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David's Death of Socrates
You cannot threaten Butterfly
with the uneasiness of Why:
Persuasive compliments those artisans
which twinge around the fringe
of sad quitted despair
cobblers of the glossy reflective atmosphere
around soapbubble Life:

O privileged
Butterfly's maiden-shy Soul's but Truth unworkable
lullaby sung round the lie.

Mists bridled in terror darken Sight
where the green umbrage was weaving
dreams of mind & thus conceiving
dreams of mine in the midnight

the figuratively falling
Night vernal vested moonlight
falling down like the blood of being
the threnody amber dying mold
of Shape's maturity dismantling light
speckled with leaf-flicks kissed
& kissing darkness with the crickets' cries

while demonist Delight seams up the motions
sans life so prejudiced & th'marble emotions
poets unfurl

such an euphonic World
where the tufts of primrose Quietness
all envelops in the Mind's caresses
piping hymn-merled The Light at last

extending downwards into Anyone
uncommonest Clemency & the rarest Charity
not merely our any forlorn, forgotten melodies
nor our greatest victory
(that realization that all human gestures
are but transitory)
upon the sometime soundless countenance
of our provisional substantiality

nor any/all the answers
can ever prevent
the shocking horror
of our senseless Soul

who's but a ponderous statue
wearing out Wisdom for its shape
while celebrating th'lightest

lifting th'laurel posy
of heavenly heavy hearts

& counterfeiting
a buildingless quoin from gravity removed
trying the heavy World
between Heaven & Hell

and think! upon
the countless centuries
he has not even moved

the sinews sullen of himself

from Absolute Paralysis
into the suppleness
of (a) Thought--
though cringed & shuddered
with the dismay of his start
not one cell out of place
from his disgrace!