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Caravaggio's The Fortune-Teller
What is distance?

Th'Parallax of Thought
bends Reality around us enough
to suit our insignificance

Yet: All things that rise
are raised by th'distance.

Things exist only by their distance
& Nothing that is brought
near us survives.

--Only the distance holds Th'Truth unwarped
by our ever-shifting positions
Illusion half-way across: is

only distance, for when we have reached
things that sink into the distance
we find upon the distance into which they've sunk:
only their distance ... distance (knowing

The only thing that exists
to bring being into focus

Mortal as sin we sink to things
in the distance) O, we are nothing

before the uncorrupted distance

for only when we achieve distance enough
ourselves from ourselves do we become

(the) distance we come to be
--distance measures The Meaning of our lives

& we become the distance... for
only distance enough holds Truth, only
distance enough makes Reality

safe from Mind's parallax, although
it doesn't matter: matter itself but
a mere measure of distance, only,

it really doesn't matter (that All sinks
to th'distance eternal, leaving
us poor mortals in Th'Dance of Time

After it has passed its distance
nothing at all matters) even
after it's passed onto the furtherest
... distance! ...
There will you always find
distance enough to undo us