PREVIOUS NEXT FIRST Superfluous Truth we poured & drank...
Constable's Brighton Beach
Superfluous Truth we poured & drank
while drowning from its swept seabank

We ran across th'sands & fell
into its Oceans' sinking/swell

A proven Wise Man preached to us:

"Look there! that Truth you're drowning in
O friends, is obviously superfluous!"

and truly: Truth rolled down his chin!

Then, when Truth (all us) had appeased
we found our thirst for it increased

and drank the more... until we broke
glasses too imprudent upon The Apt--sharp rock!33

Delacroix's Sea of Galilee
Seurat's Le Bec du Hoc, Grandcamp

^{33} The tendency here was to write "on the aptest rock" or "on the sharpest rock" [line 8], but I thought it better for the overall effect to bring the verbal melody (literally) crashing to a halt at that point. Excess to excess unbounded except by its very excess. The challenge was more in the ability to close its ending satisfactorily. (Buster Keaton's description of how he came up with his marvelous works... 'coming up with the beginning and the end, since the middle writes itself.') From the illimitable boundlessness of the physical world (the sea) I had to literally leap to a greater infinity --The leap itself providing the point at which it is possible to let go of the subject, while I had to 'found' it (founder) upon the absolutely infinite (nonphysical) subject of Mind's idea of the subject itself --Truth, in any case: Physical truth is one absolute that is always subject to review by us, but ideal truth is review itself (including review of itself, naturally, and emotionally always antagonistic to any counter review), especially in the world of men where it is better to be clever (as are the "we" of the poem) than wise (the clever are always quick enough to frustrate wisdom).@