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Degas's L'etoile
We have walked the stars

one & one

our feet touching one & one
upon the different points

like Steps almost we've sat upon
the rotten rocking chair World

investing its Will
in its waiting

one & one

We've purchased trinkets one & one
only for ourselves
stating in the Guarantee:

"Useful Forever!"

usually but a tool
to open the package it comes in

One & One

we've walked silent
upon the stars that also make

too tenderly an impression
all the while

upon the absent spaces one & one
of th'human Mind

carefully tracking the naked feet
of our twilight humanity
across its dawning faces
One & One

Touching upon the different points
almost always failing us

we've walked one & one

as gingerly as if they had been
breaking noises

& hesitant as if they were
our different choices
we have been

walking the stars One & One

& one, inevitably,
although we cannot know
which points it is we support

& one & one

until it is too late to matter

if we know which


support us

one & one

& one