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Bruegel's Procession To Calvary
It is the time to stop & think:
World's hanging at the brink
of committing itself towards One
or another End but half-begun

--Lean to your side & rock th'Mind
that it falls (in) behind
your Thought--Infallible
as World's insolvable:

And when you find that You
have found just what to do
fall to your knees & loudly pray
that there may be Some Other Way! 40

^{40} This has been my experience. It may by no means have been the experience of most people. But, of the few people I have known intimately, I must say it would bring them the greatest good if they adopted this poem's moral as gospel. Man is "infallible" [line 7] in that even if he is absolutely wrong, judgment itself is not absolute but only his own arbitrary opinion. While, "World's insolvable" in that Man may find no greater purpose to his existence than to find that existence is without purpose (if existence had a purpose it could not exist, because existing as it does --in time-- it would have already, long ago, achieved its purpose). Like the snake that must not swallow  its own tail, the purpose of existence IS not to have (or, in Man's case, find) a purpose --It would devour itself if ever it did. [see the discussion of a moral purpose ahead.]@