Bruegel's Triumph of Death
The Sun is rising

(all-curled with coulds) all over
th'messes of the naked heads

atop Man's impossible disguises
(the Age's obliging symbols)

that sinking (constantly) fewer mores
the more: to their own inconsistency

detach themselves
from Th'Heavenly Body of
The Blue's familiar must, old age's

white hairs dancing before the wolf,

saying, "Light exists but in our eyes:
It is The Special Human Radiation,
my friend--But if we had eyes

for The Cosmic Nothingness' skinny meanings

then it too would be
fattened, elevated
to the dignity of existence

" --Quick, nurse, give him
an I.V.P."

      "--An eebp!?!"

(In a previous crucial Scene:)

The escaped Death Row convict had a gun
to the head of the poor soul who had suddenly
remembered that

In Every Case (no matter what)

It IS Always Best To Tell The Truth!!!!
"--Are you th'goddam sonovabitch
whose secret testimony condemned me
to The Chair?!" & cocked the gun:

"--Who? Me!? You calling me a snitch!?
Is that it? Would I do a thing like that?!

Sir, you insult me!!!! I demand
an apology!..."

  He got it ... Trying
to get our bearings amidst our cross-bearings:

Sun's reached The Other Side: And

we no longer give people The Shaft
(now we give'em The Quick Fix)

although all of the soles [pun]
clothed full of always all-over
precede in a reverse

       --Yet do we sink
to The Same old admitted Hell

dreaming of the same in-
admissible Heavens: "Leave it all
as you found it--

perhaps if you don't touch it
it won't impregnate you

with Poignancy--" holy almost to a sin

Let us ransom ourselves from
Detail's ingenious cobwebs
through some other damnation.

"--How dare you!"

Sir, The Truth dares everywhere

SUDDENLY, amidst the striving lightnings:

"--Excuse me, do you carry
prune beer?... "

one of Destiny's angriest gnats
was saying

        when th'ragged God
wiped out The World:

what can you say then
in that vast Blank not yet The Void

to somebody who is convinced some-
body stole his ass?...

Kandinsky's Yellow, Red, Blue