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Gauguin's Version After The Sermon
I saw a bird upon its prayer
upon a twig it took for bough, upon
its wings it set (& now,

Same at its storm:

Upon the air) soft
falls th'bird whose dissociating
body lies upon the clouds

upon the sky, upon
the heavens in your eye he sings
(hint at its hunt)
& cannot ever fly
th'doubtful hurry of the sun

which, seldom seen, his
splendidness is half-begun
already green
when, orange interlaces
in confusion loud with maddening dis-
solution in all possible places

as tomorrow drones
its seldom if :

like some mad leaf
which all dethrones
forever as it falls

Memory holding promises of a sharper
day above our dullest
clouds (below: Oblivion
th'dogs of doing's meat) but a bird

flying away over the earthly
crowds ( atop
laughter's hollow hills)

waters of the anguished Night
descending into

Love's aimless come,
Hate's less-aimed go:

a sober sound like wings --Words which
recite our lives
at their sparse pledges

bound to flightless
birds whose truth must lie
upon the clouds upon the sky upon
th'heavens in your eyes
forever singing though never to fly

Vermeer's View of Delft