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van Gogh's Road With Cypress & Star
Words are heard in the Morning sill
of Wings reaching to The Living roots

that Time is buried at Light is Still
with foliage Dust & Memory's soot

there where murmurs of Content-
ment's harmonies mock the Descent

there join life's contrasts in one embrace
to build Soul's vacant, empty Grace

All Movements through & through
is Sense! whose drifts construe

the sweeping Darkness whose breeze & spray
conclude th'Solitary day

Sighing--Time's buried at Cold & down
where Voices rise through the Aimless noun

while windy baths of unfelt dry rains
wind up & down the abandoned lanes

saying Time is buried at Was & waves
of Dreams & storms of Nothing raves

& hollow, lost or maddening Strains
of Musics perish like Quietpains!
Tintoretto's Christ At The Sea of Galilee