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William Rimmer's Evening, or The Fall of The Day
I follow the circumference of Old
so slowly--and await my time

when, smiled upon by all th'little mistrals
plagues as are dreams!... I'll sail delight

& sever my gravity unqualified, rude & lusty
from this underfoot Tradition of

the vocables-black World trained to bars

stretching my Song-wings
of wind-whorling lines: human

flaws ever to the unwavering equator
of some Socrates-like attitude to a dot:

I am Icarus! mounting my fountain pen

and I wear a size Medium shirt ... 219
I can walk into any men's shop & order
(a) pair of pants This size & shorts

Size That! (hat: Such & Such) & socks
& suits & stuffs, & stuffs right off the

racks which will fit me O as well
as they'll fit a thousand other men my size!

O Euterpe,                     

    even these poems of mine
(my All) ... even these poems are not
absolutely my own


         anybody my size
wears them as well...

though cold--

Moreau's Hesiod & The Muse

^{219} I wish I could still fit into those medium shirts I wore when this work was written (in the mid-sixties).@