Kiefer's Nero Paints
Dried snow
was howling

flushed with The Most
distant detail of Wind

miraculous as unemotional
in The Exuberance like Fission

of th'relative responses of life
in its detachment like Doom

hanging on by the snowfall's fingernails

folding to its dissolution
held in gyroscope suspension

throughout edentulous trees
swinging with cosmic apes

galaxies to galaxies
from saffron sunbeams

While inarticulate particulars
hurled all across th'film

drunk to death with their world

dancing in th'deleted distances
(of Thought) a game of magpies'

ungrounded gestures (with terrors
toothed): smile's translunar

Heaven's wandering horses, elemental
angels, miles & miles' cramp images
taking the attic's pulse (between
th'froth & the scum): Th'Outcome's

impassioned backward: Children of
such outcome--Austerity's dirty specks,

Discipline's muscled, Mind's unfathomed
fly, fat with logic, with privilege's

plunder, stickily homesick, walking up
th'olive walls of some remote collapse...

though Night's galvanized sighs of Th'Light's
dark appellations, Proportions' wallpapers

down to Center's macabre harmony
The Whispering Which; O Mind

You overwhelming Womb of all our
burdens; that hunchback

Genesis (The Question &
Reflection--the dead rebirth)

suggested a burning shroud; Imagination
the memorable ramblings of those really

mad trees breaking with Beginning
out of When's whirlwinds

Sorrow's sickened--hungering for hugs
while swimming on The Whims

Will's last lulled (th'middle of
thunder) in th'small of the brain

in th'middle of snow & wonder
beyond The Void crippled with Time

mauled by Complaint's null leopards

stricken with features like creatures
of Fact (the unabling  

    blame) then


     --There was A Cry!

( An inarticulate particular: has died! )
Matted weeping ...
There was more snow. Then, Autopsy

Report: Masticated by All The Predicaments
into which It fell thinking them

sham-padded gums.
Sisley's Church At Moret