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Monet's Wheat Stacks (End of Summer)
Th'Consciousness smiles a buzzard
of Patience over-sized

looking upon th'rose-skin

rodent furiously laboring
trying to fashion A Work (of art
or out of art)
momentarily Match-head!

in his dim hands:
sinks Th'Process

Them (the maze) [sic]

lingering in th'lunge

in Th'Joke's jaws

O unintelligibly, quick-shaped
darkness-strangling stars

--into that dreadful Space
that is the view from my cave

lovers in the belly
(with closed eyed better yet)

lacquering all with its smooth,
elaborate Envy

... Sun's unreliable,
since you can always
see things much clearer from th'shade

where all's a different shade
of Silence: There the whisper

which would be lost
in th'noises of Noon
conquers the stars [Why,

O why do you think it is that
God always reveals His Miracles
either to some unbelievable nut
or to an Age discredited
for its over-credulity?]
thinking There really is no need
for the body to die, is there?

As long as we keep on replenishing it
it should go on forever!

beyond ourselves
the cave of Silence
(stretching to Soul th'infinite
Space)--A termite marveling upon Th'Pulse
of The Universe!

           which limits space
from Space &      

Experience's but some chemical reaction,
finally, next time you get it in your head
that you do embrace the equality of all men:

try deciding whose life you would first save
--some stranger's or your best friend's

... The Fall comes up unexpectedly

& my God, man, in the end Evil always loses
because who's there to dispute
th'Winner's claim

that his is The Good, And And

And finding th'Soul at its Summer
singing in the asylum:

       "Follow, little cat
at Th'Ball! ... Just don't chase it around

a Wall, for The Wall's a limit
(as you will know)" &

And And "Ends are made where they grow"
--But, don't you know (by now) that

the reason we die is that WE
WANT TO, singing:

" Play

with life, little cat
& then play with Love

--Toss it all up above! "

virgins of different questions
Th'Peace-Paz Life's vital tiger
My hope's to create a new dance-step
that will bring Peace to the whole World

But, even though nobody asks to be born
(and by th'end, nobody really
wants to stick around
for more of the same):

Passion's palpable longings
baled in Th'Cow's cosmic belly

"Just, be careful: Don't let it
Fall: That's the End of it all!"

... This is no reason, of course,
for giving in (the grain of Wisdom

that finally stuffs us) full of it:

th'dandelion's disregard,
Darkness the mother that inherits

    the realization
that it's just not going to go
any differently than heretofore,

(the null at its plenitude)

the metronomes of monotony
at their heart-beats on & on

--But then: "There is no lesson in
giving in," & so we gasp out
every last gasp's indelible hallucination

until the very painful last one
Magnanimity is quickly lost

amongst th'finer Points that
bring forth all Th'Principles of Cost!

Life's constant limits,

deadlier differences

Posterity but hears
Th'Loudest Groan

--Judging by
decibels: which Side has won.

Goncalves's Altarpiece of St. Vincent