesitant to get back to work after my first day on the job. Maybe that had something to do with it.


In pro-Trump speech, Pence says he doesn’t know if they’ll ‘ever see eye-to-eye’ on Jan. 6 Capitol attack

Well, can he at least agree with Trump that it was a good idea to have Trump's people try to hang him?


When will Harriet Tubman appear on the $20 bill?

When will the next Treasury Secretary be an African American?


The sad self-importance of journalists

Looketh thou in the mirror Hugh Hewitt? Or could it be thou doth knowest thou ain't no journalist at all but just a GOP hack?


U-Va. is investing $100 million in saving democracy. Can it make a difference?

Every little bit helps. Especially in that most pivotal of causes.


Arab, Israeli communities to build harmony through mixed martial arts

Yes, harmony-through-fighting does seem appropriate for the Middle East.


Why the Pentagon isn’t heeding calls to prosecute Michael Flynn under military law

"We think it would be a good idea," sez a fellow heavily weighed down with brass, "to wait until more than half of the generals agree with Mike that a coup would be a good idea."


My boss keeps telling me to ‘calm down’ when I report problems. How do I explain that’s sexist?

Scream and holler at him: That's the only thing men understand.


Why aren’t we talking more about UFOs?

Well, I don't know about you, but the brain implant that I got on my last voyage to the planet Zembo keeps telling me to shut up!


Ortega government arrests third presidential hopeful in Nicaragua

What a novel idea: Make it illegal to run for president against the incumbent! If Trump had thought of that then he wouldn't be in the trouble he is now!


Don’t call it an ‘insurrection’: GOP moves to excise a word it once used for Jan. 6

From now on the Republicans will use 'a stoll' for what went through the Capitol on Jan.6.


No, Judge Benitez, we do not need weapons of war for ‘home defense’

Yeah. The kid from Home Alone did pretty good without one.


Senate approves sprawling $250 billion bill to curtail China’s economic and military ambitions

China will spend $250 billion to promote its economic and military ambitions, the U.S. will spend $250 billion to curtail them, and at the end we will all be back at ZERO having burned $500 billion for nothing? Doesn't it seem sad to you somehow that countries can never seem to be led by intelligent people?


‘Butcher of Bosnia’ Mladic loses final court appeal over genocide convictions

He should've stuck to butchering, which is an honorable profession.


Pressure mounts on Manchin as ‘panic’ sets in among Democrats over voting rights -- Representatives for Manchin and Sinema declined to comment. Unlike Manchin, Sinema is a co-sponsor of the For the People Act, though she does not support overturning the filibuster in order to pass it. [Say what?!?]

Sinema perfectly well knows that without overturning the filibuster there is no passing of the For The People Act. She is either really really stupid or really really perverse. And it really doesn't make any difference which.

Manchin is no better: This man is a dead weight, a brick, and not a gold brick but an old chaffing crumbling outhouse stone brick.

Apparently Manchin wants to come out of all this known as the Democrat who singlehandedly killed the Democrats' agenda. [And all he has to do now is to somehow someway get rid of Sinema so he can have The Field of Infamy all to himself.]

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema Says The Filibuster ‘Protects The Democracy Of Our Nation’

And now you know why it's so crucial to elevate D.C. to statehood as soon as humanly possible so there are as many Democrats as there are Republicans in the Senate.

After defeating restrictive voting bill, Texas Democrats send loud message: ‘We need Congress to do their part’

Opinion: Republican senators’ failure to investigate Jan. 6 is worse than their impeachment performance

Opinion: An ugly new GOP attack line is prompting a useful rethink among Democrats

Before violent Oregon Capitol breach, GOP lawmaker coached people on how to slip in, video shows


Where do we go from here on the filibuster? The Fix’s Aaron Blake takes your questions now.

The filibuster is but a fraternity rule not a Constitutionally enshrined principle. There's a good reason the Founding Fathers did not include it in the Senate rules: It is antidemocratic, an aristocratic (frat boys) excuse designed specifically to thwart the rule of the majority without having the frat boys acknowledge that that is its sole purpose. It is more than high time for American democracy to get rid of it once & for all.

Sinema and Manchin’s Nihilistic Bipartisanship

Arizona Democrats Plead With Kyrsten Sinema To Ax Filibuster, Pass Voting Rights Act

Major Kyrsten Sinema Supporter Says Abolish Filibuster Or Get Out Of The Senate

Opinion: Force the Republicans to filibuster democracy. Again and again.

Democrats To Introduce Bill To Combat Election Subversion As Part Of Voting Rights Push

39 senators who now support changing or eliminating the filibuster previously opposed doing so


Manchin will not support Democrats’ voting rights bill, he says in op-ed

In this world there are those who build monuments to their names with deeds of nobility or greatness and then there are those who merely deface people's monuments. Manchin is just such a lover of defacing monuments others have built: His 'fellow Democrats' can argue with him until they're blue in the face but Manchin has apparently already made the calculus that he will never be capable of greatness nor of nobility and that if he is ever going to write his name into history he will needs do it with a spray can--and deface democracy. We're all going to have to live with that, or try to rush D.C. statehood to make him irrelevant. [Guess which side of that battle Joe Manchin fights on.]

“We’re looking every way we can to bring this country together and unite the country. That’s what I’m doing,” said Joe 'The Last Dixiecrat' Manchin. “And I think anybody, whether it be a Democrat or Republican, that’s sitting today in the Senate knows who I am. And I’ve always been about bipartisanship.”

Yes, we know who & what you are, Joe Manchin: The Republicans are with outlandish partisanship making sure that they everywhere come out ahead even after having lost an election --going even to the extreme of writing into law a Republican government's ability to declare an election won by Democrats null & void and awarding it to themselves (just like Lukashenko, Assad, Putin and every other tyrant does it). And still Simple Simon Manchin remains unwilling to teach these extremely partisan Republicans the folly of their partisanship while yet claiming to be the virtuous enemy of exactly such partisanship!

Does anybody still have any questions about who & what Joe Manchin is?

Democrats grapple with way forward on Biden agenda after Manchin throws up roadblocks

What Joe Manchin doesn’t get about the GOP’s voter suppression

It's not bipartisan. Yes, we all know (except Joe Manchin).

Opinion: Joe Manchin’s mighty delusions

Opinion: Time to call Manchin’s bluff

Opinion: How Joe Manchin’s awful new stance could blow up in his face

Congress Needs to Defend Vote Counting, Not Just Vote Casting

W.Va. Black Leaders Warn Joe Manchin His Voting Rights Opposition Could Cost Their Support

Mitch McConnell Opposes Voting Measure Sought By Joe Manchin

Don't worry, this too is way over Joe Manchin's head.


Opinion: The GOP superspreaders of Trump’s contagion -- Pollsters at PRRI recently asked Americans if they agreed or disagreed that “the government, media, and financial worlds in the U.S. are controlled by a group of Satan-worshipping pedophiles who run a global child sex trafficking operation.” An astonishing 23 percent of Republicans agreed, and 28 percent of Republicans agreed that “because things have gotten so far off track, true American patriots may have to resort to violence in order to save our country.”

Didn't the Jan.6 attack on congressional Republicans teach those representatives that if they keep promoting lunatic delusions which must inevitably lead to violence they themselves are bound to be devoured by the violence they promote? And still they keep promoting delusions which can only lead to violence! [History always repeats itself!]

Before violent Oregon Capitol breach, GOP lawmaker coached people on how to slip in, video shows

Republican State Legislatures Are Winning Their War On American Democracy

Opinion: A six-point plan to stop the Republicans’ anti-democratic moves

Democrats May Need To Change Their Voting Rights Bill If They Want It To Pass

Americans may need to change their senators if they want their voting rights bill passed [so no powerful self-serving clique EVER has the power to decide the people have voted 'the wrong way'].

Opinion: The Senate can still protect voting rights from GOP assault. Here’s how.


Mad about how little rich people pay in taxes? Here’s how to get them to pony up.

Kick out all the rich people in Congress. Yes, we know.


Tyler Perry Is Bringing Madea Out Of Retirement: ‘We Need To Laugh’

Wasn't there a Twilight Zone episode about someone like this who ended up as the character he played?


I Shouldn’t Have to Choose Between My Judaism and My Queerness

That's right: One is the work of God, the other merely the opinion of self-appointed rabbis. Rabbis should confine themselves to teaching Torah and not go around expressing their all too human opinions--just like mathematicians should confine themselves to teaching math and not express their opinions either: Every time rabbis or mathematicians express their opinions they just get everybody in trouble.


North Korea's Kim Jong-un calls for boosting military power

Sez he wants to be able to conquer the world without having to conquer Germany first.


Why bosses still want us in the office

Because you just can't bully & abuse people as well long distance as you can right there in person.


'Nigeria's Twitter ban is affecting our businesses'

Now Nigerian Princess who want to unload a billion dollars to someone willing to pony up a couple of hundred bucks will have to just write letters to people.


Why Won’t Republicans Rebuild America?

Because at the moment they don't have the power to award sweetheart deals to their political backers in exchange for a backrub. Please wait until they retake the Senate. [Unless Trump retakes the White House. Then every two weeks they'll have their plan ready in two more weeks again & again & again.]


‘60 Minutes’ ran an episode about algorithm bias. Only White experts were given airtime.

"We had an algorithm pick the experts."


Stock up on your favorite wine now: Low inventory and higher prices are on the horizon

Note: 'Stock up' does not mean 'guzzle it.' Yes, 'put it away' may mean both, still--


Galactic Martini after you touch down? Space tourism quickly lifts off — for those who can afford it.

Correction: That should read "for those who don't pay any taxes" there. [Yes, it's the same thing but still a distinction without a difference--You know what I mean.]


McDonald’s suffers data breach in U.S., Taiwan and South Korea

Great, now the Russians will know how to make hamburgers!


Biden administration keeps long-sought Trump hotel documents under wraps -- The Trump administration blocked Democrats’ efforts to unearth documents related to his federally leased D.C. hotel. Not much has changed under President Biden.

Maybe Trump has something on Biden even worse than all the outrageous libels he tried to pin on him during the 2020 election? [If such a thing is even physically possible.]


‘People of Praise leaders failed me’: Christian group tied to Justice Amy Coney Barrett faces reckoning over sexual misconduct

Are you really trying to surprise anybody here that someone with Trump connections is not also somehow connected to all sorts of crimes?


Airlines have seen an unprecedented rise in disruptive passengers. Experts say it could get worse.

What's the problem? Ban them all for life. The number of airline disruptive passengers will decrease and the number of train & bus passengers will increase: Wins all around.


Tex. governor vows to build Mexico border wall, increase arrests of migrants

Greg Abbott (R) sez that from now on he wants to be known as, "The Puny Trump!"


Arizona GOP State Senator Now Regrets Recount: ‘It Makes Us Look Like Idiots’

The FBI should be waiting with bated breath for the Arizona GOP vote hunters to come up with all those extra Trump votes so they can throw all those Republican operatives in the Federal pen for voter tampering. [I don't think the FBI should have any problem finding any number of voters who will be immensely surprised that their ballots 'now' show they voted for Trump.] If people are so brazenly & stupidly willing to commit election fraud then they should certainly be subject to paying a hefty price for it. [You know... like the Jan.6 rioters.]

Republicans are like Chauvin & crew perpetrating their slow-motion murder while being filmed out in the open and decried for not stopping what is most painfully plainly obvious to everone there but them a crime. There is no difference in deed, or in outcome (as all these Republicans will most certainly have to pay a high price for their crimes too).

Garland announces expansion of Justice Department’s voting rights unit, vowing to scrutinize GOP-backed voting restrictions and ballot reviews

Republican chairman of Arizona county calls state-led election review ‘dangerous’ as tensions rise over 2020 recount


Dog Ejected From Car Crash Found Safe On Farm Herding Sheep

"So, how did you come to be a sheep herder?"


Did Biden give Boris Johnson a $6,000 bike and get a Wikipedia printout in return? Not exactly.

A $6,000 bike?! I bought a $40 bike at Sears and rode on it for over 30 years without it once giving me any grief! Biden's bike must've been made out of depleted plutonium.


Man gets 10-year sentence for attacking and coughing on person who asked him to pull up mask

This fellow should be very happy that he didn't shoot somebody on his spur of the moment rage and only has to serve 10 years. If I were him I'd 'Whistle A Happy Tune' every day I'm in jail.


Trump Teases Writing ‘Book Of All Books’ And Twitter Users Can Wait -- The ex-president claimed he's turned down two book deals but is "writing like crazy anyway."

Using a Sharpie he must be going through tons & tons of sheets of paper at seven or eight words per sheet!

Watergate’s John Dean: New Donald Trump Scandal Is ‘Nixon On Stilts And Steroids’

Boston Globe Editorial Board Delivers Comprehensive Takedown Of ‘American Tyrant’ Trump

Ex-Prosecutor Pulls No Punches With Donald Trump: ‘Unabated Crime Wave As President’


How to Think Outside Your Brain

Someone believes now is necessary to teach people how to not use their brains?! Maybe it's just the times or maybe it's somebody who actually graduated from the Trump University...


Is it time to limit personal wealth?

Absolutely not: The rich are not only our most greedy and selfish citizens but the ones who best know how to create wealth--so as long as they're able to they will continue killing themselves trying to make even more money & know how to do it: The day the rich cannot create more wealth for themselves they will simply sit on their whatever store until it's depleted. The answer is judicious taxing of the wealth the rich create so we can all benefit from it and they are not discouraged from creating more of it. Remember that the only way the rich can create wealth is on our backs. But, confiscate their wealth? We may enjoy a little time of free prosperity, sure; but a finite amount of money always runs out. And then we will all end up in the folly and ruin that communist countries eventually brought on themselves that way.


President Biden says Queen Elizabeth II ‘reminded me of my mother’

Queen Elizabeth said in turn that Biden reminded her of her grandfather.


These high-tech strawberries cost $6 apiece. Here’s what they taste and smell like.

Ha! I don't smell them: I am a sucker.


Why Dogs Sniff Your Crotch When You’re On Your Period

Because you let'em in your house? Shut the damn door!


How the GOP could actually improve Biden’s infrastructure proposal

By all the Republicans in Congress and most state legislatures line dancing upon the highest worst rotted bridge in America. We know. [All of'em stomping hard as they can up there at once.]


Opinion: Why Manchin’s defense of bipartisanship is a canard -- "Any bill that places barriers to voting that is passed on a partisan or nearly partisan basis should carry the presumption of illegitimacy."

Wouldn't it be great if Joe Manchin knew how to read!

Republican McConnell would block a Biden Supreme Court pick in 2024

Sez that even without knowing who the pick might be he knows that Biden is much too stupid and corrupt to pick somebody decent & honest enough for the Supreme Court. [Yes, it's between the lines here, Joe Manchin. But, still: Are you listening, Joe Manchin? Are you listening?]

Opinion: America’s contest of nightmares isn’t even close

The GOP’s increasingly blunt argument: It needs voting restrictions to win


Can an Object Be Gay?

Well, our neighbor is gay. And, trust me, every object we saw in his apartment is gay.


Why can't most mammals fly but birds can? Hebrew University helps explain why

Mammals decided to grow big heavy meaty brains while birds decided to go with just featherbrains.


Investigating Venezuelan corruption, this prosecutor was jailed after targeting the bosses

"You know, there just might be corruption here."


Ohio House Expels Former Republican Speaker In Historic Vote

The state house of Ohio manages to do the right thing and in the process glaringly puts to shame both the Senate and the House of the United States of America. [sic.]


Miss Manners: Waiter in Italy doesn’t need to hear your weigh-loss story

But it's such an engaging story. And it only takes about 20 minutes or so to tell! [It more than makes up for any tips I'll probably shortchange him on.]


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott puts $250 million down payment on a border wall

Well, Texas is a rich state. If they have the money to throw away on walls designed for human beings to figure out how to blow past them (instead of possibly more useful things to Texans), then God bless them.

What they might not have is the legal right to control the nation's international borders, though. I believe the American government [not Texas] is invested with that responsibility.

But, hey, the wall is a nice way to try to find out if there are walls high enough that people can't just climb over them or fly over them, or set deep enough that people can't burrow under them, or made of materials strong enough that people can't just cut their way through them... or all three at the same time.


Opinion: The Justice Department must recognize how close we came to disaster

What the Congress should do immediately is pass a law (and not just another regulation) that those who obey an unlawful order (most especially of all from the President of The United States) is personally liable for his own lawbreaking (just as in the military) and must be personally charged with committing a crime.

I believe that the notion that "Republicans are willing to protect their anti-democratic leader from any scrutiny" is secondary to Republicans' efforts to protect their own anti-democratic selves: What we are witnessing from Republican elected officials now is a far cry from merely protecting Trump and more of a direct and naked effort to kill any inquiry which must inevitably uncover and spotlight for all to see their own campaign of trying to enact and actually enacting laws designed to defeat the right of the American people to elect their own government and their own representatives (to be the final arbiters in their elections).

The day we stop enforcing the laws of the land is the day that we turn over our lives & all we own to the criminals those laws had been holding at bay.

The Justice Department leaders were losing their patience.

Opinion: I’m leading the fight for voting rights in Arizona. We need the Senate to step up, now.

The GOP’s increasingly blunt argument: It needs voting restrictions to win

Opinion: At least someone is doing something to protect voting rights


You asked: My Airbnb host won’t refund me. How can I get my money back?

Don't get angry. On their contrary, talk about trying to help them get rid of their bedbugs, things like that...


Carolyn Hax: Son’s father-in-law called your covid advice ‘sanctimonious.’ How to respond?

Go buy a dictionary to see whether you should feel complimented or insulted.


Scientists are teaching drones to hunt down human screams

Finally somebody is trying to do something about all the noise in my neighborhood.


Could the U.S. Have Saved More Lives?

No. Not with Trump and the Republicans running interference for Death.


Powerball mystery: Someone in this tiny town won $731 million. Now everyone wants a piece of it.

Yeah, Powerball mystery: Why haven't I won it? Is there no God!


Son of former NFL star Vince Wilfork is charged with stealing his father’s Super Bowl rings

You see: This is why my father gave me all his Superbowl rings (he had stolen).


Weird ‘Living Fossil’ Fish Lives 100 Years, Pregnant For 5 -- The coelacanth — a giant bizarre fish still around from dinosaur times — can live for 100 years, a new study found.

Leastwise it could've lived 100 years if it had just missed our fish-fry.


Trump-DOJ revelations should newly shame his Republican enablers

Should but it won't: They'll just burst out in a mix of pride and envy.


Arlington poised to rename Lee Highway after John M. Langston, a Black abolitionist congressman

One of the greatest joys of my life is to have managed to have lived long enough to possibly finally witness the fall at long last of the Confederacy (even if today's Republicans are staging a final battle of sore losers to try to save it).


Joe Manchin reaches out to Republicans, and they slap him in the face

Great, I suppose now that will only make him love them even more.

McConnell vows to block voting bill in Senate, spurning Manchin’s proposed compromise


Stop Hoping the G.O.P. Will Play Ball


Russia spy chief suggests West behind SolarWinds cyber-attack

Ah! The old Trump strategy: No matter how stupid or inane or counterintuitive, somebody's bound to believe it out there. [Or, at least the Republicans will now start promoting this latest misinformation from Russian Intelligence.]

‘Kremlin Cruz’ Erupts Over Nickname By Brian Williams For Attack On ‘Emasculated’ Military

Opinion: Republicans parroted Putin’s propaganda. Now Putin parrots Republican propaganda.


Tucker Carlson Guest Says Black People Are A Dozen IQ Points Below White

A reflection of Rupert Murdoch's racism that he doesn't fire Tucker Carlson on the spot.


Shooter who struck at candlelight vigil left behind what police call a strong clue: A glove

Johnnie Cochran Jr. came up out of the grave to represent him: Sez he's got too good a defense to stay dead for this one.


Texas Congressman — Trump’s Former Doctor — Demands Biden Take Cognitive Test

Sez he'd like to see Joe Biden walk and chew gum at the same time.

Ronny Jackson said Trump aced a cognitive test. Now he’s demanding Biden take one, citing ‘mental impairment.’

Sez he'd suggest Biden also shoot up some Clorox, something which is obviously doing Trump a world of good.


US couple who waved guns at protesters plead guilty -- "I'd do it again," vows Mark McCloskey outside court as he and his wife walk free with a fine.

Why would he do that? Only got a fine, that's why.

Mark McCloskey, Ordered To Surrender Gun He Pointed At Black Protesters, Poses With New AR-15

So he gets another little fine. [Like other people buy a stick of gum.]


At Long Last, Donald Trump Finally Admits: ‘We Didn’t Win’

Oh? Is Trump finally taking his meds? [Yes, Donald Trump is a sick individual. But he's also the greatest threat to and enemy of the United States.]


Opinion: Why so many Republicans talk about nonsense

You talk what you know.


Why doesn't North Korea have enough food?

Have you seen how fat Kim Jong-un is?


Humans, neanderthals coexisted in the Negev desert 50,000 years ago

What's the big deal? I haven't had any problems with any of the Nearderthals in my neighborhood.


For this 24-year-old, fighting for Palestinian rights is ‘the most core part of my identity’

You want to fight for the Palestinians to live in peace in their own country? Convince them to accept Israel and stop teaching Palestinian after Palestinian generation that it's their religious duty to butcher the Jews. Simple thing. Now, go do it.

EU study finds incitement in Palestinian textbooks, kept from public

Quds Force Commander to Israelis: Buy back your houses in Europe


What we know about the delta coronavirus variant

It's bad. It's very bad.

What to know about Iran’s president-elect, Ebrahim Raisi

He's bad. He's very bad.


Gems found in diamond rush were quartz A South African holds up a gem stone, which turns out to be quartz -- Thousands of people rushed to KwaHlathi village after a man found what turns out to be quartz.

Same thing happened to us in Miami after someone said he'd found a whole bunch of carrots: They were just carrots.


Twitter Critics Go To War Over Dead Capitol Rioter Ashli Babbitt

Aren't there videos enough of her trying to break through a Capitol door to murder cops and congressmen on the other side when she was shot?! What's truly amazing is that more of the murderers-wannabes were NOT shot.


Trump Commerce Boss Wilbur Ross Hoovered Up $53 Million While In Public Office -- Then he slipped out of public life and into a biz he set up in the Cayman Islands while reportedly still commerce sec.

Is this news? Wasn't every Trump associate or government employee into graft, corruption of some one or other moral degeneracy or illegal activity? No, really, I'm asking.

New York Prosecutors Reportedly Investigating Trump’s Former Bodyguard


Opinion: There’s no escape from holding Trump accountable -- Garland’s Democratic critics should be a bit more empathetic because he faces a genuine dilemma. A good man trying to resurrect his department’s best traditions...

The best way to do that is to enforce the law without taking into consideration whom the lawbreaker is or how that enforcement may afflict the tender feelings of somebody or other. Someone should gift Galand a little statue of that woman wih the scales held high and a bandage around her eyes you see on almost every courthouse out there: Sometimes good men need reminding that prosecuting evil criminals is exactly what brings about Good in this world.

Opinion: Merrick Garland seems to operate as though the last four years didn’t happen

Opinion: How Democrats are hoping to unmask the latest Trump-DOJ scandal

Opinion: The more we learn about Trump’s corruption of DOJ, the worse it gets

Opinion: Adam Schiff: The Justice Department must be depoliticized

New emails detail Trump’s efforts to have Justice Department take up his false election-fraud claims

Opinion: This is the Republicans’ back-up plan in case they can’t suppress enough votes

21 House Republicans vote against awarding Congressional Gold Medal to all police officers who responded on Jan. 6

This too is a damning admission of guilt and complicity by most Republicans in that assault on the Capitol on Jan.6: Every crime that Trump unleashed upon the American people in order to invalidate Biden’s electors and stage a coup against a duly elected new government chosen by the people from assuming power most of these Republicans participated in--and they know it: That is why the Republicans are now working as hard as they can to avoid having an investigation into who did what from taking place: They all know it must invariably uncover the fact that most of them are just as guilty as Trump of 'legitimizing' [i.e 'promoting'] the Jan.6 insurrection.

GOP congressman refuses to shake hands with D.C. police officer who protected the Capitol on Jan. 6

Sez who the Hell does this policeman think he is putting his life on the line to save his?

Cop Beaten In Capitol Riot Slams ‘Coward’ GOP Lawmaker Who Refused His Handshake

Opinion: A GOP congressman’s snub of a wounded Jan. 6 cop signals deeper GOP pathologies

Trump Supporters Openly Discussed Armed ‘Revolution’ Before Capitol Riot: FBI Report

Opinion: The nation cannot forget Donald Trump’s betrayal of his oath

Opinion: Trump has become a cancerous tumor that neither party is willing to excise

New book offers fresh details about chaos, conflicts inside Trump’s pandemic response

Opinion: A trove of preposterous emails raises the question: How can Republicans still be loyal to this man?

We’re learning more about how Trump leveraged his power to bolster his election fantasies

A typical Trump-world lie goes like this:

“The probability of former Vice President Biden winning the popular vote in the four Defendant States — Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — independently given President Trump’s early lead in those States as of 3 a.m. on November 4, 2020, is less than one in a quadrillion, or 1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000,” it reads. “For former Vice President Biden to win these four States collectively, the odds of that event happening decrease to less than one in a quadrillion to the fourth power.”

And a stunningly simple answer shows just how looney and really laughable the Trump lie really is:

"On Dec. 4, I looked at this jaw-dropping claim. It’s not complicated: The analysis assumes that votes counted before 3 a.m. and after 3 a.m. would not be different. But they were different: The later votes at issue came from large cities that took longer to tally their results — and those were far more heavily Democratic."

That pretty much sums up all the Trump election fraud crap the GOP is now using to pass its voter suppression laws everywhere.

‘Italygate’ election conspiracy theory was pushed by two firms led by woman who also falsely claimed $30 million mansion was hers

Trump’s baseless claim about ballot drop boxes in Fulton County, Ga.


‘The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard’ Hits Top Mark At Box Office

Has anybody made 'The Hitman's Second-Cousin's First Wife' yet? I think I may have a backer for that.


Trump and his CFO Allen Weisselberg stay close as prosecutors advance their case -- Investigators could seek to use any legal vulnerability involving Barry Weisselberg to pressure his father into turning against the former president, according to legal experts.

I don't think that's gonna happen. People just don't get 'human beings' like Weisselberg: I belive that Weisselberg thinks his son Barry getting a couple of years in prison is not as bad as he and his boss Trump getting a lot more time in prison.


'He's Old, Old': Logan Paul Thinks He Can Beat Mike Tyson

Hey, I think I can beat Mike Tyson too. At checkers. [Maybe.]


Mike Pence Privately Praised Official Who ‘Unloaded’ On Trump On Charlottesville: Book

Leave him alone: Mike doesn't have any balls--Trump hasn't given them back to him even after 5 years (now who can say if the poor guy will ever get'em back at all).


Being Superrich Doesn’t Make You a Superhero

Maybe not. But, as Donald Trump has shown, it can sure help you cower a lot of very small persons into turning themselves into little mice, and rats.


Democrats are playing an honor game; Republicans are playing an endgame.

Translation: The Democrats are playing the patsies while the Republicans are playing them. Yes, we know. [And we also know who the couple of Democrats helping the Republicans play their 'fellow Democrats' are too.]


Liz Cheney’s Unlikely Journey From G.O.P. Royalty to Republican Outcast

Brought to you by a host of GOP cowards who would rather damn their country and everyone in it than risk their lousy day jobs: These are the people that back unquestioningly the tyrants that rise in the nations to bring them down into despair & ruin. These are the people that trade away the freedom & self-determination of their children & their children's children for merely the most measly handful of coins out of the dictator's hand dripping with blood. These are the people that all so joyfully sell their souls merely to stand by Satan.


Visualize how ranked-choice voting could change the way democracy works

The problem with ranked-choice voting is that only the party in power which judges that it will help them stay in power is ever likely to adopt it anywhere (including the U.S. Senate): It is highly unlikely that Republicans will adopt it anywhere they think they will not be able to use it to maintain themselves in power.


Kyrsten Sinema’s Filibuster Stand: If Democrats Pass Bills, GOP Can Just Overturn Them Later

Yeah, like they overthrew the ACA, I suppose. I wonder if Sinema has ever bothered to count how many (of the more than 30,000 statutes enacted since 1789) passed by one party were then overturned by the other party when the party that passed the law was voted out?

It will do the nation no good when Sinema and Manchin realize after it is too late that they should have had the intelligence to fall on the side of empowering the nation's democracy instead of on the side of forging more chains still for its people.

Opinion: Kyrsten Sinema accidentally reveals the huge hole in her filibuster defense

Someone should inform Kyrsten Sinema that every party [when it is in power] will always try to vote in their agenda while trying to overturn that of its opposition: This is the eternal tussle of all democratic legislative bodies which can never change as long as democracy holds in the land: So just pass good laws--because wherever democracy rules every party in power will always find it difficult if not right down impossible to overturn the good laws. And forget about trying to elevate legislative trickery like the filibuster (which was designed for keeping bad laws from being overturned) above adopting a good law, Kyrsten Sinema: The best insurance against your party's agenda being overturned is always to simply only enact good laws.



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